Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Disumana Res - Deconstructed Fields 86-96

elated to be able to share this cassette from Italian / relocated to London experimental industrial projekt Disumana Res ov artist Guglielmo Lanzilli; whom we have gushed over amorously here previously [both for thee magnificent workx ov his label Biotope Art Organization as well as for thee ever so incredibly kindly gifted contributions he has offered towards us from his personal archives in thee past]!! this tis one ov thee missing pieces ov thee puzzle- released upon thee German label Trümmer Kassetten which was run by Lutz Pruditsch [aka Tarkatak!!]- thee cassette offers more ov Guglielmo's unique sound collage approaches; combining a vast diaspora ov sonic techniques; ranging from luscious ambient elektronikx to environmental sound treatments with traditional ritual music appropriations and dark sonorous experimentations- all juxtaposed via his distinctive labrynthine ideations ov thee mundus imaginalis!!

Track listing:

a01-huzdra(original version)
a02-paroxismus(skeletal remix 1996 version)
a03-the gorgon(hyper remix)
b02-shamanistic interludes-part 1-demoniacal mantra
b03-shamanistic interludes-part 2-forbidden pleasure
b04-shamanistic interludes-part 3-pollutant
b05-shamanistic interludes-part 4-confusion

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)