Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MAGIC MOMENTS AT TWILIGHT TIME-live at alpha nebuli-(c90 AT tapes-USA 1992)

for this cassette Magic Moments At Twilight Time were Mick Magic: guitar, synths, sequencer, PCM rhythms and FX, Lulu: vocals and keyboards on "Pandora", and Pete Program: synth FX.. this release may seem strange for this blog [what the fuck tis normal here however..??] wierd elektro space-rock from this UK based projekt!! recorded live by the Centauri Mobile on Alpha Nebuli IV on 10-25-91: White Hawk Atomic tis thee first release heard here from these great psycho sci-fi freakx!! was released by Carl Howard's Audiofile Tapes in 1992.. definitely have enjoyed!! perchance others may as well!!

Track listing:

a01-radio armaggedon-blitezkrieg
a04-zen sequent
a05-white cathay
a07-acidic heaven
b01-traveller 2
b04-state of the art -shades of purple
b05-the soultakers
b06-magic moments at twlight time

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

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