Saturday, August 28, 2010

alchemy of the 20th century / grunt -split tape (kadef -germany-c30-1996)

great cassette here which was released on thee German label Kadef in thee mid/late 90s!! both Alchemy Of The 20th Century and Grunt are projekts ov thee Finnish artist Mikko Aspa [Clandestine Blaze, Clinic Of Torture, Creamface, Nicole 12, Stabat Mater] who is also the owner of Northern Heritage label, and also thee publisher / editor of the S/M magazine "Erotic Perversion" and "Northern Heritage Zine"!! Alchemy Of The 20th Century provide two nice longer pieces ov droning experimental atmospherikx with thee use ov shimmering and scraped metals with some minimal guitar usage, and Grunt provides several trackx ov full-on screaming power elektronikx assault!!

Track listing:

alchemy of the 20th century side:

a01-colossal iron spiral (part 1)
a02-colossal iron spiral(part 2)

grunt side:

b01-re-packed daily waste (part 1)
b02-re-packed daily waste (part 2)
b03-re-packed daily waste (part 3)
b04-re-packed daily waste (part 4)

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SIEGMAR FRICKE-neuro beton house(Beton Tapes-germany-c60-1992)

if thee idea ov ethnic sampling over early 90s house music with experimental touches seems unappealing: than you may wish to pass on this one.. personally find elements ov it intriguing; even if this tis not thee best release to grace thee ears from Siegmar Fricke [Bestattungsinstitut, Pharmakustik, Ambulatorio Segreto, Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide, Doppelwirkung, Efficient Refineries, New Tits On The Cock, Nome De Voyage 2]!! kind ov plays out like some sort ov megamix.. enjoy it or don't..

Track listing:

a01-neuro beton house
b01-auto sequential lines

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lvnvs & Therabaqud Leic - Untitled - Theatrum Alchemicum - 1998

took me a while to work up thee nerve to attempt to open this one.. [note: was frustration over having destroyed thee wax seal on thee Vatican's Children - Secrets envelope when it was opened..] here tis an astounding album ov wondrous dark elektronikx from Lvnvns / Therabaqud LeiC [Devil G./ Stebran / Luigi Russolo]!! Theatrum Alchemicum housed this one in a wax paper envelope with a sticker seal [mine was broken before received..] and housed inside a black velvet envelope inside ov a metal casing with hemp cord with a lead seal with pentacle isgnia!! only fifty ov these were made [some were in red velvet envelopes..]

Track listing:

1 Soundtrack For L-Loch
2 Hol
3 Holinwater
4 Kuni
5 Soundtrack For "Meat The Girls"
6 Exi(s)t
7 Introibo
8 Copula


Sunday, August 1, 2010

v.a - INCENSE n2 (C60-Incense label - France-1992)

a different one for this 113th post for thee blog.. here we have thee first esoteric metal post!! [we shall still continue to primarily focus upon thee realms ov esoteric elektronikx..] this cassette was released on thee Incense label ov French artist Cyril Herry [Ashes To Ashes, Lecanora, Ninth Desert, Exotoendo, Salamandre, Sechres Mound, The Uncanny]!! some very obscure esoteric metal projekts provide trackx here ranging in influences/sounds from depressive/black metal ala Winter/ early Celtic Frost, and even some almost grunge sounding material as well!! not incredibly sure when we will be posting anymore esoteric doom / black metal releases in thee future, but there shall likely be others.. some may appreciate this / others may not.. so be it.. do as though wilt..

be(a)st wishes!!

Track listing:

a01-SHUD-vox in exceleo
a02-MORTAL FEAR-scorn of life
a03-NIGHTFALL-domestication of wildness
a04-THE HORDE OF TORMENT-pain asylum
a05-SUPURATION-in remembrance of a coma
b01-MORDOR-last demoniac invocation
b02-DROYS-forbidden ritual
b03-CHANNEL ZERO-no light
b04-MISANTHROPE-lord (of fate)

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Monokrom - Der Stählerne Traum [fich-art - germany - c90 - 1991]

another excellent projekt from thee German Fich-Art label which was founded in late 1989 by the members of Ars Moriendi, Moata-omen, Asche, and The Rorschach Garden!! Monokrom tis thee projekt ov Andrea Börner [Morgenstern, Ars Moriendi, KYAM, Templegarden's], Andreas Schramm [Asche, Riviera Lost Boys, Ars Moriendi , KYAM, Templegarden's], B. Teichner [Rasputinette, Mandelbrot, The Rorschach Garden, Templegarden's], Phillip Münch [Ars Moriendi, Cell Auto Mata, The Incredible Three, Mandelbrot, Rasputeen In Heavy Leather, Rasputin, The Rorschach Garden, Show Of Exaggeration, Synapscape, Templegarden's], Tim Kniep [Ars Moriendi, The Incredible Three, Synapscape, Templegarden's]!! this one was also kindly donated to thee blog from thee collection ov Guglielmo [Biotope Art Organization]!! greatest ov thankx to {F@R@W@Y} for transferring it for us here!!

this tape consists ov excellent dark rhythmic noize/ esoteric industrial which was released in thee year 1991 as a c90!! definitely think that there will be plenty ov folkx out there who shall appreciate this one!!

Track listing:

3. Oktober '91
A1 Der Stählerne Traum
A2 Reptil...
A3 Totentanz
A4 Bild X
8. Oktober '91
B1 Kraft Durch Wasser
B2 Freiheit
B3 1.Liebe
B4 Solidarität
B5 Finale (TV-Pray)

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)