Sunday, June 20, 2010

Exotoendo - Endorcism Process & Push Kara

Exotoendo was thee astonishing ritual ambient projekt ov French artist Cyril Herry [Ashes To Ashes, Lecanora, Ninth Desert, Salamandre, Sechres Mound, The Uncanny].. rather than describing thee brilliant sonorism which he creates for these releases; shall share excerpts from thee texts contained within them to offer a window into thee concepts upon which thee sonorism reflects..

-from Endorcism Process:

"to know the white
to preserve the black
and doing so to be the world's norm"

Lao Tseu (Tao Te King)

"The perfect negative principle (Yin) is grace fully passive.
The perfect postive principle {Yang) is powerfully active.
One comes from heaven, the other one comes from earth.
The osmosis between both creates this harmony
out of which every thing is produced:

Tchouang Tseu (Aphorismes)

-from Push Kara:

"The inspiration of Push Kara (intermediate states) comes from the Bardo Thodol, a famous Tibetan Buddhism text. The music which results is neither a retranscription nor an interpretation, but a reflection of a certain reality - the essence expressed in the Bardo Thodol. Passage through these intermediate states is considered to be a harmful experience for Tibetans, comparable to the crossing of mountains, chasms, deserts, and waters.."

Exotoendo - Endorcism Process - Old Europa Cafe - 1998

Track listing:

1 Inner Picture 1
2 Inner Picture 2
3 Inner Picture 3
4 Between
5 Outer Picture 1
6 Outer Picture 2
7 Outer Picture 3

Exotoendo - Push Kara - Athanor - 2000

Track listing:

1 Sangs-rgyas-kyi Dgongs-pa 1 (Life) 8:25
2 Sangs-rgyas-kyi Dgongs-pa 2 (Dream) 3:33
3 'pho-ba (Transe) 13:36
4 'chi-kha'i Bardo (Death) 4:38
5 Chos-nyid Bar-do (Existence) 3:41
6 Srid-pa Bar-do (Reality)


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