Friday, March 27, 2015

весна сквернословие!!

MAT 009 - ceremonial abyss

with this c47 bear witness to thee dance floor conundrum in which one may be uncertain whether it tis best befitting to be either ecstatically dancing or voraciously head-banging to these enthralling hardware tekno works bestowed from Ceremonial Abyss [Imago Ignota / Thee Source Ov Fawnation]!!

MAT 010 - erezioni astrali / entheogen absconditus

thee plans for this cassette have been quite some time in the making as an homage ov friendship between contributors for thee esoteric electronics blog vita ignes: corpus lignum

for more than twenty years E.A. [ghost collective] has been active in thee international mail-art/ industrial underground.. for their side ov this c47 as erezioni astrali: they are working in software based sound collage assemblages utilizing rhythmic / and more atonal abstract aspects ov sound design works..
for thee b side entheogen absconditus work with assorted non-midi hardware [BRuZED CiRcUiTs built osc/seq units, soviet era drum synth, and various other equipment] generating pulsing rhythmic squelches not ov thee conventional sound palates. for thee purposes ov these recordings author Port of the Sun contributes reading from the novel Helios!!

[note: final copies ov earlier titles near gone.]