Saturday, February 27, 2010

THERABAQUD LEIC-Panacea(ministry of ultramarine theatre-c30-Italy)

great acoustic ritual sonorism here from this projekt ov Gianluigi Russolo [Subliminale, TV Satanico, S. Biasin Trio..] thee info in thee cassette states: "a coumcept ov natural acoustick sonorites/ only acoustick instrumentation were employed in this sexsion/ dedicated to Pan" it appears that assistance may have been provided by DeviLs G. and Stefano Della Volpe.. though due to thee esoteric heiroglyph-type writing some ov thee information tis a bit confusing..

druides - [sounds like thee recording tis a bit warbly] ritual percussions, flutes, bells, pieces ov metal, wailing saxophone, droning voice, and dissonant bowed-strings make for a strange piece ov esoteric sonorism!!

soltitius - dissonant wailing call and reponse from saxophones!!

ritual-theatro chimico - nice distant ritual percussions reverberate, and later thunder and are met with more dissonant wailing ov sax!! later still in thee piece tis what sounds like nice dissonant/melodic vibraphone!!

genesis - ritual sonorous flutes evoke a unique atmospere and are joined with shimmering ov crystal and vocal chanting!!

arkanos desvuelos - reverberating percussions and howling voice!!

rex-pansophia - shimmering sounds ov crystal with quiet distant percussion and vocal chanting!!

ana-valknut - beauteous flute with quiet droning atmosphere and sparse ritual percussion!!

Track listing:

a03-ritual-theatro chimico
a05-arkanos desvuelos

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Friday, February 26, 2010

ANDROMEDA COMPLEX-hypnotic erotic syndrome(Trummer Kassetten-Germany-1995)

Excellent erotik meditations and esoteric body music here from thee Italian projekt Andromeda Complex; who were formed in 1993 by Angelo Bergamini (keyboards and programming) and Celestino Pes (vocals and guitar)!! released on thee German label Trümmer Kassetten which was run by Lutz Pruditsch.. thee release tis packaged in an a5 cover loaded with some surreal/erotik collages and photos..

Vessillifera Mortifera [deadly spearbearer]- begins with melancholy slowed orchestral samples and tis met with drear loungey German femimine vocals, and some sort ov Giallo styled piano and percussion which tis played alternatingly forward and reversed with processing for a sort ov glitchy type ov effect with thee continuing ov thee previously mentioned feminine vocals.. all fades away..

Deep Gardens - rattling, chimes, and somber ambiance are met with a feminine voice guiding us towards an erotik meditatitive overtaking ov thee senses.. "you are magnificent , you are divine, you are ecstasy, and you are sex"..

The Black Mother - dark beatific ambiance tis interspersed with slowed breaths and ecstatic vocalisations as well as nice minimal synthesizer progressions.. tympanies thunder a ritual cadence and masculine vocal chants make their presence amidst climaxing feminine vocalisations!!

La Perception De L´Eternite [the perception of eternity] - thunder and a splashing ov rapids are soon met by a restrained rock beat with thee occasional dripping ov waters and the distant continuous rushing ov streams.. anthemic minimal synthesizer work plays atop thee continued rock beat with thee interspersing ov a few somber French masculine vocal utterances.. thee rushing ov thee aqueous flows continues, and transitions to a trickling over which intermittent static appears before fading away..

Aristockings Queen - "ready for anything?" great restrained esoteric body music tis overlayed with thee monologue ov a dominatrix describing and utilising her devices for thee transmission ov pain/pleasure upon thee body: whips, nipple clamps, teeth, candles, shears.. "I know your fantasies, I know your dreams, I know the darkest ones.."

Women And Masses - more ecstatic elektronik dancefloor revelry ensues amidst repetitious processed gasping/panting.. two more samples are repetitively interspersed: that ov a woman's voice: "do you mind waiting for me?", and some indecipherable word met by thee thunderous voice ov a crowd..

Lady With Opera Gloves - atmospheric synthesizer work tis met with short agonised groans, and very scarce hits ov elektronik harpsichord..

Lady With Grey Stockings - meandering piano work flourishes before being met with a more sustained hammering and chord progression for thee final piece ov thee album which suddenly comes to a cessation with a repetitive Italian feminine vocalisation..

Track listing:

A1 Vessillifera Mortifera
A2 Deep Gardens
A3 The Black Mother
A4 La Perception De L´Eternite
B1 Aristockings Queen
B2 Women And Masses
B3 Lady With Opera Gloves
B4 Lady With Grey Stockings

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TEM OPH AB-Le chele di hypnos-(c46 -Italy)

"Eliphas Levi, a great exponent of magical rites, translated ‘Baphomet’ as a reversed composition of three abbreviations—Tem. Oph. Ab.—which stand for Templi omnium hominum pacis abhas (The God of the Temple of Peace Among All Men). Levi believed this to be a reference to the Temple of Solomon."


ok.. first off: in my opinion this release tis WAY better than ANY ov thee other cassettes which we have posted by this projekt thus far in this blog!! Tem Oph Ab [Marco Farina - Italy] presents here another ov his single-sided cassettes ov wondrous occult sonorism!!

hypnotic ritual elektroniks and restrained ritual percussion hold one into a trance-like state for over fifteen minutes before transitioning to pure esoteric elektronik pulsating magnetic mesmerism for thee remaining duration ov thee cassette!! "for your pre-birth / post-mortem meditations"

No track listing..

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KARCERAL FLESH-le sourire T.D.M.-(Biotope Art organization-UK C60-1994)

Another astounding cassette here from thee great French projekt: Karceral Flesh [Franck Kervizic]!! this one was released in 1994 on thee wondrous label Biotope Art Organization run by Lanzilli Guglielmo!! am elated to be able to post this wondrous sonorism here!!

Destination Pourriture [destination rot]- pulsating bass with brilliant ecstatic dance sequencing!! late in thee piece it becomes more restrained, and tis met with nice synthesizer lines..

Cold Breath - restrained esoteric body music with pleasant synthesizer melodies!! late in this piece tis beauteous warbling synth-work and twinkling vibraphone-like shimmering accompaniment!!

Le Sourire T.D.M. [the smile T.D.M.] - rhythmic clatter ov percussive sequencing with angsty masculine French vocals and minimal synth lines!!

Viandanimaux [animal flesh] - [appears on thee Carcan 65 cassette] minimal experimental soundscapes with wierd analog synth warbling, minimalised percussion with ghostly barely-present vocalisations, and what sounds like quiet xylophone accents ending in an increasing squall ov ambient feedback resonance and more minimal percussion..

Tondue A Vingt Ans [the shorn in twenty years] - this track also appeared on the Carcan 65 cassette [posted here earlier]; will repeat thee previous review: " a reference to the period twenty years after those who became known as les tondues (the shorn): the estimated 10.000 to 30.000 women accused of having collaborated with the Germans during the occupation of France during the second world war whose heads were shaved amidst the period immediately following the liberation when France was swept by a wave of executions, public humiliations, assaults, and detentions of suspected collaborators, known as the épuration sauvage (wild purge). Musically the track consists ov a martial elektronik cadence, delayed vocal bursts, and restrained organ progressions amidst lyrics which escape my capabilities ov translating at this point.. "

Nightmare In Hell (Short Version) - wierd elektroniks with collages ov screams and other war-oriented samples are interspersed amidst minimal synth lines and restrained percussions!!

Here Comes Your Death - beatific synths, glitching filtered sequencing, and restrained up-tempo drum machine programming which alternates between holding back thee cadence, and marching forth..

Dors... [?] - minimal piano twinkling transitions to more uptempo sequencing before returning to it's more restrained presence which tis met with great restrained percussions and beatific French feminine vocals!! more great danceable percussive sequencing and a slight return ov thee piano/synth before dissapearing..

Pour Le Rêve [for the dream] warbling synth lines, thee slow repetitive kick ov bass drum seuencing, thee shimmering ov a bell, and processed Francophone female vocals!! moves up half a step maybe in tempo with somber feminine vocalisations!! ends with crispy resonant filter-type static and distant reverberating minimal sequencing..

Track listing:

A1 Destination Pourriture
A2 Cold Breath
A3 Le Sourire T.D.M.
A4 Viandanimaux
B1 Tondue A Vingt Ans
B2 Nightmare In Hell (Short Version)
B3 Here Comes Your Death
B4 Dors...
B5 Pour Le Rêve

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Friday, February 19, 2010

v.a.-recycling project n2(biotope art organization-1990-c90 -italy)

This astounding compilation ov Italian experimental sound artists was compiled in thee late 80s and released in 1990 on thee brilliant label Biotope Art Organisation run by Lanzilli Guglielmo!! thee cassette came in a uniquely texturized case with excellent photocopied artworks for each ov thee groups which were packaged inside ov a wax paper envelope.. this tis listed on discogs with thee name Giocco Crudele, but tis very evidently labeled otherwise for this version.. due to thee size ov thee files this was broken into two parts here and here..

Majorana [Lussetti Guido] provides a cacophany ov wierd synthesizer experimentation with a fairly lo-fidelity approach..

Nightmare Lodge tis the projekt ov Ivan Iusco, and also at times featured thee collaborations ov G. Mantelli, B. Mazzilli, and Russolo.. thee piece contributed here tis repetitious pulsating elektronics with various repeating sound collaged loops..

T.Q.T.R. are thee initials for Tam Quam Tabula Rasa thee amazing ritual projekt ov Luca Ferrarini who also had thee participation ov collaborators: Marco Berisso, Paolo Gentiluomo, and Roberto Soprani at various times.. thee piece provided here tis trancing sequencing with unique subtle sounds penetrating gently into thee atmosphere created.. thee piece ends with beautifull vibraphone-type melodies..

Lyke Wake [Stefano Di Serio] provides thee live piece The Power Of The Dream which begins with excellent minimal industrial sequencing and transitions to spacey analog synthesizer atmospherics to be met again with shimmering high-hat sequencer pulses before fading away..

Womb tis an early projekt ov DeviLs G. [listed here as Devio] thee genius behind thee projekts: Teatro Satanico, Lvnvs, S. Biasin Trio, and numerous others.. thee piece provided here tis great lo-fi trancing elektronikx and ritual sound collage!!

Ezzer/Gella [Mondelli Lorenzo] provide an awesome squall ov feedback which tis met with a plodding bass line, effected vocals,and even a little synthesizer work later in thee piece for thee track titled: The Inside Soul's Suicide!!

Therabaqud Leic tis thee projekt ov Gianluigi Russolo; who has also been a part ov thee projekts S. Biasin Trio and Subliminale!! thee piece here tis a collage ov samples ov slowed groans and minimal drum sequencing which has a feeling for me almost akin to Scorn!!

Giardini di Marzo [Walter Guarini] provides trancing repetitious loops for a fairly interesting sounding piece titled: Tema..

Solar Lodge [Fulvio Biondo & Enrico Angarano] provide a piece ov melodic vibraphone-sounding sequencer progression accompanied by sparse bass notes and ethereal synthesizer lines!!

Son [contact info listed as Felici Giampaolo] offers a dirgey piece ov guitar, bass, and drums with drear vocals.. tis a fairly nice piece ov unknown [to me] sludgy rock

Circus Joy tis a non-musical group founded by Corrado Mancini in 1984.. various collaborators for thee projekt have included: Chris Blazen, Mario F.O.B., Vinkio, and ClauDEDI.. thee live piece presented here tis a kind ov tribal pounding ov guitars and drums with more drear vocals!! later in thee piece comes some gratuitous guitar wanking and shrill vocalisations; only to return to thee earlier pounding refrain, and met again with more dissonant guitar work to end thee first side ov thee cassette..

Capricorni Pneumatici [Pazuzu & Soda Caustica] were active from 1987-1991.. Their name comes from Aleister Crowley's book "Liber A'ASH vel Capricorni Pneumatici SUB FIGURA CCCLXX".. they provide here an interesting piece with haunting feminine vocalisations, dissonant elektronik manipulation, and what sounds like sitar and sparse cymbal work which has a somber and ethereal feeling about it..

Stato Terminale [Toregiani Paolo] offer here a brilliant piece ov droning synth work with slow ritualised percussion, and scary sounding guttural incantations!! know that this may seem out ov place to say here, but this reminds me ov the great piece "Leech. Give Me Your Pretty Face" by thee NY doom projekt Cattlepress!!!

CCC CNC NCN are an anonymous noise/performance anarcho-collective from Torino who offer here a great track which begins with elektronik atmosphere which fastly dissipates, and tis taken over with slow ritual percussion, quiet sparse pizzicato and bowed violin, and what sounds like thee clinking and shimmering ov crystal!!

Terapia Dura [contact info listed as Toni D'Argulia] provide what sounds like an improv piece ov guitar, bass, and junk percussions.. tis somewhat reminiscent ov a more primitive sounding Sonic Youth at times..

Ultima Rota Carri tis another variation ov thee Luca Ferrarini projekt Tam Quam Tabula Rasa which were already spoken ov earlier in this article.. here they provide great tribal percussive work amidst beatific shimmering ambiance and thee sounds ov birds!!

Torngod tis presented only with a postal address here, and provide brilliant atmospheric elektronikx with restrained orchestral accents and unique minimal analog sequencing!!

[[note: at 4:35 thee Torngod track transitions to thee track from thee projekt Nome..]]

Nome [Gian Maria Misseri (chitarra, piano, fisarmonica), Enrico Artale (chitarra, banjio, testiere), Giacomo Guarnieri (filicorno tenori e contralto), Umberto Bartolini (batteria, percussioni), Piero Galli (basso), Roberto Sedoni (trombone), con la partecipazione di: Anna Di Gennaro (voce lirica), and Susanna Crociani (sax soprano e contralto)..] this astonishing ensemble present a very progressive piece with beauteous operatic vocals!!!

Plurale Majestatis [Chiavelli Maurizio and Valerio Adamo] great experimental elektronik soundscapes presented here!!

Subliminale [Gianluigi Russolo] thee info says "SubLiminal Music For SubLiminal People / Tempio della Loggia SUBLIMINALE d'Occidente" and features some masonic symbolism.. thee track begins with wierd didgeridoo and transitions to ritual percussion, and strange sound collaging ov indecipherable speed/pitch accelerated vocalsations, reversed rhythmic sounds, shimering bells, and great atmospheric ambiance!! at a certain point eruptions ov looping hard rock make a presence before being subsumed in thee earlier atmospheres only to slightly reappear and dissipate once more..

Eiaculazione Amusicale [E.A. ghost collective] have been covered extensively in this blog, and provide here a short but great sound-collage piece with warbling atmospheric elektronikx, shimmering cascades ov bells, and with what sounds to be brief canine vocalisations!!

Contropotere were a great anarcho-punk projekt from Naples who provide here a very experimental piece with ritual percussions, effected operatic feminine vocalisations, and sparse atmospheric elektronikx!! at times there are powerfull eruptions ov more abrasive elektronikx which make only small presences which reverberate in sonic pulses.. have been an incredibly huge fan ov this projekt for some time, and love hearing these very unique workx ov theirs presented here!!!

Track listing:

A1 Majorana - The Wedding
A2 Nightmare Lodge - N.R.III
A3 T.Q.T.R. - Laxamamentum II
A4 Lyke Wake - The Power Of The Dream (Live)
A5 Womb - Hallucination
A6 Ezzer/Gella - The Inside Soul's Suicide
A7 Therabaqud Leic - Pflunger Archè
A8 Giardini di Marzo - Tema
A9 Solar Lodge - Pactra Part I
A10 Son - Slow & Real
A11 Circus Joy - Shout (Live)
B1 Capricorni Pneumatici - The Ceremony
B2 Stato Terminale - Acciaio
B3 CCC CNC NCN - Untitled
B4 Terapia Dura - Popolorum Progressio
B5 Ultima Rota Carri - Strepitum Mortis
B6 Torngod - Lunar Moss Ascending
B7 Nome - Marte Alla Volta
B8 Plurale Majestatis - Ninnao'2
B9 Subliminale - T(ms)=Input
B10 Eiaculazione Amusicale - Esalazione Mistica
B11 Contropotere - Tien'a'ment

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

v.a.-EMBRYO-(Sépulkrales Katakombes-Belgium-C60)

A very interesting compilation here from thee Belgian label Sépulkrales Katakombes run by C-drík [Cedrik Fermont]!! thee music runs through a variety ov genres/ sonic approaches which shall be attempted at dealing with here.. many ov thee artists were completely unknown to me here, but C-drik very kindly filled me in on some ov thee missing info.. so here tis thee revised version ov this article thankx to him!! hopefully with thee proper corrections..

Didier Paris [Belgium] provides a nice piece ov untltled instrumental minimal-wave for thee opening track!!

Das Kombinat tis thee excellent minimal-elektro projekt ov Andrea Pritschow & Malte Steiner hailing from Hamburg, Germany!! they provide a banger with thee track Kopf KZ which features processed feminine vocalisations amidst thee throbbing elektro and what sounds like thee scratching ov a record ov pig squeals?? effing great projekt which i cannot say enough about!!

Crno Klank was a duo at thee time ov thee recording ov this track, and tis now a collective and occasionally solo project run by Cedrik Fermont.. angsty elektronik body music!!

Imminent Starvation [Olivier Moreau - Belgium] thee track provided here tis a semi-restrained piece ov danceable [almost marching-like] industrial..

A Place Apart [?/?} - wierd.. would almost say sounds kinda NDW [Neue Deutsche Welle] really do not know.. tis a quirkier one for sure..

Kriegbereit [Dominique Lallement (Cobalt60, K-BEREIT) & Jean François Comble - France] olde-school elektro with thickly Francophone accented English vocals..

Deleted [Christophe Petchanatz - France] Christophe was also in thee projekts: DeNTs, Françoise & Christophe Petchanatz, Klimperei, Los Paranos, Losp, and Totentanz.. none ov which tis anything known about here.. definitely makes for a change in thee cassette with some sort ov wierd dirgey piece reminiscent somehow ov Buzzoven & Butthole Surfers with tambourine [cringe..]

D.S.I.P. [Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide][Siegmar Fricke & Dieter Mauson - Germany] have been covered fairly extensively on this blog, and they provide us with more great somnolent altered dreamscape elektronikx to finish thee first side ov thee cassette!!

Sphinx [Jay Scott - South Africa] we have another cassette from this projekt which shall likely appear here which sounds somewhat like Popol Vuh, but thee track here sounds more reminiscent ov Jean Michel Jarre!!

Xona Xekhäl [Cedrik Fermont - Belgium] repetitious grating noises transition to reversed vocals amidst a lil elektro and straight-up wierdness.. do not know what else to say..

Globuleux [Agnès Gilson & Cedrik Fermont - Belgium] provide some kind ov somber casio-tone music here..

Coitus [Sweden] nice & slow minimal-wave elektronikx piece here!!

Cult Goes Culture/R.U.P. [Thomas Deppermann - Germany] wierd quirky elektro with vocals about Vietnam!! jeje.. do not know what to say about this one.. tis a bit poppy sounding for my tastes, yet somehow tis pleasing nonetheless..

M.E.3 [Cedrik Fermont - Belgium] great sequencing and pulsating atmospheric analog elektronikx!!

Axiome [Olivier Moreau & C-drík Fermont - Belgium] strange pulsasting elektronikx with wierd flangy alien-sounding vocals.. tis a bit angsty for sure, yet as said: strange!!

Collapse [Olivier Moreau and J. Sellekaers - Belgium] more great atmospheric pulsating elektroniks here!!

Ultra-Moderne [France] nice electronik body music with samples about robotic-replicant females..

Track listing:

A1 Didier Paris - Untitled
A2 Das Kombinat - Kopf KZ
A3 Crno Klank - Factorylife
A4 Imminent Starvation - Archive II
A5 A Place Apart - Restricted Area
A6 Kriegbereit - Fifty Years Ago
A7 Deleted - Sangles
A8 D.S.I.P. - Pelargonium (Remix)
B1 Sphinx - Flight Vortex 5
B2 Xona Xekhäl - Xona Xekhäl
B3 Globuleux - La Foret Sacrée
B4 Coitus - Break Out
B5 Cult Goes Culture/R.U.P. - Tour Of Duty
B6 M.E.3 - Die Darkside
B7 Axiome - Axiome 111 (Thalle)
B8 Collapse - Deepen
B9 Ultra-Moderne - My Electric Mistress (Part 1)

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

E.A. ghost collective -4 more cassettes

This is the last post about E.A. on this blog. Now all the E.A. productions are here. I spoke already on this blog about this kind of “ghost collective” active in the 90s in southern Italy. Ghost because its members were not even aware of the collective itself; in fact they never even had a meeting about their activities or ideas. Ghost because the name was always changing keeping only the initials. Ghost because the aims and the ideas were changing at all times. Ghost because everybody could have been part of it. Ghost because E.A. liked spirits, evils, weird creatures,non-sense souls…

Eiaculazione Amusicale- (tape work –diy-1990) [unreleased-untitled]

This is the very first cassette by E.A. Some of these recordings were done by a few friends in a couple of discharges back in 1989!! Some others were just experiments with a 4-track recorder with no ideas behind them. A non-sense creativity flow.

Nobody knows why this tape was never eventually released. Maybe it was because it was never meant to be a proper release, but just a fun experiment. Some of those songs were then used for other tape-works, or as re-works for other songs. Most were sent as contributions for compilation tapes later in the 90s. I included in this folder the last zine assembled by E.A. I translated the presentation of this fanzine into English. I assembled in this folder 2 unreleased or almost unreleased E.A. productions that came out at different times.. For this musical project E.A. means Non-musical Ejaculation. For the graphix project E.A. stands for Estasi Acida=Acid Ecstasy.

Track listing:

01. Nil nisi bonum
02. Finestre sulla pena - I
03. Inutile enigma
04. Abrasione
05. Tutti al macello - I
06. Automozione
07. A Piano Shred
08. Agonia
09. Vessazione vocale
10. Contorsioni
11. NRP - Nessuna Regola Prestabilita
12. Oasi del rantolare
13. Liquame
14. Esalazione mistica - I
15. Stralci di... (a)
16. Stralci di... (b)
17. Stralci di... (c)

Estasi Acida- pornohorrors (BV tapes-UK-c60-1994)

This tape was released in 1994 by BV tapes in England. It came out with a small booklet (A5 size) with copy art works inspired by the subject of the title. Most of them were copy-art works that were also used for a few mail art projects, or as contributions to a few graphix zines. Also the tape was wrapped in “blood red” medical gauze, closed with a pin. Pictures included here.

The inspirational themes for this tape were ”pornography” thought as a lustful pleasure and “horrors” thought as fear/pain/suffering.

The music is a weird attempt to put together sound-collage, field recordings, percussions, and more random noises. A strange trip into the realm of torture and pain and pleasure/orgasms. For this project E.A. means Acid Ecstasy.

Track listing:

Porno Side
A Untitled
Horror Side
B Untitled

Enjoy Anarchy-L.W.O.-split tape (c90 Destroy All Music label-1998)[unreleased]

This tape was supposed to be released on the Destroy All Music label in 1998 as a split with London Whore Orchestra. It is an experiment consisting of both jam sessions and cut-ups. At the time we just made a very basic cover sleeve because the real cover had to be done by the people from Destroy All Music. What we know is that Raff sent the master tape to this label, but he never got a reply. Most likely the master tape got lost in the mail, and due to the various trips of RAFF this tape was just forgotten. Here you`ll find the picture of the basic cover that LWO made for this tape. Also this is the only time during the 90s that the two initials were meant as an English name. For this project E.A. stands for Enjoy Anarchy.

No Track listing.

Etica Ascetica-10 years anniversay tape-the worst of(c90-1000+1 Tilt label-Greece-1999)

This tape is just a “best of”. In order to celebrate 10 years of activities RAFF asked his friend Jason of 1000+1 Tilt label in Athens to release a tape with some of the best songs and a little booklet. About this label: it is still active and you can check out online its webpage: The tracks are taken from the previous E.A. tapes released both on Contaminated Prods and on other tape labels as well. I have no idea how many copies Jason made of this tape. It is not available anymore. For this project E.A. means Ascetic Ethics.

Track listing:

a01- Tribal Conviction's End
a02-Silvia barsi recites a pablo Neruda `s song
a03-fragment taken from-Pestilentia Urit Urbem
a04-tesi circonstanziate
a05- Lenses Stained With Blood
a06-fragment taken from E.A.-Herb Mullin split tape
a07- A Waterfall of Emotions
a08-cielo ambrato-latte
a09-fragment taken from Pornohorrors
a10-finestre sulla pena
a11- Traüm
a12-cerchio di coscienza
b01- Your Voice by Mail (part I)
b02- Drops of Ashes
b03-fragment taken from Diskarika Screaming
b04- A Flight of Steps in Your Body
b05- Just Another Prey
b06- Haemorrage Yourself
b07-oasi finale del rantolare
b08-poncif(luogo comune)
b09-fragment taken from Culver-E.A. split tape
b10- Angry Voices, Happy Voices


Monday, February 15, 2010

N-HEXANA-untitled(Katatonik Tapes-Portugal-c46)

had zero info about this incredibly rare projekt other than that {{F@R@W@Y}} received it from Paulo Maldoror quite some time ago.. another one ov those instances here when thee need came to turn to thee friend one can always rely upon for "spreading the sickness" : Mauricio.. turns out it was a projekt ov thee other member ov Portuguese ritual elektronikx projekt Nigredo: Lucrecia Bosch!! when asked how he knew this Mauricio replied: "i am a fucking bible how may times do i have to tell you that??" jeje

thee projekt name N - Hexana likely refers to N - Hexane: a chemical made from crude oil and believed to have potential carcinogenic properties..

thee cassette comes packaged with a transparency overlayed upon silver foil which makes for quite a nice visual effect!! thee texts collaged onto thee cover all refer to warnings about thee known black-lung agent: asbestos..

sonicly thee cassette consists ov two 23 minute sektions ov caustic atmospheric power-elektronikx!! what else would you expect from a projekt so obviously focussed upon these agents ov thee deterioration and maligning ov lived experience?? ov course: an effort at making us aware ov thee detriment inherent in thee toxified industrial waste ridden excesses ov this modern world..

No track listing..

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

v.a.-ELEGY N2-(EE tapes-Belgium-C60-1997)

Another astonishing international compilation here from thee Belgian cassette label EE tapes!! Have been listening to this repetitiously since it was received from thee collection ov {{=F@R@W@Y=}}!! now an attempt at description..

De Fabriek hails from thee Dutch City of Zwolle, and have been active since 1977 in varying manifestations centered arround thee artist Richard van Dellen [though with numerous collaborators over thee years..] thee track Doni I begins with thee stereo-panning ov oceanic sounds met by beauteous flute playing, minimal elektronikx, & thee disctinctive "pfft pfft" ov locked grooves.. towards thee end ov the piece thee flute makes a louder presence before thee scratching ov thee stylus across the vinyl surface brings the piece to an abrupt end..

Collapse [Leigh Hunt, United Kingdom] present astonishing droning ambiance with great low-end presence & quiet vinyl crackling with thee track An Ever Fading Memory, A Never Fading Memory..

Hybryds [Magthea & Yasnaïa - Belgium] this projekt likely needs no introduction to lovers ov occult ritual elektronikx!! this live version ov Wailing For The Fallen Angels was recorded on thee 27th ov April 1996 at OJC Kompas in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, and consists ov hard hitting minimal sequencing, excellent ritual atmospherics, reversed vocalisations, and trance inducing throat-singing for this astounding piece ov ritualised sonorism!!!

Alchemy Of The 20th Century tis one ov numerous projekts from Finnish artist Mikko Aspa [Clandestine Blaze, Clinic Of Torture, Creamface, Grunt, Nicole 12, Stabat Mater..] who is also the owner of thee Northern Heritage label; as well as thee publisher / editor of thee S/M magazine "Erotic Perversion" and "Nothern Heritage Zine".. Taken By Shining Sea tis a very fitting title for this piece ov shimmering ambiance accompanied by tidal sounds & great use ov guitar with e-bow and delay!!

TBC [Thomas Beck - Hamburg] & Scour [?/?] present excellent restrained dark ambiance which becomes more scathing as thee track progresses before dissipating into subtleness; for thee piece also very appropriately titled: Swelling Threat..

Hypnoskull [Patrick Stevens - Belgium] presents great throbbing industrial with harmonic metal clanging reverberations for the piece City At Night!!

De Fabriek provide a short and enjoyable self-explanatory piece Flamenco Dub to bring to an end thee first side ov thee cassette!!

Psych Krist Kastrator [Marc Ceulemans - Belgium] provide a great slow plodding piece ov ritual ambiance with distant vocals.. the piece seems to have very low-fidelity about it which does not detract from it's charm..

Disumana Res tis thee projekt ov Lanzilli Guglielmo who tis behind the astonishing label Biotope Art Organization; originally from Benevento, Italy but relocated to London, UK in the early 1990s.. Guglielmo has also kindly gifted rare cassettes from his personal collection to our blog in thee past, and hopefully may choose to again in thee future.. thee piece presented here: Dark Ceremony tis wondrous dark-ambiance with eerily distant sound collaging making a haunting presence!! late in the piece tis heard a strange sound; as ov the ratcheting ov some torture device, quiet groans, scraping, and other strange indecipherable sounds..

NKVD [Glenn Michael Wallis - Norfolk, England] present thee piece Are You Lonely which tis great minimal wave material from this artist who has also been involved with both Konstruktivist & Whitehouse!!

Meeuw Muzak [Jos Moers - Netherlands] excellent miminal drone work!!

Gaya tis a projekt ov Gaya Donadio ov ANTIchildLEAGUE & She:ACL!! Gaya has also appeared on thee amasing album Edelweiss by Allerseelen!! thee piece scared tongue tis excellent trancing rhythmic elektronikx which ends with tidal sounds!!

Sveen [?/?] present a brief sound collage ov field-recordings ov wind chimes & trickling fluid..

for thee final track ov the album Disumana Res present an excellent piece constructed ov various field-recorded sources: murmuring voices or swarming insects??, ticking clocks, tides, thundering, hissing elektronikx, wooden wind chimes, ratcheting noises, gun shots, banging metal, thee cawing ov birds, and powerfull dark ambient drones collaged into amazing rhythmic structures!!

this compilation was limited to 100 copies.. Enjoy!!!

Track listing:

A1 De Fabriek - Doni I
A2 Collapse - An Ever Fading Memory, A Never Fading Memory
A3 Hybryds - Wailing For The Fallen Angels (Live)
A4 Alchemy Of The 20th Century - Taken By Shining Sea
A5 TBC & Scour - Swelling Threat
A6 Hypnoskull - City At Night
A7 De Fabriek - Flamenco Dub
B1 Psych Krist Kastrator - Depths And How To Fall Them
B2 Disumana Res - Dark Ceremony
B3 NKVD - Are You Lonely
B4 Meeuw Muzak - Ranzig (Deel 3)
B5 Gaya - Scared Tongue
B6 Sveen - Walhallah
B7 Disumana Res - I Made You

({{F@R@W@Y}} & crepusculum)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

ABRA HAD ABRA-Aura Excrementa-(c46-Spin box-Italy)

incredibly thrilled to be sharing this astonishing rare cassette!! Abra Had Abra was an early projekt ov thee occult elektronikx genius DeviLs G [Teatro Satanico Charles Manson, Lvnvs, Dev, S. Biasin Trio,...]!! again here: 46 divided by 2 equals 23.. also consequently the year 92 that this cassette was released divided by 4 equals yet again: 23..

[[[notes from ((F@R@W@Y))]]

" -the tape was distributed by SIN ORG a quite famous distro/label of industrial music back in the 90s in Italy, run by Gianfranco Santoro who was also doing a fanzine.
-the a side was recorded live in a social squatted center in Rovereto(northen Italy)-this squat was a very famous anarchist squat back in the 90s.
-the second side appears to be 2 separate tracks although it's listed as only one track-I separated the tracks as there was a very long silence in between, and I titled them part 1 and part 2- I think the only one who knows the truth is the musician: Devis G."

Il Morto [thee dead] - tis brilliant shimmering ambiance with strange eruptions ov analog synthesizer work!! vocoded incantations, minimally clanging drum sequencing, and vibraphone-type synthesis are interspersed in this great live recording in which conversations occasionally appear from those who were witnessing thee spectacle in this appropriated venue..

Da`ath [believe this title tis a play on thee word death] - More great shimmering occult atmospheric sonorism!!

Luna Anale [anal moon] - tis an Italian priest giving a sermon about rock music and satanism, and about other priests finding out about rock records having subliminal satanic messages..

Soundtrack For The Titles Of The Journey Of The Soul From Death To Rebirth

Part 1 - one may think here ov thee coiled serpent ov thee kundalini; as thee astonishing synthesis rises from thee base ov thee spine [Sushumna] to top of the head merging with the sahasrara, or crown chakra.. Thee arousing of kundalini tis said to be thee one and only way towards thee realisation ov gnosis or divine wisdom..

Part 2 - wavering analog synthesis with a slow and elusive melodic line is soon met with excellent tabla accompaniment for what tis assumed here to be thee representaion ov thee rebirth ov thee soul..

Track listing:

A1 Il Morto
A2 Da'ath
A3 Luna Anale
B1 Soundtrack For The Titles Of The Journey Of The Soul From Death To Rebirth

({{F@R@W@Y}} & crepusculum)

Friday, February 12, 2010

NIGREDO-Cantiones profanae(Portugal,Putrefactio label-c46)

Nigredo: the alchemists believed that as a first step in the pathway to the philosopher's stone all alchemical ingredients had to be cleansed and cooked extensively to a uniform black matter.. In psychology, Carl Jung interpreted nigredo as a moment of maximum despair, that is a prerequisite to personal development..

Hailing from Portugal; Nigredo were Paulo Maldoror & Lucrecia Bosch.. with this release: Cantiones Profanae [profane songs] on the Portuguese label Putrefactio we delve into dark ritual atmospheres where thee burning away ov all our preconceptions commences as a transformitive process.. thee tape info lists this cassette as being a c46.. 46 divided amongst thee two halves ov thee cassette being: two 23 minute passages.. [though they both seem to come out to about twenty-one or so minutes..]

thee first sektion ov occult sonorism begins with thee reverberated calling ov horns and plodding ritual percussion, and tis subsumed in a cacophany ov lo-fi esoteric elektronikx.. a sudden cessation.. restrained reverb-drenched ritual percussion returns.. about five and a half minutes in appear very strange trancing sounds for a while.. suddenly distant processed chants & powerfull clangs ov metal.. suddenly another shift and thee same sounds appear to be drenched in some strange tremulous effecting.. another shift to what seems to be thee feedback from restrained percussions let loose.. quietness and scarce strikes ov percussion.. clattering ov bells.. most ov thee rest ov thee side could be described as some sort ov combination ov these elements ov occult elektronikx & ritualised percussions..

thee second sektion begins with a familiar sektion ov indecipherable feminine vocalisations amidst darkly beatific drones which ends abruptly with a feminine scream.. rumbling drones ov trancing lo-fi atmosphere ensue with what sounds to be a locked-groove ov ritual percussions.. suddenly all is much slower & quieter with longer spacing to reflect on the depths which thee trance tis obtaining.. transition to a heavilly reverbed pulse echoing.. cut to collage ov indecipherable distant vocalisations and great minimal percussion!! cut once more to reverberating bells and a distant choir.. next comes a brilliant ethnographic recording ov what appears to be some sort ov Asiatic ritual performance with prayer drums, bells, powerfull vocal presences!! transition to trancing elektronikx accompanied by repetitious chanting!! next great restrained percussion with more distant vocal chanting which continues after thee cessation ov the drumming!! reverberated calling ov horns!! strange esoteric elektronikx draw this side toward it's conclusion..

No track listing..

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

Monday, February 8, 2010

va - ARS OBSCURA-(Putrefactio label,Portugal-c60)

Absolutely elated to be sharing here this magnificent international compilation ov occult sonorism released by thee Portuguese label Purefactio!!

Gerstein [Maurizio Pustianaz - Italy] provides a brilliant piano piece with beauteously haunting atmospheric elektronik accompaniment as well!!

Die Sonne Satan [Paolo Beltrame - Italy] provide a piece ov unique occult elektronikx utilising great textures ov ambient synths, delayed looping ov indecipherable vocal utterances, thee repetitious cawing ov crows , organ, processed chanting vocalisations, and the ringing ov bells!! Thee piece tis titled Pleurotomaria after thee distinctive type ov jurasic spiralled sea-shells..

Atararaxia [Francesca Nicoli, Vittorio Vandelli, Giovanni Pagliari - Italy] provide thee track Fountains which features a wondrous organ progression with intense feminine occult incantations as well as haunting operatic vocals and very strange elektronikx throughout!!

Nigredo [Lucrecia Bosch, Paulo Maldoror - Portugal] their track consists ov indecipherable feminine vocal incantations repetitiously looping amidst a murmur ov astounding dark-atmospheric occult elektronikx!! the piece comes to a sudden cessation with a feminine scream..

Emanazione Afona tis another manifestation ov thee Italian projekt E.A.[ghostly collective]. they provide great tribalesque percussion amidst ghostly atmospheres and twittering elektronikx!!

Alio Die [Stefano Musso - Italy] presents somnolent atmospheric drones with thee reverberated clanging ov bells and haunting choral loops layered throughout!!

Was unable to unearth any more info about Project Ars Moriendi; other than that their contact info lists them as being responsible for thee label who have released this wondrous compilation.. thee piece provided by this proejkt tis a magnificent harpsichord composition with a very medieval feeling to it..

continuing thee medieval aesthetic tis thee track: Tu Es La Force Du Silence [you are the force of silence] by Ataraxia.. the piece begins with beatific female operatic vocals amidst great gothik organs, and develops further with excellent restrained percussion!!

Rosengracht [Norbert Payer - Austria] thee track consists ov hauntingly beautifull layers ov operatic female vocalisations, drear masculine groans, a restrained dirge ov percussion, and a plodding bass line!!

Allerseelen [Gerhard Petak - Austria] provides great effected martial percussion with an anthemic minimal piano line and droning elektronikx which make their presence off and on!!

Mangled [Gianfranco Santoro - Italy] provides strange lo-fi sound collage with thee processed sounds ov organs, an infant crying, and droning esoteric elektronikx..

Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata [Simon Balestrazzi, Monica Serra, Corrado Loi - Italy] - this piece consists ov aqueous sounds, vocal chanting, and insidious elektronikx!!

Track listing:

A1 Gerstein - If God Wants
A2 Die Sonne Satan - Pleurotomaria
A3 Ataraxia - Fountains
A4 Nigredo - Obscurari Sidera - Cantione Profana
A5 Emanazione Afona - Liquame
A6 Alio Die - Mazes And Labyrinths
B1 Project Ars Moriendi - Vanitas Vanitatum Et Omnia Vanitas
B2 Ataraxia - Tu Es La Force Du Silence
B3 Rosengracht - Bleeding Darkness
B4 Allerseelen - Santa Sangre
B5 Mangled - Last Deadly Moments (Death Of Hate)
B6 Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata - Spirits Of The Dead

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

v.a.-NYARLATHOTEP-a tribute to H. P. Lovercraft(c60-Kadath label-portugal-1997)

Am incredibly honored to be making here our 50th post for this blog.. had no idea when this blog was begun that it would become something as amazing as it feels that it has.. for a person like myself who loves these sort ov amazing rare esoteric elektronikx releases, and who knows how incredibly rare & difficult [or near impossible] it is to obtain them: it is truely astonishing to be able to see how in such a short time we have been able to share so many ov these rare occult gems!! my part in thee contributions to this blog has been fairly minimal.. almost none ov this would have been possible were it not for thee hard work ov [[F@R@W@Y]] transferring these incredibly rare releases from his personal collection; as well as talking with Guglielmo (Biotope Art Organisation), and convincing him to contribute from his own astonishing collection as well!! cannot say how incredibly thankfull that it makes me feel to be able to do what minimal part that I can to try and help with posting these great releases!! thank you to everyone who has helped so far, and shall very much look forward to what may come in thee days ahead..

Here we have an effing great international compilation paying tribute to thee grand master ov wierd/fantastic/macabre horror-fiction: Howard Phillips Lovecraft (August 20, 1890 – March 15, 1937) released in 1997 by thee cassette label Kadath; which was run by Nuno Loureiro from Coimbra, Portugal!!

Thee cassette begins with thee legendary projekt Kirlian Camera who have been active in Italian industrial elektronikx since 1977!! Die Hochöfen Des Schmerzes (Organ Version) tis a brilliant piece ov gothik organ material, and creates an intense presence for thee introduction to this release!

Tombstone tis one ov many monikers utilised by thee Italian lo-hi horror music master Emanuele Lago!! Ritual Affliction tis a dark atmospheric piece with trancing minimal synth progression which holds one in a state ov suspense..

In Articulo Mortis tis thee projekt ov Portuguese artist Lino Villapouca, and with thee track The Perfect Solitude Of The Wolf (Song For Bernd Thies) we hear a stereo-panning presence ov wind into which appears a great minimal synth progression with Lino's dreary incantation ov Lovecraftian lyricism!!

Gerstein tis thee projekt ov Maurizio Pustianaz; an Italian experimental artist who has been active since 1984.. with thee track Dagon he presents us with forward and reversed synths which create a beatific ambiance over which he recites vocals in Italian.. towards thee middle ov thee track we hear slowed & reversed vocalisations & sounds; as ov beasts tearing though a wierd ethereal atmosphere..

Nigredo tis thee amazing ritual industrial/ ambient projekt ov Portugeuse artists Lucrecia Bosch & Paulo Maldoror!! for thee track De Tenebroso Lacu they collage brilliant layers ov flames crackling, haunting choral presences, and astounding ritual percussion!! Cthulian vocalisations snarl amidst thee powerfull atmosphere along with thee haunting sounds ov winds..

Emanuele Lago's projekt Tombstone provide more dark beatific synthesizer atmospheres with thee short piece Illusions?!!

T.A.C. [Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata] was formed in Parma, Italy, in 1981, with five members: Andrea Azzali, Simon Balestrazzi, Giorgio Barbuti, Fabio Cortesi and Giampaolo Terenziani. The name is Italian for the medical imaging device Computed Tomography (CT).. with thee track Deadly Nightshade they present an amazing piece ov ritual occult elektronikx with astounding synthesizer work; paying homage to thee poisonous plants which Lovecraft was quite often fond ov mentioning throughout his works..

M. Nomized tis thee projekt ov thee musician, composer, painter, puppeteer: Michel Madrange from Paris, France who has been active in thee contemporary music scene since 1975, and who also ran thee amazing label Fraction Studio!! for thee piece Tantra Music we hear processed vocal chanting amidst wondrous synthesizer ambiance!! processed vibraphone and organ make a unique presence as well for this terrific piece which lasts nearly twenty minutes!!

if anyone out there would be so kind to share thee booklet for this compilation we would be incredibly greatfull!! we apologise for not being able to find the booklet at this time..

Track listing:

A1 Kirlian Camera - Die Hochöfen Des Schmerzes (Organ Version)
A2 Tombstone - Ritual Affliction
A3 In Articulo Mortis - The Perfect Solitude Of The Wolf (Song For Bernd Thies)
A4 Gerstein - Dagon
A5 Nigredo - De Tenebroso Lacu
A6 Tombstone - Illusions?
B1 T.A.C. - Deadly Nightshade
B2 M.Nomized - Tantra Music

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

v.a.-Water and Iron Scraps-(international compilation-H.S.S.G. label-Italy-c60 +booklet-1996)

This compilation was assembled by Giulio of H.S.S.G. tape+zine label in Southern Italy. Giulio worked on it during 1995. His intention was to compose a compilation with graphix+poetries inspired by the subjects: iron and water, and the consequences of them: Rust.
The final result is pretty amazing! I included here all the graphix. Almost all of the texts are in English. The cover of the zine was a hard plastic bag made in 3 parts and filled with water. One part contained the tape sealed in a plasticized cardboard box with a colour cover, and the back of the zine was made with a piece of chicken wire (metal grate attached to the back cover). Quite an amazing package! You`ll see the pictures here. As for the music: a very good mix of electronic-experimental music including those names: M Nomized, Lunus, Mlehst, Hermit, and few more. Some of the tracks are a real journey trying to (in a way or another) deliver to us some rust or iron/water. Some of the graphix are very nice too. I have no idea how many copies were printed by this label back in 1996.

Ttack listing:

a01-M. NOMIZED-scrap metal
a02-LUNAR ORBITER-sinking into ironpond
a03-AFGHANISTAN-acqua e sol
a04-HERMIT-a night on the bald mountain
b01-LUNUS-wasser mond
b02-MLEHST-from the beginning to the end
b04-CNV-NOM-a water tale


Saturday, February 6, 2010

KARCERAL FLESH-Closed eyes on a bloody and shameful past-(c60Diy-France-1992)

Here we have an early self-released cassette from thee French projekt: Karceral Flesh [Franck Kervizic]!! Released in 1992; it tis an early one, and would be appear to be a solo endeavor.. most ov thee tracks are instrumentals.. if you like minimal-industrial elektronikx with restrained percussive attack; than you are in for a treat!! Tis a pleasure to be able to share this one that we owe thee thankx once more for to thee incredibly kind {{F@R@W@Y}}!!

Track listing:

Face Collaboration
A1 Morte Mienne
A2 Les Chiens De Dieu
A3 Rapists Dogs
A4 Death's Breath
A5 The Damned's Walk
A6 Death III
A7 Fear And Death
A8 Trois Pendus
A9 Après Le Grand Feu
Face Epuration
B1 Nightmare In Hell
B2 For Your Brain
B3 Les Trains De La Mort
B4 En Avant, Chiens!
B5 The Hunting
B6 The Hangeds Of Tulle
B7 Living With Death In Our Veins
B8 Tortured Flesh - Tortured Soul

({{F@R@W@Y}} & crepusculum)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

SOL NIGER-pro defunctis-(c60 Putrefactio label-portugal-)

"There is a persistent belief in alchemaic and hermetic tradition in the existence of two suns: a hidden one of pure "philosophical gold," consisting of the essential fire conjoined with aether, and the apparent one of profane "material gold." The "dark, consuming fire" of the material sun leads to its being called the "Dark" or "Black Sun."

Sol Niger was thee projekt ov Paolo Maldoror [Nigredo & Maldoror Tapes] from Lisboa, Portugal. Aside from a couple ov compilation tracks; it would appear this was thee only release for which he utilised this moniker [though there also appear to be two variations ov this cassete where thee next to last song appear as either Ars Moriendi or Maledictio].. am incredibly thankfull to {{F@R@W@Y}} for gifting this very rare cassette ov early 90's occult- industrial from thee Portuguese label: Putrefactio to our blog!!

Officium Defunctorum - refers to a musical setting of the Office of the Dead [a prayer cycle of the Liturgy of the Hours in the Roman Catholic Church, said for the repose of the soul of a deceased] composed by the Spanish Renaissance composer, Tomás Luis de Victoria in 1603. Thee track here consists ov hauntingly effected chants which evoke a darkly beatific atmospheric presence.. at about six minutes into thee piece are interspersed quiet clangs of bells for a rather short sektion.. only then to be abandoned to thee droning choral presence with it's great power!!

Obscurari Sidera [obscuring seducer?] draws one within; to places non-illumined with indecipherable feminine vocalisations mingled amongst trancing waves ov magnificent sonorism.. five minutes into thee piece the deeply effecting shriek ov a woman's cry pulls us even further into thee emerging dark atmospheres within; where there are chanting voices and beatific violin amidst thee roaring; as ov powerfull winds..

Claudatur [be it closed..] roars and distantly clangs bells; becoming quieter, and suspending us with drones amidst beatific feminine chorus; becoming alternatingly haunting & magnificent!! later thee drones become more shrill before dissipating amidst renewed female choral incantation..

Lucce Tenebrae [gloomy light] consists ov indecipherable vocal utterances making their powerfull presence amidst powerfull drones and an effecting harpsichord progression!!

Sol Niger Omnipotens [omnipotent black sun] begins with quiet sparse percussions shrouded in reverberations which increase their intensity.. suddenly a sonic void; then magnificent atmospheres [ it is as if the prima materia has reached putrefactio [the burning away ov all preconceptions] as one is held within an awe-inspiring ambiance which sustains for quite some time before becoming distant..

Ars Moriendi [The Art of Dying] is the name of two related Latin texts dating from about 1415 and 1450 which offer advice on the protocols and procedures of a good death, explaining how to "die well" according to Christian precepts of the late Middle Ages. It was written within the historical context of the effects of the macabre horrors of the Black Death 60 years earlier and consequent social upheavals of the 15th century.. sonicly: insidious atmospheres prevail; with scarce hidden choral utterances barely making themselves perceptible.. towards thee end there are a few scarce clangs and a sudden cessation..

Ecclesiastes - refers to the book ov thee Hebew Bible which emphatically proclaims all the actions of man to be inherently vain, futile, empty, meaningless, temporary, transitory, or fleeting.. powerfull vocal chants are present amidst the harshest ov feedbacks for this cassette; when suddenly all ceases, and restrained percussion makes a reverberating presence for thee concluding sektion ov this most darkly illumined ov sonorous experiences!!

Track listing:

A1 Officium Defunctorum
A2 Obscurari Sidera
A3 Claudatur
A4 Lucce Tenebrae
B1 Sol Niger Omnipotens
B2 Ars Moriendi
B3 Ecclesiastes

({{F@R@W@Y}} & crepusculum)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

v.a.-NOTRE DAME- vol.9 ½ (EE Tapes,Belgium,c60 -1997

This compilation was released on thee Belgian label: EE Tapes as a part ov thee Notre Dame series ov international compilations on the theme: "THE HUMAN BEING". It was released in a limited edition ov 100 copies..

kind ov an eclectic mix ov artists presented here.. personal favorites were: Nakasone, Collapse, & Tarkatak.. some fairly ineteresting material presented by all though..

Another great cassette donated here from {{F@R@W@Y}}!!

Track listing:

A1 Konstruktivists - Hear Know, See No
A2 Brainquake - Humane Contradiction, Humane?
A3 Big City Orchestra - Klangfarbe
A4 Nakasone - Monotone Delight
A5 De Fabriek - Radji Poniam
A6 Liquid Sound - True Stories (Live Berlin '93
B1 Collapse - In The Blinking Of An Eye
B2 Brandelli D'Odio - Aria Fredda (Cold Air)
B3 Psych Krist Kastrator - Thee Passing Ov Anubis
B4 Tarkatak - Untitled
B5 De Fabriek - On With It!
B6 Amy Love - Speak To Me (Extract)

({{F@R@W@Y}} & crepusculum)

Ker Krise/Sado Terror Autosimbolistik(split tape-c 46 Slaughter Productions-Italy)

Sorry not much info about this Slaughter Production release. The year is not stated. Ker krise is Diego Stellino playing a kind of deep noize industrial. Although there are 4 tracks on the cover sleeve; on the tape there are not marks between the tracks, and it was just impossible to cut those tracks--after listing Ker Krise side I Decided that to experience fully his message the best is just to go with the flow of his de-constructed noises.
On the other side: Sado Terror Autosimbolistik. No idea who`s playing(he might be Atrax Morgue with another name, but i am not sure). This side is a full on breaks-stop and go, and although 3 tracks are listed; it was very difficult for me to decide where one ends and the other starts. Also in this case I decided that the best is to follow the continuum of this journey.
This is music for death chambers, sounds for dungeons of torture and pain, sonics for nightmares, expressions of fear, or call it whatever you feel like, but this is just great.
For all the lovers of Slaughter productions- this is a pure gem.

Track listing:

A1 Ker Krise - To Gate's Voice
A2 Ker Krise - Falling Sins
A3 Ker Krise - Mind Distortion
A4 Ker Krise - File.dth
Automatik Ritual Noise
B1 Sado Terror Autosimbolistik - Pain/Pleasure
B2 Sado Terror Autosimbolistik - Suffering/Ecstasy
B3 Sado Terror Autosimbolistik - Torment/Beauty


Monday, February 1, 2010

Solanaceae Tau - 4 releases!!!

do not know what to say other than that we are very fortunate to have been gifted these four releases by AXAXAXAS [sp?] ov Solanaceae Tau!! incredibly honored to be able share them, but must apologise for missing artwork, and due to my semi-incompetence: I do not know the name ov the woman who does vocals for thee newer ov these four releases.. seeing as this projekt has been written about previously in this blog; will simply share these great albums from this astonishing projekt which have been so kindly gifted.. please enjoy!!

solanaceae tau - voice of theatre 1987

Track listing:

A1 Nautilus Collection
A2 Slave Punk
A3 Tekno Pop
A4 Veitstanz Amplitude
A5 Disguise
A6 Rausch Der Leidenschaft
A7 Commercial Cherubim
A8 What's The Dada-Toys
A9 The Blow Up Moment
A10 Sense Of Chaos
B1 Amon Ra Ar Noma [Guitar - Jason]
B2 Psychedelic Toys
B3 Cosinus System
B4 Voice Of Theatre
B5 Mr. Important
B6 Air Land Battle
B7 Vatikano
B8 Europes Funeral Party
B9 Wir Wollen
B10 Pythagoras Evokation

solanaceae tau - teutonic dances and pagan rituals 1988

Track listing:

A1 Anticipation Of Art
A2 Klonentanz
A3 P.C.M.
A4 Terminal Two
A5 Teuton
A6 Töxid Placebö
A7 Kraut Mental Ataxie
A8 Jãããrne
A9 Machination Engine
B1 Paralysed Heart Of Dawn
B2 Pagan Exequies
B3 Kopernikus 23
B4 The Megamachine Part 1-4
B5 The S(e)oul Between Berlin And Rio

solanaceae tau - club des haschischins 1995

Track listing:

A1 Phalanx Der Pfälzer I
A2 Songs For Oma Und Vaterland
A3 Alienation Brainstorm
A4 Arena Of Anarchists
A5 The Equinox
A6 Exterminated Landscape
A7 What's The Lifetime Of You Lifestyle
A8 W.A.S.P. Visitors
B1 Phalanx Der Pfälzer II
B2 Club Des Haschischins
B3 Walpurgis
B4 Nocturne Ovations
B5 Native Intertalk
B6 Gentle Slope Alienation
B7 Keep Step Until Nausea
B8 Stigma Of Honour

solanaceae tau - voices from the ground behind 2002

Track listing:

01 encyclopedia of grey
02 the power of unnecessary kings
03 the bleak rocks of future
04 monks of discordia
05 66° north
06 legions of light
07 riots lullaby
08 the exotic surrogate
09 tupilak nunaat
10 genua e morte
11 the unacceptable face of zionism
12 1871 overdrive
13 l´internationale
14 orphaned altar of utopia


IMMORTAL AGONY-Orgasmic Act-(c60 Slaughter produstions-1994-Italy)

Immortal Agony was thee projekt ov Emanuele Lago [aka: Black Mountains Chronicles, Crisantemo Nero] who was also behind thee projekts: Ermeneuma, The Humanoid Army, Mikror, Musa, Red Desolation, Sulphureous Church, and as well operated thee astounding Psychotic Release label!! To quote thee purveyor ov sickness & dear friend Mauricio once more: "Emanuelle is one of the greatest masters of horror lo-fi music!"

This cassette which was transferred for us by {{F@R@W@Y}} from his astounding collection ov cassettes which continue to grace this blog; was released on the Slaughter Productions label ov Marco Corbelli, and was also released in a seperate edition on Emanuele's own label..

to quote thee insert: "recorded at the psycho.tic studio during May 94 without samplers or any kind of programmable equipment."

Great Death Time - begins with some pleasant Italo-pop overdubbed with emmanations ov lo-fi death atmospheres and agonised vocal utterances, and transfers at about two and a half minutes into abrasive percussions and power elektronik vibes di morte which hold us within their thrall for thee rest ov thee ensuing thirteen minute duration ov this opening piece.. really like the ending sektion ov thee piece for it's great atmospheric filter/phaser use which carrys over into:

Orgasmic Acts II-VIII - which for not having programmable equipment sounds to be graced with great restrained machinic rhythym interpsersed with lo-fidelity minimal feedback squall.. what must be thee third orgasmic act abandons the initial rhythmic elements for pure dark-ambient trance strewn with restrained eruptions ov effected clanging.. on to thee next orgasmic act with low-end throbbing punctuated with Emanuelle's great scathing technique ov well handled death atmosphere!!

Thee next piece tis an homage to thee late Victorian and Edwardian period British poet Renée Vivien (11 June 1877 - 18 November 1909) whose fascinating lived experiences were interwoven with thee ecstasies ov her numerous bi-sexual relationships, and devastating losses which effected her debauches ov drugs, alcohol, and sado-masochistic fantasies which would plunge her into suicidal depression with thee refusal ov adequate nutrition which brought about her death at thee age ov 32.. captivating subjekt matter for thee death-industrial presented here!!

Orgasmic Act X - begins and tis interwoven with a choral presence which is soon ladened with oppressive feedback and sparse delayed percussion.. into this mix tis brought some sort ov Asian-pop music alternatingly with thee choir; as if the chanels ov thee radio were changed indecisively as to which station to take in sonicly.. eventually much heavier emphasis tis given over to thee revelry ov thee choir.. never absent tis thee unceasing barrage ov trancing power elektronikx!!

Camouflage Heart - tis a reference to thee amasing Gordon Sharp projekt: Cindytalk's premier album ov thee same name.. sonicly this song tis very distant from the aesthetiks thus conveyed so far in this release.. it consists ov a very minimal slow throb and also minimalised synth twitter.. the track tis an interesting tribute to drear-beatific brilliance ov thee master ov these aesthetikx to whom it pays homage..

Gothic Vision - begins with great organ and quickly becomes a presence ov thee slow repetitive voice; as ov thee cold winds ov winter bleakness with distant background elektronik static.. there tis a uniquely fragile collaging ov strange sounds which weave through this disintegrating sonic tapestry..

Track listing:

First Act:
A1 Great Death Time
A2 Orgasmic Acts II/VII
A3 Dedicated To Renee Bivien
Second Act:
B1 Orgasmic Act X
B2 Camouflage Heart
B3 Gothic Vision

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