Saturday, June 19, 2010

THE HATERS-silent shovels smashing sut-(c46 Noise-Taiwan,1994)

Do The Haters need a presentation on this blog??? Founded in 1979 this is mainly the musical project of GX Jupitter Larsen; The Haters have been around for a long time, playing live gigs(and smashing venues), making lots of recordings and collaborations all over the world. This tape was released in 1994 by the Taiwanese label called simply NOISE. It came out with a bilingual booklet (included here). About the music: this is simply and beautifully great noise industrial at his best!

Do you need some earplugs?

No track listing.



  1. thanks for posting this!

    1. you are more than welcome...and it s good to know that somebody out there apprecciate our efforts:)