Sunday, June 20, 2010

HOEDh - Hymnvs & Universum

HOEDh was thee projekt ov thee German artist Thorn Hoedh who passed away on thee night ov May 15th-16th 2003.. he was involved in thee projekts: Delysid , DLS, Helix 12, Moksha, and Ordo Catharis Templi!! thee two albums shared here are some ov thee most beauteous dark ambient releases which one could hope to encounter!! Hymnvs was released in 1993 on thee Atmosphere sublabel ov Dark Vinyl which was dedicated to generally more rhythmic ambient music.. and Universum was released post-humously on thee Dark Vinyl Records label on thee first ov April 2004.. again here are presented more releases from thee astounding 23 Temple!!

Hoedh - Hymnvs:

Track listing:

1 Heilige (Sophisme Sonores)
2 Hoedh (Sonnenklang)
3 Von Zauber der Weihe
4 Hymnus (Neuroprogrammierung)
5 Aurora (Pfad der Imagination)
6 Das Geistige Universum
7 Heilige (Mantra der Rotation)

Hoedh - Universum:

Track listing:

1 Matrix
2 Compendium
3 Musrevinu
4 Rosae
5 Creation
6 Energetik
7 Fluere
8 Herzreise
9 Adeptus
Xtra Track
10 Daemmerung Am Pog (Variation Cut)