Friday, December 29, 2017

2017 winter cuss-fetish batch

mat 021 - squrm / conniptor - live katabatik summer solstice 2016

live dokument from two incredible mutoid PNW tekno akts recorded during the 2016 katabatik summer solstice!! squrm is thee projekt ov elm outcault [sere/ve il/gyre v] whilst this may be thee only physical dokumentation for the projekt- it tis deservedly overdue in seeing release here - mad praise for bringing it to thee materschina-fetish imprint for this split release from label stalwart cryptoid: conniptor who tis also in fine mutagenic form here!! those who may have bore witness to these acts are likely cognizant these two are laying down hardware jams worthy ov deeper inspection!!

mat 022 - frank hospiz - mutant taimori

cuss-fetish tis beyond honoured to be able to help co-release this audio dokument in collaboration with thee Drames imprint from Frank Hospiz - a soundtrack related project from one ov our absolute favorite Franco-Belgian sound artists: Dasz who is also behind numerous projects including: Dolina/Illustration Sonore/ Ame De Boue- amongst others!! this release stands out in it's uniqueness even amidst thee misfit roster ov miscreants who've thus far hurled their invectives across the magnetic spectral spools.. BECOME PRO-MUTANT!!!

mat 024 - ceremonial abyss, atlea, & identity theft / bore tide

materials for thee a-side to this release were borne initially ov thee collaborative efforts ov 3x prime katabatik hardware electronics masters for thee 2016 Cascadian Yule-tide festival, and were subsequently developed further for this audio dokumentation. thee b side brings forth inceptive invectives from Bore Tide- forged from thee collaborative efforts betwixt Atlea [Nommo Ogo!!] and D.A. Terrance [Hanford Acid]!! both sides bestow frigid boreal hardware teknoid electronics par excellence!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


“These things never happen, but are always.” -Gaius Sallustius Crispus

Many of you have inquired after the fantastical blossom that has been cultivating at my hand year upon year, bloodcolored and shining with a dew of tears. The time has come that I place it before those of you who might wish to taste of its sweet and its bitter, this offering to the void. 

From the lyricist for Sirenum Scopuli, Fauna, and others; from the hand behind Port of the Sun and author of Black Hills Cabal, comes the long-awaited epic novel Helios. 

...A young man raised in a hermetic city sets out on a quest of becoming, tracing the threads of an imagined world outward in concentric circles of loss and discovery. What unfolds is a coming-of-age story of survival and the search for meaning in a world on the verge of collapse. Painstakingly sewn through interlaced narratives and hallucinatory poetics, Helios combines elegiac literary fiction, extravagant erotomyth, and psychologue into a fable which flowers open like Devil's Blossom. A flavor on the tongue of what never was, yet is always...

Eight years in the making. 1,088 pages of hypnagogic literary animism, in three separate volumes. 


Being an account of a citizen of the obscure city at the navel of the world, and the sojourn of a miscreant.

Limited first edition printing of 100 books. Full-color covers + interior illustrations by David V. D’Andrea. Eclipse endpages. Magic.

Available exclusively through Oneiria:

$100 + shipping (sold at cost, no profit). To those for whom such expenditure makes purchase burdensome, a .pdf is downloadable at on a donation basis.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

лето сквернословие 2016!!

mat 018 - conniptor - contraindication

somewhere betwixt ghetto-bass concussiveness, inebriated Italo hallways ov mirrors, and effed up weird-core electronics - Conniptor continues to jak hard at thee cerebral and corporeal with auditory oddities which evade categorizations as would be expected from this liminal hardware provocateur / bisector ov Imago Ignota!!

mat 019 - imago ignota - expired deposition

this tremendously anticipated sophomore album from Imago Ignota exceeds any expectations which could have been leveled its way- crushing at nearly 90 minutes in duration- these two hardware aficionados prove that the chthonic chaos ov their collaborative energies far surpasses many ov their contemporaries tepid characterizations ov what exactly fucks up thee floors ov dark bars - as strange shadows solipsistically scintillate seclusionary specters..

mat 020 - ceremonial abyss - aliénation et magie noire

closing a trilogy ov cassettes associated with afflicted artist Antonin Artaud - this feral fucker bares fangs!! if these tracks fail to bring writhing ecstatic torments; then lividity may be a long erstwhile problematic ov a bygone bemusement..

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

cuss-fetischismus early 2016 campaign.

mat 016 - ceremonial abyss - pathwork

this c75 features two long mixes ov materials composed by Denver based project Ceremonial Abyss - thee A side finds thee project delving into more abstruse sonic scapes than his previous releases both here on cuss-fetish, and as well on Seattle based Motor collective’s imprint.. after the more ambient assemblages with nods to fore-bearers such as early-era Tangerine Dream or even Jarre’s influences; Oakland-based projekt Identity Theft contributes a similarly emotionally evocative scape ov his own with a darkening ov these hues..
thee B-side ascends from this terra-icognita towards brooding acidity that contiguously subsumes in melding textures ov morose ambiances as well that acrid taste dance-floors salivate for!

mat 017 - ceremonial abyss - presence is devotion

second proper album from this Denver based projekt known to have associated with Imago Ignota / Thee Source ov Fawnation / Spectral Hatchery.. hard brazen tekno scapes sprawling chasms ov guttural synth textures amidst jabs ov percussive accents alternating betwixt restraint and an incessant acidic melting ov orientation ov corporeal perception via cavorting undulations!!

mastered by Luke Burba

copies ov mat 016 / 017 are split betwixt thee oft-touring artist and the label this time- so anticipate thee likelihood it will not last..

Friday, October 30, 2015

autumnal ambient & acid assault

mat 014 - diana berti - tragedy of the uncommons

from Lord Ausch's priests' eye copulated with upon the sacramental altar / fwd to Buneul's razor slashed eye in Chien Andelieu / fwd to Fulci's repetitive slow motion traumas upon thee ocular and even Argento's retinal capture at the moment ov death in Four Flies on Grey Velvet: a nightmare concert ov imageries has been imprinted..
sounds surreal, soothing, and traumatic issue forth in this inceptive invective from Diana Berti - projekt ov Violet Poison [Veleno Viola / Opal Tapes / Hospital Productions / Candela Rising]
from VHS and broadcast Gialli youthful obsessions emerge these strange analog synth scapes sequencing picnoleptic labyrinthine mysteries ov uncertainty..

as thee dubious scenes unfold- we are shocked at thee climax -as when at thee end ov Don't Torture a Duckling we witness thee corrupt priest plummeting over the cliff- as ultra-violently his face is ripped to shreds in a repetitive sequence that we are incapable ov forgetting..

mat 015 - identity theft / exillon

from dark margins an acidulous swarming undulates forth..
change your passwords/ alter your fingerprints and retinas/ mutate and resequence your genetic markings..
Identity Theft issues forth pure EBM/ACID without compromise nor regrets!! if you are incognizant ov this artists' works as member ov Nommo Ogo / Seacrypt / Abandoned Footwear [with Exillon!!] - you are likely still fooling with trend following- hyped up synthesizer fodder for thee commercial Wire mag ilk..
if your tastes tend towards thee non-alkaline: Exillon has that acrid taste that will fuck up your palate thee way that you are craving!! dark perverted acid that fucks up dance floors!! the sounds ov this cassette jak hard before thee acidity melts all substance into an ambient trance that inexplicably comes to cessation - only to have you repetitiously craving that this immersion ov yr sensorial elation ouroborosly repeat ad infinitum!!

Friday, July 10, 2015

сакрального и профанного

MAT 011 - aft3rbirth / an exquisite corpse

two extremely disparate approaches from individuals active in the field ov electronic sound from thee psychic geographic locale ov portland, oregon.. 

every eprom exploited, diodes distressed and dilapidated, circuitry corrosively cursing, bytes bitten until bruzed, accelerationist aktions from AFT3RBIRTH who has been active in underground electronics for over twenty years!!  

from harsh visceral extremities; collapse into cavernous reverberated ambiances ov trance inducing cathartic meditative loops from AN EXQUISITE CORPSE - thee projekt ov Ogo Eion whose impact as curator ov Portland area events Psychopomp and Cacophony have left an indelible impact upon thee imaginal ov PNW esotericists for a decade going strong!! 

MAT 012 - conniptor - sacred zoology

PNW jak-elekroniks maestro CONNIPTOR [Imago Ignota / Lacedon / Kenophilia] issues proper hardware based tekno for thee cryptids and insectoids dwelling above and beneath our world!!