Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide

Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide were thee incredible German based trance inducing elektronikx projekt ov Siegmar Fricke and Dieter Mauson!! many ov their fantastic cassettes have been featured here previously.. for this Samhain we offer you these three in addition!!

beAst wishes!!

Cataplectic Episodes - Klappstuhl Records - Germany - 1991

A Cataplectic Episodes
B The Extraocular Muscles

Dalstraat - Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide Productions - Germany - 1992

A1 Who Am I? / Konkrete Utopie
A2 What Do I See?
A3 Pliable Soul
A4 Looking Down
A5 Cockpit Command
A6 Bird Control (Part 1)
A7 Recherche Nach 2 Menschen
B1 We Don't Care
B2 Obsequies
B3 Restless Sleep
B4 La Mente En Negro 5
B5 Gone
B6 Breathless Hurdler
B7 Grüne Grenze

Apartment 8 - Escape 3 Organisation - Belgium - 1992

Entrance Side

A1 Boulevard De Tristesse
A2 Try To Understand It
A3 Ach Quacki!
A4 Ernährung
A5 Rape In Kuwait
A6 Sie Ist Verrückt
A7 The Jungle Of Life
A8 Postage And Fees
A9 Aridity In An Oasis
A10 Let Me
Backdoor Side
B1 Assembly Line
B2 Wirkungsgrad: Lähmend
B3 Lunik 1
B4 Somatom 1


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

ETAT DES STOCKS-galactic gigolo`-(Red Neon Tapes,Belgium-c60-199x)

Here is another old tape from my collection; Etat Des Stocks is the project of Patrick Parent -the owner and boss of the cassette label Red Neon Tapes which was active in the 90s, and was only trading tape-productions- it released lots of artists in the field of electronic experimental music. It also released the famous compilation tapes called New Hippies. As far as I know Patrick is still active and you will find lots of info on other internet pages if you dare to search...

This tape was crafted with experimental electronics, and somehow a few of the tracks remind me of the early rhythimic noize experiments from the early 90s.

Definitely a good tape for lovers of certain obscure weird electro goings.

Enjoy it.

Track listing:

A1 Overload
A2 No More
A3 Midnight
A4 Roller Skate
A5 Chips
A6 The Forge
A7 Ben Gess
A8 Numbers
A9 Sirens
A10 Streets
A11 Electricity
A12 Down
A13 Cat
B1 Modern Language
B2 Cycles
B3 The Monk
B4 Bass Mania Part 1
B5 Etat Des Stocks
B6 Bass Mania Part 2
B7 Modern Language Instrumental
B8 Modern Language Dub

Monday, October 8, 2012

Nommo Ogo - Endless Dream [Preview]

PRE-EMPTIVE WARNING OV FUTURE COSMIC PERILS: thee unfettering ov tentacles and ecstatic writhing upon mutant dancefloors across thee multiverse shall commence!! doom-raves have already been semi-illumined with negatively transparent lines forming undulating somnolent imageries.. zombient states have been appearing amidst occupants ov abandoned-house parties.. xeno-terrestrial slimewave has immersed those delving unto thee katabatik depths.. news ov Joan Rivers mother-fucking toasting over dis-goat in a delerium induced by Death Trance sauce are lingering about thee ethers.. televisions emit strange transmissions ov bloodied amphibious genitalia cuisine enterprises.. thee musick industry has taken notice!! rumors ov remixes ov thee alien DNA abound.. reports ov alien identity theft are at an uprecedented high.. emissions are arriving from across thee ancient depths ov time and space that thee esoterik elektronikx ov Nommo Ogo have warned us: "there is nothing but this dream"..


Saturday, October 6, 2012

va - Sanctus Defunctis (Maldoror Tapes - Portugal - 1993)

Portugese cassette released 2/22/93 in a limited edition of 70.

Where are we going? North, forever. To a land named Zero, where the Oresteia howl a singular note through the ice wastes like a sonic line stretching to infinity. Aion wresting time from Chronos’ cruel beak. To eat: into; to speak: forth. Schizophrenic self-language the color iceberg blue. Falling through the surface, like a bug forced down through surface tension of water. Cherubs swallowed in volcanic vorticies. Erogenous phantasms. The human beast in a diamond cloak, snug fit of lightning. A painting which is never finished, always changed. An unexpected thirteenth month. A series of leering faces over her true face, hinging so that they peel like the pages of a book.

“...the next time i kill you...i promise the labyrinth made of the single straight line which is invisible and everlasting.” –Borges, History of Eternity.
Track listing:
A1 Corvu Prettu – Sanctus Defunctis
A2 Corvu Prettu – Eco Defunctis
A3 Aphora – Christu
A4 Nigredo – Carmina Defunctorum 01
A5 Sol Niger – Lucce Tenebrae
A6 Luciano Dari – Night Of Djinn
A7 Corvu Prettu – Defunctis
B1 Alio Die – Echoes In The Fire
B2 Runes Order – The Word In Side
B3 David Mellor – Frenzy
B4 Abra Had Abra – Mala Aqua

(review by Port of the Sun / transferred by crepusculum)

VA - Homo Sexpiens Project - 3Rio Tapes - Belgium

     You’ve been awake seventy hours straight blasted on Prolute at a Lynchian orgy in an abandoned mausoleum. Then a pantsless man in a suitcoat whose fabric is printed in dildoes puts on this soundtrack. Crackling spliced porn backing tracks mounted over unnerving loops of splintered blood with the auditory subtlety of a subcutaneous laser.
     Troubled image addicts spraying pearl in sigils over the surface of their television screens; women feeding women peaches and cream inside geometric castles of thermoluminescent fluorite; women bleating under the whip; women transmutating into black swans copulating in pools of ink amongst roiling seas of insects glistening like animate leatherette scraps. Swoon onward into your preferred erotic nightmare, for here shame yields to lust’s overpowering might and all lie supine beneath the banners to new religions of come and sorrow.
     Baptise me in fleshfluid and call me saved.
     At turns hilarious in its contrasting superimpositions and disturbing in its degraded strangeness, turn your tape player into a sex machine and blast this over the moans at your next swinger’s hoedown. Worms writhing in the peaches.

Track listing:

A1 Janice Peshke + Absolute Controlled Clinical Maniacs – Nymph
A2 Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl – Cherry Sized Nipples Are Classic
A3 Experdo Credo Roberto – 20000 Geile Maagden
A4 Rudi Wilderjans + Haters, The – Sexmix + The Whipping
A5 Misz – Don't Do That Doing Doggy
A6 Mask – Decay
A7 Psyclones & Schlafengarten – Tenderloin
A8 Soft Joke – Fast Love
A9 Zanonym – Lilith
A10 Dennis Carlton – Could She Love Me?
A11 Merzbow – Corruption (Exerpt)
A12 De Fabriek + Weltschmerz – Interviews + Nein (Exerpts)
A13 Barry Edgar Pilcher + Weltschmerz – Sexophonesounds
A14 37 Pink – Klub Pussy
A15 Robert English – Bulge
B1 Pan-Pan – Toskan
B2 Unovidual + Absent – My Lesbian Girlfriends
B3 P231 – Sexual Ritual + Inmix Emanuele
B4 Sigmund Und Sein Freund – Eat My Pussy
B5 Pleasure Girls – Dirty Words
B6 Man's Hate – Flash Of Flesh
B7 DDAA – Amour Amour
B8 Het Zweet + Koffie Verkeerd – Dante's Second Circle + Excerpt From Doornroosje Interview
B9 Viscera – Mons Vernis
B10 Merzbow – Corruption (Exerpt)
B11 Red Rat – Untitled Sounds + Inmix
B12 BGF – Untitled Sounds
B13 Weltschmerz + Pleasure Girls + Kibbo Kift + De Fabriek + Barry Edgar Pilcher – Kneel And Kiss + Interviews + Saxsounds

(Port of the Sun - from thee honeyed hallucinations ov thee hive)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Deca tis thee projekt ov Italian sound artist Federico De Caroli- active since at least 1986 he has been creating a rather large opus ov releases in thee realms ov experimental electronic music.. to quote elsewhere: "Deca is the musical "alchemist" (as he is known in Italy) Federico De Caroli. He has gradually moved from the spacey and melodic style reminiscent of Jarre and Tangerine Dream that dominated his early works to a more experimental sound, involving elements of industrial, noise, "musique concrete" and even Dark Ambient."

thee workx on these cassettes are reminiscent to me at times ov some ov thee cinematic scores composed by Gobiln for some ov Dario Argento's films; whilst at others they are more sparse and experimental overall.. none ov these cassettes appear on discogs as ov this writing.. enjoy!!

Instinct - 1989

A - Telex -nocturnal
B - Cold bondage

Premonizione Humana - 1991

1 Anaesthetic Generation
2 The Lab
3 Premonition
4 Eden
5 Eterno Delirio
6 Animal Resurrection
7 Angeli Nel Silenzio

Coma Flowers - 1992

01 - Overture
02 - Chromarain
03 - Suspended Frame
04 - Aqualabia
05 - Silent Fluid
06 - Coma Flowers

(crepusculum - from thee honeyed hallucinations ov thee hive)


continuing upon thee thread ov releases from Jérôme Mauduit's Désaccord Majeur label- we come to thee projekt Largo from thee French artist Frédéric Scellier; whilst a significantly negligible ammount ov info tis known here about thee projekt- what tis known tis that these cassettes offer evocative synthesizer atmospheres comingled with sequenced and oft-processed ethnic percussive elements which are very fitting upon thee label from which they emanate!! more honeyed auditory hallucinations are to be found herein!!

Tzu & Ko Songs: She-lover Feeling

Face Ko

A1 Machine Loving II
A2 La Guteto
A3 Machine Dream
A4 Tsu & Ko Song
A5 Tuby
A6 La Gutago

Face Tzu

B1 Complainte
B2 Love Storming
B3 Stress
B4 String Storming
B5 Ko Rule
B6 Alien Feeling


A Ĝoja 1
B Ĝoja 2

(crepusculum - from thee honeyed hallucinations ov thee hive)

Internal Fusion

as more continues to trickle forth from thee hallucinatorily honeyed hive- we are tremendously elated to be able to share these rare cassettes from thee French projekt Internal Fusion!! both cassettes were released upon thee astounding Désaccord Majeur label which was run by Jérôme Mauduit who also collaborated with Internal Fusion on the projekt Tlön Uqbar!! thee recordings betwixt these two cassettes present two very different approaches: with Evénements - Traverses - Contrariétés offering a much harder rhythmic experimental approach with anthemic industrial synth lines present at times; Et La Nuit Eclaira La Nuit... consists ov much more neo-classically inspired compositions.. both cassettes offer refined approaches to thee early 90's esoteric cassette culture ov France!!

Evénements - Traverses - Contrariétés - 1991

No track listing.

Et La Nuit Eclaira La Nuit...  - 1993

A1 Et La Nuit Eclaira La Nuit...
A2 La Bibliothèque De Babel
A3 Le Jardin Au Sentier Qui Bifurque
B1 Funes Ou La Mémoire
B2 Les Ruines Circulaire
B3 La Forme De L'Epée

(crepusculum - from thee honeyed hallucinations ov thee hive)