Saturday, June 19, 2010

HERMIT-Vomit can be found in jars(Carpe Diem label-Canada-1995-c30)

here you will find 3 songs of strange noise improvisation by this Canadian project Hermit whom we have covered earlier in thee blog. Hermit is the solo project of Eric Boros who was also of Third World Planet, and who is nowdays involved in the duo Vialka [the last project of which is still touring all over the world,especially Europe] You might want to visit their webpage here, and if you do: you will realize how many projects Eric is still running… this tape consists of experimental bass/guitar/effects and crazy vocals with sometimes more crazy lyrics… I enjoy this one. A short tape full of surprises…

Track listing:

a01-mangled to perfection
b01-old man dementia
b02-quest for nolling


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