Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Energia Astrale "a waterfall in your flight of steps"-(c46 EE Tapes-Belgium -1998)

This tape was recorded in August 1997 in the practise room of the Ex-C.I.M. squat in Foggia. Few people took part in the recording of this tape. There were Simona and Stefano on the didgeridoos, Grillo playing guitar, Francesco on percussion, and Mini on drum machine + Raffaele manipulating mixing desk, effects pedals, & microphones: alternating the sound of the various instruments. It was a long jam session that got re-eleborated by Raff a few months after in another southern Italian town with the use of a 4 track-recorder. Eventually Raff worked on the cover sleeve, and then sent all the package to EE Tapes in Belgium. This label released the tape eventually in February 1998 in a limited edition of 69 hand-numbered copies. By many people it is believed to be one of the nicest and most complete tapes by this ghostly collective.
This is actually the last tapework by E.A. Before this E.A. did release quite a good amount of tapes, and took part in various international compilation tapes. For a full info flyer of the collective E.A.: you`ll find included in this folder an e-flyer telling almost all the activities developed by this ghost project during the 90's. I will send more E.A. tapes for this blog in future. Enjoy this one for now! Bye!

Track listing:

A1 A Waterfall Of Emotions
A2 Prolific Cuts
A3 A Flight Of Steps In Your Body
B1 Dusks Inside
B2 Just Like A Daily Bomb In Your Head


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

M.NOMIZED-High Technology(ContaminatedProds)

M.Nomized "High Technology" was released as a c60 in 1993 by Contaminated Prods and Cadenced Noise tape labels as a co-production. M. Nomized [Michel Madrange] was a very prolific artist from France. He was the owner and founding member of Fraction studio: an independent label releasing the M Nomized productons (also the ones with the other names used by this artist)+ other productions by his friends. M. Nomized appears on thousands of compilation tapes released in the 90s and circulated through the electronic tape scene, and he was one of the most famous artists from France active in this scene. He was also involved in the mail art network and in the zines scene. His music is a nice blend of crazy electronic,weird pop, and synth experimentation [if we can call it like that]. This tape has been printed in a run of 100 copies by Contaminanated Prods. Not sure how many copies Cadenced noize did. Enjoy it.

Track listing:

01-high technology(part 1)
02-high technology(part 2)
03-high technology(part 3)
04-high technology(part 4)
05-high technology(part 5)
06-high technology(part 6)
08-two hands
10-la chauve souris
12-en demolition
13-cuisine de 93


Sunday, November 22, 2009

VA - Cadenced Contaminations-(c60, comp, tape-1991- co-prod, )

Cadenced Contamination compilation tape(c60) was released in 1991 as a co-production between Cadenced Noise tape label in Caserta and Contaminated Prods in Benevento. The founders of both labels were then & are still now long time friends, and they decided to work on a common project trying to assemble an international compilation tape with international artists in the field of electronic/experimental music. It features some unknown artists and some other more famous from the tape labels network at that time.It came out with a small(A5 size) booklet with graphics and info about the bands and the labels(included here). Contaminated Prods printed about 150 copies of it. Not sure how many copies Cadenced Noise printed. It was distributed mainly via mail.

Track listing:

A1 Trauma Syndrom - Neuer Marschbefehl
A2 A. D. Eker - Vivere Humano
A3 Ataraxia - Anno Domini MDLVI
A4 Ataraxia - Torque Mada
A5 Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide - TZE (Process4)
A6 Mike Hovancsek - Graphite (With Busyditch)
B1 Mega Watt Group - Experimenta
B2 Solanaceae Tau - Lyserk Cult Connection
B3 Abra Had Abra - Shemale Mond
B4 Crimson Iguanadon, The - Microwaves
B5 Ego Abùlico - Suicidesexmania


Friday, November 20, 2009

VA - From Thelematicks To Telepathicks-c100 compilation tape- T.O.P.Y. TV/Semiotexterie release 1993-Italy

Here tis another very rare gift from our dear friend (Faraway)!! Can find zero info on this cassette other than what tis on thee case.. It was released by an Italian manifestation ov thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth T.V. / Semiotexterie.. Both thee Thelematicks & Telepathicks sides feature great esoterric body musick and trancing ritual elektronikx!!

Track listing:

a01-THEE TEMPLE BEAT-the sound of the crowd in thee temple
a02-THEE TEMPLE BEAT-hide & seek
a03-CATHERINE FOR SALE-no more heroes
a04-CATHERINE FOR SALE-i wanna be your dog
a05-AFTER THE DUSK-you perfect machine
a07-DEAD CITY RADIO-headcleaners
a08-DEAD CITY RADIO-headclened(reprogrammed by X4U)
a09-X4U-The human fall
a10-L.I.N.-ball of confusion
b01-ZERO AS LIMIT-cosmic youth
b02-DB SYSTEM-jesus dive
b03-DB SYSTEM-sound window
b04-TRIPLO MALTO-christmas tree
b05-NETWORK 23-Alpha gear drive
b06-OFFICINA MAGNETIKA ANTONBREGA-persorso spinale interzonale
b07-ABRA HAD ABRA-faust-so far

(Faraway & crepusculum)

KRANIVM-the brigther edge of death-(c46-Slaughter prods-1994-Italy)

Marco Corbelli died on thee 6th ov May 2007.. He left behind an extensive body ov work with his projekts: Atrax Morgue, Mörder Machine,Kranivm, Necrofilia, Necrophonie, Pervas Nefandum, Progetto Morte.. His amasing death-industrial label Slaughter Productions released well over a hundred astonishing cassette and cd releases by many luminaries ov the international dark-elektronik arts community.. His impact and presence will not soon be forgotten..

Here tis a cassette from Kranivm released in 1994.. It features four tracks ov astounding dark occult elektronikx!! It was ripped for us by our friend (Faraway)!!

Wished to say that this post tis especially for Mauricio for his enthusiasm and kindness ov constantly "spreading the sickness"!!


Track listing:

A1 Insanatorivm Part III
A2 Sea Of Death
B1 Tenebra Rervm
B2 Insanatorivm Part IV

(Faraway & crepusculum)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

NIGREDO / ABRA HAD ABRA-split tape(Contaminated Prods-c60)

This Abra Had Abra [Devis G. & Stefano Barban]-(Italy)/Nigredo [Paulo Maldoror & Lucrecia Bosch]-(Portugal)split tape was released on Contaminated Productions in 1992 as a c60. It was a very limited editon of 31 hand-numbered copies as requested by the artists involved. It was only available for trade purposes. No price was listed, but "this tape is NOT for sale" was clearly stated, and Contaminated Prods only traded it with other cassette productions.
It had a special cover made of silver/platicized foil on which there was stapled a piece of dreadlock hair. Inside there was a small piece of x-ray covering (in part)the tape info coming on a fotocopy. You`ll find all this included here as pictures. Enjoy this great production-VERY VERY RARE indeed.

Track listing:

A1 Nigredo - Argentum Astruum
A2 Nigredo - Sol Niger
A3 Nigredo - Obscurari Sidera
A4 Nigredo - Sothis
A5 Nigredo - Sol Niger Omnipotens
A6 Nigredo - Lux Niger
B1 Abra Had Abra - Pan
B2 Abra Had Abra - Congressus Cum Daemone
B3 Abra Had Abra - Aqualunus


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hex Minora vs. Devis G - Nihilist

So there tis a slight deviation from thee theme ov this blog thus far here: [by request] this is thee first cd post here.. have never explicitly stated, but the intention ov this blog tis to post rare/out-ov-print occult elektronikx [now cassette or otherwise..] for y'all.. this is thee first release here to breach thee millenial divide.. we will still continue to post older/ rare occult releases here [do not worry!!].. though also in thee future you can expect items actually composed within thee more recent frame ov lived experience which is contemporaneous with our own..

Also if you have contributions that you wish to make to this blog that you feel would help in this mission ov: un-earthing rare occult elektronik sonorism: WE WANT YOUR HELP!! There are many great blogs that help in fulifilling this mission, and we hope that this may be an additional resource ov help in making lived experience more fortuitous for yrselves.. So without any further hesitations:

Here tis thee collaboration between Hex Minora & Devis G. released on Membrum Debile Propaganda in thee year 2000.. As Hex Minora has been covered here in previous posts in this blog; will take a moment to comment on Devis G. [one ov numerous monikers utilised by this astounding proponent ov occult elektronik sonorism!!] A brief list ov some ov this beast's astounding projekts should include: Dev, Lvnvs/Lunus, TV Satanico/ Teatro Satanico Charles Manson, Necrophilia/ Necrophonie, S. Biasin Trio, Demon Womb, The Dead, Wellenwerkmann Neurosonological Research Station, and Abra Had Abra to name a few.. Thee Collaboration between these two was my first exposure to thee works ov Hex Minora, and was thanks to thee great distro ov Patrick [Skin Crime/Self-Abuse Recordings].. Anyone familiar with either ov these artists should know to expect that thee outcome ov their intermingling shall result in wondrous occult elektronik sonorism ov thee highest order!!

Track listing:

1 Ascension
2 Rupture
3 Void
4 Contrition
5 Rend
6 Amatory
7 Dissolution
8 Canker
9 Nadis


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hex Minora - Sabrina

This cassette was released on the Metamorphosi label in 1995. It features more ov Hex Minora's great occult psycho-sexual dark elektronik work!! Each ov thee tracks seems to follow in her previously established style ov trancing synth/elektroniks with sampling backing the material with the exception ov thee standout track: Engine Of Correction which also features some very angry sounding reverb-drenched vocals by Carol-Ann this time arround!! Should have her other cassette from the Metamorphosi label coming in thee mail any day, and will post here as well..

Track listing:

A1 Onana
A2 Shakuhachi
A3 Engine Of Correction
A4 Virus Of Minora
B1 Maid Of Destruction
B2 Bad Blood
B3 Lessons In Humiliation #2
B4 Sei Venuto?


Skinflick Productions & Hex Minora - Flowers Of Perdition

Another cassette here from Hex Minora's BV Tapes label.. This time a co-release with S.F.P.D. Records.. Cannot say much really for Skinflick Productions.. Not really personally into their sort of industrial rock.. Maybe other folks may enjoy.. Hex Minora delivers more ov her great dark occult psycho/sexual elektroniks however, and makes it worth thee time to transfer this rare cassette.. Would say this cassette tis not for folks who cannot handle pornographic aesthetics: as it tis a theme heavilly present here..

A1 Skinflick Productions - Kid On Fire
A2 Skinflick Productions - I Married A Prostitute
A3 Skinflick Productions - Hate Rape
A4 Skinflick Productions - Preacher With Soul
A5 Skinflick Productions - I Am God
B1 Hex Minora - 20 Minute Anal Death Experience


Monday, November 16, 2009

DSIP-Rebound ( c60-Contaminated Productions -1993)

German duo DSIP [Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide] were Dieter Mauson and Siegmar Fricke. They released lots of different tapes during the 90s. Some were totally diy, and some others were released on different tape labels. They were experimenting with digital and analog synthesizers and other electronic devices. Their music is a kind of electronic soundcollage/ambient/drone type. It`s quite difficult to know what they are up to since those days as I have lost touch with them a long time ago. The were surely one of the most prolific acts active back in the 90's in the tape labels scene. "Rebound" was released by Contaminated Productions in 1993,it came out with a colour (yellow or pink)plasticized paper cover as c60 format-released in about 200 copies.. It was sent to various parts of the globe.It features 4 tracks of incredible experimental-half ambient/half electronic music. enjoy it!! at the moment it is a very rare production.

Track listing:
A1 Soporific Range Of Thought
A2 Senescence
B1 Ashford Mortuary (Psycho-Therapy Sick-Ward)
B2 Painful Return


Tem Oph Ab - Sulle Ali Di Saturno

Another early self-released single sided cassette here from Tem Oph Ab!! as with Psychika Et Mystika Pt. II this release came out in thee year MCMXCVI.. Would say that this release follows as another occult elektronik evocation ov sonorous dark arts from artist Marco Farina who now works on thee noize projekt Il Mestruo Delle Puttane.. though fairly sparse it is hoped that this release may be enjoyed by some ov thee readers ov this blog..

Track listing:
A1 - Sulle Ali Di Saturno
A2 - Gli Anelli Della Creazione
A3 - Lo Stato Informe


Tem Oph Ab - Psychika Et Mystika Pt.II

This early self-released single sided cassette from Italian dark elektronik artist Tem oph Ab begins with a brief quiet vocal chant which transitions fastly into La Grotta Di Pan with trancing harsh pulses which carry for over seven minutes.. next tis a brief erotik interlude ov thee climaxing tones ov a womans voice.. then follows Nel Segno Di Omega: a dirge ov downtuned strings and elektroniks which scrape forth for eight minutes to be met again with more climaxing feminine vocalistions.. next follows the highlight ov this cassette release a dark looming synthesiser piece: Una Notte Senza Luna.. the tape ends as it began: with thee quiet vocal chanting ..

Track Listing:
A1 L.V.X. (Ouverture)
A2 La Grotta Di Pan
A3 N.O.X. Pt.I
A4 Nel Segno Di Omega
A5 N.O.X. Pt.II
A6 Una Notte Senza Luna
A7 L.V.X. (Finale)


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tem Oph Ab - Psychologische Abwehrfront - H.P. Lovecraft

A sonorous exploration here upon thee strange & talented horror/fiction/sci-fi writings ov author Howard Phillips Lovecraft (August 20, 1890 – March 15, 1937) tis presented by sound artists Tem Oph Ab {Marco Farina / Italy} and Psychologische Abwehrfront {Heiner Gehring / Germany} released in an edition ov 99 Cassette copies on thee German industrial label Innere Erde Gemeinschaft in thee year ov 1998..

H.P. Lovecraft "Drinking Song From The Tomb"

Come hither, my lads, with your tankards of ale,
And drink to the present before it shall fail;
Pile each on your platter a mountain of beef,
For 'tis eating and drinking that bring us relief:
So fill up your glass,
For life will soon pass;
When you're dead ye'll ne'er drink to your king or your lass!

Anacreon had a red nose, so they say;
But what's a red nose if ye're happy and gay?
Gad split me! I'd rather be red whilst I'm here,
Than white as a lily -and dead half a year!
So Betty my miss,
Come give me a kiss;
In hell there's no inkeeper's daughter like this!

Young Harry, propp'd up just as straight as he's able,
Will soon lose his wig and slip under the table,
But fill up your goblets and pass 'em around-
Better under the table than under the ground!
So revel and chaff
As ye thirstily quaff:
Under six feet of dirt 'tis less easy to laugh!

The fiend strike me blue! I'm scarce able to walk,
And damn me if I can't stand upright or talk!
Here, landlord, bid Betty to summon a chair;
I'll try home for a while, for my wife is not there!
So lend me a hand;
I'm not able to stand,
But I'm gay whilst I linger on top of the land!

Track listing:

Weelle Shemoth
A1 Tem Oph Ab - Sh. V. B. N. G. G. V. R. Th. 960
A2 Tem Oph Ab - K. Th. V. L. V. 462
A3 Tem Oph Ab - I. V. G. S. Th. Th. 879
A4 Tem Oph Ab - H. S. T. V. R. 280
A5 Tem Oph Ab - N. I. R. I. Th. Th. P. 1170
A6 Tem Oph Ab - O. Z. Th. V. Th. 883
A7 Tem Oph Ab - Tz. Th. V. G. G. H. 507
Libri Mysteriorum
B1 Psychologische Abwehrfront - De Vermis Mysteriis
B2 Psychologische Abwehrfront - Heptarchia Mysteriis
B3 Psychologische Abwehrfront - Pnacoti Mysteriis
B4 Psychologische Abwehrfront - Aldaria Sive Soyga Vocor
B5 Psychologische Abwehrfront - Lebor Gabola Erenn
B6 Psychologische Abwehrfront - Cthulhu Mysteriis


DISUMANA RES-paroxismus(Biotope art organization-1991 c60-italy)

Disumana Res is the personal project of Guglielmo Lanzilli: owner and founder of the tape label Biotope Art Organization, active in the 90s in Italy and then in UK. This is the first release of his own project called Disumana Res. At the time of its recording Guglielmo was living in Naples and collaborating with members of CONTROPOTERE(great industrial/punk collective /band from the 90s,one of the best Italian bands of that time)-in this tape Lucia, (singer) and Bostik (keyboardist) of Contropotere collaborate with him to create amazing "dark ambient-sound sculptures"-Paroxismus contains two long tracks(almost 30 mins each side)-it was released in 1991 as c60 with a very suggestive color collage printed in a photo format cover(included in this file).I will post more Disumana Res in future,for now enjoy this very exceptional pearl.quite rare indeed.


Friday, November 13, 2009

VA - Vexatio Cerebri

Am honored to be sharing here a submission for this blog from thee incredibly generous friend: (Faraway) who shall be contributing more with this blog in thee very near future .. Since he is the one sharing this rare gem; will post here what he wrote for this astonishing compilation ov amasing international artists he has kindly gifted us:

Vexatio Cerebri - International Compilation Tape c60
Released on Contaminated prods in 1994. It came out in a special sleeve made from 2 colour pictures(the little sculptures on the pictures+the pictures themselves) made by Gianni Liquoro,a quite famous tattoo artist nowdays. At the time he was involved in the E.A. ghostly collective. Contaminated prods printed and sent around the world about 150 copies of it before closing its activities in 1998 due to the constant travelling of it's founding member: Raffaele. This compilation was actually compiled by Paulo Maldoror in Portugal, but he passed it to Contaminated Prods because he couldn`t release it on his own tape label at the time. It features some of the most extreme acts of dark ambient/ soundcollage/ esoteric music active in the mid 90s- It is a rarity now and Contaminated Prods people are very happy to know it is now available on this blog.


Track Listing:

a02-B.D.N.-grave cracker
a03-MAEROR TRI-the glowing of night
a04-E.A.-sinless song
a05-NIGREDO-carmina profana
a06-CORVU PRETTU-echo my funeral
a07-CAPRICORNI PNEUMATICI-putredini obnoxius
b01-ABRA HAD ABRA-drath
b02-CORDIS CINTI SERPENTE-noo ladze rutha adz(evokation of Yog Sothoth)
b03-THERABAQUD LEIC-cadavre exquis

Guilty Connector - Praying For Oblivion & Tem Oph Ab

This cassette was released on thee Xerxes label [run by Yasutoshi Yoshida aka: Government Alpha] and features 6 trax ov Guilty Connector aka: Kohei "the fast" Nakagawa's Utsu & Shibaki elektronix on the first side, and one long collaboration between Praying For Oblivion [us] & Tem Oph Ab [Italy] on the opposite side!! There will be more Tem Oph Ab cassettes coming in this blog very soon..

Track listing:

A1 Guilty Connector - Direct Observation
A2 Guilty Connector - Connected
A3 Guilty Connector - Pulsating Dream
A4 Guilty Connector - 草京
A5 Guilty Connector - Use Your Black Steel
B Praying For Oblivion + Tem Oph Ab - Fall From Grace


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hex Minora - Under A Pornographic Sun

This Hex Minora cassette tis from 97 and was put out on the Pylon label in a VHS case.. More occult industrial output as expected.. It features a brief interview w/ thee artist behind the projekt.. cold/dark vibes from the past for the cold/dark present..

Track listing:
A1 Painless Steel Tattoo
A2 Remorseless
A3 Death Nurse
A4 "606"
A5 $3.99
B1 New Direction
B2 Sperm Choking
B3 Diseased
B4 Praying Before Intercourse
B5 Malefactor


Hex Minora - Self Titled

This is thee first ov a few ov thee Ipswich, Suffolk UK female occult-industrial artist Carol-Ann's releases planned for posting here.. This one tis from 92, and was released on her cassette label: BV Tapes. The cassette features collaged imagery ov nude females with a quotation "FEMINISM is not about equal rights for women. It is a socialist anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practise witchcraft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians." chose to omit scanning a handfull ov random little cut out pornographic stickers and inserts that came with this cassette..

Track listing:
A1 Idolater
A2 Force-Fed
A3 Heresy
A4 Virgo Intacta
A5 Loveless Fuck
B1 Intensifier
B2 Slow Blower
B3 Famous For What?