Thursday, December 22, 2011

Vita Ignes : Corpus Lignum - Winter Solstice 2011

in this time ov greatest darkness- when thee presence ov warmth and illumination feels so absent, and the fear ov an ever-increasing void feels so incredibly near; these gifts are offered towards those few seeking their magnificent splendors as perchance tokens ov rememberance for this difficult phase that we must pass through in our journeys towards thee hopefull re-emergence ov thee source ov that which fills thee void and decreases thee cold and darkness- if only for a short bit further along these cyclical paths which perchance spiral inward or away..

tremendous thankx to all who shared their wondrous sonorism and visual art, and extra special thankx to x_one for thee cover art!! please enjoy these cherished gifts kindly offered unto thee!!

be(a)st wishes!!


01 - Testing Vault - Ghost Cocktails Part 01

"Ghost Cocktails Are Nothing Else But Drops Of Morning Dew, Falling From Dead Flowers, In The Early Winter's Morning".

Testing Vault tis thee projekt ov Italian artiste Dani Alvo [Edgar Allan Fish Memorial Center]!! ov great note recently- tis his astonishing self released City Of The Red Nights which was by far one ov this writer's most highly anticipated releases ov 2011!!

02 - Archétypo 120 - Angel's Fall (Early Instrumental Version)

Archétypo 120 tis thee projekt from Gvimaranes, Callaecia consisting ov artists ANTÓNIO MACEDO, Luís Lisboa, and PAULO MARTINS [Oktober Black, Sangre Cavallum, and contributing writer to this blog ((we are missing thee!!))] this early instrumental version ov Angel's Fall tis a great teaser for their forthcoming album!!

03 - Schattenspiel - Thirst

Schattenspiel orginate from Frankfurt, Deutschland and consist ov members Sven Phalanx and The White Rabbit.. those who have followed their astonishing previous werkx [compared by some to TMLHBAC] know that it tis a great pleasure to have them contribute here for this compilation!!

04 - DBPIT & XXENA - Ley Lines

Italian sound and visual artists D.B.P.I.T. / Der Bekannte Post Industrielle Trompeter [Flavio Rivabella] & XXENA offer us this fantastic droning piece which tis titled for esoteric archaeologist Alfred Watkins's Ley Lines!!

05 - Kenji Siratori - Mutated Requiem

it tis highly dubious that few within thee post-industrial/ noise circles have been capable ov allowing to escape their notice thee incredibly prolific Japanese Cyberpunk author / industrial/noise artist Kenji Siratori.. his collaborative recordings within this community are much too staggering to even begin to attempt to elucidate!! ov highly worthy note as well tis textual collaboration with horror/ sci fi philosopher Eugene Thacker!! one ov thee more scathing contributions for thee comp- Mutated Requiem tis most greatly appreciated!!

06 - Barbarossa Umtrunk - Veilleur, Où en est la Nuit?

Barbarossa Umtrunk tis thee French esoteric martial-ambient projekt ov Baron Von S. who offers us here a song taken from thee forthcoming album on UFA called Der Talisman des Rozenkreuzer:
La Mission Secrete du Baron Sebottendorf. "The track is about Ultima Thule, and the sacred text is taken from a French book of Druidism and speaks in French language about the Watchers of the hyperborean golden age, The Mythic Isle of 4 Masters etc.. then the darkness time of Kali Yuga, our times, when these wanderers of Dawn are sleeping in wait for the Great Ressurection and the Last Battle of the End..." thee artwork was made and tis copyright by Sylvia Polaris!!

07 - Teatro Satanico - With A Gallon of Lysol

very few projekts elicit thee attentions ov this writer as profoundly as those ov Italian esoteric sound artist DeViLs G [Abra Had Abra/LVNVS/Teatro Satanico]!! thee track which T.S. offer here tis an alternative remix of LYSOL- a track that is not included in DISCO CIANCIULLI- one ov their latest releases!!

"the musicK is by Teatro Satanico, while the lyrics are by T.S. Eliot taken from his lesser known "Fragment of an Agon", that had been published as part of the drama-play "Sweeney Agonistes"..

08 - Enigma Astrale - Sforzi Inumani

followers ov this blog shall likely have noticed here previously copious references to thee incredible werkx ov Italian originated/ London based E.A. ghostly collective!! thee info provided for this piece tis as follows:
"recorded on 16-11-2011 in London(U.K.)
personelles=X_one: samples,creation,location and alteration. [[as well as graphix!!]]
R_AFF_;ideas,samples,sequencings and creation.
for this project E.A. means Astral Enigma"..

09 - AC Way - OE22 at the LIGHTING

Oakland, CA based artist Andrew Christian Way [AC Way/ Maleficia/Carrion, Riqis!!] has contributed his magnificent werkx in some form or another to all three ov our compilations thus far, and offers unto us here yet again another fantasticly magick droning piece ov his sonorous werkx!!

10 - United Gods - Khiddul 1 to 3 AM Mix

United Gods tis a magnificent industrial projekt from Budapest, Hungary which was founded by thee artist Peter Kecskés in thee early 90's!! for the purposes ov this recording; thee lineup was:

Drums by XX4 Ahura, premix by Attila Dóra, final mix by P.Aether

thee accompanying piece ov visual art tis entitled: Ignes!!

11 - Cydonia - Nibiru

mysteriously pseudonomynous artiste Guetteur de Lune contributes here werkx ov this new projekt Cydonia; bringing forth stellar & cosmic ambient drones utilising many sounds of space like pulsars etc added with some analog synths and samples of tibetan chants!! the song tis named NIBIRU & tis based upon Annunakis theory of Z.Sitchin and the 12th planet!!

12 - Ethna Morte - A Different Shade of Beauty, the Perfect Shade of Madness

Ethna Morte seek to create a fused style ov musique drawing from many cultural influences in an attempt to eliminate demarcations ov varying territoritialities for a music without borders.. thee piece which they provide here was taken from their self-released album: Sombra de um Mundo atras dos Vidro..

13 - Teatro Grotesco - O Sangue dos Canalhas

Teatro Grotesco tis thee incredible projekt from thee island ov Azores, Portugal's talented multi-instrumentalist Luís Couto [also ov The Joy Of Nature!!] thee effing brilliant piece which he invokes for us here tis a fantastically glitched out Callaecian neo-folk / post-industrial masterpiece!!!

14 - Vilfos - The Crystal

having released previously only unfathomably unavailable one off cs trackx and an untolerably under-circulated 05 demo cdr- thee arid deserts and icy ponderosa forests ov thee territories east ov thee Cascades have seen thee re-emergence from all too long ov hibernation ov this projekt with it's newest creation graciously provided for us: a somber mysterious film-noir reflection!!

15 - Sinyoo - Path To Three Rivers

Cascadian indigenous artist Si Matta [Gathering The Stories/ + Haven +/ elysium+obscura has produced and continues to; an incredible creative opus which has yet to even begin to see thee accolades ov praise which it deserves to see heaped upon it!! in every way possible he has shown incredible unfaltering support to this writer personally- as well as to many others residing in this bio-region.. it tis an honour again to receive his incredible contribution ov trancingly somber sonorous beatific splendor as well as thee magnificent accompanying film workx which he has provided for us this time as well!!

16 - Port of the Sun & Lore - Fever Dream

Cascadian bardic interweaver ov thee natural and mythic Port of the Sun & Lore provide for us here thee febrile somonlence ov their incredible interstition!! their live performances and recorded works stagger, and strike with awe for their timeless engendering ov thee miraculous!!

17 - Paints Of Anima - Silt

Pearson Wallace-Hoyt tis thee organiser for thee annual Seattle Occultural Music Festival, and tis thee creative genius behind thee projekts Paintings for Animals and Thee Source ov Fawnation!! he offers unto us here an incredible piece ov crackling droning experimental sonorism under thee new moniker Paints Of Anima!!

18 - Identity Theft - Shapeshifter

in Hiroshi Teshigahara's cinematic collaboration with Japanese author Kōbō Abe - The Face of Another thee theme ov pseudonomynous identities which take over thee realities ov those who engender them tis dealt with to stunning effect!! thee mysterious personage behind thee projekt Identity Theft tis believed to be known under thee moniker Djynnxx [a terminology similarly mysteriously diagrammed within supposedly Iranian horror fiction author Reza Negarestani's Cyclonopedia: Complicity with Anonymous Materials..?] and presumably may be behind thee Oakland based Katabatik Meta-communications Sound-System and such projekts as Nommo Ogo, Seacrypt, Amorphous Ossiferrous, amidst perchance others..!! Shape Shifting indeed!! if one may even be capable ov holding belief in a world ov faltering appearances..

19 - Elli Riehl - Mann und Frau

Elli Riehl tis a rather mysterious Austrian projekt who have had releases on Punch Productions, Hau Ruck!, as well as their own Wirres Geäst label!! thee piece invoked here: Mann und Frau tis a strange piece ov post-industrial metal and organ werk!!

20 - Badger my Ass Sid - Sunset For the Planetary Observer

as if it were not difficult enough to discern thee personages hiding behind thee masks ov human flesh; when one attires their visage with those ov papier mache Badgers- what are we to really beleive tis happening in our midsts?? effing on point; yet aloof minimal cascadian tekno ov course!! tis this perchance another manifestation ov Adgder Bacid??

21 - Nezzy Idy - Sacrifice

again never failing to show unfathomably appreciated consistent support- Oakland based artist Emit Idy's projekt Nezzy Idy provide us with thee magickally astonishing droning esoteric elektronikx composition entitled Sacrifice!! his most recent album Night Town has to rank as one ov thee be(A)st releases ov esoteric elektro ov 2011!!

22 - RMS - Viscous

one ov thee most sought after Bay Area sound engineers and DJ's Barrett Clark [A:.S.:. /Nuit Hadit!!] provides for us an olde piece from 2004 from his projekt RMS!! one can only hope for days ahead when thee stylus hits thee grooves ov his magnificent esoteric tekno on a vinyl format!!

23 - Yim Tzir - ya-la-re

"Yim-Tzir is a band from the mysterious nation of Dzim-Gool. They know little English, and although they are said to speak German well, I myself do not, therefore communication has proved a challenge. At any rate, they declined to provide any information about themselves, stating that "music will speak for itself... or not". However, they did give me a photograph of an altar they had made. When asked what the spiritual signifigance was, they replied that "it didn't have any"."
-taken from Sigil Media

24 - Lacedon vs. Psychotigen - Sleep the Slain White Bull

with thoughts ov The Face of Another or perchance ov South Korean Director Kim Ki-duk 's film Time and it's themes ov trust when dealing with faces which may not be at all what we perceive them to be; mysterious artists Lacedon & Psychotigen [who ironicly may be rumored to have been forced to abandon his face-mask ov living prawns due to difficulties in procuring live prawns worthy ov sewing to his face..] provide a collaborative piece here which may have drawn influence from thee novel Nightwood by author Djuna Barnes!!

25 - Premortem Rigormortis - Shallow Grave

Premortem Rigormortis tis thee projekt ov Oakland artist Amber Amnesia [Susperium/Kanopic Descent!!] here she invokes thee terminal dirt nap to which we all shall succumb!!

26 - Christmas Family Family Christmas - Gift Wrap Suicide

consisting ov artists behind Premortem Rigormortis and Shroud- this holy-daze projekt offer us this gift from their recent christ m'arse full length!!

27 - DiMenTia - La Maman Regne

magnificent esoteric elektronikx artist Sean DiMenTia [Kanopic Descent/ Cinkrillian Weight!!] offers us here a more minimal elektro piece from his incredibly multi-faceted proejkt!!!

28 - Thee Source Ov Fawnation - Untitled III

Thee Source Ov Fawnation is the vocal electronic music of Bryxan Amsterdam and Pær Svn. Bryxan Amsterdam performs solo as Technicolor Yawn/Dawn/Fawn and is an ex-member of Werewolves. Pær Svn is the creator of the ritual drone group Paintings for Animals and founded the Seattle Occultural Music Festival!!

29 - Take Down The Sun - Weltende

Take Down The Sun is the united sound force of take down UAV [dead since 2010- no one ever noticed anyways..] and Port of the Sun. thee piece which they provide here: Weltende was a one hundred year honorarium to Jakob Von Hoddis and the Neopathetisches Cabaret!! thee initial piece by Von Hoddis references Hailey's comet, the sinking ov thee Titanic, and thee flooding ov thee Paris subways.. a hundred years later after thee initial reading ov Weltende sound sources were drawn from thee 2011 Japanese tsunami, earthquake, and nuclear disaster, a hurricane tearing a freight train in half in thee eastern coast u.s., thee eruption ov Mt. Etna in Sicily, and as well as from a borrowed children's antique musique box.. inspiration was drawn as well from the writings ov Georg Heym!!

Sinyoo - First Light

Sinyoo - Sol (Immersions)

Track listing:

Disk I

01 - Testing Vault - Ghost Cocktails Part 01
02 - Archétypo 120 - Angel's Fall (Early Instrumental Version)
03 - Schattenspiel - Thirst
04 - DBPIT & XXENA - Ley Lines
05 - Kenji Siratori - Mutated Requiem
06 - Barbarossa Umtrunk - Veilleur, Où en est la Nuit?
07 - Teatro Satanico - With A Gallon of Lysol
08 - Enigma Astrale - Sforzi Inumani
09 - AC Way - OE22 at the LIGHTING
10 - United Gods - Khiddul 1 to 3 AM Mix
11 - Cydonia - Nibiru

Disk II

12 - Ethna Morte - A Different Shade of Beauty, the Perfect Shade of Madness
13 - Teatro Grotesco - O Sangue dos Canalhas
14 - Vilfos - The Crystal
15 - Sinyoo - Path To Three Rivers
16 - Port of the Sun & Lore - Fever Dream
17 - Paints Of Anima - Silt
18 - Identity Theft - Shapeshifter
19 - Elli Riehl - Mann und Frau
20 - Badger my Ass Sid - Sunset For the Planetary Observer

Disk III

21 - Nezzy Idy - Sacrifice
22 - RMS - Viscous
23 - Yim Tzir - ya-la-re
24 - Lacedon vs. Psychotigen - Sleep the Slain White Bull
25 - Premortem Rigormortis - Shallow Grave
26 - Christmas Family Family Christmas - Gift Wrap Suicide
27 - DiMenTia - La Maman Regne
28 - Thee Source Ov Fawnation - Untitled III

Disk IV

29 - Take Down The Sun - Weltende


Sinyoo - First Light
Sinyoo - Sol (Immersions)

Monday, December 19, 2011

AIN SOPH-Ars Regia(Nekrophile records-Austria-1986-c60).

I expect the followers of this blog shall know already about Ain Soph as well as Nekrophile recs. This tape came out on this amazing label in 1986; at the time Ain Soph were certanily one of the first bands/artists experimenting with magik & electronics---esoteric messages through electronic music. You`ll find here 6 tracks of pure grotesque dark ambient mixing ritualistic sounds, hypno-elements of dreams and nightmares and complex layered structures that are created to deliver magikal elements and ritualistic practice.
Definitely one tape that made history in this scene.
In 1992 Nekrophile Records re-printed it on cd and then it was reprinted again by the French label Athanor back in the 2003 as a deluxe cd which came with a 40 page booklet.
There is an aural pleasure in this tape as well as an obscure sense of dogmatic horror.
you`ll choose what side to explore...

Track listing:

A1 V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
A2 Credo (G. Kremmerz)
A3 Lapis Niger
A4 Honorii Ponteficis Evocatio
B1 Gradalis
B2 Apathanathismos


Friday, December 16, 2011

MARGARET FREEMAN-Academy Serial(3Rio Art-Belgium-1990-c46)

The music of the project Margaret Freeman is a good mix of old-type industrial with some musical researches coming from the grey area (darkwave, no wave, electropop, etc etc)... Lots of good ideas and musical styles here. Unfortunately I have little information about this band or project that seems to have come from Belgium during the beginning of the 90s, and released this good tape called Academy Serial on the Belgian label 3Rio Art [Personal label of Hybryds] back in the year 1990. I tried using the power of internet to get some info, but Margaret Freeman remains still a mystery to me [other than the lineup having consisted of the artists Pascal Jeannet & Philippe Martineau] --- anybody out there with more info??? this tape is just great anyway...

[note: Side B was composed for a theatre play "Nymphoman" by Thomas Gerdil (14.10.89). Limited to 100 copies.]

A1 Don't Shout
A2 Brother
A3 Who's Addict
A4 Dead Fingers Talk
A5 Motion Picture
A6 Satisfaction
A7 Give You
A8 Tous Les Deux
A9 C'Est Un Piege
B1 Nymphoman No. 1
B2 Nymphoman No. 2
B3 Nymphoman No. 3
B4 Nymphoman No. 4


Monday, December 5, 2011

EBU-influences from the Luna Canoe(Red Neon Tapes-Belgium-c60-1992)

Carsten Olbrich aka Ebu is a German musician who founded Ebu's Music label in 1988, and had a number of releases with several monikers and bands.

After some appearances on stage with the own family-band "Familie Olbrich" and being guitar-player in his first school-band "Trümmerhaufen" (1984), Carsten Olbrich joined the band Top Of Pyramid in 1986. His first solo-project Wild Roses existed in 1988 and changed it's musical attitude and it's name into Always Welcome (1989), which now, in 2009, still has revival-plans. In 1989, he founded the post-NDW-project Schmertz Der Welten, which was his main project, until it brokes up in 1998. In the new decade after 1989 Carsten Olbrich choosed a new main-artist-name King Ebu as successor of "Always Welcome". In 1995 he founded the punkrock-band Die Traktor as guitar player, which he left in friendchip in summer 2000. Mr. Welten was meant as the solo-project of the leader of Schmertz Der Welten, but later in 1997 he found the new solo-artist-name Mr. Ebu for psychedelic-electronic-dark-spacy & mainly instrumental music, which lasts until now. Not mentioned yet on Discogs, but alive since 2006, is "Herr Ebu" - a totally different musicstyle with german-sung-pop, dada, trash. Also in 2006 Carsten Olbrich took influence for the revival of the punkrock-band Hacke Peters, Die, where he currently plays bass-guitar.

Aliases: 2000-the-GmbH, Always Welcome, Die Gebosenen Düchsen, Die Geile Sonne, Die Wichtelmänner, King Ebu, Mr. Ebu, Mr. Welten, Schmertz Der Welten, Wild Roses
In Groups: Die Hacke Peters, Die Traktor, Frozen Time, Six And More, Top Of Pyramid

(from discogs)

This tape came out on the Belgian label Red Neon Tapes back in 1992... Side A consists of beautiful and calmly still ambient music made with a rather simple synth; while side B is more of an experiment with vocals and synth programming. Enjoy it!

Track listing:

a01-the Luna-Canoe
b01-...und gab ihr einen Kuss


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Non Aggression Pact / Xorcist split tape (GPC-C60 –Usa-1991)

Another great release here from this excellent label General Purpose Cassettes with another two great projects from the USA playing electro ebm! This time it is Non Aggression Pact aka Jeff Willard (keyboards and music) and Jason Withcomb (lyrics and vocals) from Tampa playing hard powerful electronics accented by samples and complex synth structures. Xorcist is a one man band consisting of Peter Stone hailing from the state of California, and playing more dense old school ebm. This release came with a A5 64 page fanzine where you can read two interesting interviews with these two projects + lots of music, zine, video reviews, graphix artwork by E.A. and other artists+ radio contacs and more info and contacts about this scene. This zine is an absolute must towards understanding how publishers, zine-editors, and labels were working back in those days when the internet was yet not part of our lives. The actual cassette came wrapped in hard foil and a brown sheet with info… It looked like a real chocolate bar… Quite an amazing idea, I have to say. You will find here all the scans of the zine and the tape so that you`ll get a better idea. The first press was of 250 copies, and I have no idea if it was re-printed at some point… I guess it`s hard to find nowdays…

Track listing:
a01- Non Aggression - Pactthe de briefing
a02- Non Aggression -above pain
a03- Non Aggression -done
a04- Non Aggression -enema
a05- Non Aggression -unify
a06- Non Aggression -nothing in particular
b01- Xorcist - xorcist
b02- Xorcist - bitches
b03- Xorcist - christy
b04- Xorcist - is love


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

FACTOR 42 –TEKNITION split tape (general Purpose Cassettes-1991)

"The General Purpose Cassette Organization was formed to create an outlet for unheard music and unseen art and literature. We are a no-profit organization existing solely for this purpose." This tape is the 3rd relase from GPC. It contains musical expressions from two bands. One side of this tape contains the current sounds of Factor 42 and the other side provides sonic assault from Teknition. We encourage everyone that hears this tape to contact the individuals involved with this tape. This is a contact tool. If you are involved in any similar activities please feel free to contact GPC. We are always looking for new artists to expose and trade ideas and releases." (from the info sheet coming with his tape)

Factor 42 and Teknition are two separate projects hailing from the States who played ebm and electro- industrial music. This tape came wrapped in a small black plastic bag that was held together with a “kitchen wire metal skin” as well as a plastic bag containing 10 info sheets with info, drawings, song titles etc etc… I scanned all the info sheets and the tape-container itself. The side of Factor 42 is called “original sin” and the side of Teknition is called "machine religion”. Not sure how many copies were printed by GPC back in 1991. As far as I know it hasn`t been reprinted. Enjoy it.

Track listing:

a01-FACTOR 42-kill or be killed
a02-FACTOR 42-shut up!
a03-FACTOR 42-head trip
a04-FACTOR 42-primitive worship
a05-FACTOR 42-nothing last forever
a06-FACTOR 42-hellfish torture
b02-TEKNITION-man is the animal
b05-TEKNITION-strych9 9hypno mix)
b06-TEKNITION-requies(funeral for machines)


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Artaud Assemblage by Port of the Sun

Soundtrack to the newly deceased being baptized in the river Styx, while living shamen ply those waters on rafts of mirrors; to worms carving slow-motion tunnelways through the subworld, leaving porous three-dimensional sigils in their wakes. Ode to pillars of flame burning upward and columns of rain pouring down, contradictory elemental verticalities. To drear post-plague years when locust husks are all you get for dinner.

(Port of the Sun)

Il Gabinetto Del Dottor Caligari - 2 x cs - Psychotic Release

perchance as Thomas Ligotti has inferred- horreur fiction tis thee conspiracy against the human race.. here tis an intriguing homage to horror fictionz ov times past from times now passed as well.. Il Gabinetto Del Dottor Caligari [named for thee German expresionist film Das Cabinet des Dr Caligari] was thee projekt ov Dr. Caligari aka Valerio Biagi who likely hailed from somewhere within thee shadows ov Italy.. referrences mentioned within include Renee Viven, Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley, Edgar {Allan) Poe!! both cassettes were released upon Emanuele Lago's astonishingly disturbed Psychotic Release label!! both La Bianca Bara Del Dolore and Lapide Bianca, Fredda Dimora are included in one rip which your fumbling presenteur erroneously inverted chronologically.. as for thee musiques: am not incredibly astute toward trends within Italian pop sensibilities, but imagine Alberto Camerini with macabre gothique sensibilities and organ creep instead ov arpeggiations.. thee track titles are worthy ov translation:

l`untore = the person who put the creams/oils on the dead bodies
lapide bianca, fredda dimora = white tombstone, cold abode
le 7 ferite nel cuore = the 7 wounds in the heart
la bianca bara del dolore = the white coffin of the pain
tetra poesia = gloomy poetry
le bambole della signora Beccamorti = the dolls of the Mrs Beccamorti
[note - Beccamorti tis used as a surname, but it means literally to peck at the dead]
lo scavafosse = the person who digs the holes for the graves

for your listening bemusement!!

Track listing:

A1 L'Untore
Music By – Flavio Biagi
A2 Lapide Bianca, Fredda Dimora
A3 Le 7 Ferite Nel Cuore
B1 La Bianca Bara Del Dolore
B2 Tetra Poesia
B3 La Bambole Della Signora Beccamorti
Music By – Annalisa Tagliabue


A Lapide Bianca, Fredda Dimora
B1 Lo Scavafosse
B2 Requiem

(crepusculum) with translation assistance by {{F@R@W@Y}}!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

THE GREY WOLVES-legion of hell(c60-Strengh recordings-uk-198x)

Here is a short presentation- as I am expecting that the followers of this blog will already be rather familiar with this project; since it is a rather famous one. The Grey Wolves first appeared back in 1983 after being born out of the ashes of a unit called OFI (Opera for Infantry). their music is often labelled as “death industrial” and their name associated with others such as Nurse with Wound and Ramleh. The two members (Dave Padbury and Trevor Ward) have been often controversial and outspoken, and have taken part in a prolific ammount of different projects, and as well have released many productions. They spread their messages across utilising different medias:(pamphlets, mail art, manifestos), and have taken part fully within the cassette scene since back in it's early days. In fact both members have thier own tape labels (Open Wound and Sol Niger) focusing on industrial music. The year of release of this tape isn`t listed anywhere; however I do believe that it came out towards the end of the 80s, and it was distributed by Strength Recordings in the UK and by Ministry of Ultramarine Theatres in Italy. As for the music; far away from the power-electronics assault that made them famous; this tape is instead crafted with esoteric elctronicks messages and sequencings . ”Legion of hell’ stands as a manifesto of the experimental dark-ambient music of that era.

Track listing:

a01-lost souls
a02-hall of the dead
a03-for good or evil-new spirit rising
a04-angels of darkness
b01-eternal suffering


Friday, October 14, 2011

telepherique-alltag(c60-red neon tapes-belgium-1991)

"The project Telepherique began in 1989 with the intention to explore processes and working with people of different cultures. They started with mail-art projects, co-operations, and communication with people all over the world. Basically, Telepherique is Klaus, Danijela and Rene Jochim, from Würzburg, Germany, but there were others that became members of Telepherique, because of the massive collaborations and projects: Ulf Harr, Echart Seilacher, Harry Lüftl, Stefan Au, Stefan Alt and Karin... The name Telepherique is the french word for funicular railway. This name was chosen because of the intention gaining a view from a higher level."

this marvelous cassette ov rhythmic industrial was released circa 1991 upon thee Red Neon Tapes label which was run by Patrick Parent in Belgium!! it also features source materials provided by Parents' projekt Etat Des Stocks!! for this release a description tis rather simple: fantastic effing experimental elektronikx with exceedingly on-point restrained rhythmic sequencing!!

Track listing:

A1 Alltag Des Leidenden
A2 Monotonie Im Haushalt
A3 Bernfswelt
A4 Briefträger
A5 Fernfahrer
A6 Schule
B1 Sonntägsmesse
B2 Modells
B3 Rampenlicht

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

va - Italy - [Harsh Reality Music - 1989]

another astounding release in thee international series ov thee Memphis, Tennessee-based industrial/experimental/electronic label Harsh Reality Music which was run by Chris Phinney [Mental Anguish, Ambient Complot, Cancerous Growth, Mid-Cult Matrix, Skoptzies, Swine Is Mental, Viktimized Karcass].. this time all artists essentially hailed from thee boot-shaped nation ov Italy!! again this cs as well many other fine releases are still available via thee labels' site!! effing great that they keep available such an astonishing back catalog ov sonorous treasures!!

note: due to thee size- this comp was broken into two parts here & here..

Subliminale tis thee projekt ov Gianluigi Russolo who tis also thee creative genius behind such magnificent projekts as Therabaqud Leic, Wellenwerkmann Neurosonological Research Station, and S. Biasin Trio!! also very much worthy ov note tis thee remix which he provided for thee esoteric body music projekt Metal Music Machine!! thee eery piece which he provides here consists ov scathing yet subdued power elektronikx scapes!!

Stefano Barban was behind such effing magnificent esoteric elektronikx projekts as Abra Had Abra, Ambulatorio Segreto, Lvnvs, and Spin Box!! thee piece which he manifests here utilises an odd cacophanous barrage ov dissonant synthesizer werkx..

Teatrino Della Volpe tis thee work ov thee magnificent mad-genius Stefano Biasin!! thee piece "new industrial" which he provides here combines strange loops ov minimal industrial sequencing elements with tribal samplings, odd disco materials, bizarre saxophone wails, out ov place rock segments.. all very disjointed and seemingly spontaneous.. feels like the maximum sample time tis about eight seconds..

Crime O Nautix provide thee piece Rock The Mussolinis Boys which consists ov slowed plodding dissonances with hilarious grimey rocking vocalisations and wierd utterances as thee parodied atrophy ov rock snarlingly progresses!!

Majorana was thee projekt ov Lussetti Guido.. thee first ov his tracks provided here consists ov rhythmic sequences interspersed with sparse somber synthesizer segments and polyphonic drum machine barrages..

"Das Synthetische Mischgewebe [Isabelle Chemin & Guido Hübner] started in the early 80's in Berlin with electronic, industrial, avant-garde associated cassette releases." they appear on both thee Spanish as well as Italian international series.. thee piece which they manifest here consists ov wierd machinic junk-noize-esque disquietudes..

apparent lack ov biography here for Black Flowers.. their sonorism utilizes interesting pulsating synth with quiet rhythm sequencing and reverberating vocal materials which transition later towards a more spaced out and dissonant sort ov elektronikx scape..

Crime O Nautix utilise for their piece some sort ov sitar and tabla filled Indian pop musique over which they incant oddly subsumed vocalisations before eventually transitioning towards a more psychedelically reverberating guitar outro sektion..

Womb are semi-mysterious here- though it tis believed that DeviLs G [Teatro Satanico!!] had his hands at play in thee esoteric sonorism which they manifest.. distant choral samples play amidst indecipherable vocals and a growing unease ov atmosphere looms over whilst skittering elektronikx reverberate amidst synthesizer werkx which make intriguing presences which together increase in their scathingness as thee piece develops further towards a more rhythmic pulsating bombast!!

for thee concluding piece Majorana utilises operatic vocal loops with haphazardous sequencings and thee dissonant tumult ov collage werkx.. odd experimentations..

Track listing:

A1 Subliminale – Thee Vittoz Method
A2 Stefano Barban – Amantide
A3 Teatrino Della Volpe – New Industrial
A4 Crime O Nautix – Rock The Mussolinis Boys
A5 Majorana – L'Anti-Destin
B1 Das Synthetische Mischgewebe – At My Throne & Under Your Shoes
B2 Black Flowers – In The Mind / Fire Eyes
B3 Crime O Nautix – Der Telephon Ringelte
B4 Womb – Frequency Modulation / No Noise Abortion
B5 Majorana – Fai 400 Respiri Prima Di Un Gran Balzo In Avanti


Saturday, October 1, 2011

va - Spain [Harsh Reality Music - 1989]

Nota: dedicado con mucho respeto y admiración a Spain Pain!!

released in 1989 on thee Memphis, Tennessee-based industrial/experimental/electronic label Harsh Reality Music which was run by Chris Phinney [Mental Anguish, Ambient Complot, Cancerous Growth, Mid-Cult Matrix, Skoptzies, Swine Is Mental, Viktimized Karcass] this release was part ov thee label's international series.. though this tis a rip ov an olde cs- this and many other astonishing releases are still kept available from their site!! as thee title may suggest: all artists hailed from Spain..

Merz was thee projekt ov Madrid based artist Luis Mesa who tis listed as contact for all three ov thee projekts on side a here; as well as having been a part ov: Recursos Ajenos, Ambient Complot, & Merzan / Zanmerz!! thee source ov inspiration for thee opening piece should require no introduction for fans ov Tobe Hooper's 1974 horror classic.. thee track consists ov repetitive minimal synth lines with mid-tempo drum sequencing and additional elektronik experimentation..

for thee projekt Tecnica Material; Luis Mesa tis joined by Miguel A. Ruiz [Exhaustor, Funeral Souvenir, Orfeon Gagarin, Ventral Metaphor, Ambulatorio Segreto, Efficient Refineries, Non Sterile]!! thee track which they produce consists ov astonishing concussive rhythmic sequencing filtered in an effing stomping manner which degenerates into much more raucous tumult at it's point ov cessation!!

once more behind thee elektronikx Luis Mesa operates under thee moniker Alquimia Detras in a strange rhythmic experimental piece with what sound to be religiously related sample sources- a child's prayer and miscelaneous radio evangelists..

providing the entire second side ov thee cassette are Das Synthetische Mischgewebe who were comprised ov members Isabelle Chemin & Guido Hübner!! their back catalog ov releases tis tremendous.. thee piece abandons thee rhythmic sequencing which manifested so heavilly upon thee first side in favor ov a much more cacophanous onslaught ov dissonant experimentation..

Track listing:

A1 Merz – Texas Chainsaw Massacre
A2 Tecnica Material – Adsorcion
A3 Alquimia Detras – Religiones
B1 Das Synthetische Mischgewebe – The Eternal Professional Error At Auto-Reverse


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

v.a.-TOPY TV-tribute to PTV(topy tv-italy-c60-1990)

thee extrication ov thee heirophanous wisdom hidden behind these sonorous sigils tis a burdensome act in and ov itself.. to attempt to give voice to what tis spoken so profoundly in it's own words runs thee risk ov tearing asunder thee magickal tapestry which has been woven.. some gleanings ov what tis apprehendible ov thee Italian branch ov TOPY tis better articulated here.. have yet to read THEE PSYCHICK BIBLE to know if it may offer more incites, and sadly have stored away deep in hidden archives TOPY Italy RsB Files.. perchance these shall see dark illumination here at some point.. what tis most readilly apparent tis that thee artists behind this compilation forced thee hand ov chance towards renditions ov hymns ov thee TOPY high priests Psychic Television!! whilst the cover scan tis not likely thee be(a)st edition out there- it tis divined that most out there shall still revel in these ecstasic homages unveiled within!!

Thee Temple Beat tis a variation ov thee moniker for thee projekt Templebeat which tis composed ov thee artists: Michele Benetello, Pietro Zanetti [Metal Music Machine!!], Giorgio Ricci [RAN, Hysterie, Metal Music Machine!!], Paolo Favati [Die Larm, FM and Paolo F., Pankow, Saint Luka, Wave Workers Foundation..], and Rudi Dalla Mora [Metal Music Machine!!] who hail from Treviso, Italy!! their contribution tis an esoteric body music rendition ov the PTV classic Ov Power!!

it would appear info tis lacking for The Conventional.. though info for Frigidaire Tango tis more accessible.. their cover ov Just Drifting seems slightly more morose and definitely more heavilly accented and rock orientated..

Umano Troppo Umano - named for Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche 's Human All Too Human are absent ov biography here- thee peice which they provide here tis a slow dark dissonant variation ov Terminus with Italian vocals!!

Disuman Res was thee projekt ov Guglielmo Lanzilli who ran thee astonishing label Biotope Art Organization!! the piece Fear which he provides here consists ov his astounding patented darkened sound collage with plodding dissonant bass and murky magnetised crystalline atmospheres!!

Solar Lodge consisted ov occult sound artists Fulvio Biondo & Enrico Angarano!! their piece manifests in deliriously detuning synthesizer dissonances with minimal drum sequencing to thee tune ov Those Who Do Not..

thee assumption tis being made here that R. Biasin Acid Vampire tis a pseudonomynous nomenclature ov Stefano Biasin [Teatrino Della Volpe, S. Biasin Trio]!! thee piece consists ov some effing magnificent esoteric tekno in thee vein ov Towards Thee Infinite Beat- Drone Zone!!

"Therabaqud Leic is the name of an Italian experimental who has been involved with such forms as industrial, ambient, esoterick, drones, ritual, dark ambient, moody electronics, in a cross-genre . Luigi Russolo (a nickname reminding the famous Italian futurist artist ) is the main founder and core member. The band has never had a regular , real line-up, only Luigi Russolo is the core member." thee variation provided here ov Catalan consists ov excellent layers ov restrained percussion accompanied by astounding synthesizer atmospheres, and plodding distorted elektronik string looping with Italian vocal recitations!!

with a moniker like Jesus Fucks Magdalene - one must ponder how such a projekt has tragically fallen into such obscurity.. however occult ov origins and narrative there may be to this projekt- what tis apparent tis that they do an uber-funky and angsty variation ov Oedipus In The Nursery!!

thee personage behind thee projekt Majorana would appear to be one Lussetti Guido.. thee peice here Neurology seems to be a collage ov recordings ov thee Message From The Temple intercut with Charles Manson and Jim Jones amongst others.. throw in some looming synths and additional elektronikx and thee title appears to generate some pondering ov it's own..

elsewhere it tis written that Nekrophilia was Devil Womb aka DeviLs g. [Lvnvs, S. Biasin Trio, Teatro Satanico,..] & Saprophita [?]!! thee piece provided here Skinhead Moonstomp tis a cacopahnous conflagration ov colliding elekronik concussiveness with looming delayed guitar presences!!

Track listing-

a01-THEE TEMPLE BEAT-ov power
a02-THE CONVENTIONAL(ex Frigidaire Tango)-just drfting
a05-SOLAR LODGE-those who do not
b01-R. BIASIN ACID VAMPIRE-drone zone
b03-JESUS FUCKS MAGDALENE-oedipus in the nursery
b06-NEKROPHILIA-skinhead moonstomp

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

M.NOMIZED-& MR MOTO-At dusk (Bawler prods-Germany-C60-1995)

Another little gem on cassette here dated from 1995. We have spoken already about M.Nomized and also about Mr Moto; here additionally are a few quick hints about them: M . Nomized aka Michael Madrange - owner of the Fraction Studios which were very active in the 90s. As a musician (M. NOMIZED, THE GOLOZOS, DHISMA), music producer, zine editor, sound composer for art exhibitions, and mail artist. Mr Moto is Matthias Lang- zine editor(IRRE ZINE) and tape label boss(IRRE TAPES).

So what to expect from two such names???... Beautiful and creative electronic experimentations which were quite new for that time. Some stuff kind of reminds me in ways of the early experiments in rhythmic noise, other material is definetly more hypnotic, the sound texture collage of effects, distorted electronics, frazzled noises, and weird goings make this tape a little jewel for the lovers of spazzed out electronics. The tape came with a Spartan cover, a carton box in which the tape is kind of stuck, and yes please, don`t ask me how many copies were printed back in those days. Excellent stuff for elastic ears.

Track listing:

a01-dyslexia stars
a02-ebullient sounds
a04-nether planets
a05-nook of brain
a06-ogle girls
b01-at dusk(part 1 to 5)