Monday, May 31, 2010

Disumana Res - 3X Cassettes!!

esctatic to be able share for thee blog three releases from thee astounding Italian projekt Disumana Res ov Guglielmo Lanzilli [Biotope Art Oraganization & supporter ov this blog who very kindly contributes rare cassettes from his personal collection for {{F@R@W@Y}} to transfer for all ov us..]!! some astonishing esoteric elektroniks for those ov you out there to enjoy!!

DISUMANA RES-possession and trance(c46-B.A.O.-1991)

an early c46 released on Biotope Art Organization providing much ov what one may expect from it's title: thee first side forcefully possessing, and thee second consisting ov more subdued trancing elements!!

side a consists ov one single 23 minute long track: de operatione daemonum - deeply trancing slow ritual industrial percussions set amidst droning atmospheres and chants with esoteric sound collaging technique for a magnificent effect!! plenty ov ethereal elements with an almost restrained dub-type progression late in thee piece which transitions to strange sound collaging!!

inrus est adversarius consists ov darkly luminous trancing elektronikx with ethereal vocalisations which become more beatific as thee piece progresses!!

homo homini diabulus consists ov more somberly restrained atmospheres with reverberated breaths and intriguing sound collage to bring thee shorter side ov thee cassette to it's conclusion..

Track listing:

a01-de operatione daemonum
b01-inrus est adversarius
b02-homo homini diabulus

DISUMANA RES-the Gorgon(c60 B.A.O. prods 1997)

"In Greek mythology, the Gorgon (plural: Gorgons) (Greek: Γοργών or Γοργώ Gorgon/Gorgo) was a terrifying female creature. It derives from the Greek word gorgós, which means "dreadful." While descriptions of Gorgons vary across Greek literature, the term commonly refers to any of three sisters who had hair of living, venomous snakes, and a horrifying gaze that turned those who beheld it to stone. Traditionally, while two of the Gorgons were immortal, Stheno and Euryale, their sister Medusa was not, and was slain by the mythical hero Perseus.

Gorgons were a popular image of Greek mythology, appearing in the earliest of written records of Ancient Greek religious beliefs such as those of Homer. Because of their legendary gaze, images of the Gorgons were put upon objects and buildings for protection. For example, an image of a Gorgon holds the primary location at the pediment of the temple at Corfu. It is the oldest stone pediment in Greece and is dated to c. 600 BC."

this cassette released on Biotope Art Organization presents wondrously esoteric ritual elektronikx which utilise astonshing combinatory non-linear techniques which create a tremendously dreadful; yet enticingly powerfull effect both in their ascension and descension!! to peer into thee vision created tis to understand thee force ov thee Gorgon's gaze and it's ability to transform one to stone!!

Track listing:

part I - the rise
part II - the fall

DISUMANA RES-Urban parasites-(c46- EE tapes-belgium 1997)

this cassette was released on thee Belgian label EE Tapes in a limited edition of 100 handnumbered copies.. it explores dark themes ov torture and terror related to thee human experiences ov urban parasitism!! Guglielmo's elektronik approaches create sunless atmospheric portrayals ov thee horrid "civilised" environs which dehumanise those who habitate them..

Track listing:

part one-welcome to the torture chamber
part two-zone terror

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

POLTERGEIST--desecrated Flowers-(Anomalous records-usa-C90-1994)

a strange one broken into two parts here and here.. Poltergeist featured Chuck Daar [Bass, Tapes, Effects], Eric Lanzillotta
[Engineer], Brian Smith [Guitar, Rack, Samples, Radio], - Bob Blaize [Tabla, Dumpak, Flute, Waterphone, Venu, Bells [Chinese Temple Bells]].. Recorded Live May 14th and 21st, 1994.. 100 copies were made before Anomalous Records stopped making cassettes.. strange ethereal elektronikx!!

Track listing:

A Diabolical Flowers
B1 Longevity's Monstrosity
B2 Bali Hell

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

KARCERAL FLESH-au suivant(c60-diy-1994-France)

Elated to be able to present this cassette contributed to us from thee collection ov Guglielmo Lanzilli [Biotope Art Organisation]!! Au Suivant [The Following] tis my personal favorite ov all ov thee Karceral Flesh releases we have shared thus far!! Karceral Flesh was thee French projekt ov Franck Kervizic who was accompanied for this recording by Lagartija Nick [guitars/ bass], Fedrico Iovino [percussions], and C.C. La Mouette [voix feminine]!!

Dors [sleep] begins thee cassette with an amazing restrained piano introduction which transitions to a continuation ov thee restrained piano work, dissonant guitar wailing, and somber feminine vocalisations!! thee piece steps up in tempo a bit with great industrial percussions before dissipating with a slow rumbling synthesizer bass outro!!

Agonie En Dentelle [Agony In Lace] begins with more dissonant guitar/bass work and restrained percussion, and steps up into a more anthemic progression with drear masculine vocalisations!!

Faire L'Amour Avec Son Sang [Make Love With His Blood] drearily rocking restrained industrial with masculine vocals!!

Qu'as-Tu Vu? [What did you see?] mid tempo elektronik sequencing begins this piece and tis met with restrained percussions, heaviilly flanged guitar work, and plodding bass!! drear masculine vocals, and psychotic feminine vocalisations make this a rather enticing piece!!

Seche Tes Yeux! [Tumble Your Eyes!] dissonant guitar, slow plunking bass, and restrained percussions are met with gruff masculine vocals!! thee chorus repeats thee title "Seche Tes Yeux!"!!

Le Sourire T.D.M. [The Smile T.D.M.] begins with plodding goth bass and restrained percussion, and steps up into effing great sustained percussive attack with bass accents and ethereal dissoant guitar material!! thee piece alternates this pattern ov restraint and attack!!

La Petite Fille [The Little Girl] mid-tempo goth-rocking industrial with more ov Franck's depressive sounding vocals!!

Inhuman World tis an instrumental piece ov fairly experimental minimal restrained semi-dissonant tones with very sparse synthesizer bass presence!! later in thee piece thee tempo picks up, and continues to follow similar structure ov delivery before transitioning to alternating sparse tones and ethereal synthesizer washes ov sound!!

A La Glorie... [In The Glory ...] restrained percussions with beauteous depressive guitar progressions are met with more ov C.C. La Mouette's somber beatific vocals!!

Pour Le Reve [??- do not know if this tis titled for the 1920s French silent movie, a painting by Pablo Picasso, or thee novel by Emile Zola..] ethereal synthesizer work with restrained kick sequencing and trancing bells provide a backing for more beatific melancholy feminine vocals!! about 5 minutes in there tis a break to very restrained quiet thundering bit-stretched sample reverberations which are met with bits ov anxious ticking, and quiet washes ov fm static before fading away..

Le Jugement [the judgement] slow ticking, reverberating tambourine shaking, thundering toms pace out a slow progression with quiet synthesizer work and sparse slowed masculine vocals which last for nearly twelve minutes..

Le Jugement II [the judgement II] tis an even more somber progressions ov minimal tones and synth/organ accompaniment!!

400 REM tis one ov the masterpieces ov this projekts output!! restrained percussions are accompanied by plodding synth with accents which sound like bowed violins, and more ov those sunless feminine vocals!! sadly thee piece ends much too soon for my tastes.. tis sooo amazing!!

Sourire... [Smiling] again: restrained percussions, melancholy synthesizer progression, and dusky and angsty feminine vocalisations to conclude this brilliant cassette!!

Track listing:

A1 Dors...
A2 Agonie En Dentelle
A3 Faire L'Amour Avec Son Sang
A4 Qu'as-Tu Vu?
A5 Seche Tes Yeux!
A6 Le Sourire T.D.M.
A7 La Petite Fille
A8 Inhuman World
B1 A La Glorie...
B2 Pour Le Reve
B3 Le Jugement
B4 Le Jugement II
B5 400 REM
B6 Sourire...

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

CONDOMINIUM-Transfert-(c.90-live-groupuscule vision-1993))

some rather obscure cosmically inspired power elektronikx here from what appears to be a French projekt [uncertain though; as it tis a bit difficult to obtain more info..] a live concert from 20/02/93.. lovers ov obscure power elektronikx shall likely enjoy this one!!

No track listing.

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VA - The Last Extreme Expressions [?/?]

interesting 4 - way split here ov power elektronikx artists.. appears that this was also released with different art on thee New Noise label from thee Netherlands which was run by Peter Zincken as a sub-label ov Nihilistic Recordings.. no label listed on this version exactly.. maybe Constantemente?? dunno..

Macronympha tis thee projekt ov Pittsburgh, PA us artists Joseph Roemer and Rodger Stella.. their back-catalog tis rather copious.. thee track that they provide here tis much as would be expected from this genre: cacophanous barrages ov washed out power elektronikx.. fairly interesting conflagratory material..

Armenia tis thee projekt ov Leonardo Sabatto from Miami, Florida.. again another fairly prolific artist ov this genre.. thee track here provides a variety ov approaches with junk/collage/power elektronikx touches..

G-Hörsturz tis listed as being thee projekt ov German artist Martin Gebauer.. more bombastic power elektronikx here..

Bizarre Uproar tis thee projekt ov Finnish artist Pasi Markkula.. great power elektronikx with thee "jesus, FUCK YOU!!" sample from thee film "The Exorcist" thrown in there a cpl times..

Track listing:

A1 Macronympha - War Against Government - Revenge Bomb
A2 Armenia - Audio Torture Pt. 2
B1 G-Hörsturz - Psycholische Seite
B2 Bizarre Uproar - Black Jesus

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

VA - Detlev Hjuler - 3 X CS

minimal info available on this one which was shared with us by our friend (kusomiso).. it appears to have been compiled by German sound artist/sculptor Detlev Hjuler.. many well known acts here, and perchance some less well known as well.. comes in rather unique packaging with scans included here

[[note - thee transfers seem to have an ammount ov digital peaking.. hope that folks may still enjoy!!]]

Track listing:

a1 - Larry Austin - Maroon Bells
a2 - Robert Ashley - Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon
a3 - Organum - Aurora
a4 - Moolah - Courage
b1 - Ilhan Mimaroglu - Anacolutha
b2 - Etant Donnes - La Nuit Si Calme Ey Si Transparente
b3 - Leo Kupper, Exequiel Virasoro, Jean-Claude Frison - L'enclume Des Forces
b4 - Norio Sato - Knots


c1 - Denis Smalley - Pneuma
c2 - Simon Emmerson - Oophelia's Dream II
c3 - Whitehouse - Shitfun I
c4 - Asmsus Teitchens - Rosenkranz
c5 - Organum - Keloid
d1 - Maurizio Kagel - Der Schall I
d2 - Pierre Henry - Apres La Mort
d3 - John Zorn & Michiro Sato - Kagemusha
d4 - Francois Bayle - Anime


e1 - Jed Speare - Mettle Of Metal
e2 - Karlheinz Stockhausen - Refrain
e3 - Nurse With Wound - Alas The Madonna Does Not Function
e4 - Logos - Turkish Square
f1 - Lt. Caramel - Danseuses Etoiles
f2 - Alessandro Solbiati - Inno
f3 - Nicolas Verin - Avenue Du Midi
f4 - Miao- Wen Wang - Berceuse De Quatre Saisons


[[transferred by (kusomiso) & brief review by (crepusculum)]]