Friday, October 10, 2014


MAT 006 - RPTN / A:.S.:. 

after 20 years ov making musick deep beneath thee seismic sensors ov most- Barrett Clark [Polar/RMS] bestows this behemoth c92 with thee hardest dosing ov acid cut with dog knows what stimulants; which induces deliriant ecstatic RPTN to our sensorial circuitry / falling abyss-wardly from thee dance floor to thee trance-floor- A:.S.:. [Barrett Clark & Flora Powell] invoke musick to lay in thee dark! un-balanced sleazy listening; at points akin to a pre-dawn dreamscape ov pre-1984 German electroniks; ala: Schultze/Schnitzler/Baumann-esque proto-industrial!!

MAT 007 - Stellar Angles / VEIL

for this c62 initiative invokations inscribing cosmic geometries ov enigmatic vicissitudes are bestowed by thee personage behind Poison Ring / whilst Amber Amnesia [Premortem Rigormortis/Kanopic Descent] & Elm Outcault [Sere/Shroud]; as VEIL- bequeath inceptive death-trance from depths hidden far beyond fathomable reaches!!

MAT 008 - DiMenTia - The Vivid

for this c62 Sean DiMenTia; who has released previously upon Detroit label: Void Tactical Media- issues forth visceral electro waves which will undulate your tentacles into slitheringly sequenced asymmetries / whist sharing this magnetic medium are The Vivid- projekt ov Emit & Mary [Nezzy Idy] a pair ov bay area bat-wave, bone-vivant, benefactors ov electro bemusement!!

also available:

Port of the Sun & take down UAV - Cynocephali - cdr

Mastered by Ben L. Robertson. Unexpurgated live take down the sun set at Honey from the Dead King, Hall of the Woods, 6.26.09. Dionysian diaspora swept up in sonic rebaptizations in this anthem to vibrational chaosemiotics. Unmapped intestinal labyrinths of the dark interior of the body. Monsters enthroned. Ejacula extinguishing flames. A synaesthesic squall of peripheral canids snarling at epileptoid cartographers. Artaud sailing for Acheron on a raft made of laughter. Civilization perforated with maggot holes. Wet nightmares.

unvaulted final 13 copies come with take down the sun badge.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

sun-scorched сквернословие!!

mat 004 - imago ignota

c62 ov obscure northwestern hardware driven dance floor oriented electronics! UWE 60D + Conniptor = Imago Ignota!!

ltd 80 hand-stamped copies

mat 005 - abandoned footwear & issyk-kul

cuss-fetish could not be more pleased about releasing this c62 - thee first physical release ov bay area based projekt: abandoned footwear = exillon + identity theft!! with sandals unadorned and feet treading upon subterranean soils/ одной ногой в рейв!! thee b side hears debut materials from issyk-kul = unruhen + uav εφιάλτης exploring ancient sub-aqueous ruins!

ltd 99 hand-stamped copies

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Identity Theft - The Future Hates The Past

Identity Theft has stolen the cake in the face. Drs. Buchanan and iterations don horse masks and conduct exploratory surgery on arrays of synthesizers and rhythm replicators. Monastic bliss ascetics fetishizing the slots in subwoofers. Gloom rave and autosedition. Maximal turtle hyperdrive. An astral projection restraint boot to keep your vehicle on the dance floor. I suspect what you are thinking. Enough everything! —We couldn’t agree more. 
The Future Hates the Past is six infinitesimal macrocosms of modern amanita chants and cyborg consciousness simulations. Climb into your local bouncy castle during a windstorm, set your GPS coordinates for Paranoia Celebration, and slice the guy ropes. These tracks are not for nobody everyone, but if you are somebody anyone, channel thy frenetic boredom hither.

[[[Review by Port of the Sun]]]

Saturday, May 10, 2014

katabatik kollektion 6!!!!!!

savor in thee supplications offered unto our most souciant ov sensorial sublimities as they are betokened towards thee sextuple satiated situatedness ov our sonorous lasciviousness! tarpaulining thee olde ones' tentacles as they are thriving in teknoid thralls ov tanz-tinnitus-tremens may tend towards cthonic traumas that these waywardly baywardly brethren have bequeathed ov bemusedly begotten cryptozoological bestialities burgeoning to thee point ov bursting blindingly benetherworldly!! deep, depthwardly: deep-deep; beneath begins and ends ouroborically again and again eternally thee katabasis!! dubious it tis after delving these depths ov deleterious deliriums that thee abhorrent abovewardly ascension may appeal nor appease appetites attained amidst abyss!!

01 - Mikronaut - Fantasy Boyfriend Team
02 - C.L.A.W.S. - Lindy Beat Round One
03 - Zanna Nera - Heretic's Oblation
04 - Cinkrillian Weight - Neurotoxin
05 - Silent Girlfriend - Invisible Physical
06 - Abandoned Footwear - 1070 Van Dyke
07 - Obsidian Blade - Paradam Genes
08 - Not Breathing - Yuha
09 - RPTN - Live from the Crypt
10 - Thee Source - White Light I Missed You
11 - Exillon - 131acid
12 - Identity Theft - Captive Audience
13 - The Vivid - Poly Mind
14 - aratKilo - Ion Effekt
15 - Blue Window - Dry Wind
16 - Seacrypt - Higher
17 - Nebuzaradan - Destruction of the Temple
18 - Zania Morgan - Black Jeweled Gloves
19 - Antlers Mulm - Palmtrees Wait
20 - Veil - The Left Hand Holding Against
21 - Ionophore - Helix-Loop-Helix
22 - Fluorescent Grey - Niles Horesman Ajar
23 - Sinew - Impermanence


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

cuss-fetish : трёхэтажным матом.

inceptive invectives!!

mat 001 - paints ov anima & uav εφιάλτης

c92 ov esoteric drones from paints ov anima aka Pær Svn [paintings for animals / thee source ov fawnation / hom] & necro-realist glitch from obscurantist cuss-fetishiste.

ltd 80 hand-stamped copies

mat 002 - cult of zir & sid redlin

double dobbs approved c92 ov esteemed portland, or based glitch par excellence & kalamazoo, mi located trans-dimensional experimentations. 
comes with additional insert by cult of zir!!

ltd 80 hand-stamped copies

mat 003 - devils g & fiends - even devils have a past

c92 ov rare esoteric electronikx recordings from veneto italia based devis granziera with various collaborative projekts spanning 1990-93!! fold out poster insert.

projekts include:

R. Biasin Acid Vampire, 
Jesus fucks Magdeleine, 
Laboratrio [previously unreleased!!], 
Teatro Satanico Charles Manson

unfathomably honored to be able to assist with thee release ov these recordings!!

ltd 80 hand-stamped copies