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Sétima Legião

Sétima Legião were formed during 1982 in Lisbon. Choosing a path different to the one followed by most of their contemporaries, they opt for more intimate and introspective sounds, adding, at the same time, some traditional folk elements. Taking their name from the Legio VII Gemina Felix roman legion, stationed in 69 A.D. (and until the IV century) in the province of Tarraconensis (which included Callaecia - Lusitania was a separate and autonomous province). These unorthodox choices, combined with the post-revolutionary period that Portugal was experiencing, generated some controversy around the band, not making them press and public darlings.

The project was formed by Rodrigo Leão (bass and keyboards), Pedro Oliveira (vocals and guitar), Nuno Cruz (drums and percussion) and Francisco Menezes (lyrics and occasional keyboards). Influenced by the legendary Manchester-Liverpool axis (Joy Division, New Order, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Teardrop Explodes...), wearing trench coats and singing in English, they, nevertheless, succeeded in debuting live only a few months after their formation.

Soon after this event, they decide to opt for Portuguese as their form of lyrical expression, while welcoming two new members, Susana Lopes (cello), and later on, Paulo Marinho (bagpipes and flutes).

Before the end of 1982, the newly founded Fundação Atlântica (owned by Miguel Esteves Cardoso, Pedro Ayres Magalhães and Ricardo Camacho) contacts the band and offers them a contract. This will will give birth to a 7'', published the following year, and including "Glória" and "Partida." Serious and profound, stark and dramatic, it reveals them as standard bearers of something that had yet to be done in the Portuguese music scene. Containing, the title theme, lyrics written by Miguel Esteves Cardoso (though dedicated to Francisco Meneses), and an instrumental b-side (which explores more deeply the traditional folk roots), it created a certain strangeness in the market, which, not surprisingly, welcomed it in silence and indifference, despite the good reviews it received.

By early 1984, Susana decided to leave the band, just as it was preparing to enter the studio to record their full-length debut. Recorded, produced and mixed in just four days, by Ricardo Camacho (who had already produced the single), also playing keyboards and guitars, thus establishing a link with the group that would lead him to join, later on, the group.

The album, titled "A Um Deus Desconhecido" (like the homonymous book by John Steinbeck), is released during that year and is one of the most important (and definitely the best!) records ever released in Portugal.

Unlike Gloria, this disc will have a better acceptance by both radio and public alike, selling out its first edition of 2000 copies, giving the band a cult status.
The closing of Fundação Atlântica, led to the band being signed by EMI-VC in 1985. However, one would have to wait until 1987 to see the release of a new album, mainly due to the musicians’ involvement in other projects (Rodrigo Leão starts Madredeus in '85,) and their own professional lives (as well as personal, of course). At the same time, two more musicians join the band: Gabriel Gomes (accordion) and Paulo Abelho (percussion and samplers).

So, "Mar d'Outubro" (the title of a song included in the previous album), came out in September, proving to be a total surprise! If, on the one hand, it presents more poppy and catchy songs, with ever-present gray tones, on the other, the embracing of traditional roots is a more expressive and refined, achieving a perfect balance and harmony between modernity and tradition.

By the spring of '89, they start recording their third effort, “De Um Tempo Ausente”, which will be released during that year, but one would have to wait until 1992 to hear its follower “O Fogo”.

"Auto de Fé", published in 1994, shows the band live, while serving as a sort of compilation of their career, including the new remaking of some of the older songs. Also, during that year, they contribute with a song to José Afonso’s tribute compilation, "Filhos da Madrugada", covering "Cantigas do Maio."

However, the fact that Rodrigo Leão became more involved with Madredeus and his solo outfit, Rodrigo Leão & Vox Ensemble, Paulo Marinho with Gaiteiros de Lisboa, Ricardo Camacho forming a new project, Condor (with Amândio Bastos), and Paulo Abelho with Golpe de Estado, led to speculations about the dissolution of the Legion.
Limiting their activities to live performances, they resume studio work during ‘96, starting to record a new album, which would have to wait until 1998 to see the daylight.

The record, "Sexto Sentido," sees them deepening the use of technology and electronic samplers, at the same time that synthesizers became more present.
1999 sees them taking part in another tribute, this time to Xutos & Pontapés. In "XX Years XX Bands", they presented their version of "Longa Se Torna A Espera", while 2000 sees the release of the first official compilation "A História Da Sétima Legião: Canções 1983-2000", which includes two originals, "A Luz" and "A Promessa".
Another collection is released during 2003, " A História Da Sétima Legião II: Canções 1983-2003", containing three new compositions ("Sétima Volta", "Ilha Perdida" and "Silêncio da Terra", as well as a remixed version of "Ascenção".
Also during that year, another song by them, "O Último Deserto", is included in yet another compilation, "Frágil 21".

Some more collections of their songs (“Sete Mares”, in 2004, and "Grandes Êxitos", in 2006), were released, but without adding anything new.

As for the future, it remains to be seen, with yet another chapter to be written…

both Sétima Legião - Demo 1987 & Sétima Legião - Ao Vivo Nas Noites do Parque, Coimbra, 07-05-89 here!!

Track listings:

Sétima Legião - Demo 1987

01 - O Baile das Sete Partidas
02 - Onde Tem Estado o Outono
03 - Noutro Lugar

Sétima Legião - Ao Vivo Nas Noites do Parque, Coimbra, 07-05-89

PART I: 01 - Intodução/O Baile Das Sete Partidas
02 - Noutro Lugar
03 - Tango do Exílio
04 - Aguarela
05 - Santa Maria do Mar
06 - O Canto e o Gelo
07 - Além-Tejo
08 - Sete Mares
09 - Mar d'Outubro
10 - Agora e Sempre
11 - El-Rei D. Afonso IV
PART II:12 - Saudades
13 - Glória
14 - Reconquista
15 - Balada da Despedida/Noutro Lugar

(Paulo Martins)

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ANDROMEDA COMPLEX-demo(diy-italy-1994-c46)

Andromeda Complex were thee elektro experimental projekt formed in 1993 by Italian artists Angelo Bergamini (keyboards and programming) and Celestino Pes (vocals and guitar).. as a projekt they ceased to exist in 1998 after four official releases which were produced by Angelo Bergamini [as well as at least a dozen compilation appearances].. this tis their exceptionally rare self-released demo from 1994!!

thee opening piece: theme of the mistress; tis an interesting harpsichord/synth medieval-esque sort ov introductory opus..

following next tis thee effing great restrained elektro sequencing and sparse gothick synthesizer composition entitled: the servant!!

thee next piece: black versailles; consists ov subdued synthesizer drones with slow sequencer development and drearilly harmonizing raw masculine gothick vocalisations!!

onto thee next side ov thee cassette, and to thee next step in elektro production!! la filosofia del boudoir elettrico begins with great esoteric body music sequencing, and drops out about four minutes in to swelling vocal drones.. a few stuttery steps further as ambient squall develops, and suddently cessation..

thee final piece: la filosofia del boudoir meccanico; consists ov mechanical projektor noize humming away whilst an unknown [to this writer] cinematic tale ov erotic cruelty unfolds amidst somber piano workx..

Track listing:

a01-theme of the mistress
a02-the servant
a03-black versailles
b01-la filosofia del boudoir elettrico
b02-la filosofia del boudoir meccanico

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TAM QUAM TABULA RASA-Lacrymae Rerum MCMXC(c46-Old Europa Café-Italy-1990)

Another astonishing tape-work by this great band. We have written already on this blog about T.Q.T.R.-this Italian band has been active since the end of the 80s, and they have been very prolific, recording and releasing a very good amount of tapes and cds.

T.Q.T.R. is Luca Ferrarini, Paolo Gentiluomo, Marco Berisso, and Roberto Soprani.
This tape came out on the Italian label Old Europa Cafe back in 1990 as a c46-this label is still active now days and you can easily find info if you just click the link to the label in this article. The same label re-released this tape together with Muleacenani tape(already posted on this blog) as a remastered double cd back in 2006 in a limited edition of only 150 copies.

As for the music of Lacrymae Rerum(the tears of the things)-this is a bit different from their other tapes already posted here(In absentia and Muleacenani). A different approach and technique is used, delivering us a much more industrial sound reminding me some of the very first SPK releases. The ethnic/ritual drone- noise is still there but somehow loops and metal objects cranking and bashing are thorwn in creating a mixture of deviant extreme electronic sounds that eventually crash within. There are also some tracks which are a bit more rhythimic that blow us into a destructive yet creative and organized chaos. The usual aural texture of the other releases is still there but this time with a cataclysmic cacophony. As I said already: I think all the realeses of this band are a must for all the lovers of ancient/ritual industrial music; so I suppose the followers of this blog should love this tape.

Track lsiting:

A1 Tenvitas Animi
A2 Damnatio Memoriae (C.P.)
A3 Havd
A4 Oranismvs I / Incitatio
B1 Oranismvs II / Labor Orgasmatkvs
B2 Res Sacra Miser
B3 Ex Nihilo Nihil
B4 Via Trvcis IV


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v.a.-auricular audio magazine n5(auricular records-usa-1991-)

created by Alan Herrick and Jenny Liang Herrick in 1989: Auricular Records are a San Francisco based label who have fairly recently resumed activities after a period ov hiatus.. this astonishing release ov theirs which came in cardboard box packaging with inserts printed upon wallpaper as part ov a now-continuing series; features a number ov incredible experimental / industrial projekts from thee early 90's underground cassette scene dealing with themes ov eroticism!!

Plecid were thee projekt ov David Woodard.. recordings have been featured upon thee Happiest Place On Earth / Happiest Tapes On Earth cassette label which was run by Chuck Collision [Premature Ejaculation!!] as well as upon The Ajna Offensive!! thee piece provided here tis a titilating piece ov dissonance entitled: Sssexy!!

Mike Hovancsek [Pointless Orchestra] tis a veteran visual artist, writer, and musician from thee US.. thee first piece which he provides utilizes mixed discordant percussive elements with experimental guitar wankery.. thee second piece utilizes sequencer and synth elements in this sort ov hokey casio-esque composition..

non-aquisition ov information regarding Chemical Sludge Cats.. their piece tis a sort ov lo-fi dissonance with interesting processed masculine vocals regarding sexuality and societal conditioning..

Exterminating Angel are another projekt who are flying by below my inept radar.. their piece consists ov looming synth atmosphere with rhythmic sequencings..

similarly evading obtainment ov info here tis thee projekt Robo.. wierd synths and minimal sequencings with wierd R&B recordings [processed later] overlayed..

Disumana Res tis thee projekt ov Guglielmo Lanzilli [Biotope Art Organization!!] here he provides an astounding piece ov dissonant yet beauteous sound collage with erotic moans amidst distant piano melodies, with hand percussions coming in later amidst loungy atmospheres..

Eiaculazione Amusicale tis a projekt ov thee E.A. ghost collective which was manifested primarilly by Raffaele Gallucci [Contaminated Productions!!], and has been very thouroughly documented within this blog elsewhere!! thee piece provided here consists ov interesting lo-fi sound-scapes with repetitious erotic groans..

Hinton was a San Francisco based projekt who also basically zilch tis known for here.. wierd collage ov sci-fi sampling and funkyness.. repetitiously appearing are thee samples: "think of what i'm telling you" / "one mission. one dedication" / "cleanse the whole world".. after thee persistent repetions ov thee last piece; respite tis offered with dark atmospheric synthesizer materials lasting a duration ov over eighteen minutes to draw thee compilation unto it's conclusion!!

Track listing:

a03-MIKE HOVANCSEK-chaos 5
a04-CHEMICAL SLUDGE CATS-sacred incest taboo
a05-EXTERMINATING ANGEL-carricks fate
a06-ROBO-daytripper and more
b01-DISUMANA RES-shadow land
b03-HINTON-perfectionist dance
b04-HINTON-rotator cuff

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Monday, January 3, 2011

MLEHST-swollen inside a mouth(B.A.O.-Uk-c60-1995)

Mlehst tis thee projekt ov English experimental noise artist All Brentnall which was begun in 1991.. he released numerous rather limited releases ov both vinyls and cassetees before ceasing activites in thee late 90's.. thee last ov his releases came out arround 2001.. this seemed to be thee end until 2005 when he began releasing new recordings which are still contiuing to emerge presently!! this cassette was released in 1995 on thee Biotope Art Organization label run by Guglielmo Lanzilli!!

thee opening track: Stillborn Yet Breathing begins with persistent high pitched tone with ominous reverberating voice and trumpet blurts.. suddenly strange sound contortions ov processed voice emarge and just as suddenly dissipate amdist numerous convoluted noize manipulations violently unfolding.. respite?? no!! only calm to give greater force to thee sudden jarring attacks ov violent sonority.. sequences/ reverberating stomps with feedback.. cut track..

Shit Stabbing features prolific French artist Michel Madrange [M.NOMIZED, The Golozos, No Unauthorized..] more respite tis offered with calm beatific ambiance.. only slightly jarring dissonances emerge slowly swelling expansively with jagged edges which picnolepticly erupt.. for now we are safe from greater violence..

Toe Queen features Swiss originating/ now Japanese prolific Aktionist Rudolf [Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck, Wash Your Brains, 4 Schizoide Musikanten, Birthmark Orchestra, Dada Action Group, Eb.ersonna, Psychic Rally, R.I.G., Schimpfluch-Gruppe, Schnäbi Gaggi Pissi Gaggi, Vehikel & Gefäss (& Ventilator), Vehikel + Gefaess]!! those familiar with thee surreal cut-up techniques he has manifested elsewhere shall not be surprised at thee outcomes ov this collaboration; though how does one envision thee outcome ov thee intermingling ov these two creative imaginations?? inarticulable soundscapes which come to cessation with slow stuttery sequencing!!

Sex Care Provider finds Brentnall working solo once more [as does thee remaining credited duration ov thee recording..], and features more ov his eery ambiance with high pitched presences [stuttering at times].. thee persistent feeling ov something lurking at thee thresh-hold ov semi-cognizant ethereality lingers with thee listener.. scrapes/ inarticulable processed vocal presences?? / high-end assault / reverberating steps in thee distance / more brief incalcuable eruptions / struggling to communicate.. blindly fumbling or masterfull sonic explorations.. suddenly everything feels much closer.. an asserted pattern ov rhythm.. then absence..

Spring Ram Corp hisses more disorienting resonances; thundering across expansive empty spaces// cut tape / very alone / spacey analog atmospheric presence / flanging oscillations/ disembodied vocal presences / thundering distortion / cosmic unease / reversion to hissing resonances / cut / power elektronic maelstrom not attained / thee felling that nothing may be held onto with any degree ov certitude.. alienation within thee reverb-chamber ov non-existent dream-shards.. / cosmic unease..

as may be expected from a title such as: Constant Love Is Total Pain; our heart-strings are rendered with distrurbing ailments ov sonorous anti-amorousnesses.. non amorphous.. scarcely anthropomorphic vocalisations amidst our one certainty: restless pleasureless distress.. our only possibility ov relief: ending..

Track listing:

A1 Stillborn Yet Breathing
A2 Shit Stabbing
A3 Toe Queen
B1 Sex Care Provider
B2 Spring Ram Corp
B3 Constant Love Is Total Pain

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va - 21st Century Schizoid Beast! [Off Black C60 2002]

debilitatingly harsh schizophrenic sonority to eff with all ov thee hungover folkx who may have indulged rather too thouroughly whilst reveling in thee seasonal festivities ov vacating thee last year, and attempting to obliterate cognition whilst entering this one.. waking up can be rather unpleasant.. relish thee abuse that sensory perception may offer unto you!! approach with heightened sensitivity this compilation reveling upon thee aesthetics ov what Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari have referred to as thee deterritorializing force ov schizophrenia.. released upon thee Japanese Off Black label which was run by Yoshinori Tanaka [Bastarbation / DeepSqeeD]!! whilst these are primarily Japanese sonic abuse conspirators; there tis also presence ov some folk from stateside as well ov at least one lone ex-patriate..

Skin Crime aka Hanged Mans Orgasm tis thee projekt ov stateside artists: Patrick O'Neil, Shawn Smith & Mark Jameson.. probably thee earliest noize mail-order received here was acquired via founding member Patirck's effing brutal Self Abuse Records!! when considering thee theme ov this compilation; one can only wonder if this introductory track references technocratic societys' paranoia regarding Y2K..?? "Lights Out!"

Defektro tis thee projekt ov Japanese sound saboteurs: Hirofumi Uchino, Ayako Honda, Laura Oyaizu!! sounds like there was a FEMA-esque failure at "Damage Limitation" for our delicate inner-ears for this one..

Government Alpha tis thee projekt ov harsh sonority mastermind and head ov thee amazing label Xerxes: Yoshida Yasutoshi [Carbonic Acid, Alpha Ailuros]!! cannot translate thee title, but thee aural detriment induced tis tis affectively scathing!!

Yellow Cab tis thee projekt ov Michio Teshima [The Sadist]!! whilst am uncertain ov thee title for this piece; thee track sounds like a fast-scanned dialing ov thee cab's radio which would scare thee shite out ov any passengers..

Guilty Connector tis thee projekt ov Kohei [the fast] Nakagawa; who utilises his arsenal ov home-spun Utsu & Shibaki [smashing!!] elektronikx to create sonic maelstroms ov raucous concussiveness!!

named after thee much maligned symbol ov thee Swastika; Japanese Noize legends Fumio Kosakai [Bustmonster, C.C.C.C., Club Skull, Fumio Tommikawa, Gomikawa Fumio, GU-N, Hana Kodama, Hijokaidan, Incapacitants, Lamones Young, Nise Hijokaidan, Tangerine Dream Syndicate, Uchu Engine!!] & Ryuichi Nagakubo [C.C.C.C., GU-N, Lamones Young, Tangerine Dream Syndicate, Uchu Engine, Yuragi!!] provide thee piece ov unmelodiously significant social or occupational dysfunction entitled : In The Room Of The Guru!!

active since thee early 1980's; K2 has been thee projekt ov another Japanese Noize King: Kusafuka Kimihide [Apnea, Gewaltische Anus, Kimihide Kusafuka, Magmax#2, Sakashima-No-Labia, Yuji Asakura]!! thee unkind comfortless contusions abetting thee disintegration of emotional responsiveness which he emits tis titled: Genome Strategy.. eugenics may enter our delusions..

S.Isabella tis thee projekt ov femme fatale Setsuko "Isabelle" Martin; as well as earsplitting accomplices: Yoshiaki Funayama & Yasutoshi Yoshida!! involuntary hospitalization may be necessary regarding thee piece provided here: Pinball The Traffic..

"Tano Kōji [1961 - 2005].. Koji Tano died on 31 July 2005 at thee age ov 44.. M.S.B.R. (Molten Salt Breeder Reactor), aka Koji Tano, was one ov thee most respected noise artists to emerge from Japan's vibrant noise/experimental music scene of thee 90's.. he played with countless other musicians and toured on 4 continents (Asia, Europe, North America and Australia).. much ov his material was self-released on his own labels, one of which was dedicated to the production of limited edition cassette releases.. MSBR's crushing wall of noise, like Merzbow's, managed to tap into a post-human territory of pure absolute volume that seems to have more in common with the unstoppable forces of nature than any form of music.." cannot speak with enough admiration for thee character ov Koji Tano!! along with thee many astonishing noize recordings which he created, thee magnificently voluminous distro which he ran , and thee brilliant magazine Denshi Zatsuon which he published have left an unfathomable mark upon myself personally.. his presence touched so many, and thee weight ov his absence tis unspeakable.. thee piece which he provided here: The Final Harsh Works # 17 tis as masterfull ov an amalgam ov dissonance as one can seek for auditory hallucination!!

noize legend: Fumio Kosakai [mentioned in thee above description for thee group Swastika..] provides thee equivalent ov sentences only loosely connected in meaning with thee astringent piece: Action For 2 Guitars..

as menntioned in thee intro to this article: Bastarbation tis thee projekt ov Yoshinori Tanaka [DeepSqeeD] who has compiled this delerious auditory schizophasia conglomeration!! seems i recall a past description ov his workx relating them as grind-core style; for their fast hallucinatory stridulous psychotic symptoms!!

Facialmess tis thee projekt ov Kenny Sanderson; who tis also a part ov thee astounding noise grind band Nikudorei [aka Meatslave]!! thee bizarre acerbic paranoid agitations manifested here are an homage to thee progressive rock pioneers King Crimson; whose track: 21st Century Schizoid Man this compilations' title tis a bestially dysphoric derivative ov..

Track listing:

A1 Skin Crime - Lights Out!
A2 Defektro - Damage Limitation
A3 Government Alpha - [Japanese Text]
A4 Yellow Cab - 9-040201 [Japanese Text]
A5 Guilty Connector - Morface
A6 Swastika - In The Room Of The Guru
B1 K2 - Genome Strategy
B2 S.Isabella - Pinball The Traffic
B3 MSBR - The Final Harsh Works # 17
B4 Fumio Kosakai - Action For 2 Guitars
B5 Bastarbation - Fugitive
B6 Facialmess - King Crimson