Wednesday, September 28, 2011

v.a.-TOPY TV-tribute to PTV(topy tv-italy-c60-1990)

thee extrication ov thee heirophanous wisdom hidden behind these sonorous sigils tis a burdensome act in and ov itself.. to attempt to give voice to what tis spoken so profoundly in it's own words runs thee risk ov tearing asunder thee magickal tapestry which has been woven.. some gleanings ov what tis apprehendible ov thee Italian branch ov TOPY tis better articulated here.. have yet to read THEE PSYCHICK BIBLE to know if it may offer more incites, and sadly have stored away deep in hidden archives TOPY Italy RsB Files.. perchance these shall see dark illumination here at some point.. what tis most readilly apparent tis that thee artists behind this compilation forced thee hand ov chance towards renditions ov hymns ov thee TOPY high priests Psychic Television!! whilst the cover scan tis not likely thee be(a)st edition out there- it tis divined that most out there shall still revel in these ecstasic homages unveiled within!!

Thee Temple Beat tis a variation ov thee moniker for thee projekt Templebeat which tis composed ov thee artists: Michele Benetello, Pietro Zanetti [Metal Music Machine!!], Giorgio Ricci [RAN, Hysterie, Metal Music Machine!!], Paolo Favati [Die Larm, FM and Paolo F., Pankow, Saint Luka, Wave Workers Foundation..], and Rudi Dalla Mora [Metal Music Machine!!] who hail from Treviso, Italy!! their contribution tis an esoteric body music rendition ov the PTV classic Ov Power!!

it would appear info tis lacking for The Conventional.. though info for Frigidaire Tango tis more accessible.. their cover ov Just Drifting seems slightly more morose and definitely more heavilly accented and rock orientated..

Umano Troppo Umano - named for Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche 's Human All Too Human are absent ov biography here- thee peice which they provide here tis a slow dark dissonant variation ov Terminus with Italian vocals!!

Disuman Res was thee projekt ov Guglielmo Lanzilli who ran thee astonishing label Biotope Art Organization!! the piece Fear which he provides here consists ov his astounding patented darkened sound collage with plodding dissonant bass and murky magnetised crystalline atmospheres!!

Solar Lodge consisted ov occult sound artists Fulvio Biondo & Enrico Angarano!! their piece manifests in deliriously detuning synthesizer dissonances with minimal drum sequencing to thee tune ov Those Who Do Not..

thee assumption tis being made here that R. Biasin Acid Vampire tis a pseudonomynous nomenclature ov Stefano Biasin [Teatrino Della Volpe, S. Biasin Trio]!! thee piece consists ov some effing magnificent esoteric tekno in thee vein ov Towards Thee Infinite Beat- Drone Zone!!

"Therabaqud Leic is the name of an Italian experimental who has been involved with such forms as industrial, ambient, esoterick, drones, ritual, dark ambient, moody electronics, in a cross-genre . Luigi Russolo (a nickname reminding the famous Italian futurist artist ) is the main founder and core member. The band has never had a regular , real line-up, only Luigi Russolo is the core member." thee variation provided here ov Catalan consists ov excellent layers ov restrained percussion accompanied by astounding synthesizer atmospheres, and plodding distorted elektronik string looping with Italian vocal recitations!!

with a moniker like Jesus Fucks Magdalene - one must ponder how such a projekt has tragically fallen into such obscurity.. however occult ov origins and narrative there may be to this projekt- what tis apparent tis that they do an uber-funky and angsty variation ov Oedipus In The Nursery!!

thee personage behind thee projekt Majorana would appear to be one Lussetti Guido.. thee peice here Neurology seems to be a collage ov recordings ov thee Message From The Temple intercut with Charles Manson and Jim Jones amongst others.. throw in some looming synths and additional elektronikx and thee title appears to generate some pondering ov it's own..

elsewhere it tis written that Nekrophilia was Devil Womb aka DeviLs g. [Lvnvs, S. Biasin Trio, Teatro Satanico,..] & Saprophita [?]!! thee piece provided here Skinhead Moonstomp tis a cacopahnous conflagration ov colliding elekronik concussiveness with looming delayed guitar presences!!

Track listing-

a01-THEE TEMPLE BEAT-ov power
a02-THE CONVENTIONAL(ex Frigidaire Tango)-just drfting
a05-SOLAR LODGE-those who do not
b01-R. BIASIN ACID VAMPIRE-drone zone
b03-JESUS FUCKS MAGDALENE-oedipus in the nursery
b06-NEKROPHILIA-skinhead moonstomp

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

M.NOMIZED-& MR MOTO-At dusk (Bawler prods-Germany-C60-1995)

Another little gem on cassette here dated from 1995. We have spoken already about M.Nomized and also about Mr Moto; here additionally are a few quick hints about them: M . Nomized aka Michael Madrange - owner of the Fraction Studios which were very active in the 90s. As a musician (M. NOMIZED, THE GOLOZOS, DHISMA), music producer, zine editor, sound composer for art exhibitions, and mail artist. Mr Moto is Matthias Lang- zine editor(IRRE ZINE) and tape label boss(IRRE TAPES).

So what to expect from two such names???... Beautiful and creative electronic experimentations which were quite new for that time. Some stuff kind of reminds me in ways of the early experiments in rhythmic noise, other material is definetly more hypnotic, the sound texture collage of effects, distorted electronics, frazzled noises, and weird goings make this tape a little jewel for the lovers of spazzed out electronics. The tape came with a Spartan cover, a carton box in which the tape is kind of stuck, and yes please, don`t ask me how many copies were printed back in those days. Excellent stuff for elastic ears.

Track listing:

a01-dyslexia stars
a02-ebullient sounds
a04-nether planets
a05-nook of brain
a06-ogle girls
b01-at dusk(part 1 to 5)


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

v.a.-the crazy side of irre tapes-(c60-irre tapes,germany-1990)

"IRRE TAPES was a German label run by Matthias Lang which evolved out of the IRRE Fanzine he published regularly during the early 1980's covering New Wave, Post Punk and the German Underground.
With his 3rd Tape Compilation Ein Herz In Not he started IRRE Tapes which was mainly active in the late 80s/early 90s and released material by the likes of Brume, Maeror Tri and City Of Worms and loads of lesser known and stylistic different artists (Unpleasant Surprise, Fuckedtones, The, Magic Moments At Twilight Time, Doc Wör Mirran) covering the whole range of the Independent Underground from Experimental Electronica to Guitar Pop.
In true DIY spirit he supported the international network of small labels and fanzines through editing the free IRRE Newsletter to spread infos and contacts and writing occasionally reviews for various publications. Most of his Compilations should be seen as an attempt to promote lesser known artists and labels. Without doubt he was one of the driving forces of the German Tape Scene.
He finally called the label days quits in 1994/1995 but soon re-appeared as collaborating and networking artist Mr. Moto.

All of the releases where copied on demand and continously numbered but only a few had an explicit Limited Edition."(from Discogs)

This tape is a collection of different weird songs and artists released previoulsly on this label-different styles and different names all united by the weirdness aka the craziness of their music. You will find here: noize, industrial, electro pop, hypno electro, ambient noise, and more... It looks like Ebu`s Music which was established in 1988 & run by Carsten Olbrich aka Mr. Ebu reissued this tape compilation as a retrospective of "the crazy side of irre tapes", and yeah the cover-sleeve is just fantastic.

Track listing:

Josef Boys – Doors Open And In
Cephalic Index Nomuzic – My Baby Went Splat
Terrorplan – Industrial Anarchy
Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide – 2-3-4-6
Gregorian George – Go Hug A Tree Today
Poison Dwarfs – Cut
Die Rache – Erstschlag
Ditto – Bells
City Of Worms – Volpet
Doc Wör Mirran – Rambo's Little Penis
No Unauthorized – Rambo Is Not A Communist..Oh No
Moisten Before Use – Frustration
M. Nomized – Atomique Et Cercle (Extract)

(digital transfer by F@R@W@Y)
(review by Discogs + F@R@W@Y)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

PIUME E SANGUE-I Corpi 68.20.38(c46-Italy-Semiotexterie Prods-1989)

A rather obscure tape here today… Piume e Sangue is a very old project coming from Italy. This tape is in fact dated 1989, and it came out on the amazing label Semiotexterie. I am afraid that I have little information about this tape- other than that the artists behind it are listed as Paolo S. & Gi Jaw. I could not find anything on the net; so if anybody out there knows more; then please send us more info into the comments section of this blog.
The very first track of this tape reminds me of Dario Argento`s films soundtracks mixed with some dark ambient and some noise industrial; while the rest of the songs are just a great example of pure esoteric sonorism… I guess the followers of this blog will not be disappointed with this rare tape-production. Enjoy it then…


Friday, September 9, 2011

Abra Had Abra - AA - Spin Box - Italy - 1992

undescribably elated to be able to share this incredibly rare cassette released on thee Italian label Spin Box circa 1992!! Abra Had Abra were thee esoteric elektronikx projekt ov Devis Granziera [Necrofilia, Necrophonie, Officina Elettromagnetica, S. Biasin Trio, Teatro Satanico] & Stefano Barban [Ambulatorio Segreto, Spin Box] who would both later come to form thee astonishing projekt Lvnvs!! there were arround thirty copies ov this made nearly twenty years ago.. hopefully this sates some ov your desires out there as profoundly as it does here!!

[[note: this tis listed erroneously on discogs as being single sided.. thee tracks on each side transition into each other without much ov an apparent seam- so it was elekted to omit any breakx betwixt.. ]]

track listing:

A1 Der Mond
B1 Der Tod
B2 Lunus


Friday, September 2, 2011


"We are only alive because we cannot afford our shrouds" - Sadegh Hedayat

in order to expedite our misapprehensionz ov thee looming cessationz ov our cognizancez- thee questionably un-identifiable personage[z?] hiding behind thee scenez ov Sigil Media have presented for our listening bemusementz two editionz in thee mortification ov our fading sonorous intake capabilitiez!! so drop some hyosciamine [at your own riskz!!]] in order to stiflingly paralyze your own death-rattlingz- whilst you focus on thee drawing away ov circulation from your extremities towards thee protection ov your vital organs, and ease your fading consciencez into thee impossible!! no petit mort here- these enigmatic personages unleash auditory bereavementz mourning our inevitable demisez & then they do world-muzique remixes en death-trançaise!! R.I.P.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

{{{mort ex(crepusculum)}}}

va - Territoires Sonores - 2 x cs - Art Concept - France - 1995

[[another abominable note disclaiming my failings..]] - due to thee cumbersome girth ov workx required to give adequate attempt at rendering review for this astonishing international compilation put out on thee [to me] enigmatic French label Art Concept- shall be forestalling a review until some nearly foreseeable future-present.. please enjoy these sonorous excursions into thee realms ov thee mundus imaginalis!!

Cassette I
Cassette II

be(a)st wishes!!


A1 Endura – The Final Pylon
A2 T.A.C. – Hammers Against The Sun
A3 Megaptera – Disturbance-2 Dead
A4 Deutsch Nepal – Public Triangle
A5 Kranium – Endless Pain III
A6 Discipline – The Tears Of The Slave
B1 Imperium Satanas – Trilogy Of Lust
B2 No Festival Of Light – ...Realm Of Reality
B3 Chöd – Untitled
B4 Tole Ache – Zoophily
B5 Drape Excrement – Russian Landscapes
B6 Advokat Ihrer Hoheit – Childhood Drama II
C1 M.S.B.R. – Terrorstricken Fracture
C2 Noït / Stigma – The House
C3 Grey Wolves, The – Waco 23
C4 Noït – Guezarnimen
C5 Fatal Impact – Voce 04
C6 A.I.Z – Des Abîmes Et Des Ames
D1 Life Garden – Through Beauty We Conqured
D2 De Fabriek – Dark Ages
D3 Abner Malaty – No Grasp
D4 Stigma – Long-Term Effect