Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Disumana Res - Deconstructed Fields 86-96

elated to be able to share this cassette from Italian / relocated to London experimental industrial projekt Disumana Res ov artist Guglielmo Lanzilli; whom we have gushed over amorously here previously [both for thee magnificent workx ov his label Biotope Art Organization as well as for thee ever so incredibly kindly gifted contributions he has offered towards us from his personal archives in thee past]!! this tis one ov thee missing pieces ov thee puzzle- released upon thee German label Trümmer Kassetten which was run by Lutz Pruditsch [aka Tarkatak!!]- thee cassette offers more ov Guglielmo's unique sound collage approaches; combining a vast diaspora ov sonic techniques; ranging from luscious ambient elektronikx to environmental sound treatments with traditional ritual music appropriations and dark sonorous experimentations- all juxtaposed via his distinctive labrynthine ideations ov thee mundus imaginalis!!

Track listing:

a01-huzdra(original version)
a02-paroxismus(skeletal remix 1996 version)
a03-the gorgon(hyper remix)
b02-shamanistic interludes-part 1-demoniacal mantra
b03-shamanistic interludes-part 2-forbidden pleasure
b04-shamanistic interludes-part 3-pollutant
b05-shamanistic interludes-part 4-confusion

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Katabatik Kollektion 5

Holy living cavernosum okay children it’s time for your Ketamine lesson. What happens when the Syrens contract a virulent mutagenic laryngitis? They pick up drum machines and sample their hacking from behind the rocks, they release insect tessellations to click over the surface of your face, they unleash incredible tectonic suctions as escapes from inhospitable atmospheres: children prepare for Katabatik’s holographic mandibles to gum you to goo and spew you out again imbrued with the unsightly blood of black holes on your hands. Ingest.
From laser-driven submarinescapes to ass-rumpling bunchnoise, from the disorganized digital ramble of synthetic organisms splashed with infectious nano-laced acid to the washed-out neurotoxins of geometric planopods and aractechnoidal gas bladders buoying cro-magnons pounding 808s with neon paddles and soundtracks to innocents dumped in pre-dawn hitchhiker limbo, Kollektion V sees an incredible breadth of molluskular offerings poured from the vats in which Terpsichore deposits her sonic mayhem. We see the resurgence of Septentrion with a fist held high over the wastes; UAV hotwiring his NASA-dumpstered swampgear via genetic interface; Lacedon’s spliced analogs rerouted with Semen Emulators; we have here the familiar faces of subterranean west coast evildoers manning their electroidals in flame-retardant underwear, plus the knob-twiddlings of the inhabitants of more distant climes (figures whose variant masks have included Sleeparchive, Thee Source, Cohosh, Dimentia, Exillon, Kanopic Descent, Psychotigen, Seacrypt, Sere, Group Rhoda, Brotman and Short, Notstandskomittee, etc.), as well as new and ungodly cross-pollinations (special mention to the mysterious collaboration between laces and sneaker which is Abandoned Footwear for their contribution to converting our still-boring 2-D world into anime robo-color). 
Yes twenty-six tracks of inedible rhythm sequences regurgitated from the depths of the Spazdik hives. A swooping journey on downward-spiraling winds via Jacob’s Chute from the Sea of Imbrium past undead corpses pole dancing streetlamps and clambering on into the San Andreas Fault down into the bizarro sewers of your brain where you are dumped amongst tactile homographs to make your way home. From the depths raise a toast of burning Ozone to Djynnxx and Barrett for another sumptuous undermining of electronic music mores! Free download directly into corpus callosum:


Track listing: 

1. Scott Arford - Do Bad
2. Ekman - No Escape From Planet Earth
3. Cinkrillian Weight - Black Lodge
4. Akustikkoppler - Anflug Von Bestuerzung
5. Identity Theft - IMU
6. The Vivid - Hidden Room
7. D-Syn - It Glows Without Saying
8. Yan Verse - Glass (HOM Remix)
9. Abandoned Footwear - 751 3rd Street
10. UWE 60D - Dancing in the Clouds
11. ASYD Barrett - We Wish You Weren't Here
12. Stacian - Spiral Stair
13. Less Ness - Rest In War
14. Lacedon - Secret Tribunal
15. POLAR - Twice Tempo
16. Veil - Lost Into
17. Father Murphy - It is Funny. It is Restful. Both Came Quickly
18. Thoabath - With Aweful Clarity
19. UAV εφιάλτης - Tableau Sans Vivant
20. Government Bookshops - Untitled
21. Kenophilia - Nullify
22. Bloody Snowman - Nasib Sial
23. I.N.R.I. - GhiZhGheTh Chant
24. Hypermapper - Change In Time
25. Septentrion - Evening of Light
26. Nommo Ogo - Dark Corridors 

[[review by Port of the Sun]]