Friday, July 30, 2010

Stefano Biasin & Nana Bobo (irre tapes - Germany - 1989 - c46)

obscure dissonant soundscapes here from Italian sound artist/film maker Stefano Biasin [Teatrino Della Volpe, S. Biasin Trio, Lvnvs, Teatro Satanico!!] and unknown [to me] artist: Nana Bobo.. released in 1989 on thee German label Irre Tapes which was run by Matthias Lang who also ran thee underground publication: IRRE Fanzine!!

though thee cover lists six seperate pieces; was not able to decipher thee breaks.. in fact it seems thee first side ends abruptly, and continues on thee second.. dark passages ov free jazz-esque dissonant experimental instrumental sonic miasmas!!

[note: my copy arrived hidden within thee cut out pages ov a paper back novel..]

Track listing:

1 Cio Amor
2 Bionda In Gondoleta
3 Biancneve
4 Six Sex Sax
5 Tornerai Tornero
6 Numbers


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

v.a.-TRANSMISSION TWO-(Fich Art -Germany-1994-c60)

another great release from thee German Fich-Art label donated to thee blog here from thee collection ov Guglielmo [Biotope Art Organization]!! this compilation was released in thee year 1994, and features some excellent experimental elektronikx and rhythmic noize from thee period!!

Imminent Starvation is thee projekt ov Belgian artist Olivier Moreau [Delta Files, 2 Be Freak, Ambre, Axiome, Collapse, The Incredible Three, Myrza, Rob(u)Nent, Torsion, Tricot Trio, Urawa].. thee track Creep tis an interestingly lingering atmospheric noize piece which makes for a great intro to thee second track: Dust which consists ov restrained industrial sequencing with excellent orchestral sounding synthesizer work, and Olvier's possessed vocals!! Paranoiac Dogs tis thee final piece provided from this projekt here, and consists ov great rhythmic noize with distorted vocals which make a sort ov distant presence in thee mix..

Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim tis thee projekt ov German artists: Oswin Czerwinski [Dipl Arch,NID] and Jürgen Eberhard [Dr. Med,NID].. thee track they provide tis an excellent piece ov atmospheric elektronikx which lasts a duration ov roughly ten minutes!!

Y-Ton-G tis thee projekt ov German artist Wolfgang Neven [KYAM, Para-Noise-Terminal] thee piece contributed here: D-Y-NAMIK X consists ov over ten minutes ov minimal experimental rhythms which sounds like processed source ov a microphone being tapped upon.. surprisingly; it creates some fairly interesting dynamics..

Siegmar Fricke tis thee German experimental artist behind such projekts as: Bestattungsinstitut, Pharmakustik, Ambulatorio Segreto, Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide, Doppelwirkung, Efficient Refineries, New Tits On The Cock, Nome De Voyage 2!! thee first piece he provides: Conducting Wire (Cyber Edit) consists ov intriguing progressive trance with masculine German vocals, and some ethnic vocal sampling!! thee piece: VCA-Modularis begins with wierd analog synth spacey noizes, and brings in more danceable tekno sequences!!

Morgenstern tis thee projekt ov German artist Andrea Börner-Schramm [Ars Moriendi, KYAM, Monokrom, Templegarden's] thee track she presents: Ung Nicht Alles War Gut! begins with atmospheric noize and thee repetitious sample "we struggle", and after arround two and a half minutes into thee piece brings in excellent restrained industrial sequencing and processing!!

cannot find information for thee projekt Alive But Dying.. thee first track they provide: Not Of My World consists ov slow pulsating synthesizer and sequencing work with semi-angry masculine vocals.. thee second piece similarly consists ov slow industrial sequencing with angsty masculine vocal material which tis a bit more processed for this piece..

Track listing:

A1 Imminent Starvation - Creep
A2 Imminent Starvation - Dust
A3 Imminent Starvation - Paranoiac Dogs
A4 Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim - Melomanie (Krankhafter Zwang Zum Singen)
A5 Y-Ton-G - D-Y-NAMIK X
B1 Siegmar Fricke - Conducting Wire (Cyber Edit)
B2 Siegmar Fricke - VCA-Modularis
B3 Morgenstern - Ung Nicht Alles War Gut!
B4 Alive But Dying - Not Of My World
B5 Alive But Dying - Last Generation

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ars Moriendi - [2 cassettes]

Ars Moriendi [Bielefeld, Germany] were founded in 1989.. their lineup consisted ov various members including: Andrea Börner [KYAM, Monokrom, Templegarden's], Andreas Schramm [KYAM, Monokrom, Templegarden's, Asche, Riviera Lost Boys], Phillip Münch [Cell Auto Mata, The Incredible Three, Mandelbrot, Monokrom, Rasputeen In Heavy Leather, Rasputin, The Rorschach Garden, Show Of Exaggeration, Synapscape, Templegarden's], Sven Pügge [Moata Omen], Tim Kniep [The Incredible Three, Monokrom, Synapscape, Templegarden's], Urs Münch.. their releases appeared on thee lables: Fich-Art, Ant-Zen, Pflichtkauf..

thee sounds ov these cassettes vary from esoteric tekno/elektro to ritual industrial/ atmospheric elektronikx.. all brilliant and greatly appreciated here!!

extremely elated to be sharing here two ov their releases donated to this blog from thee collection ov Guglielmo [Biotope Art Organization]!! there shall be more Fich-Art cassettes upcoming here which he has also kindly shared with us!!

ars moriendi-uber leben 1-(fich art-germany-c60-1993)

Track listing:

A1 Brainwaves/Open You!
A2 Verworrene Welt
A3 Splatter Me
A4 Preciousness
B1 Enthropie
B2 Cyberspace
B3 Desire

ars moriendi-boom survivor(fich art-germany-c60-1994)

A01 Bewegung
A02 The Lake Of Light
A03 Armageddon
A04 Kein Wille
A05 Verworrene Welt
A06 Tease You
B01 Dream On
B02 Deeper Trance
B03 Conscious
B04 Endlich

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

v.a.-Death Roll-beware of little sins(c60-stone body records-1995-N.Irland)

this compilation was released in 1995 on thee label Stone Body Records from North Ireland which was run by Jeremy Herron who also perfromed with thee projekt name: Stone Body..

Skinflick Productions tis a UK based projekt who for some reason i cannot find myself getting into much.. just kinda feels like lackluster industrial rock to me, but maybe tis enjoyable to others..

factor X tis thee projekt ov Shaun Robert who provides some Schimpfluch -esque surreal audio experimentalism as well as some minimal industrial for thee third track which he presents: intricate..

Expose your Eyes tis thee projekt ov artist Paul Harrison.. thee track he provides here tis titled: freedomination, and consists ov nearly eight minutes ov static manipulation..

no clue who tis behind thee projekt H.A.V.E .. sounds like a garage rock jam band.. not too interested here personally..

Hex Minora tis thee projekt ov thee Ipswich, Suffolk UK female occult-industrial artist Carol-Ann [BV Tapes]!! thee track she provides here consists ov great trancing esoteric elektronikx!!

Stone Body tis as said previously thee projekt ov Jeremy Herron ov Northern Ireland who released this compilation.. thee tracks he presents constist ov wierd layered lo-fi elektronik experimentalism..

other than thee fact that Menace Dement tis an New York based projekt; there tis little info which i am able to obtain.. thee track: ninna-na begins with playground field recordings, and tis layered with junk percussions, dirgey distorted guitar work, and melancholy feminine vocals..

not able to offer any info for thee projekt Kane; who provides what begins as a semi-interesting industrial piece which erupts into bombastic lo-fi noize with which it tis accompanied for thee remaining duration ov thee piece..

Track listing:

a01-Skinflick Productions-violator
a02-Skinflick Productions-seed
a03-Skinflick Productions-candy(come and play)
a04-factor X-d sire
a05-factor X-did you see my child
a06-factor X-intricate
a07-Expose your Eyes-freedomination
b01-H.A.V.E-sacred groove
b02-H.A.V.E.-still groovin
b03-Hex Minora-adrift
b04-Stone Body-going down
b05-Stone Body-t.m.a. version I
b06-Menace Dement-ninna-na
b07-Kane-ongoing part I

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

Deison / Dead Body Love - Useless Suicide - c20 - 1997

this C-20 cassette was thee third release in thee "Uneasy Listening Experience" series on Loud! which was run by Desion Cristiano, and was limited to an edition ov 50 copies which were released in thee year 1997!!

Deison tis thee projekt ov thee Italian artist Desion Cristiano [Cinise, Metahead, Loud!] who provides two pieces; thee first ov which: Complicate Pregnancy consists ov slow synthesizer progression with accompanying power elektronikx edginess which overwhelms a bit at times, and thee second piece: Low Silence which appropriately consists ov quieter low rumbling power elektronikx essentially..

Dead Body Love tis thee projekt ov Italian artist Gabriele Giuliani [Alzheimer T.V., Discordance, Drift, Gabriele Giuliani, Gridlock, Oleoresin Capsicum..]!! thee track G.G. provides here: Obliterator tis essentially scathing nihilistic noize with thee aim ov destroying all!!

Track listing:

A1 Deison - Complicate Pregnancy
A2 Deison - Low Silence
B1 Dead Body Love - Obliterator


Saturday, July 10, 2010


elated to be able to review here this astonishing kompilation which tis shared freely here from Alaska/ Oakland based Katabatik meta-communications and soundsystem who are responsible for creating some ov thee most unimaginably potent elektronik sonorous forms out there: [wierdcore / death-trance / abandoned house / funeral lounge / satanik disko / astral dub / zombient / transyuggothian throat singing / u.b.m. (uncontrollable body movement) / queasy listening / tentacle funk / slime wave / battle ambient / drone and beat / kosmicheterrorismus..]!! as a label they have released recordings from astonishing esoteric elektronikx artists such as: Nommo Ogo, Sacrificial Totem, Poison Ring, Psimurgh, R.M.S., A.:S.:., Kanopic Descent, Dimentia, Susperium, Psychotigen, Lacedon, T.O.P.A.A.P.O.B.W.A.I.I., Nezzy Idy, Pucca Pangenitor, I.N.R.I., Amorphous Ossiferrous,.. this excellent kompilation brings together some ov these; as well as some new names to thee roster ov luminous dark elektronikx artists whom they are associated with!!

R.M.S. tis thee projekt ov San Francisco based Barrett Clark who tis also a member ov A.:S.:., thee track he provides here: Knots tis something akin to Coil -esque atmospheres meeting Basic Channel -esque minimal tekno at it's finest!!

Oakland based Brotman & Short provide a great minimal wave piece titled: Daughters of Flame!!

Mikronaut provide thee piece: Europsyche which consists ov more excellent minimal wave elektronikx with pounding bass and awesome vocoded vocals!!

Scott Arford [Radiosonde, Infrasound, 7hz] provides a Cure cover: Cold done with slow throbbing rhythm, epic synthesizer work, and more excellent vocoder usage!!

Oakland based artist Sean Dimentia [Kanopic Descent, Pansophia] provides a nice piece ov minimal wave elektronikx with slow excellent synthesizer work, great sequencing, and sparse vocoder use as well as some somber vocal material for thee piece titled: Thyme Lost!!

Mnemoth provides thee great dark minimal wave elektro piece titled: Sense Net; which again provides excellent synthesizer, sequencing, and vocoder material!!

Alaska/ Oakland based artist Djynnx tis a member ov thee kvlt space elektronikx projekt Nommo Ogo and tis one ov thee core personages behind Katabatik!! thee track he presents here tis an excellent elektro piece titled: Nth Veil!!

Fluorescent Grey tis thee projekt ov Oakland based artist Robert Martin.. thee track which he presents here: Do you want to see something really scary? consists ov strangely suspensefull orchestral workx which end in a glitched repetitious stuttering..

thee actor Peter Falk said, "I remember once in high school the umpire called me out at third base when I was sure I was safe. I got so mad I took out my glass eye, handed it to him and said, 'Try this.'.. thee amasing piece titled: Glass Eye from Oakland based Seacrypt [Djynnx, Chelsea, Paul] begins with beauteous synthesizer work, restrained percussions, and dusky beatific feminine vocals which step up into a nice minimal wave elektro dancefloor anthem!!

Oakland based provide thee great elektro piece: Needles Eye which has great banging sequencing, strange synthesizer work, and excellent feminine gothick vocals which all develop amasingly!! effing love this piece!!

Nezzy Idy tis thee great esoteric elektro projekt ov Oakland based artist Emit Idy who provides here thee dark elusive track entitled: Virag which has excellent sunless atmospheres and gothickly groaning vocoded vocals!!

Zania Morgan tis thee projekt ov Oakland artist Zaskia Morgan who tis also behind thee brilliant psychotic gothick industrial projekt Headless Lizzy & Her Icebox Pussy [whose full-length release tis highly anticipated here!!], ritual performance projekt Aixela with Patricia Cram [Vial Magazine], and has also participated in thee live rituals ov thee Cascadian gothick industrial projekt The Red King from thee sulphurously stained hands ov brilliant occult artist Johann BrÅn Cleereman [Corvus Corax!!]!! thee track she provides here: Flesh World begins with slow synthesizer progression and samples referring to thee questioning ov perceptions ov existence, and transitions to excellent restrained sequencing, gothick organ workx, and similarly gothick layers ov Zaskia's uniquely powerfull vocals!! cannot wait to hear more ov thee works from her astonishing projekts!!

Column One tis thee projekt ov Berlin based artists Rene Lamp and Robert Schalinski.. "Column One operates as a collective.. besides the founding members a changing amount of various members changes from project to project: Andrew Loadman, Jerome Soudan (aka Mimetic), Wojcek Czern (aka Zia Siodma Gora), Jürgen Eckloff (also: Kein Zweiter), Leo Solter (also: Kein Zweiter, Tornow), R.U. Brain-Bridge..." thee track provided here tis titled: Nuss in der Backe, and begins with thee sounds ov a marching band with thee distant voices ov children, whistles, laughter, splashes, and brings in eery metallic shimmering which tis met with great sequencing work, what sounds like maybe Czech feminine vocals, and transitions back to thee marching band, but now in a delerium ov strange processing which becomes more demented whilst coming unto it's ending..

Nuit Hadit [pronounced: knew it had it] tis another projekt ov Barrett Clark and Flora [DJ Pink Noise] who both also make up thee astounding dark elektronikx projekt A.:S.:.!! thee track they provide here tis titled: Incantation, and consists ov beauteous synth and sequencer progressions which are again reminiscent ov Coil!!

hope that this one may see some sort ov a physical release at some point, but as for now; it tis an astonishing document which tis tremendously enjoyed here!!!


Lvnvs - L - Loch - c60 - 1998

magnificent esoteric elektronikx here from this Italian based projekt whose lineup for this recording consisted ov: S. B.R.AN [S. Biasin Trio], Luigi Russolo [Wellenwerkmann Neurosonological Research Station], and Devis G. [Teatro Satanico]!! released in thee year 1998 on thee Italian label Soffitta Macabra which was run by CP Brecccia.. haunting ritual elektronikx!! especially fond ov thee piece: Soundtrack From "Meat The Girls" Crawl Long Version which has over seventeen minutes ov great restrained trancing rhythm with excellent dark atmospheres!!

Track listing:

A1 Soundtrack For L-Loch
A2 Deep Into The Hole
A3 Hole Into The Water
B1 (Natas Natas Natas) Kun!
B2 Soundtrack From "Meat The Girls" Crawl Long Version
B3 Exi(s)t


NUX VOMICA-Ephiphany(cassette-1992)

Nux Vomica is a tree(strychnos nux-vomica) native to Southeast Asia having poisonous seeds that are the source of the medicinal alkaloids: strychnine and
…and then there`s an ambient project with the same name, and I suspect that most of the readers of this blog will probably know. In fact it is a very exciting sound art musical trio from San Francisco, California. The members playing on this tape have been performing together as a unit for the last 17 years; each with a unique and active history within the experimental music scene. Evan Sornstein, Jenny Liang Herrick and Alan Herrick are the three original members who also have been collaborating with other artists using the name Nux Vomica. Alan Herrick is also the owner of Auricular records; the label that released most of the N.V. works. Nux Vomica utilize sound processing, electronics, found sounds, and aural sculptures to achieve a unique and trance like sound environment. This tape was released as a diy production on 1992. It was a very special release of only 25 numbered copies(Guglielmo leant me his own: number 23), a gift for close friends celebrating the solstice season. It was re-released as cd on Auricular Records on 2004.

no track listing.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

LUSTER - (2 tapes)

Quite an interesting project here called LUSTER. The mind behind it is C.REIDER who is also the head of VUZH Music; a label active since the early 90s. C. Reider has collaborated with many artists and different projects [De Fabriek, Tarkatak, ] and also played in the bands: Drone Forest and Grook`d Finger. C. Reider was active in the underground cassette tape labels network back in the 90s and he has also been involved in music journalism; writing mainly for the magazines: Autoreverse and Mouthy. Luster is his solo project. the 1st tape “not named” was released in 1991(diy pre-Vuhz music), the 2nd tape “ne quid nimis” was released on Audiofile tapes in 1996, and the third (and final) tape “Abandon” was eventually released on Vuhz Music in 1998, and then re-released on cd-r in 2002. You can find more info about this project and all the other bands by C.Reider on his webpage here. Also I scanned the cover sleeve of both tapes where you`ll find more info about the music and the people who collaborated with him at the time. ”Abandon” came out with a nice small booklet (included here)where you`ll find plenty of info about those songs. About the music: soundscapes of grey and gritty quietnoise???? A touch of organic dream ambient??? maybe… call it as you like; this is inspiring stuff from my collection.

LUSTER-Abandon(Vuzh Music-Usa-1998-C80)

Track listing:

a02-organic machinery(cycle one)
a03-the slow seed(part one)
a04-fire at ta,a`u nahqugoa
a05-haiku 2
a06-tapping the hole
a07-study 2
a08-rim of froth (part one)
b01-fastfertilizer(slowseed remix)
b02-rim of froth(part two0
b05-the statue
b06-organic machinery(cycle two)
b07-rim of froth(part three)

LUSTER-ne quid nimis(c60-Audiofile tapes-1996-Usa)

Track listing:

a01-breathes in mists
a02-the hypnogog
a03-the speaking holes
a05-the poisoned lambs
b03-the hypnopomp
b04-dying song(premix)
b05-(zerr)in red time


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Deison / Devil G. - Cold Seconds - c20 - 1997

here tis Uneasy Listening Experience vol.4 released as a c20 on Loud! [thee label ov Desion Cristiano] in an addition ov 50 copies!!

Deison provides thee trancing power elektronikx piece titled: Kneel Down, and thee more subtle dark atmospheric piece entitled: Shoot!!

Devil G. [Abra Had Abra, Lvnvs, Necrofilia, Necrophonie, S. Biasin Trio, Teatro Satanico] provides two poly-rhythmic noize pieces produced utilising a korg "minipops" automatic rhythm instrument!!

Track listing:

A1 Deison - Kneel Down
A2 Deison - Shoot
B1 Devil G. - Mini Pops
B2 Devil G. - Fun Cool!


VA - Loud! In Your Ears - c70 - 1996

diabolical decibelic destruktion presented on this international compilation released on thee Italian artist Desion Cristiano 's Loud! as a cassette ov just over 70 minutes ov detrimental dynamic delerium!!

"noise: Loud, confused or disturbing sound that interferes with the hearing. All sounds louder than 90 decibel can bring about lesions; the louder noise, less time neccesary to produce lesions. A sudden noise that is very intense (above 130 decibel) can cause immediate damage, permanent, to the hearing. In normal conditions the muscles in the middle ear responds to an intense noise by increasing the rigidity of the middle ear bones that transmits the vibrations to the inner ear, thus reducing the efficiency. So, when the noise is sudden, these protective reflexes cannot react in time. The complete force of the vibrations is transferred to the internal ear, causing grave damage to the delicate hairlike sense organs contained in a fluid of the cochlea. Prolonged exposure or a loud noise initially causes the loss of hearing some high toned sounds, the deafness extends to high frequencies and reduces the perception of language.
pLAY tHis TApe At MAximUm VoLuMe!!!

Dead Body Love tis thee projekt ov Italian artist Gabriele Giuliani [Alzheimer T.V., Discordance, Drift, Gridlock, Oleoresin Capsicum, Rant]!! GG has produced copious cacophonous sonorism over a duration reaching back all ov thee way to at least 1995!! thee sonic abuse presented here tis titled: Body Jigsaw..

K.K. Null tis thee projekt ov Japanese guitar noize legend Kazuyuki Kishino [Zeni Geva, Jazz From Limbo, ZYBO, Absolut Null Punkt] who has pursued prodigious audio onslaught dating back into thee early 1980's!! thee trancing sonorism presented here tis titled: Intron Feedback..

Deison; as well as having a rather prolific solo output has also been a member ov Cinise with Gianfranco Santoro [L.S.D., Mangled, Discipline Produzioni, FinalMuzik], and thee projekt Meathead with artist Mauro Teho Teardo!! as well as was mentioned earlier: tis behind thee label which released this cassette.. thee track presented here tis a claustrophobic dark ambient piece entitled: Exhaled!!

Government Alpha tis thee projekt ov Japanese harsh noize artist Yasutoshi Yoshida [Carbonic Acid, Alpha Ailuros, Xerxes]!! thee sonorous maelstrom presented tis aptly titled: Malfeasance!!

Atrax Morgue was thee projekt ov Italian artist Marco Corbelli [ Mörder Machine, Kranivm, Necrofilia, Necrophonie, Pervas Nefandum, Progetto Morte..] who ran thee prolific death-industrial label Slaughter Productions!! sadly Marco died on thee 6th ov May 2007.. thee track presented tis a dark scathing piece titled: Beyond Time And Space!!

American queer noise artist Richard Ramirez has been involved with thee projekts: Bilek, The Blackmoor Strangler, Comme, Controlled Filter, Crash At Every Speed, Electro Anal Kink, Essential Viral Bliss, MRAT, One On Top Of The Other, Serpent Orange, Shit Organ, Werewolf Jerusalem, 12Yr Old Proud Parent, Adipocere, Adult Crash Unit, An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter, Anal Drill, Anatomy Of A Blackout, Are The Volcanoes Still Active?, Autopsy Experiment, Baptist Skin Communiti, Battery Suspects, Bill Skins Fifth, Black Leather Jesus, Carbomb Sideshow, Clinical Mishaps, Das Etat Museum, Dead Air Show, Death Carries A Cane, Death Laid An Egg, Demeulemeester, Devil Times Five, ERK64, Femme Under Plastic, Forthcoming Shadow, Four Flies, Future, Genny, Infant Erection, Last Rape, Lingula, Manplug, Massacre In Dinosaur Valley, Meat Shop Rapist, Medical Slab, Naked Girl Killed In The Park, Ninth Massacre, Nosklplakia, Nurse Unit, Oasis Of Fear, Occupied Riot Station, Opus Vito, Powdered Beatles, Priest In Shit, Private Mouthpiece, Release Helen Rytka, Rinne, S-21, S.S. Electronics, Sado-Mania, Siamese Model, The, Sick Tour, Slave Labor, Snuff Prom, Spasm Pill, Stefano Partners, Tafur, Threshold Of Sleep, Vice Wears Black Hose, Viking Movement, White Nurse Black Death, Deadline Recordings.. what can one begin to say after a list like that?? caustic abrasive extremity entitled: Non-Breeder!!

Macronympha tis thee projekt ov artists Joseph Roemer and Rodger Stella who have been active since thee early 90s.. [thee cassette appears to be a pinch crinkly at thee beginning..] plundering phobic phonics titled: Protuberance..

Devil G. tis a projekt ov Italian occult elektronikx master Devis Granziera [Abra Had Abra, Lvnvs, Necrofilia, Necrophonie, S. Biasin Trio, Teatro Satanico, ..]!! thee track presented here tis effing great pounding rhythmic noize titled: As Souls With An Hole Crash When Fall!!

Grunt tis a projekt ov Finnish artist Mikko Aspa [Alchemy Of The 20th Century, Clandestine Blaze, Clinic Of Torture, Creamface, Nicole 12, Stabat Mater, AM, Deathspell Omega, Fleshpress, Morbid Savouring, Nihilist Commando, Pain Nail, Freak Animal Records,..]!! thee track presented tis a cataclysmic barrage entitled: Bad Location!! thee liner notes are worthy ov quoting here: "...again one of those days I wake up because of the churchbells and heavy traffic junk sound. Bury the disturbing sounds under layers of frantic fiercing noise."

Baal tis thee projekt ov John Dixon [Baal Berith, Phonetic Hex Records, AVA/Live Bait, AVA/ES1,..]!! thee track here tis titled: I Can't Stop Myself, and features assistance from Arathor.. it tis an intriguing collage ov choral chants, fiery sermon, and power elektronikx harsh-scapes!!

Mangled for this recording consisted ov Devil G. and Gianfranco Santoro!! Onomatopoeia tis thee projekt ov Steve Fricker [Cheeses International label] thee collaboration piece these two projekts present consists ov beauteous droning synthesiser workx with trancing power elekronikx which are subtly present!! there tis a small drop out in thee sound towards thee end ov thee piece which tis followed by a brief conclusive sektion..

Track listing:

A1 Dead Body Love - Body Jigsaw
A2 K.K. Null - Intron Feedback
A3 Deison - Exhaled
A4 Government Alpha - Malfeasance
A5 Atrax Morgue - Beyond Time And Space
A6 Richard Ramirez - Non-Breeder

B1 Macronympha - Protuberance
B2 Devil G. - As Souls With An Hole Crash When Fall
B3 Grunt - Bad Location
B4 Baal - I Can't Stop Myself
B5 Mangled + Onomatopoeia - Shadows