Saturday, March 27, 2010

v.a.-slam bam thank you ma`am!(apathya-c60-italy-1995)

here we have an astonishing compilation ov all Italian esoteric elektronikx artists [with thee exception ov thee Japanese projekt: BLUE] which was released on thee Italian label Apathya which was run by F.C.N.!!

just read a great interview with Devis G. / DeviLs G. [Teatro Satanico,Lvnvs,Necrophonie..] here which was done for Heathen Harvest!! thee track provided for this compilation: Assassino tis a nice cacophanous piece ov dissonant trancing pulses with reverb drenched sequencing!!

In Vitro Test tis thee projekt ov thee Apathya label owner F.C.N.!! thee track apatia epatica [hepatic apathy?] tis repetitious slow sequencing with two masculine voices repetitiously chanting about apatia epatica and pain and blood!!

Onco tis thee projekt ov Luca Galuppini [ONQ, Aere Aeternus, Antenna 59, Cefodie, Nave, Thanatologist] who also ran thee cassette label Chupa Verga Recordings.. thee track Lehm tis a short piece ov interesting string material with beautiful semi-dissonant harmonic progression and slow droning plucking as well..

Bad Sector tis thee projekt ov thee prolific artist Massimo Magrini!! thee track provided here tis wondrous dark atmospheric elektronikx!!

Muros tis listed here as Michele Lorusso.. thee track il muro del suono [the sound barrier] tis a nice piece ov dark martial/ ritual elektronikx!!

BLUE tis as mentioned earlier: thee single non- Italian artist on this compilation.. haling from Japan: Takuya Ito provides an interesting organ piece with slow drums and somber almost pop-esque vocals!! thee piece ends with quiet feminine vocalisations..

Musa tis a projekt ov Emanuele Lago [Tombstone, Black Mountains Chronicles, Crisantemo Nero, Immortal Agony, Ermeneuma, The Humanoid Army, Mikror, Red Desolation, Sulphureous Church..] thee track provided here notte,nebbia,amore [night, fog, love] tis a short one with droning atmospheric synth and pleasant deathrock-esque reverbed guitar!!

Blackshout tis another ov Emanuele Lago's projekts.. thee track here tis dark lo-fi elektronikx with feminine erotic vocalisations..

The Finland Subterraund tis listed as Jacopo Andreini, and thee track provided tis an interesting piece ov slow dissonant reverbed guitar and somber saxophone work..

Entrata Aperta tis a manifestation ov thee E.A. ghost collective who have been rather thoroughly archived for thee blog here.. thee track they provide for this compilation tis a piece ov beauteous dark atmospheric synthesizer workx!!

Dario Polavara provides a nice restrained synthesizer progression with slow ritual percussive sequencing that tis fairly fittingly titled "epic"..

Misery tis listed as being thee projekt ov Marcello Russo, and thee piece provided tis some rather interesting strange atmospheric elektronikx!!

Track listing:

a01-Devis G.-assassino
a02-In Vitro Test- apatia epatica
a04-Bad Sector-negative wire version 2.0
a05-Los Muros-il muro del suono
b01-Blackshout-only thoughts of pain
b02-The Finland Subterraund-carbon fibre brush
b03-Entrata Aperta-fluido benefico
b04-Dario Polavara-epic

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

sphinx-absolute animal ii-(c60-audiofile tapes-usa-1992)

some rather interesting esoteric elektronikx here from this South African projekt paying homage to thee recumbent lion with human head: thee Sphinx!! this cassette was released on thee label Audiofile Tapes which was run by Carl Howard who was also a member ov Body Without Organs!!

for thee first side ov thee cassette thee lineup tis listed as: Joe da Silva: guitar, keyboard/ Fynn 23: keyboard, Clem Mudie: organ and vocals, and Jay Scott: keyboard, electronics & mix..

cannot even figure out how to use thee proper accent mark to search for info behind thee title for thee first track which consists ov an interesting organ progression, ethereal synth drones, psychedelic guitar work, and beatific operatic feminine vocals!!

yet again perplexed how to properly utilise thee accent marks for seeking thee info behind thee second piece which consists ov interesting trancing synth work with additional strange elektronikx techniques and feminine vocal incantations!!

"Kamarupa, also called Pragjyotisha, was the first historical kingdom in Assam that existed between the 4th to the 12th century CE. Ruled by three dynasties from their capitals in present-day Guwahati and Tezpur, it covered the entire Brahmaputra river valley and, at times, North Bengal and parts of Bangladesh.

Though the historical kingdom disappeared by 12th century to be replaced by smaller political entities, the notion of Kamarupa persisted and ancient and medieval chroniclers continued to call this region by this name. Coins of Alauddin Hussain Shah, who invaded the Kamata Kingdom in the late 15th century, called the region Kamru or Kamrud. In the 16th century the Ahom kingdom came into prominence and assumed for itself the political and territorial legacy of the Kamarupa kingdom.

The name of this kingdom survives in Kamrup, a present-day district in Assam."

sonicly this track consists ov more unique trancing synthesizer workx which last for a duration ov over fifteen minutes!!

absolute consists ov more unique analog synthesizer progression with some wierd reversed vocalisations occasionally interspersed throughout..

for thee second side ov thee cassette thee lineup tis listed as: Joe da Silva: keyboard/ Paul Roussouw: keyboard, Alan Thwaites: Octopad percussion, and Jay Scott: keyboards, electronics & mix..

this side tis one long session which tis semi-reminiscent ov both olde Tangerine Dream and Popul Vuh!!

Track listing:

b01-detoxified brains II

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

m. nomized-death variations-(c60-thee disciples of penumbra-belgium-1996)

interesting piece ov esoteric elektronikx here from thee prolific French artist Michel Madrange who has been active musically since 1975, and who also ran thee experimental cassette label from the 1980s: Fraction Studio!! this release was put out on thee Belgian label Thee Disciples of Penumbra, and was limited to 30 copies!!

tis some fairly artsy elektronik interpretations ov some rather macabre themes as you can see from thee track titles.. composed utilising: Synthesizer, Loops, Programming, Electric Guitar, and Sampler..think that some readers ov this blog may likely enjoy!!

Track listing:

A1 Suicide
A2 Murder
A3 Torture
A4 Operation
A5 Hanging
A6 Disembowel
B1 Mangle
B2 Burial
B3 Quarter
B4 Illness
B5 Surgical
B6 Bleed

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

psych krist kastrator-discordia continua(ee tapes-belgium-1996-c60)

here we have another cassette from thee Belgian EE tapes label from thee also Belgian projekt Psych Krist Kastrator who were : Marck - instruments, Sjille - voice, and Bruno - sound.. a little online research would make it appear that thee main personage behind this projekt was Marc Ceulemans who was also behind thee projekts Brainquake, Un/Con, and Thee Disciples Ov Penumbra label..

[[note: am sorry, but this has to be one ov thee cheeziest posts here thus far.. just look at thee crudely drawn maces and battleaxes.. ughh..]]

I Have No Mouth tis fittingly an instrumental piece ov minimal synthesizer progression which tis met with restrained drum programming after about thee three minute point for it's remaining duration..

Where Water Comes To Die begins with a cascade ov digitised water, and tis met with descending dissonant synth tones and a repetitious cacophanous barrage which transitions to minimal industrial with with a pitch-shifted vocal presence.. thee piece kind ov alternates betwixt semi-danceability and dissonant pauses..

God's Sick World - begins with more ebm-esque sequencing which alternates betwixt mid/fast tempos before slowing down and being met with pitched-down cookie monster type vocals.. back to mid tempo.. then again thee slowed down verse sektion.. it follows this basic pattern unto it's conclusion..

The Kill tis slow minimal drum and synth sequencing with more sparse use ov thee previously mentionend down-tuned vocals..

Crysalis Saaatanas - an organ type synth progression with slow drum sequencing which steps up a bit to an 8-bit sounding crescendo before going down to a mid-tempo sektion with which it alternates amidst dreary reverbed vocals!!

Neue Welt Im Kopf - mid-tempo elektro with more drearily processed vocalisations..

Psych Krist In The Slaughterhouse - hard not to laugh as thee silly "scary" vocals begin this piece: "these are the noises of the slaughter house".. more mid tempo elektro sequencing with slow drum programming and Halloween sound fx record type cheezy screams..

Fjordcrush - mid tempo crunchy resonance drum machine sequencing for about four and a half minutes; then a semi-interesting outro synthesizer sektion..

Thee Continuing Story Ov Thee Lost Mouth - gothick type organ workx with restrained percussive sequencing and more drear vocals.. something about battles.. apparently fought with those cartoon weapons on thee cover.. jeje.. sorry..

Track listing:

A1 I Have No Mouth
A2 Where Water Comes To Die
A3 God's Sick World
A4 The Kill
A5 Crysalis Saaatanas
A6 Neue Welt Im Kopf
B1 Psych Krist In The Slaughterhouse
B2 Fjordcrush
B3 Thee Continuing Story Ov Thee Lost Mouth

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Monday, March 8, 2010

3 - Tem Oph Ab cassettes

our incredibly kind friend (kusomiso) has gifted us these three rare cassettes here from thee Italian projekt Tem Oph Ab ov Marco Farina!! shall attempt here to provide some sort ov synopsis for each..

Tem Oph Ab - Kyon

uncertain ov thee reference behind thee title Kyon..

Kyon II - consists ov trancing spectral elektronikx with slowed indecipherable vocal passages which make their presence for various passages throughout this track which occupies thee entirety ov thee 23 minutes ov thee first side ov thee cassette!! at about ten minutes into thee piece slow ritual percussion appears for a few minutes before being subsumed into more ov thee trancing lo-fi elektronikx which tend to typify much ov Tem Oph Ab's recordings!!

La Danza di Lilitu [the dance of Lilitu] likely refers to:
"Lilith (Hebrew: לילית‎ Līlīt; Arabic: ليليث‎ Līlīṯ) who is believed to have originated as a female Mesopotamian storm demon associated with wind and was thought to be a bearer of disease, illness, and death. The figure of Lilith first appeared in a class of wind and storm demons or spirits as Lilitu, in Sumer, circa 4000 BC. The phonetic name "Lilith" is traditionally thought to have originated in Ancient Israel somewhere around 700 BC, despite post-dating even to the time of Moses. Lilith was adopted by Ancient Hebrew culture: she appears as a night demon in Jewish lore and as a screech owl in Isaiah 34:14 in the King James version of the Bible. In later folklore, "Lilith" is the name for Adam's first wife. Her story was greatly developed, during the middle-ages, in the tradition of Aggadic midrashim, the Zohar and Jewish mysticism."

thee first ov thee trackx devoted to her dance consists ov sparse plodding synthesizer and bass which are joined by more ritualised percussion after about fifteen minutes for a sektion before returning to more ov thee droning synth and bass material!!

thee second track devoted to Lilith consists ov more lo-fi trancing synthesizer workx!!

Track listing:

a1 - tem oph ab - Kyon II
b1 - tem oph ab - La Danza di Lilitu
b2 - tem oph ab - La Danza di Lilitu pt. II

Tem Oph Ab + Dana - Split Tape

thee Tem Oph Ab side ov this cassette refers to Mnemosine/ "Mnemosyne (Greek Mνημοσύνη, pronounced /nɪˈmɒzɪni/ or /nɪˈmɒsəni/) (sometimes confused with Mneme or compared with Memoria) who was the personification of memory in Greek mythology. This titaness was the daughter of Gaia and Uranus and the mother of the Muses by Zeus." sonicly thee content presented lies within thee vein ov much ov Marco's lo-fi trancing elektronikx with thee addition ov some very slow drum machine work this time as well!!

can find zero info for thee artist Dana who this split cassette tis shared with.. thee track Pietra Verticale [vertical stone] begins with fairly quiet trancing elektronikx with restrained high-pitch signal, and transitions to much a louder restrained pulsating presence which alternates with cacophanous power elektonikx sektions before transforming into a sheer barrage ov a harsh static maelstrom!! much ov thee side ov thee cassette tis subsumed in this type ov a sonic assault; however at a little after thee nineteen minute point there tis thee significant transition to a very quiet beatific synthesizer progression which develops very nicely to conclude thee final sektion ov thee tape!!

Track listing:

TEM OPH AB - Mnemosine
DANA - Pietra Verticale

Tem Oph Ab + Il Menstruo Delle Puttane - Split tape

just when i had believed before that thee Le Chele Di Hypnos cassette had been thee height ov Marco's art for this projekt; this great cassette tis discovered!!

thee primary site ov reference which i found for an explanation ov Amenta was here where it tis stated that it tis referenced in thee Egyptian Book of The Dead as an underworld realm ov gloomy shade.. sonicly thee track consists ov excellent trancing elektronikx with restrained pulsating rhythms and sparse percussions!!

thee first ov thee pieces simply titled s/t consists ov wondrous shimmering atmospheres with ghostly synthesized choral presences manifesting amidst excellent insidious elektronikx!!

thee second track referencing thee hidden land Amenta consists ov restrained synth notes amidst distant atmospheres and a wierdly detuning sort ov vibraphone presence!! towards thee end some excellent synthesizer work makes a great warbly presence!!

La Luce Del Serpente Del Fuoco [the light of the serpent of fire] consists ov repetitive clanging reverberations with wierd almost portamento-type synthesizer preogression..

thee final track for this side ov Tem Oph Ab's material consists ov interesting undulating synthesis amidst washes ov harsh static and writhing elektronik atmosphere!!

as stated elsewhere in this blog: Il Menstruo Delle Puttane / I.M.d.P. tis another ov thee monikers utilised by Marco Farina!! thee material provided here consists ov bombastic power elektronikx assaults riddled with an unceasing enmitous barrage ov harsh viscerality where there are also hidden vocal presences which never quite make themselves decipherable!! thee side ov thee cassette tis presented here as one continuous piece; as that tis how it appears on thee label: as belonging to one title: il primo menstruo [the first menstruation]..

Track listing:

a1 - tem oph ab - amenta I
a2 - tem oph ab - s/t
a3 - tem oph ab - amenta II
a4 - tem oph ab - la luce del serpente del fuoco
a5 - tem oph ab - s/t
b - I.M.d.P. - il primo menstruo

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hostia - All Is One

as just promised: here tis more 23 Temple related material..

Hostia was one ov numerous projekts from German artist Paul Hostia.. others included: Delysid, DLS, Helix 12, Moksha, Ordo Catharis Templi, Zoomorph.. this release tis thee lp version released on Dark Vinyl Records ov Alles Ist Eins which was originally relased on cassette on thee label Tempelverlag.. thee vinyl pressing was limited to 449 copies..

"Alpha (uppercase Α, lowercase α; Greek: Αλφα) is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. In the system of Greek numerals it has a value of 1. It was derived from the Phoenician letter Aleph . Letters that arose from Alpha include the Latin A and the Cyrillic letter А.

In both Classical Greek and Modern Greek, alpha represents the Open front unrounded vowel, /a/.

The lower case today represents an open back unrounded vowel in phonetics.

Plutarch in Moralia, presents a discussion on why the letter alpha stands first in the alphabet. Ammonius asks Plutarch what he, being a Boeotian, thinks of Cadmus, the Phoenician who reputedly settled in Thebes and introduced the alphabet to Greece, placing alpha first because it is the Phoenician name for ox -- which, unlike Hesiod, the Phoenicians considered not the second or third, but the first of all necessities. "Nothing at all" Plutarch replied. He then added that he would rather be assisted by Lamprias, his own grandfather, than by Dionysus' grandfather, i.e. Cadmus. For Lamprias had said that the first articulate sound made is "alpha", because it is very plain and simple — the air coming off the mouth does not require any motion of the tongue — and therefore this is the first sound that children make.

The Homeric word "alphesiboios" (ἀλφεσίβοιος) is associated with both the root "alph-" and "ox". It is derived from "alphanō" (ἀλφάνω) meaning to yield, earn and "bous" (βοῦς) meaning ox, hence alphesiboios means bringing in or acquiring oxen.

According to Plutarch's natural order of attribution of the vowels to the planets, alpha was connected with the Moon. Oxen were also associated with the Moon in both early Sumerian and Egyptian religious symbolism, possibly due to the crescent shape of their horns.

Alpha, both as a symbol and term, is used to refer to or describe a variety of things, including the first or most significant occurrence of something. The New Testament has God declaring himself to be the "Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last." (Revelation 22:13, KJV, and see also 1:8).

The uppercase letter alpha is not generally used as a symbol because it tends to be rendered identically to the uppercase Latin A."

sonicly thee track Alpha begins with beauteous dark ambiance and slow droning vocal chants!! at about three minutes in great synthesizer workx make their presence and a slow chord progression begins which shall carry though thee duration ov thee piece!!

"Delta (uppercase Δ, lowercase δ; Greek: Δέλτα [ðelta], Dhelta) is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. In the system of Greek numerals it has a value of 4. It was derived from the Phoenician letter Dalet. In the Ancient Greek language, it represented a voiced dental plosive /d/, while in Modern Greek it represents a voiced dental fricative /ð/, hence it is pronounced as "th" in "that" or "this". it is romanised as either "D" or "Dh"

A river delta is so named because its shape approximates the upper-case letter delta (the shape is a triangle)."

an indecipherable vocal sample begins thee track Delta, and tis soon met with eery synthesizer washes and powerfull pulsating drones!!

"Zeta (uppercase Ζ, lowercase ζ; Greek: Ζήτα [ziːta] Zita) is the sixth letter of the Greek alphabet. In the system of Greek numerals, it has a value of 7. It was derived from the Phoenician letter Zayin . Letters that arose from Zeta include the Roman Z and Cyrillic З (Ze).

Unlike the other Greek letters, this letter did not take its name from the Phoenician letter it was derived from; it was given a new name on the pattern of beta, eta and theta.

Zeta has the numerical value 7 rather than 6 because the letter digamma (also called 'stigma' as a Greek numeral) was originally in the sixth position in the alphabet.

Zeta can be said to be the origin of the most common pronunciation of the Roman letter Z."

sonicly thhe track Zeta begins with bizarre synthesizer undulations and tis met with subtly restrained chord progressions!!

"Lambda (uppercase Λ, lowercase λ; Greek: Λάμβδα or Λάμδα, Lamda) is the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet. In the system of Greek numerals it has a value of 30.

In Greek mythology, Labda (Greek: Λάβδα) was a daughter of the Bacchiad Amphion, and mother of Cypselus, by Eetion. Her name was derived from the fact of her feet being turned outward, and thus resembling the letter lambda (Λ), which, by the accounts of the most ancient Greek grammarians, was originally pronounced labda [labda]."

sonicly thee track consists ov brilliant choral sounding drones with eery synthesizer work and harpsichord-type accompaniment!! thee piece ends with another indechiperable vocal sample..

Track listing:

A1 Alpha
A2 Delta
B1 Zeta
B2 Lambda



for this special post #69 we have here three x 23 Temple vinyl releases!!

23 Temple was primarily an outlet for thee releases ov German ambient and trance artists Paul Hostia and Thorn Hoedh [[note: Thorn Hoedh Died in thee night ov 15th-16th May 2003]] as well as Carsten H. MAhAJANAh.. one ov thee main projects associated with 23 Temple was Ordo Catharis Templi which brought together various projekts such as: Hostia, Hoedh, Ordex Sacra, Werkcorps, .7.7. Seth, Die Wappen Des Thotß, Etudes Dèxecution Transcendante, and Mahajanah.. as well 23 Temple was also associated with thee amazing esoteric tekno projekts Delysid, DLS, Helix 12, and Moksha!!

although 23 Temple related projekts were released on various labels including: Unclean Production, Atmosphere, Dark Vinyl Records, BTM - Bochumer Ton Manufaktur, Tatsu Recordings, Chakra, Return To The Source, Shiva Space Technology, Black Flame, Aries Tunes, POF Music, interGROOVE, Outsolation, Insolation... to thee thee best ov my knowledge: thee three releases posted here were thee only three vinyl releases to appear on thee actual 23 Temple label..

[[note: whilst thee Ordo Catharis Templi material presented here tis more in thee realms ov ritual ambient elektronikx; thee Moksha and MAhAJANAh are more in thee vein ov esoteric tekno / psy-trance.. there will be many more 23 Temple related releases here in thee days ahead!! simply felt it fitting to post these three together for this 69th post.. enjoy!!!]]

Variations Ov Templum Comparatio I

Track listing:

A1 Etudes D'Execution Transcendante / Hostia - Ode Für Ein Monument (Neuro Version)
A2 Hostia - Absoluthum W5/6 (Shekinah-Remix)
B Hoedh - Dämmerung Am Pog (Heilige-Variation 6/7)

Moksha - Cheemah

Track listing:

A1 Pleroma
A2 Iteration
B1 Cheemah
B2 Thee View

MAhAJANAh - Organic Forms Remix

Track listing:

A Organic Forms (Remix)
B1 Regulus Energy
B2 Twilight Funk (Seamix)


Thursday, March 4, 2010

VA - Mondo Boiazzo (original soundtrack) - The Uncle Tolo's Production - C90 - Italy - 1995

[[[elated to be announcing that our new friend/collaborator (kusomiso) from thee Czech Republic tis kindly sharing some great rare tapes from his personal collection with us here for thee blog!!]]]

here we have an astonishing compilation ov Italian artists released by The Uncle Tolo's Production label from Italy in 1995!! not much info to be found as to who was behind this label, but they most certainly compiled an amazing compilation here!!

Atrax Morgue was thee projekt ov Marco Corbelli [deceased May 6, 2007] who was also behind thee projekts Mörder Machine, Kranivm, Necrofilia, Necrophonie, Pervas Nefandum, and Progetto Morte.. Marco was also responsible for thee amazing death industrial label Slaughter Productions who released death-aesthetikx related productions from many luminaries ov thee international dark arts community!! thee track provided here tis piercing high-end frequency with darkly looming synthesizer, and eerily processed ghastly vocal exclamations!!

Teatro Satanico C. Manson tis a variation ov Teatro Satanico Charles Manson: thee projekt ov DeviLs G. and numerous other collaborators over time including Alberto Maria Kundalini, Tairy Ceron (also in Ait!), Sissy Biasin, Clau D.E.D.I. (ex-Ain Soph), Spectrae (Ain Soph) and many others!! thee track presented here: La Giustizia Immensa E Sottile Dell'Universo [The Immense and Thin Justice Of The Universe] consits ov pulsating dark elektronikx with Alberto Maria Kundalini's powerfull vocal incantations!!

Tombstone tis thee projekt ov Emanuele Lago [Black Mountains Chronicles, Crisantemo Nero, Immortal Agony, Ermeneuma, The Humanoid Army, Mikror, Musa, Red Desolation, Sulphureous Church] who tis also behind thee Psychotic Release label!! he provides three consecutive trackx here: Marcilla - drear elektronix with eery quiet gasping vocalisations, Sex Slave - lo-fi signal overlayed with sounds ov music box, indecipherable bangings, chanting vocalisations, and erotic feminine groans.. thee piece becomes much more cacophanous towards thee end, and Hymn Of The Golden Dawn - which tis likely a reference to The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (or, more commonly, the Golden Dawn) which was a magical order active in Great Britain during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which practiced theurgy and spiritual development. It has been one of the largest single influences on 20th-century Western occultism.. sonicly thee piece consists ov trancing lo-fi elektronikx with distant choral presences as well as thee clanging ov bells, and indecipherable vocal utterances..

In Vitro Test has contact info listed as Fabio Napolin Casagrande.. thee track Sonetti [sonnets] provides wierd string and bass material with lo-fi synth melodies, and masculine vocals..

Cupio Dissolvi tis thee projekt ov Manolo Magnabosco.. here he provides four tracks ov trancing lo-fi soundscapes: Aidskilift[?], Voila' Le Cadavre (Inedito) [veiled the corpse], 6/8-45 Fan Club, and Julius Ebola - a play on thee name ov Barone Giulio Cesare Andrea Evola (May 19, 1898 – June 11, 1974) also known as Julius Evola, who was an Italian philosopher, esotericist, author, artist, poet, political activist, soldier and Perennial Traditionalist, and as well thee Ebolavirus (EBOV)..

Ataraxia are thee medieval/folk band ov Francesca Nicoli, Vittorio Vandelli, and Giovanni Pagliari who provide here L'Ultimo Arazzo [The last Tapestry] - brilliant neo-folk with wind instruments, guitar, unique percussions which transitions to great martial percussion with organs, and powerfull beatific feminine vocals!! Nec Mortales Sonans [?] consists ov looming synth, haunting feminine vocals, plodding bass, great psychedelic guitar feedback, and ritual percussion!! there tis powerfull repetitive chanting to this one!! roughly mid-way through thee piece gothic synth lines make their presence, and thee two women begin to sing in English before returning to thee earlier vocal chanting!! there then follows a bit ov a reprise where this section tis returned to..

Macabrina [Graziella Polluzzi] provides powerfull Italian spoken-word amidst a distant beatific classical recording with a bit ov toy laughter for thee piece Ode Allo Scarafaggio [ode to the cockroach], and Ode Di Odio A Tutti I Tegami [ode of hatred To All of the frying pans] which additionally adds thee scraping ov metal, gasping breaths, and Transilvanian-type organ workx in thee background as well..

Petrifields - listed in the contact info as P.A.I.N. - Michelangelo Mongiello provides a wierd peice ov instrumental garage rock..

Colloquio [Gianni Pedretti] provides thee track cisti [cyst] - a nice piece ov elektronikx with twinkling synth workx!!

Menarca [Antonio Facci] provides thee track Il Tuo Sesso Inciso Di Morte [Your Sex Carved Of Death] a great piece ov dark atmospherics which begins with synthesizer stabs ala Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho shower stabbing theme, and has creepy processed masculine vocals!!

Tombstone provides thee piece God Save The Whore which begins with a child's voice, and then transitions to lo-fi horror aesthetikx which only Emanuele Lago could conjure up!! have not heard this crazy ov a scream-queen collage at any point which i am capable ov recollecting..

to conclude thee compilation Teatro Satanico C. Manson present thee instrumental piece ov pulsating synthesizer and stuttering snare: Pulsa De Nura [?] and another instrumental piece which tis kinda a lil minimal synth stomper: Anatema Contro I Nemici Di Israele [Anathema Against The Enemies Of Israel]..

Track listing:

A1 Atrax Morgue - Foun Dead
A2 Teatro Satanico C. Manson - La Giustizia Immensa E Sottile Dell'Universo
A3 Tombstone - Marcilla
A4 Tombstone - Sex Slave
A5 Tombstone - Hymn Of The Golden Dawn
A6 In Vitro Test - Sonetti
A7 Cupio Dissolvi - Aidskilift
A8 Cupio Dissolvi - Voila' Le Cadavre (Inedito)
A9 Cupio Dissolvi - 6/8-45 Fan Club
A10 Cupio Dissolvi - Julius Ebola
B1 Ataraxia - L'Ultimo Arazzo
B2 Ataraxia - Nec Mortales Sonans
B3 Macabrina - Ode Allo Scarafaggio
B4 Macabrina - Ode Di Odio A Tutti I Tegami
B5 Petrifields - Hang Man's Brain
B6 Colloquio - Cisti
B7 Menarca - Il Tuo Sesso Inciso Di Morte
B8 Tombstone - God Save The Whore
B9 Teatro Satanico C. Manson - Pulsa De Nura
B10 Teatro Satanico C. Manson - Anatema Contro I Nemici Di Israele

[[transferred by (kusomiso) & review by (crepusculum)]]

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lunus - Una Tantum - 3 - Releases

alternately known as LVNVS/LUNUS: Devis Granziera [DeviLs G.] and Stefano Barban [Bassano Del Grappa (Vicenza) - Italy] recorded these workx betwixt 1993 and 1995.. considering thee ammount ov times which thee creative genius ov DeviLs G. has come up in these reviews; it feels as though little introduction tis necessitated.. these releases were put out on thee private label Una Tantum in editions ov 50 a piece.. please enjoy this wondrous occult sonorism!!

Coordiante temporali - 1994

Track listing:

1 Ematofrenesi
2 Il Sorgere Del Male
3 Cibo Per Piccole Larve
4 Monolilith
5 Sangue Per Gli Angeli
6 Tanzerloch
7 Lilith E.C.G.

Registrazioni del 1993/1995

Track listing:

1 Spiritus - I
2 Dead End Street
3 Eritis
4 Spiritus - II
5 H2S04
6 Spiritis - III
7 Null

Registrazioni del 1993-1995

Track listing:

1 Holy Hollow
2 Poche Gocce D'acido Solforico
3 D.R.M.
4 Origine Del Dolore
5 Numb
6 Selbstmond
7 Selbstmord

be(a)st wishes (crepusculum)

v.a.-NOTRE DAME vol 9-(EE tapes Belgium-1996-C60)

[note: this applies for most reviews as well; if you see thee word "quirky" written: it tis likely that something is annoying me significantly; whereas if thee word "shrill" tis used: it tis thee type ov annoyance which tis actually pleasureful..]

Another interesting compilation here in thee Notre Dame series from thee Belgian label EE Tapes!!

Noshinto tis a projekt ov thee Belgian artist Patrick Stevens who tis also perhaps more known for his workx as thee projekt Hypnoskull [who also appears later on this compilation..] thee track The End Of The World (Destroyed Mix) begins with a quirky repetitive organ line and tis overlayed with mashed-up amen-style break-beats and indecipherable vocals utterances as well as occasional noize bursts.. honestly thee track does not do much for myself personally, but maybe some will be ov another opinion..

moving on: Ec8or was formed by gabba and chiptune artist Patric Catani, and former Lemonbabies and present Cobra Killer member Gina Vaporjieff D'Orio.. thee track that they provide consists ov dark undulating elektronikx with restrained blasts ov beats which do not overpower thee dark atmospeheres!! ends in a wash ov digital delay!!

not much info for I.Q.C.M. other than they hail from Spain.. they provide some nice lo-fi dark atmospherics with this piece whose titles proclaims that they are not human..

[note: somehow thee order ov the tracks as we have them ripped tis different than what appears on thee label: with thee fourth and fifth trackx being switched..]

KiLL:OUT TRASH tis thee noize projekt variation ov thee projekt Killout Trash [Joel di Amaretto, Nick Trout, and Damon - Berlin, Germany] Joel di Amaretto was also thee Founder and owner of thee kool.POP and Capital Noise labels.. thee track they provide here tis crunchy feedback overlayed with screaming feminine vocalisations..

Mr. Moto [Matthias Lang - Germany] collaborates with Feldenberg Om [Germany?] for a wierd elekronik-rhythmic cacophany which also seems to contain feminine screams..

The Haters - "Founded in 1979, they are one of the earliest and most well-known acts in the modern noise scene. The group is primarily the work of the Hollywood, California-based media artist, writer, and filmmaker GX Jupitter-Larsen, accompanied by a constantly changing lineup of other "members," usually local experimental musicians and artists in whatever town in which a Haters performance happens to take place." there are links for both his discography as well as a film which he tis working on: A Noisy Delivery.. thee track provided here tis a tumult ov feedback and what sounds like proccessed recordings ov glass shattering..

De Fabriek [Richard van Dellen.. covered in thee last article here..] begin with a fast un-spooling ov tape, and transition to banging minimal elektronikx overlayed with glitching noizes!!

Brandelli D'Odio were a political hardcore band from Italy which was active in the 90's which went on to form E.A. ghost collective [which have been covered extensively in this blog..] thee jam session they provided sounds like metal percussions with swirling elektronikx!!

KiLL:OUT TRASH provide another cacophanous piece ov crunchy distorted sounds in which somewhere distantly tis present some sort ov distant rhythm.. this one tis practically so muddied as to wonder: "what was thee point??", but then again this cassette tis sub-titled "The Ultimate Ear Test" towards thee end eruptions ov bass and sequencing actually appear from behind this mud; only to be alternatingly subsumed some more before dissipating..

Hypnoskull [Patrick Stevens - Belgium] provides a rhythmic elektronikx piece with quirky synth-percussion and laser shots over which tis quietly said: "it's your problem"..

Konstruktivists [Dr. R. Alcapone Shiells, Glenn Michael Wallis, Mark Crumby - Great Britain] provides a piece ov drum sequencing and very sparse synth over which tis jokingly [and very annoyingly] said over and over "hello"..

thee info sheet lists thee contact being thee same for Konsort as for Konstruktivists.. thee track however tis less agitating.. it kind ov reminds me ov thee first demo from Terrorgoat - "Unholy Goatskull Rituals".. it tis like it tis trying to be nasty and scary, yet kind ov falls short, but therein lies much ov it's charm..

Track listing:

A1 Noshinto - The End Of The World (Destroyed Mix)
A2 Ec8or - Short Circuit
A3 I.Q.C.M. - I.Q.C.M. No Es Humano
A4 KiLL:OUT TRASH - Rapegirl (Part 3)
A5 Mr. Moto meets Feldenberg Om - Noisy Funny Action
A6 The Haters - Life Is No Time To Be Practical
B1 De Fabriek - Fasttracker
B2 Brandelli D'Odio - Barocchio Jam (Half Calibrated Incident)
B3 KiLL:OUT TRASH - Disko Ambient
B4 Hypnoskull - It's Your Problem (Original Version)
B5 Konstruktivists - Hello
B6 Konsort - Stench

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v.a.-SCULPTURES-(C60-Sépulkrales Katakombes-Belgium)

Another interesting compilation here from thee Belgian label Sépulkrales Katakombes which was run by Cedrik Fermont who now runs thee label Syrphe.. tis a bit ov a mix ov various styles which we shall go into here..

M. NOMIZED tis the projekt ov Michel Madrange thee musician, composer, painter, and puppeteer from Paris, France.. Michel has been active in his artistic pursuits since 1975.. with thee piece Tristesse Oblige [sadness obliges] Michel provides some nice piano work, and with Peinture [paint] he applies his talented hands to some great organ works!!

cannot find much for Ultra Moderne; aside from that they were a French duo.. thee two tracks that they provide here are both fairly interesting minimal elektro pieces!!

Črno Klank tis thee projekt ov Cedrik Fermont, and has had numerous collaborators since it's inception in 1989.. zek insekt and el virus de la muerte [the virus of death] are both fairly angsty elektro pieces.. with thee first being a bit more restrained, and thee second being quite a bit more visceral and noizy!!

[note: thee fidelity for most ov thee early part ov thee second side ov this tape tis fairly poor..]

De Fabriek [the factory]are from the Dutch City of Zwolle, and started in Decmember 1977 as a collective project.. Their goal was to do minimal experimental music.. Richard van Dellen has been thee core member ov this projekt, but has had many collaborators over thee years.. thee first untitled track provided here tis a sort ov fairly interesting elektro piece with dissonant guitar work, and masculine vocals.. thee second untitled piece begins with some Dutch conversation which i am unable to translate.. after about three minutes ov this comes in nice dancey minimal elektro with gruff masculine vocal utterances!! [after about five minutes thee fidelity ov thee recording improves tremendously!!] there tis a lil bit ov wanky guitar work overlayed on this piece, but none which tis entirely too objectionable.. not a bad piece all in all..

United Gods are from Budapest, Hungary.. the group consists of BOLVÁRI CSABA, JAKAB ÁRPÁD, JÁSZBERÉNYI JÓZSEF & KECSKÉS PÉTER with PÁLFI GÁBOR lending a hand.. they present here a nice piece ov dark atmospheric elektronikx titled: 11. Daath!! thee track was taken from their first release which was similarly titled Daath which was released in Germany at thee time.. this projekt tis still active and tis working on a new album!!

Trach listing:

a01-M.NOMIZED-tristesse oblige
a04-ULTRA MODERNE-small stone
a05-ČRNO KLANK-zek insekt
a06-ČRNO KLANK-el virus de la muerte
b01-DE FABRIEK-untitled
b02-DE FABRIEK-untitled excerpt
b03-UNITED GODS-11 daath

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Critical Theatre - Nine Tenths Of The Law - self released - autumn 2009

was delighted to have recently received this great release ov esoteric elektronikx in thee mail!! though generally our hands have dug down fairly deep into thee soils to unearth gems from thee past; sometimes there are rare things hiding away nearer to thee surface which tis contemporaneous with our present lived experiences.. Critical Theatre tis thee projekt ov Maxwell Benedetti & Feral Faerie Samantha from Portland, Oregon.. they seem to be coming up quite an ammount ov late; with posts recently on thee great blogs Because God Told Me To Do It and Thee Other Sound, and there tis good reason for this: it tis a great projekt!! was extremely elated when Maxwell said that we had permission to share this amazing release with you all here ov which there may be a few ov thee 50 copies remaining!!

thee first track tis a collaboration with Ade ov thee U.K. projekt Mutate, and features his guitar work accompanying Maxwell who tis providing loops, vocals, and fx.. though it tis cited that there are vocals here; they must be buried very deeply in thee processing or mix.. thee piece consists ov slowed orchestral samples which are met with great layered washes ov feedback which never overwhelm, but rather hold one within a state ov splendor!! unique elektronikx approaches are utilised which provide for an excellent sonic experience for this piece dealing with thee ritualised positions ov authority ov thee Sacrifical King!!

The Burning Ritual cites Markus Wolff [Waldteufel - Somewhere in Kaskadien Germany] as providing vocals; though again their placement in thee mix tis not easilly discernable, and tis accompanied by Maxwell on guitar, loops, drone, and fx.. additionally Zach Archer provides source material for this piece.. brilliantly cascading sonic drone-scapes!!

lasting a duration ov over ten minutes Yoni Verse allows a presence ov time to delve deeply into thee suprasensorial perception ov thee concepts ov thee Yoni which tis variously interepreted as meaning "source or origin of life" and/or "divine passage".. "A child was considered to be born from a yoni of stars - constellations that prevailed during the child birth. The Aryans had identified some 50,000 astrological yonis that favour a child's birth. The term yoni was also used in agricultural references by the Aryans. A 'fertile yoni' meant a good harvest of crops".. sonicly Maxwell and Zach Archer provide fittingly beatific drones for this astral passage!!

Feed High tis a collaboration with Rei Rea [Christian Dube - Canada] who provides guitar workx whilst Maxwell provides bass.. this piece tis sonicly much more dissonant; yet still maintains a brilliant spectral presence which continues to draw one within!!

El Diablo Me Arranco La Lengua [the devil plucked my tongue] this piece features collaboration from Ordo Lacrima Christi [Ingmar Diform - Mexico] on samples and power elektronikx and Maxwell providing loop sample, feedback, and fx.. it begins with thee sounds ov birds, tides washing ashore, rains, and tis met with cascading rumbles ov power elektroniks, wondrous drones, and beauteous dissonances whose shrillness still entice!! towards thee end a trickling fluidity brings thee piece to a point ov cessation..

thee sixth song tis an untitled piece which features Maxwell providing guitar, drone, fx, percussion, and again thee elusively present vocals.. quiet [yet ominous] feedback builds in intensity, and tis interspersed with droning atmospheres over which tis laden slowly reverberating ritualised percussion!!

thee final piece ov thee album tis titled 7th Level and features Maxwell on synth feedback, and loops.. in addition Zach Archer again provides source material.. thee track tis dedicated to M.R., and tis composed ov splendorous atmospheres interspersed with shrill squeals ov feedback which spark up as momentary disturbances amidst thee awe inspiring beatitude ov this magnificent sonic presence!!

Track listing:

01 - Sacrificial King
02 - The Burning Ritual
03 - Yoni Verse
04 - Feed High
05 - El Diablo Me Arranco La Lengua
06 - Untitled
07 - 7th Level


SPIN-pot purri(c60-1991-Bestattungsinstitut-Germany)

strange esoteric elektronikx here from this early projekt ov DeviLs G. [Teatro Satanico, Lvnvs, S. Biasin Trio,.. - Italy]!! released in 1991 on thee German label Bestattungsinstitut which was run by Siegmar Fricke [Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide] who also contributed voice and tape manipulation for this recording!!

Note: these are definitely not DeviLs G.'s best workx by far, but those seeking thee rare early workx from this brilliant artist shall likely appreciate this as a window back for this genius who has evolved so far from this very surreal past document..

origine casuale - 24 minutes ov wierd elektronikx with strange- flangey vocal incantations.. inititally there tis wierd synthesizer work which later transitions to more organ sounding material.. all ov it tis very spacey..

the 4 laws cock,dick,pack,fuck - quirky wierd synth workx with indecipherable pitch shifted vocals appearing sporadicly..

claustrophoniae - more wierd minimal synth workx with sparse percussive sequences..

estasi ed disciplina - one ov thee better trackx here with fairly interesting synth sounds and erotic groans..

disciplina ed estasi - probably more akin to what we would expect : darker atmospheres swirling with distant squalls ov feedback and strange collage work ov vocal eruptions, barking dogs, erotic groans.. also there tis playing ov some dissonant wind-instrument as well as actual wind.. about ten and half minutes ov these interesting sonic manifestations with it becoming more dissonant towards thee very end!!

pigghot porkojodio - esoteric atmospherics with unique analog synthesizer work!! features some collage work ov pig snorting as well..

viva aldi - appears to be a brief outro from thee Italian baroque composer and priest: Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (March 4, 1678 – July 28, 1741)..

Track listing:

a01-origine casuale
a02-the 4 laws cock,dick,pack,fuck
b02-estasi ed disciplina
b03-disciplina ed estasi
b04-pigghot porkojodio
b05-viva aldi

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