Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chöd !!!

Chöd was thee projekt ov French occult sound artist Dominique Maud!! have transferred all three ov thee releases which i have ov this astounding projekt!! would love to see if anyone out there who has thee very rare untitled 2xCass - C20 released on Art Concept, and tis willing to transfer and share.. cannot say enough how much these releases are loved here!! astounding usage ov droning ethereal atmospheres, ritual percussions, excellent sampling ov ethnic instrumentations/choral workx/wolves!! also great minimal sequencer usage at times!! can easily get lost in repetitiously taking in thee occult sonorous environs which Chöd engenders!!

[[notes: thee version ov Kala-Nath which was transferred was the c60 released on Harmonie in 1996; i did not break up thee tracks [as tis done on thee cdr which was released on Kokeshidisk in 2006..] also due to thee short durations ov both thee Psychotic Session cs and Ishtar Aux Enfers 7": it was decided to include them both in thee same folder.. enjoy these brilliant tribal ambient recordings!!]]

Chöd - Kala-Nath - c60 - Harmonie - France - 1996

No track listing..

Chöd - Psychotic Session - c30 - Psychotic Release - Italy - 1997 +

No track listing..

Chöd - Ishtar Aux Enfers - 7" ep - Athanor - France - 1999

Track listing:

a - Ishtar Aux Enfers
b - Le Déluge Babylonien

[[note: as stated previously: this ep tis included in thee above link..]]


Friday, September 10, 2010

va - Exposing Italian Underground - Healter Skelter Organisation - 1993

another astonishing Italian compilation here!! released in 1993 by thee Italian label Healter Skelter Organisation which was run by Alessandro Papa!! many wondrous dark elektronikx artists from Italy at thee time are represented on this one!! came with a booklet featuring art from each ov thee projekts as well as a few inserts [all ov which were scanned for you who care..]

Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata [The name is Italian for the medical imaging device Computed Tomography (CT)] tis a projekt which formed in Parma, Italy in 1981 which has undergone numerous lineup changes.. their last lineup before going into hiatus in 2006 consisted ov Simon Balestrazzi, Monica Serra, and Corrado Loi; Balestrazzi having been a core member throughout thee duration ov thee groups history.. [note: my effing tape deck tried to eat thee beginning ov thee cassette, and so there tis a brief krinkly sektion.. mis apologias..] thee track T.A.C. present here consists ov beauteous female vocal chanting, trancing elektronikx, and tribal-esque percussive sequencing!!

Runes Order tis thee projekt ov Claudio Dondo who originally started thee projekt in 1988 as Order 1968.. he has released a copious ammount ov ritual elektronikx releases throughout this great projekts history!! thee track presented here: Reversed Time consists ov intriguing sustained ethereal atmospheric elektronikx!!

Odal tis thee projekt ov Alessandro Papa [who ran thee label Healter Skelter Organisation which released this astounding compilation!!] thee piece consists ov intriguing restrained synthesiser and sequencing usage!!

thee legendary Ain Soph [Clau D.E.D.I., Claudio Giammarini, Crucifige, Forenovis, Marcello Fraioli, THX] began as an esoteric ritual elektronikx projekt in Rome in thee early 1980's, who later developed into more neo-classical/experimental territories before transitioning to a direction more akin to traditional folk music and psychedelic hard rock!! thee track that they present here tis more representative ov thee latter ov these focuses [similar to thee material from their astounding album Aurora!!]

Gerstein tis thee projekt ov thee experimental artist Maurizio Pustianaz [Dr Cancer, Infektion Prod., Noisebrigade] who has been active since 1984!! thee piece which he presents here has a rather industrial-rock feel about it [some elements ov which seem to work better than others..]

Atrax Morgue was thee projekt ov Marco Corbelli [Mörder Machine, Kranivm, Necrofilia, Necrophonie, Pervas Nefandum, Progetto Morte] who ran thee incredibly prolific and profound death-industrial label: Slaughter Productions before making thee decision to end his life on thee 6th ov May 2007.. thee piece which he presented here consists ov scathing dark elektronikx with Marco's vocal proclamations making shrieked reverberating presences!!

X4U was thee solo project ov musician, DJ, and computer graphic artist Francesco Lodolo which ran from 1991 to 1995.. thee track which he presents here consists ov pulsating rhythmic elektronikx!!

Teatro Satanico Charles Manson tis thee esoteric elektronikx projekt ov deViLs G/ Devis Granziera who hails from Bassano Del Grappa (Vicenza)!! thee piece presented here features thee hauntingly powerfull vocals ov Alberto Maria Kundalini!!

G.M.11 [Grade Mark Eleven] tis thee projekt ov Ann Aghemo!! [curious here as to what else this artist may have done??] thee piece presented here consists ov industrial sequencing with neo-classical organ progressions, and rasping vocal delivery!!

XCR tis thee projekt ov Monica Seksich [Heat] and Paolo Agazzi.. thee piece which they present tis a bit reminiscent to me ov thee esoteric body music ov Limbo [who this projekt also happened to have collaborated with on thee Conspiratorium: The Ice Line cd..]

as just previously stated: Heat tis thee projekt ov Monica Seksich !! thee piece here consists ov great minimal dark/wave with Seksich's somber reverberating vocalisations!!

X4U provides another piece here to conclude thee compilation!! this time an ethereal synthesizer composition with some strange minimal sequencer filtering..

Track listing:

A1 Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata - Haiti 93111 (Santa Maria)
A2 Runes Order - Reversed Time
A3 Odal - Inno Al Sole
A4 Ain Soph - Time
A5 Gerstein - In The Shadow Of The Sun
A6 Atrax Morgue - Rapetime
B1 X4U - Sense Of Doubt I
B2 Teatro Satanico Charles Manson - Confesso Tutto!
B3 G.M. 11 - Break Down
B4 XCR - The Back Track
B5 Heat - What Is Pain?
B6 X4U - Sense Of Doubt II