Thursday, June 3, 2010

TAM QUAM TABULA RASA-muleacenani(c46-Old Europa Cafe-italy-1994)

T.Q.T.R. is Luca Ferrarini, Marco Berisso, Paolo Gentiluomo, and Roberto Soprani.

This Italian band has been active since the late 80s releasing a good amount of tapes and cds.

Muleacenani was released on Old Europa Café(old Italian label of industrial music managed by Rodolfo Protti which is still active nowadays)as a c46. This tape was re-released on double cd together with “Lacrymae Rerum” tape by Old Europa Café label in an edition of only 150 copies back in 2006.

Some people call the music of this tape “archaic drone atmospheric ambient”, the term does the job quite well for me. An ethereal flux of dreams/sounds bringing you through a spiral of desires and flames. If you are into ritual music and dronish noise this tape is for you.

Track listing:

a01-treponema pallidum I
a02-treponema pallidum II
b01-repellere repagula I
b02-repellere repagula II


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