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v.a.-BETONWERK I (beton tapes-Germany-c90-1994-)

this amazing [mostly German] compilation cassette which was released in 1994 by thee German label Beton Tapes which was run by Alexander Pohle!!

Das Kombinat tis thee projekt ov German artists Andrea Pritschow and Malte Steiner!! thee track presented here tis very minimal wave with quiet-ish angsty processed feminine vocalisations!!

Las Cometas Alegres tis a projet ov German artists Isabel and Dieter Mauson [D.S.I.P.]!! thee track produced here tis nice minimal sequencing with spoken Spanish vocalisations!! ends with crackly vinyl noises and some nice sampled string suspense amidst sustained synth..

Mordant tis listed as thee projekt ov Thomas Pilgrim [Germany].. thee track presented sounds like plundered vinyls all played at uber-slow stylus drag speed.. some reversed perchance?? nice and wierd!!

Konvergenz tis thee projekt ov German artist Stefan Rossow [KYAM, Para-Noise-Terminal] thee track presented here tis distant atmospheric reverberating elektronikx and factory-esque noizes with some nice minimal synthesizer progression!!

The Rorschach Garden was the solo projekt ov German artist Philipp Münch.. later he was joined by Barbara Teichner and Natascha Pohlmann; though later B. Teichner left thee projekt.. thee track presented here tis great minimal sequencing with some interesting analog synth noizes and some quiet edgy vocals!!

Endzeitgeneration was thee projekt ov Alex Frick [Germany].. thee track here tis sustained synthesizer work with wierd cacophanic power elektronik maelstrom present behind..

Karceral Flesh tis thee projekt ov French artist Franck Kervizic!! thee track here tis an instrumental piece with great aloof elektro sequencing and restrained percussions..

Notstandskomitee tis another projekt ov Malte Steiner [Das Kombinat]!! thee track here has nice minimal sequencing and synthesizer work with some vocoding and quiet chanting vocals!!

Hoarst! tis thee projekt ov Andres Knöß [Germany] who presents here wierd overdriven minimal throb with some sparse synthesizer and clanging metal reverberatiions..

Eroe Anemico tis a projekt ov Italian artist Raffaelle Galluci [E.A. ghost collective]!! thee track presented here tis a strange sound collage containing helicopter sounds, erotic groaning vocalisations, and other strangely processed presences..

Majestic Twleve tis another projekt ov German artist Dieter Mauson [D.S.I.P.]!! it consists ov slow delayed jabs ov sound and quiet distant wind chimes..

Der Eisenhut has contact info listing c/o Hofmusikanten [Germany] thee track presented tis slow sequencing with strange atmospheric accompaniment!!

a second track here from Notstandskomitee!! more excellent minimal elektronikx!!

another track from Eroe Anemico!! atmospheric elektronikx with quiet indecipherable vocalisations!!

Karceral Flesh provide another great track ov minimal elektro sequencing with morose French vocals!!

The Rorschach Garden provide a wierd one ov lil jabs ov noizes with whispered vocals, what sounds like kalimba maybe??, and some other strange sounds..

Para-Noise-Terminal tis thee projekt ov German artists Stefan Rossow and Wolfgang Neven.. "they work with lots of handmade instruments and analogue synths.. their music tis based on thee natural rough sounds of large metallic 'objects', such as stones, wood, and other obscure self-built sound sources.." interesting atmospheric workx!!

Hoarst! provides some more overdriven minimal throb with sparse restrained percussions..

Monteferro Coilco tis thee projekt ov German artist Carsten Vollmer.. wierd textural contact mic type noize!! ends with with a sudden clanging reverberation..

Y - Ton - G tis thee projekt ov German artist Wolfgang Neven [KYAM, Para-Noise-Terminal] nice minimal reverberating soundscape!!

Mordant provides one more track for thee final piece ov musick ov this cassette.. wierd noizey barrage with slow drum programming and flangey oddness which pitches down to crawling pace.. definitely some tape manipulation utilised here.. fades away..

Track listing:

a01-das kombinat-objekt zum zerstoren
a02-las cometas alegres-preparacion al porto
a03-mordant-gnothi seauton
a04-konvergenz-raum 104
a05-the rorschach garden-synapticon
a07-karceral flesh-too much pain everywhere
a08-notstandskomitee-sprechende haushaltsgerate
a09-hoarst!-unsende fleygen
a10-eroe anemico-suicide sex mania(raped version)
b01-majestic twleve-000110
b02-der eisenhut-sypnapsenkurzschlub
b03-notstandskomitee-moloch maschine
b04-eroe anemico-a reason to believe
b05-karceral flesh-la petite fille
b06-the rorschach garden-the skydiver
b08-hoarst!-bastard democracia
b09-monteferro coilco-re-pap
b11-mordant-im haus

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

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