Monday, June 21, 2010

100th Post Summer Solstice Compilation

as our position in thee north approaches thee solar zenith: at this blue ov noon; where our shadows seem to disappear: an offering ov gratitude tis extended to these purveyors ov thee dark arts for thee sonorous gifts which they graciously bestow unto us as offerings whilst thee shadows again begin to grow in thee warmth ov thee solar flames!!

greatest ov thankx to all thee artists who have offered their unreleased [unless noted otherwise..] trackx for this special compilation!! also greatest ov thankx to all who have contributed with and supported this blog thus far to bring us to this 100th post (especially to [=F@R@W@Y=])!! cannot forget to give thee highest ov praise to Ogo Eion for kindly offering his superb talents to thee graphic layout and cover art for thee compilation here!!

Expected Average tis thee projekt ov Raffaelle Galluci (E.A. Ghost Collective) who have been fairly thoroughly documented at points throughout this blog.. thee track offered here tis titled: monsterreich(revisited)!!

Paintings For Animals tis thee projekt ov Pearson Wallace-Hoyt who tis also an organiser for thee annual Seattle Occultural Music Festival thee track which he offers here tis titled: Boundary Water and tis taken from the album Sleep’s Keeper ov thee Sea..

Testing Vault tis thee projekt ov Italian artist dANi/ALvo!! thee track he offers unto us here tis titled: The Edgar Allan Fish Memorial Center - Main Theme (Brief Version).. he asked that we accompany thee track with a manifesto here, and as well that we include thee additional informantion:

The Edgar Allan Fish Memorial Center Is The Other Eye Of Testing Vault.
TV Is Personal Hell, EAFMC Is The Hell Outside.
There's More Noises And Hidden Messages. Maybe. Maybe Not.

But be sure that all my corpses cames all from the same river.

dANi/ALvo, aka ANAL/divo or ALAN/void, known also as A.void, Joo-Joe Alley or DNA-i.

"We Are Coming To Take Your Children. Eat Human Meat Is The Horror, The Salvation."
"g-ODD Ist Mein Only MOD-Herr-Aktor"
Edgar Allan Fish Memorial Center Mottos.

Vivimancer/I.N.R.I. are projekts ov thee Cascadian artist Scott McGahan [Scrolls / The Necro Sluts!!].. thee track he offers tis entitled "Flood4" and tis exclusive to this comp. It was created by playing guitar through a multi-effects pedal that got drowned in the Merkin flood. Then manipulated with computer. thee artwork tis a manipulated photo of a drawing that he did on the inside of the projection booth door at the Bijou. The original is about 3ft square and is in #2 pencil on wooden door with dirty white paintjob. he used gels to make the photo be more sepia toned!!

The Joy Of Nature [previously: The Joy Of Nature And Discipline] tis thee projekt ov Luís Couto who hails from the island ov Azores, Portugal!! thee astounding track which he offers tis titled: Valsa Do Apego!!

Teatro Grotesco tis another amasing projekt from Luís Couto!! thee track offered here tis titled: rise and fall of a theatre!!

Incus tis an olde projekt ov Leland Boozer who also used to do thee projekt Zubrick!! he has been one ov thee most astounding archivists ov esoteric elektronikx i have ever encountered [try searching for: rota 777..] he seems to be absent ov late, and tis very much missed!! this was a track titled: Con part II which he has shared from an olde untitled cassette..

Critical Theatre tis thee projekt ov Maxwell Benedetti & Feral Faerie Samantha from Portland, Oregon who kindly offered us a copy ov their release: Nine Tenths Of The Law a while back!! thee track presented here tis titled: The Only Security (nine wands)!!

Elysium Obscura tis thee projekt ov Cascadian artists Si Matta and Amber Darkwood who have recently released thee album ...:Journey:.. which was released May 18th 2010 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Loowits eruption.!! si has also been working on thee projekt Gathering The Stories!! both ov these projekts are rooted in his connections to thee lands and peoples ov thee Columbia River Gorge!! thee track offered here tis titled: rains of winter (long take)!!

Djynnx tis a member ov Alaska/ Oakland, CA based projekt Nommo Ogo and as well tis a member ov thee Katabatik Meta-communications Sound-System!! Nommo Ogo was reviewed here a while back for thee recordings "Across Time and Space" CD + "Space Cross" 12" which were released by Record Label Records!! thee track which Djynnx offers here tis titled: space-wind flight!!

Barbarossa Umtrunk tis thee French Military-Ambient projekt ov Baron Von S!! thee track shared here tis an exclusive remixed version ov thee track Fallen Moons from thee incredible "Wehrwolf Dharma" cd released on Russian label Ufa Muzak and features thee German projekt Schattenspiel!!

"Under the Same Shadow is an ongoing collaboration between artists Alexander DeMaria and Owen Rundquist that manifests through sculpture, installation and sound work. Visually the work draws on Pagan, Heathen and early Christian history and ephemera as well as mythology and folklore. The audio elements take root in black metal, doom, and drone, moving between abstraction and representation. "

thee track shared here was previously released as a limited cdr also titled: Under the Same Shadow!!

AC Way tis thee Experimental / Turntablism / Black Metal projekt ov Oakland, CA artist Andrew Christian Way [Maleficia/Carrion] thee track provided here tis titled: eidolon!!

Teatro Satanico tis thee projekt ov thee occult experimental elektronikx artist deviLs g./Devis Granziera [Abra Had Abra, Lvnvs, Necrofilia, Necrophonie, S. Biasin Trio..] who hails from Bassano Del Grappa (Vicenza), Italy!!

here tis thee info which was included with thee track:

"the title of this work is: VENI LUCIFER

the chant says: veni Lucifer et emitte caelitus lucis tuae radium

it's Latin text, and it is an evident détournement of the catholic chant known as "veni sancte spiritus"

I think that the line "send forth from the sky the radiance of your light " fits better to Lucifer, the "Light Bringer", than to a white pigeon ; )

I created this track from just only one audio-file: the recorded voice of kalamun while he was chanting that line.

I just used that audio source for this piece and absolutely no other sound.

beAst regards

deviLs g."

Children Of The Apocalypse/ C.O.T.A tis thee projekt ov Jon Auchterlonie,Salomeh, and guests.. who hail from Sherman Oaks, CA!! they are thee people behind thee Sonick Sorcery label who released thee astonishing "Visions From The Garden" compilation some time back!!

thee track which they have offered tis entitled: In This Night, and was "originally titled The Hunt, and appeared on thee Marches and Meditations cd. This version was recently recorded at Offerings For the Sunrise III, an event in Jawbone Canyon. This is an acoustic interpretation of The Hunt- dedicated this time to British Petroleum..."

mysterious Cascadian artist Sere [Shroud!!] provides thee deeply effecting ritual elektronikx piece titled: unsurfacing!!

similarly enigmatic Cascadian artist Mercury [A Somber Boreal/ Aera Productions!!] provides us with thee amasingingly trance-inducing track entitled : inari!!

due east ov thee Cascades; Hyperborean/Atlantean mythos inspired ambient synth projekt Vilfos provides thee track: decussate aeturnum; which was originally released on his incredibly limited 2005 demo !!

Port Of The Sun tis thee incredible projekt ov "Black Hills Cabal" bard/author/poet Ocean!! thee track provided here tis titled: now let us not breathe, for there is nothing unsacred!!

Nezzy Idy tis thee Psychedelic / Experimental / Electro projekt ov Emit Idy!! thee effing great track provided here tis titled: Nighttown!!

Nature Morte are an astounding atmosperic elektronikx projekt who hail from Roazhon,France!! thee track which tis based upon thee "madness that excessive heat can create" tis titled: Last Summer!!

LIMBO tis thee legendary esoteric body music projekt ov Gianluca Becuzzi (GLB) and Diego "Loop" Loporcaro (DL)!! thee track which they provide here tis an unreleased version of their 1989 classic "Les 120 Journees" titled: Les 120 Journées (GLB Extended Remix 2010)

A Minority Of One tis thee projekt ov Jason Hovatter Craban [Portland, OR] who prvides thee song titled: Sky Father!!

instrumentation for this recording includes: various traditional handmade drums, marching snare, bulls horn, glass, digital delay, compressor, and voice.

"fathers sang
feeding our home soil
for us and those who come
He rides the mornings sky
on the wings of geese"

At The Head Of The Woods tis thee beauteous Visual / Psychedelic / Healing & EasyListening project ov James Woodhead [The Elemental Chrysalis/ Blood Of The Black Owl/ A Minority Of One] who provides here thee track titled: Sunshine which was composed using: farfisa compact combo, crumar toccata, and crumar performer!!

She wrote:

"my name can't be on this track.
a blob about the artist can be made up if you like..
something can be made up..."

thee track she provided tis titled: Ritual

Ben L. Robertson tis a brilliant microtonal composer based out ov Spokane, WA presently; who tis involved with thee label Aphonia Recordings!! thee track provided here tis a collaboration with saxophonist Natalya Lainhart titled: frooties

A.:S.:. [accenting shadows]tis thee San Francisco, CA based death trance projekt comprised ov members ov thee Minimalist / Experimental / Industrial projekt Repetitive Motion Syndrome and DJ / producer: .pink.noise.!! thee amasing track they present tis based on processing an obscure ceremonial tape of a tarahumanra ritual which was obtained at a mission on a Tarahumara Indian reservation in the mountains of Creel Mexico (it was the only tape there so guess it is pretty limited edition) when thee artists were up there last January.. thee picture tis of the a rock at thee Valle de Monjes (valley of the monks) in thee mountains of thee same reservation!! thee piece tis titled: Quilted Smallpox

VelgeNaturlig tis an excellent projekt ov an artist named Ivo based out ov Portugal.. thee powerful ambient track provided tis titled:OmegaCentauris, and was composed utilising field recordings ov electricity, waters, and some spectral voice!!

Kanopic Descent tis thee Oakland, CA based death trance projekt ov Amber Amnesia [Susperium] and
Sean Dimentia [Dimentia / Pansophia]!! thee track they share was previously released on their cd "Hymn ov Ayin", and tis titled: N'Kai!!

An Exquisite Corpse tis thee experimental sound projekt ov astonishing graphic artist, fashion designer, and promoter ov thee Cacophony and Psychopomp events: Ogo Eion!! Ogo has incredibly kindly provided thee graphic layout and design for this compilation!! thee piece presented tis titled: a circle ov threes, and was recorded at midnight in a single take, based on digitally
processed acoustic zither samples as provided by Eyerish Heather

Japanese dystopic cyber-punk author/ industrial elektronikx artist Kenji Siratori & takedown UAV provide thee track titled: crepusculum matutinum.. this may later be issued as part ov a vinyl release..

Disk I:
01 - expected average - monsterreich(revisited)
02 - Paintings For Animals - Boundary Water
03 - Testing Vault - The Edgar Allan Fish Memorial Center - Main Theme (Brief Version)
04 - Vivimancer - I.N.R.I - flood4
05 - The Joy Of Nature - valsa do apego
06 - Teatro Grotesco - rise and fall of a theatre
07 - Incus - Con part II
08 - Critical Theatre - The Only Security (nine wands)
09 - Elysium Obscura - rains of winter (long take)
10 - Djynnx - space-wind flight
11 - Barbarossa Umtrunk ( feat. Schattenspiel) - Fallen Moons

Disk II:
12 - Under the Same Shadow - Under the Same Shadow
13 - AC Way - eidolon
14 - Teatro Satanico - veniLucifer
15 - Children Of The Apocalypse - In This Night
16 - Sere - unsurfacing
17 - Mercury - inari
18 - Vilfos - decussate aeturnum

Disk III:
19 - Port Of The Sun - now let us not breathe, for there is nothing unsacred
20 - Nezzy Idy - Nighttown
21 - Nature Morte - Last Summer
22 - LIMBO - Les 120 Journées (GLB Extended Remix 2010)
23 - A Minority Of One - skyfather
24 - At The Head Of The Woods - sunshine
25 - She - ritual
26 - Ben L. Robertson & Natalya Lainhart - frooties

Disk IV:
27 - A.:S.:.-Quilted Smallpox
28 - VelgeNaturlig - OmegaCentauris
29 - Kanopic Descent - N'Kai
30 - An Exquisite Corpse - a circle ov threes
31 - Kenji Siratori & takedown UAV - crepusculum matutinum

to make you your own physical releases; thee booklet tis avaiable here!!

[[note: due to thee complaints ov itunes users: have added itunes tagged versions here.. these versions are not in thee formats which they were received by thee artists and may cause some loss in fidelity..]]

may your lived experiences and creative endeavors be fortuitous as thee shadows increase!!

be(a)st wishes!!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Exotoendo - Endorcism Process & Push Kara

Exotoendo was thee astonishing ritual ambient projekt ov French artist Cyril Herry [Ashes To Ashes, Lecanora, Ninth Desert, Salamandre, Sechres Mound, The Uncanny].. rather than describing thee brilliant sonorism which he creates for these releases; shall share excerpts from thee texts contained within them to offer a window into thee concepts upon which thee sonorism reflects..

-from Endorcism Process:

"to know the white
to preserve the black
and doing so to be the world's norm"

Lao Tseu (Tao Te King)

"The perfect negative principle (Yin) is grace fully passive.
The perfect postive principle {Yang) is powerfully active.
One comes from heaven, the other one comes from earth.
The osmosis between both creates this harmony
out of which every thing is produced:

Tchouang Tseu (Aphorismes)

-from Push Kara:

"The inspiration of Push Kara (intermediate states) comes from the Bardo Thodol, a famous Tibetan Buddhism text. The music which results is neither a retranscription nor an interpretation, but a reflection of a certain reality - the essence expressed in the Bardo Thodol. Passage through these intermediate states is considered to be a harmful experience for Tibetans, comparable to the crossing of mountains, chasms, deserts, and waters.."

Exotoendo - Endorcism Process - Old Europa Cafe - 1998

Track listing:

1 Inner Picture 1
2 Inner Picture 2
3 Inner Picture 3
4 Between
5 Outer Picture 1
6 Outer Picture 2
7 Outer Picture 3

Exotoendo - Push Kara - Athanor - 2000

Track listing:

1 Sangs-rgyas-kyi Dgongs-pa 1 (Life) 8:25
2 Sangs-rgyas-kyi Dgongs-pa 2 (Dream) 3:33
3 'pho-ba (Transe) 13:36
4 'chi-kha'i Bardo (Death) 4:38
5 Chos-nyid Bar-do (Existence) 3:41
6 Srid-pa Bar-do (Reality)


HOEDh - Hymnvs & Universum

HOEDh was thee projekt ov thee German artist Thorn Hoedh who passed away on thee night ov May 15th-16th 2003.. he was involved in thee projekts: Delysid , DLS, Helix 12, Moksha, and Ordo Catharis Templi!! thee two albums shared here are some ov thee most beauteous dark ambient releases which one could hope to encounter!! Hymnvs was released in 1993 on thee Atmosphere sublabel ov Dark Vinyl which was dedicated to generally more rhythmic ambient music.. and Universum was released post-humously on thee Dark Vinyl Records label on thee first ov April 2004.. again here are presented more releases from thee astounding 23 Temple!!

Hoedh - Hymnvs:

Track listing:

1 Heilige (Sophisme Sonores)
2 Hoedh (Sonnenklang)
3 Von Zauber der Weihe
4 Hymnus (Neuroprogrammierung)
5 Aurora (Pfad der Imagination)
6 Das Geistige Universum
7 Heilige (Mantra der Rotation)

Hoedh - Universum:

Track listing:

1 Matrix
2 Compendium
3 Musrevinu
4 Rosae
5 Creation
6 Energetik
7 Fluere
8 Herzreise
9 Adeptus
Xtra Track
10 Daemmerung Am Pog (Variation Cut)


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Karceral Flesh / Lärm - Contacts #10 Jeremy Bamber Tapes - 1993

excellent split cassette broken into two parts: here and here from Karceral Flesh [Franck Kervizic - France] and Lärm [Guilherme Rebello - Brazil] which was released as a part ov thee Contacts series on thee Jeremy Bamber Tapes label in 1993!! both projekts provide superb industrial elektronikx [much ov which tis exceedingly dance-floor friendly for it's macabre content!!]

Track listing:

A - Karceral Flesh - Until They Die
11 - EXODE
12 - THE END
B - Lärm - Excerpts From "Versuchsanstalt"
01 - Lebenskreis Leere
02 - Klangfilm
03 - Flucht aus Fabrik
04 - Luftspieglung
05 - Wardern
06 - Zukunftsmusik
07 - Industriegebiet
08 - Gemutlos
09 - Räderwerk
10 - Totenschau
11 - Reich
12 - Anfertigung
13 - Grabrede
14 - Leichenhaus


THE HATERS-silent shovels smashing sut-(c46 Noise-Taiwan,1994)

Do The Haters need a presentation on this blog??? Founded in 1979 this is mainly the musical project of GX Jupitter Larsen; The Haters have been around for a long time, playing live gigs(and smashing venues), making lots of recordings and collaborations all over the world. This tape was released in 1994 by the Taiwanese label called simply NOISE. It came out with a bilingual booklet (included here). About the music: this is simply and beautifully great noise industrial at his best!

Do you need some earplugs?

No track listing.


HERMIT-Vomit can be found in jars(Carpe Diem label-Canada-1995-c30)

here you will find 3 songs of strange noise improvisation by this Canadian project Hermit whom we have covered earlier in thee blog. Hermit is the solo project of Eric Boros who was also of Third World Planet, and who is nowdays involved in the duo Vialka [the last project of which is still touring all over the world,especially Europe] You might want to visit their webpage here, and if you do: you will realize how many projects Eric is still running… this tape consists of experimental bass/guitar/effects and crazy vocals with sometimes more crazy lyrics… I enjoy this one. A short tape full of surprises…

Track listing:

a01-mangled to perfection
b01-old man dementia
b02-quest for nolling


ASHES TO ASHES-museum of dust-1994-Incese-France

This is a symphonic dronish tape from French artist Cyril Herry [Lecanora, Ninth Desert, Exotoendo, Salamandre, Sechres Mound, The Uncanny]. There are 5 different tracks listed in the cover sleeve, but the music itself is just one long song; so I decided to not cut it, but leave it as one 21 minute flow of piano/organ symphonic goth-like stuff with noises of pouring water and some vocals. The cover sleeve is in part made of wall paper and has a very nice small picture on the front: quite a nice cover infact. This cassette was recorded in Lausanne(Switzerland in 1994. I included the picture of the cover and the infos enclosed in the sleeve.

Track listing:

A1 Imperturbable Stiches Of Time
A2 The Diverted Device
A3 The Great Theatre Of Decrepitude
A4 The Long Experience
A5 Damage Melody / The Last Elegy


Friday, June 18, 2010

Songs For The Children Of Baphomet by THE ROYAL FAMILY & THE POOR(1999 Gaia Communications World Network)~

this tis thee third audio release from thee label Gaia Communications World Network/ Gaia Records, recorded during 1989-1990: "Songs For The Children Of Baphomet: A Musickal Celebration on the Theme of Magick and A Tribute to The Life & Works Of Aleister Crowley, (1875 - 1947)".. Royal Family And The Poor tis primarily thee projekt ov UK artist Michael Anthony Keane.. a fairly extensive biography for thee projekt can be found here..

it would be incredibly difficult to do justice to thee complexity ov thee esoteric references which lay within this astounding document or to thee magnificence ov thee compositional brilliance which embodies this magnificent creative work!! simply hope that it may be appreciated by those who take thee time to pursue thee inspiring illumination which tis offered..

Track listing:

Part One: A Tribute To Aleister Crowley (1875-1947)
01 Therion
02 Hymn To Kali
03 Flaming Sword
04 Song Of Babalon
05 Lord Of The Stars
Part Two: Songs Of Initiation & Experience
06 Voice Of The Silence
07 When The Shadow Falls
08 Hymn To The Goddess
09 Flight Of The Raven
10 Magickal Childe
11 The 11th Path
12 Govinda
13 Always 718

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

Monday, June 14, 2010

4 X 23 Temple releases!!

23 Temple was thee name behind thee recordings ov thee German artists Paul Hostia and Thorn Hoedh [who died in thee night ov 15th-16th May 2003].. inspiring esoteric tekno which perchance some readers ov this blog may enjoy!!

Moksha - Huxley's Medecine / Iteration (Remixes) 12" [POF Music] 1998

Track listing:

A Huxley's Medecine (Bog Je Ljubav Remix)
Guitar - Bing Bong
Remix - Dr. Vaki , Fred Giteau
B Iteration (Remix)

Moksha vs. DLS - Liquid Jesus - 2 x 12" [BTM - Bochumer Ton Manufaktur] 1999

Track listing:

A Moksha - Liquid Jesus
B Moksha - Kua Gou (Remix)
C DLS - Systematik
D DLS - Morphik Labyrinth (De-Disco)

Helix 12 - Reaping Time / Deep Expressions [Tatsu Recordings] 2000

Track listing:

A Reaping Time
B Deep Expressions

Moksha - And Nothing Is Ever Lost / Exit Rozekruis (Remix) 12" - BTM - Bochumer Ton Manufaktur] 2001

Track listing:

A And Nothing Is Ever Lost
Co-producer - C.H. Mahajanah*
B Exit Rozekruis (Remix)