Friday, December 31, 2010

v.a.- hominivorax(b.a.o.-italy-1990-c60)

Experimental House Music tis thee tag for this compilation released upon thee Biotope Art Organization label.. take note ov thee fact that thee word Experimental tis thee first in thee tag.. after posting thee more ritual ambient releases recently; this may come as a bit ov a variation.. an homage to thee once thriving counter-cultural movement which has been rather well documented in thee writings ov folkx such as: Matthew Collin - Altered State [The Story of Ecstasy Culture and Acid House], Simon Reynolds - Generation Ecstasy, Kodwo Eshun - More Brilliant Than the Sun,.. thee year tis ending now.. so here tis something trance inducing; that maybe we shall dance with a bit; out ov this year towards infinity..

not noting any info for thee opening projekt J.D.M. other than that there was a cassette release titled: Cellarful Of Noise [which was dedicated to the memory of Huey P. Newton] on thee label: Vilex Prod. S.p.A. .. ov thee three pieces provided; thee first tis dedicated to thee noted trance capitol: Ibiza, and tis sympathetic to thee aesthetic, thee second features tribal percussions with aceeeeeeed sounds, and thee third effing carries thee word "Aciieeed" combined with "Woodoo".. a rather apropriate description truthfully.. dunno what more need be said..

Brume tis thee projekt ov prolific French musique concrete composer Christian Renou!! sincerely wish to know if monsieur Renou has experimented more in this vein elsewhere!! effing love this rather danceable trancing sequencing!!

to write well about thee prolific Bay Area projekt Big City Orchestra would fill voluminous ammounts ov web space.. if for some reason one should doubt this; than refer to their blog here.. their piece tis comprised ov rather slow sequencing which slowly stutters along amidst broken sound fragments..

Frak tis thee projekt ov Swedish experimental sound artists Jan Svensson [Studio SS, Uttoz, Villa Åbo, Alvars Orkester, Börft Records..] and Johan Sturesson [Kord, Monster Apparat, Råsynth I Blekinge(label)..] thee first piece provided consists ov bleeping acid sequencing with distorted drum programming, and breathy processed vocal materials.. whilst thee second track; which brings this side ov thee cassette to it's conclusion; consists ov a bit ov stuttering programming with loose funk bass lines, and more processed masculine vocal material.. thee track kicks it up a tad towards thee end before fastly coming to it's own point ov cessation..

Temple Beat tis a variation ov thee moniker for thee projekt Templebeat which tis composed ov thee artists: Michele Benetello, Pietro Zanetti [Metal Music Machine!!], Giorgio Ricci [RAN, Hysterie, Metal Music Machine!!], Paolo Favati [Die Larm, FM and Paolo F., Pankow, Saint Luka, Wave Workers Foundation..], and Rudi Dalla Mora [Metal Music Machine!!] who hail from Treviso, Italy!! effing love this prolific Esoteric Body Music projekt and their various offshoots!! thee music here will speak for itself!! cannot forget to mention thee William S. Burroughs sampling!!

nada for info on thee projekt Black Bone Yard; other than that there was a short cassette on thee Dutch tape label: Black Death.. thee piece consists ov wierd edgy sequencing and guitar squall amidst shrieky moaning vocals..

From Nursery To Misery hailed from thee UK, and consisted ov members: Gina Fear, Tina Fear, and Lee Stevens.. nice acid sequencing with beatific dusky feminine vocals: "DESIRE"!!

L'Edarps A Moth tis thee projekt ov German artist Thomas Pradel.. thee trackx consist ov acid-esque sequencings with some stuttery cut-up German vocals in thee second piece..

Track listing:

A1 J.D.M. - Ibiza (Psych. Ver.)
A2 J.D.M. - Freaky Beats
A3 J.D.M. - Woodoo Aciieeed
A4 Brume - This Fast Fucking House Food Musik
A5 Big City Orchestra - Beater Case
A6 Frak - I Will Sell (Not Expensive)
A7 Frak - Gastric Juice
B1 Temple Beat - My Secret Garden
B2 Temple Beat - Zig Zag My Way
B3 Temple Beat - Caresse
B4 Black Bone Yard - Extreme Body Passion
B5 From Nursery To Misery - Desire
B6 L'Edarps A Moth - Die Ramme
B7 L'Edarps A Moth - Worum Gent Es?
B8 L'Edarps A Moth - Spatschicht

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tarkatak - Eko (B.A.O.-UK-1997-c60)

Here is another release of this amazing tape label Biotope Art Organization, we have spoken about this label quite few a times in this blog, “Eko” seems to be one of the last releases by this tape-label. Tarkatak is the project of the German artist Lurs Pruditsch; who also was running the interesting tape label called Trummer Cassetten during the mid 90s. Tarkatak seems to be still active nowdays and has been collaborating with different artists during these years of activity: C.Reider, No, Anemone Tube, Deep, Klangwart. Eko was re-released on cd-r by the Italian label Blade Records in 2002 as a limited edition of 120 copies in a painted wood cover. I believe both the tape and the cd-r are quite difficult to find these days. The 4 tracks on this tape consist of a minimal sequencing trancelike music mixing quiet-noize and drone effects. Another small but precious gift for people into ambient for vegetative inner trips.

Track listing:

A Der Pilz Im Meer
B1 Lungenflügel
B2 Wäldlich
B3 Gehen - Umdgehen


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

v.a.-devastating templaric sounds 2(c90,italy-b.a.o.-1990)

ecstasy in these sunless days!! following thee first ov these: we have Devastating Templaric Sounds 2!! sometimes thee understanding that things have been laying hidden away beyond reach can create an enrichment to thee enjoyment ov knowing that thee desire for those things has been brought to fruition.. for others who have similarly desired these Biotope Art Organization releases; perchance you may find a similitude ov sentiment as well..

Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata has seen quite an ammount ov change amongst thee members ov it's lineup over thee nearly thirty years since when it initially began it's existence.. Simon Balestrazzi having been it's core member throughout.. thee track which T.A.C. provides here tis an astonishing piece ov ritual ambiance with slow horns, gongs, chantings.. ethereal and beauteous!!

Factor 42 was thee projekt ov Alex Kane thee person behind thee US label GPC Productions.. thee piece which he provides here has slow repetitious throat-singing, sparse synthesizer and percussive presences, and Kananowicz's oration ov thee Tibetan sky burial..

Therabaqud Leic tis thee projekt ov Italian occult sound artist Gianluigi Russolo who in thee last yaer has offered thee astounding Aurebus Alchemickal Frequency release on thee great German experimental label Surrism Phonoethics!! thee piece provided here features slowed repetitive samples ov wind instrumentation and flourishes ov delayed percussive sounds..

Archon Satani "a dark ritual project, playing eerie and haunting industrial ambient music with a satanic background, obsessive percussions and frightening demonic voices.. thee original line-up consisted ov Tomas Pettersson [Ordo Equilibrio, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, No Festival Of Neither Light Order Roses Nor Equilibrium, TriORE, Victoria..] and Mikael Stravöstrand.. they worked together from 1990 to 1993, then the former went on to form Ordo Equilibrio, while the latter continued under the name Archon Satani, as well as with his other projects: Inanna, The Skull, Vita, Bulgur Brothers, Entarte, Luus, Men In Slippers, Stavöstrand & Skugge.." thee track provided for this comp consists ov excellent restrained synthesizer progression, throbbing ritual percussive sequencing, and anguished effected vocalisations!!

prior to this cassette was unfamiliar with Eliphas Usher, but now am rather curious about thee label which he was a part ov: Industrial Ölocaust Recordings.. "established in 1989.. thee label tis a subsidiary entity of thee Akkademia Esoterica Üsher and was conceived in order to reveal the A.E.Ü.'s Sound Grimoire.. The A.E.Ü. tis an Italian private organization involved in magical and mystical studies.. actually A.E.Ü. and I.Ö.R. are both englobed in Cardinium Network.." thee first ov thee two pieces provided by this projekt consists ov a somber synthesizer progression, whilst thee latter piece consists ov delayed shimmering cymbal crashing repetitiously before slowly decaying..

Nux Vomica [Alan Herrick, Jenny Liang Herrick, & Evan Sorstein] "Experimental music project from San-Francisco, active since 1990.. their music encompasses a large range of styles (industrial, ambient, noise, & ethnic) and compositional techniques (found sounds, processing, electronics, & live instruments).. it's members established and ran the SF experimental music store and label Auricular Records in San Francisco during the early 1990s. throughout their career they have collaborated with many other musicians, generally from thee Bay Area. though relatively inactive since the late 1990s, Nux Vomica began performing live again in 2007.." thee piece which they provide here: Eruption In Form consists ov slow repetitious eruptions ov sound..

Enema & Gejonte tis thee projekt ov artists Jonas Ohlsson & Kai Parviainen [Commando Laarz, En Halvkokt I Folie, Enema Syringe, Perfektemanskropp..] who both hail from thee Netherlands.. thee piece they provide features twinkly synthesizer material with effected and undiscernable [to me] masculine vocalisations..

Subliminale tis another projekt ov Italian artist Gianluigi Russolo [Therabaqud Leic] which provides here a piece ov trancing concussive percussive blasts entitled: A-Test-Azione..

non-attainment ov information related to thee projekt Rashid Al Taliq [other than an apprearance on an Insane Music compilation..] thee piece offered here: Hommage À Bafomet tis an almost loungy piece ov experimental sonorism with amazing Italian vocal incantations and throbbing house-like sequencing!! throw in some great restrained synth lines, flute, and field recordings ov animals, military exercises, air-raid sirens, and effing shite am in LOVE with this rather strange piece that feels as though it would have belonged to some Bava-esque Giallo masterpiece!!

Disumana Res tis thee astonishing projekt ov Guglielmo Lanzilli whose Biotope Art Organization released this astonishing document ov ritual industrial elektronikx!! ov note: it was he who provided thee cover scan featured in this article, and who as it tis understood will be providing many more ov thee missing pieces in uncovering some ov thee mysterious workx ov this most magnificent label ov his!! thee piece which he provides: La Festa Degli Eccessi [party of the excess] consists ov brilliantly dark ambiance with vocal chanting and rather interesting sound collage ov field recorded materials!!

THB tis another mysterious [to me anyhow] projekt whose only other appearance which has been found here was on a compilation on thee Nihilistic Recordings cassette label run by Peter Zincken (Odal) during thee eighties.. thee piece provided here tis a splendid composition ov ambiance and suspensefull string materials!!

"Crash Worship's live shows were infamous for their unrivalled chaos and unlimited celebration.. led by a strong trio of drummers, the band creates an atmosphere of bacchanalia.. their recordings explore different aspects of rhythm and psychedelia.. Crash Worship sometimes appears with ADRV appended to their name, meaning Adoration De Rotura Violenta ("Crash Worship" in Spanish).." thee piece which they provided fo this compilation tis entitled: Nacimiento Sanore (Blut Geburt) and consists ov intriguiing ambiance, ritual percussions, and later in thee piece: eruptions ov bestial growlings!!

Prozess are yet another projekt with next to nil for information attainable other than that they released a cpl ov cassettes on thee Austrian Art Brut label arround thee late 80's.. thee piece which they offer here consists ov ethereal ambiance with both maculine and feminine subdued choral-esque vocals..

Hailing from Treviso, Italy Officina Magnetica Antonbrega "one man band of genuine experimental, straight industrial music , formed mainly from the Italian Luigi Russolo.. thee concept tis thee research and thee usage ov electro-acoustic and concrete sounds filed under the industrial music concept and inspired to thee themes ov thee Futurism artistic movement.. thee factory tis identified as a place where rhythms and workers' jobs can be read as Music so this futuristic vision humanizes the working/factory habitat.. sounds ov factory as belts, chains of assemblage, drones are meant to be as soundscapes.. some sounds are real, others sampled and sequenced creating a great suggestive cold, abstract atmosphere.. this theme and mission are the side effects of living near a factory, just where Luigi Russolo lives.." thee sonorism which Russolo offers tis cold scathing machinic cybernetic organism-esque feedback thriving monstrousness..

Sol Niger were an astonishing Portuguese occult elektronikx projekt whose works appeared on thee mysterious Putrefactio label!! thee darkly illuminating manifestation which they conjure here consists ov slow ambient tidal-esque movements and undulations ov indecipherable repetitive feminine vocalisations whose cessation occurs abruptly with a feminine scream ov horror!!

following this abrupt ending; tis thee presence ov thee scathing feedback blasts ov Italian artist Stefano Biasin [Teatrino Della Volpe, S. Biasin Trio, Teatro Satanico!!] harsh vocalisations hide behind thee throbbing esoteric industrial elektronikx!!

Archon Satani provide another piece here ov haunting ritual ambiance with sparse reverberating percussive slams and demonic vocalisations!!

Order 1968 tis thee projekt ov Italian ritual elektronikx artist Claudio Dondo which later became well known as Runes Order!! thee piece provided here tis magnificent restrained synthesizer with sparse choral samples resonating as thee swell ov synth material surges towards brilliant plateaus ov climaxing elation!!

Aktive Stagnation was thee projekt ov German artists Maria Zerfall, Rastlos, and Sorath.. thee piece which they concoct tis one ov gloomy skittering elektronikx and dissonant elektrik stringed feedback worshipping pulsating flux!!

Track listing:

A1 Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata - Pri-Ma-Teria
A2 Factor 42 - Sky Burial
A3 Therabaqud Leic - Zyklòs
A4 Archon Satani - Obey The Beast
A5 Eliphas Usher - Te Deum Pars I / Copulatio Fugax
A6 Nux Vomica - Eruption In Form
A7 Enema & Gejonte - Mossa På Fjället
A8 Subliminale - A-Test-Azione
A9 Rashid Al Taliq - Hommage À Bafomet
B1 Disumana Res - La Festa Degli Eccessi
B2 THB - Koth
B3 Crash Worship ADRV - Nacimiento Sanore (Blut Geburt)
B4 Prozess - Untitled
B5 Officina Magnetica Antonbrega - Deskotopeyia
B6 Sol Niger - Obscurari Sidera
B7 Stefano Biasin - Ranxerox Trax
B8 Archon Satani - White Slave
B9 Order 1968 - Valhalia
B10 Aktive Stagnation - Am Rande

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Monday, December 27, 2010

v.a.-devastating templaric sounds (c90-b.a.o.-italy1990)

folkx who have been following this blog may have noticed for some time our "wish list" here has contained a number ov releases from Biotope Art Organization; thee defunct experimental tape label which was run by Guglielmo Lanzilli.. Originally located in Benevento, Italy, but relocated to London, UK in the early 1990s.. well as they say: "be carefull what one wishes for.." between [F@R@W@Y] and Guglielmo there tis a rather special bond ov friendship, and between thee collections ov thee two ov them [already featured heavilly throughout thee blog!!] we appear to be receiving these missing items [much highly sought after here, and being asked ridiculous ammounts ov funds for elsewhere!!] so without further hesitations; here tis thee first ov thee two Devastating Templaric Sounds compilations!!

whilst thee lineup has changed a bit over thee years; Hybryds tis presently thee projekt ov Belgian ritual sound artists Magthea & Yasnaïa!! with releases dating back into roughly thee mid 80's; their copious back catalog abounds with many ecstatic treasures waiting to be unveiled!! thee piece which they provide for this compilation tis titled: Voices Of The Sacred Men, and tis a frighteningly ethereal miasma ov semi torturous chanting and vocalisations with thee clanging ov bells making appearances at points..

little information appears available for George Smits; though it tis apparent that a couple ov releases bearing his name were released on thee Audioview label which was set up for releasing thee workx ov young Belgian artists in thee late 90's.. thee piece which he provides tis a magnificent ritual sonorous excursion containing many enticing elements ov sonic exploration..

Barry Edgar Pilcher made a number ov compilation appearances in thee underground elektronikx scene in thee late 80's and early 90's, and appears here collaborating with Centrale Combo [for whom zilch for info tis being obtained presently..] thee sonority which they manifest collectively tis a strange mixture in which dissonant processed string sounds and clangings make presences which stumble and reverberate in a cavernous sort ov reverb-chamber dream time..

as previously noted above: [zilch for info] for Centrale Combo.. thee spoken composition which begins this piece escapes my meagre comprehension.. thee cosmic analog synthesizer compositions however speak accolades to thee xenotropian desires to reach consonance with thee astral!!

Tam Quam Tabula Rasa tis thee astonishing ritual sound projekt ov Italian artists Luca Ferrarini, Marco Berisso, Paolo Gentiluomo, and Roberto Soprani!! thee piece which they offer here tis composed ov delicate dream state elektronikx and soporific wind instruments whose sustained tones suspend softly whilst manifesting brief dissonances..

members Stefan "Baraka[H]" Knappe , Martin "GLIT[s]CH" Gitschel, and Helge Siehl's collective energies channeled thee ultimate projekt in Drone Ambient: Maeror Tri [ex- Screaming Corpses!!] a German trio that used only electric guitars and tons of processing devices to create their floating and static droning soundscapes.. thee group tis now disbanded.. Knappe and Gitschel formed Troum, and Siehl is currently working as Tausendschoen.. thee magnificent sonic evocation which they invoke tis entitled: Choir Of Transcendence!!

with thee sudden flipping ov thee cassette; thee blissfull trance tis transformed by thee brilliant sound collage ov Disumana Res; thee Italian based projekt ov Guglielmo Lanzilli / Biotope Art Organization!! betwixt ethnic voices, sounds ov various avian creatures, and magnificent droning processed elektronikx; thee title: transmutation tis rather apropos!!

Lemur de Ojos Tristes [lemur ov sad eyes] are another mysterious projekt which thee semi-incompetence ov this writer grapplingly fails to manifest information for.. thee beauteous ambiance with aloof sequencings which they create bespeak ov their own will: a tremendous talent whose absence ov biography begets heirophanous magnitudes ov mysteries to those seeking their unveiling..

Brume tis thee projekt ov prolific French musique concrete composer Christian Renou!! thee piece which he presents here consists ov beauteous ethnic vocal chanting sampled and processed with restrained ritual percussions and beauteous synthesizer progression!!

El Sueno de Huparoo tis another ov these projekts for which there tis presently no more information available here.. thee piece tis a sort ov minor scale sitar and synth progression with vocal accompaniment..

Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide tis thee projekt ov German sound experimenters Siegmar Fricke & Dieter Mauson!! [we have focussed quite an ammount on their creative workx throughout this blog previously..] thee piece which they present begins with repetitious vocal and percussive vocal sampling with piercing/shimmering intermittant synth tone which suddenly dissapears to be replaced with German vocal monologue with cascading reverbeartions ov ritual percussion, and skittering elektronikx.. for those ov you who enjoy this material; it tis sincerely reccomended that you do some perusing ov past articles which have featured a copious ammount ov their other releases!!

Tam Quam Tabula Rasa provide another astonishing piece consisting ov droning ethnic wind instrument sampling with excellent pulsating sequencing and ritual sound source manipulations!!

Luciano Dari tis thee Italian musician/producer and creator ov thee astonishing Musica Maxima Magnetica label!! thee track provided here consists ov ominous drones with restrained semi-percussive muted clangs which develop with thee addition ov thee voice ov an owl and a slightly higher register ov synthesizer progression making later appearances!!

thee final sonic materialisation ov this compilation comes from another mysterious projekt: Progenie Malvagia Participa.. darkly manifesting elektronikx intermingle with numerous ethnic sound sources: clangs/voices/ethnic strings which suddenly come to an ebrupt cessation..

Track listing:

A1 Hybryds - Voices Of The Sacred Men
A2 George Smits - Composition On Self Builded Sound Sculpture
A3 Barry E. Pilcher & Centrale Combo - Wait Eunac
A4 Centrale Combo - Intro
A5 Tam Quam Tabula Rasa - Bandwjan
A6 Maeror Tri - Choir Of Transcendence
B1 Disumana Res - Transmutation
B2 Lemur de Ojos Tristes - Hudesville 3
B3 Brume - Enjoyed Block 4 E Sun
B4 El Sueno de Huparoo - Untitled
B5 Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide - Aridity In The Oasis / The Jungle Of Life
B6 Tam Quam Tabula Rasa - Sacrifcium Symbolium
B7 Luciano Dari - Lapide Minerali
B8 Progenie Malvagia Participa - Non Mustique

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice Compilation!!

whilst those ov us in thee north are at thee point ov our solar nadir, and those at our antipodes are at thee point ov their solar zenith; once more an offering ov wondrous sonorism and visuals are offered graciously unto us all to treasure as our lived experiences gradually transition towards either thee lengthening or disappearance ov our shadows.. presently residing here in this northerly clime; these gifts ov warmth and illumination are tremendously appreciated; as they have been bestowed during these coldest and darkest ov times!!

Barbarossa Umtrunk tis thee French esoteric martial-ambient projekt ov Baron Von S. who offer unto us here an unreleased track taken from thee forthcoming split with Dronerune for Ufa Muzak "Distant Shores of Hvetramannaland".. Thee song tis called "Emerald Crown", & tis a hymn to Lucifer's fall with a Cathar or Gnostic perspective.. Thee text tis taken from Miguel Serrano's book called "El-Ella", and thee reading vocals are from a French esoteric writer: Marc-Louis Questin.. thee accompanying photography tis ov thee MontSégur ruins...

United Gods tis a projekt from Budapest, Hungary ov thee artist Peter Kecskés which was founded in thee early 90's!! thee track provided tis titled: Burnt Out Heaven and recorded live on thee winter solstice 2009.. thee accompanying picture tis titled Uranographia XI..

Vilfos tis a mysterious projekt from due-East ov thee Cascades who provides us with an Outer Limits themed piece ov martial-ambient paranoia titled: Impulse which was featured on a rather rare demo from 05!!

Nezzy Idy tis thee projekt ov Oakland based artist Emit Idy.. whilst much ov his magnificent sonorism could be said to lay more within thee realms ov esoteric body music; thee peice provided here tis much more ov a wondrous piece ov ritual-ambiance!!

Archétypo 120 tis thee projekt from Gvimaranes, Callaecia consisting ov artists ANTÓNIO MACEDO and PAULO MARTINS [Oktober Black, Sangre Cavallum, and contributing writer to this blog..] thee piece provided here tis titled: Too Much, and features a traditional 12 stringed Guitarra Portuguesa!!

3Music tis thee projekt ov Russian artist Viktoriya Natoloka.. thee track provided here tis titled: Music Of The Law (part I)..

Italian sound and visual artists D.B.P.I.T. / Der Bekannte Post Industrielle Trompeter [Flavio Rivabella] & XXENA provide thee alien-sound piece: slow river at the solstice [which also has an accompanying video for this compilation!!]

Hamramr tis thee ritual projekt ov Cody Dickerson, Tyrsson Sinclair [Waldteufel] and Gandvaldr Bl'askikkja (vocals, poetia)!! thee piece which they provide here tis titled: Dead Dream!!

In Medias Res tis thee projekt ov Si Matta who has also been working on thee projekts Elysium Obscura [with Amber Darkwood], [Haven] , Gathering The Stories!! all ov these projekts are rooted in his connections to thee lands and peoples ov thee Columbia River Gorge!! thee track provided here tis a relaxed piece ov David Lynch - themed gloomy beauty titled: never wanted this [excerpt]!!

""Under the Same Shadow is an ongoing collaboration between artists Alexander DeMaria and Owen Rundquist . Our collaborative work explores the place of ritualism, the occult and cultural histories in a pop context. We create multi-media installations and performances in which ancient practices and contemporary sub-cultures inform and react to one another, giving birth to something that feels unknown and familiar at the same time.

For Sumu A.I.R. we will be exploring the continuing importance of cleansing rituals, from ancient saunas and sweat lodges through contemporary heavy metal performances. We will create a sonic sauna/sweat lodge in the gallery space that utilizes sound as its purifying element. Guests will have the opportunity to partake in a personal ritual whose fundamentals are illustrated through large-scale wall drawings. This ritual is intended as both a cleansing and a rite of passage. Like the heat of the sauna, the loud feedback from the amplifier will be uncomfortable at first, but with time it will become soothing, cleansing, and will hopefully provide the viewer with a profound spiritual experience."

thee piece which tis provided here: Black Steam and Ether tis an exerpt ov thee cassette which was mentioned in thee above Galleria Titanik press release for their performance earlier this summer in Finland!!

"Hailing from Greenfield Ohio, Psychotigen is infamous in the death trance scene for wearing a face-mask made out of living prawns. Influences cited have been: Chaos, Salvia, The Death Owl, Mescalito, Alchemy, Octavio, Drug Addiction, Nicolai Tesla, The King in Yellow, Joan Rivers, Santa Muerte, Doctor Jhon Dee, San Simon, Ashtar, Abdul al'Hazred, Osmet, Mugwort, Deadly Nightshade and other poisonous plants of the Genus solanacae, Yatase"

cannot speak highly enough ov thee Sigil Media projekt [[you all MUST read their News sektion!!]]!! further reviews ov these death trance projekts shall be coming in thee days ahead!!

A Minority Of One tis thee projekt ov Jason Hovatter Craban [Portland, OR] who tis also thee craftsman behind Laughingcrowe Leatherworks !! whilst often accompanied by kindred folk such as his wife Arrowyn [Hex Magazine!!], Markus Wolff [Crash Worship,Waldteufel!!], James Woodhead [At The Head Of The Woods/The Elemental Chrysalis/ Blood Of The Black Owl/ !!], Jason O'Neil-Butler; for thee piece provided here: a live recording ov thee piece Inertia recorded Oktober 24, 2010; he tis forging his astonishing ritual percussive workx solo!!

Cult Of Zir tis thee esoteric elektronikx projekt ov Portland, OR artist Nolon Ashley who concocted this healing tonic for his mutant family rather recently!!

Paintings For Animals tis thee projekt ov Pearson Wallace-Hoyt who tis also an organiser for thee annual Seattle Occultural Music Festival thee beauteous song provided tis called Thee Antler Horn ov Halsealth, and it's from thee album Thee Forrest ov Psalms.. it tis a piece which they performed at thee Seattle Occultural Music Festival this last Spiring!!

Critical Theatre tis thee great esoteric elektronikx projekt ov Maxwell CatLord Benedetti who hails from Portland, OR!! thee wondrous track which he provides here tis titled: The Seeds of Bones (before ascension)

Elli Riehl tis a rather mysterious Austrian projekt who have had releases on Punch Productions, Hau Ruck!, as well as their own Wirres Geäst label!! thee two consecutive trackx provided here: Das weiße Fräuli and Grindewald are perchance a bit more scathing than many ov thee other recordings which perchance many ov you may already be familiar with..

Riqis tis thee ritual/black/noise/doom band ov projekt ov Oakland, CA artist Andrew Christian Way [AC Way/ Maleficia/Carrion!!], Hana Lee [Eighth Evening], and Joshua Churchill.. thee piece which tis presented here tis entitled: ruachoth!!

Igniis tis thee Neo-volk-ish elektronikx projekt ov Argentinian artist GrM who provides a strange détournement ov thee "Ultra Seven Main Theme"..

Novemthree tis thee astonishing psychedelic forest folk projekt ov Pythagumus Olaf Marshall who also runs thee magnificent label: Little Somebody Records whose deeply inspiring hand-crafted releases are items to be tremendously cherished!! thee gentle beauteous piece ov sonorism which he has concocted for us here tis a solo work titled: A Supplication for Nature!!

Cinkrillian Weight tis thee cryptic death frequency==style-genre projekt ov Oakland artist Sean Dimentia [Dimentia, Kanopic Descent, Pansophia]!! thee chilly esoteric elektronikx piece which he provides here tis titled: As thee earth grows cold... !!

Premortem Rigormortis tis thee projekt ov Oakland artist Amber Amnesia [Susperium!!] thee piece Earth Beneath The Water which she has provided for us tis a sublimely beauteous manifestation ov sonority from thee other half ov Kanopic Descent!!

unspeakably elated about thee presence on this compilation ov thee collaboration betwixt French atmosperic elektronikx projekt Nature Morte & undefinable genre merging / obliterating elektro/neo-folk/ambient/prog projekt Wermut who consist ov thee couple Laszlo P.S. and Sofia E.R. who presently reside in Ratzeburg, Germany where they run their astonishing old-fashioned boutique label Treue Um Treue / Reue Um Reue!! further information into thee histories ov this projekts' members can be obtained via visiting thee link in this article to thee website which was designed by Jean Charles ov Nature Morte!!

Burgeon tis thee projekt ov Olympia, WA artist Inga Markstrom who often collaborates with partner Ash Fox ov thee projekt Mercury [who were featured on thee Summer Solstice Compilation here earlier this year!!] while both ov these projekts share their collective creative efforts; thee piece offered here: Dreamless Slumberland tis a soporificly deliriant solo creation!!

Repetitive Motion Syndrome tis thee incredible elektronikx projekt ov San Francisco, CA based artist Barrett Clark [A.:S.:.!!] thee piece which he has provided us tis a track "inspired by the other beings of which we share uncertain dimensions with...." entitled: The Others!!

Adger Bacid tis thee magnificent tekno/experimental projekt ov Olympia, WA based artist Duneul who has recently begun to provide thee R&B [rhythm and Badger!!] for thee three-way collaboration Badger Down the Sun [Adger Bacid/takedown UAV/Port of the Sun!!] thee deeply trance-effecting tekno piece which he offers us here tis titled: R is for Resonator [alt: S is for Solstice!!]

An Exquisite Corpse tis thee experimental sound projekt ov astonishing graphic artist, fashion designer, publisher, and promoter ov thee Cacophony and Psychopomp events: Ogo Eion!! Ogo has incredibly kindly provided thee cover art once more for this compilation!! thee piece which he offers us: Keys Through Mirrors was recorded during thee recent lunar eclipse!!

Lacedon tis thee superb death-trance projekt ov Olympia, WA based artist Benjamihn Pohle!! thee piece which he provides here tis entitled: decapsulation process of particulate biomass!!

thee concluding piece ov sonorism for this compilation comes again from French esoteric/martial/ambient projekt Barbarossa Umtrunk, and tis titled Winter's Reign (long version)!! it tis an alternative version ov a track from thee magnificent "Wehrwolf Dharma" cd released on Russian label Ufa Muzak which was only published on Castellum Sturmreif's Compilation.. it contains some ritual elements unreleased on thee official version ov thee album!!

Port of the Sun tis thee projekt ov Olympia, WA based Black Hills Cabal author and elektronikx artist Ocean!! this collaboration Sankta Lucia with takedown UAV was filmed by Si Matta at thee MMIX Yule Tide Festival at thee Hall Of The Woods!!

as mentioned previously in this article here tis thee video from Italian sound and visual artists D.B.P.I.T. / Der Bekannte Post Industrielle Trompeter [Flavio Rivabella] & XXENA entitled : slow river at the solstice!!

Austrian artist Elli Riehl offers us here a collaboration with Barcelona, Spain post-industrial artist Ô Paradis [absolutely in LOVE with just about all that Demian has created!!] Initium Dolorum deals with thee themeov solar solitude, and tis thee title piece for their collaborative album on Elli Riehl's Wirres Geäst label!!

Elysium Obscura tis thee astonishing projekt ov Si Matta and Amanda Darkwood!! seeing as information regarding Si's projekts tis mentioned earlier in this article regarding In Medias Res; will simply mention that thee video which he has contributed for this compilation was originally created for this years' summer solstice!!

Track listing:

Disk I:

01 - Barbarossa Umtrunk - Emerald Crown ( Feat. Marc-Louis Questin)
02 - United Gods - Burnt Out Heaven [LiveWinterSolstice2009]
03 - Vilfos - Impulse
04 - Nezzy Idy - Tantric Choir
05 - Archétypo 120 - Too Much
06 - 3Music - Music Of The Law (part I)
07 - D.B.P.I.T. & XXENA - slow river at the solstice
08 - Hamramr - Dead Dream
09 - In Medias Res - never wanted this [excerpt]
10 - Under The Same Shadow - Black Steam and Ether
11 - Psychotigen - Heroic Dose 2

Disk II:

12 - A Minority Of One - inertia [live oct 24 2010]
13 - Cult Of Zir - Turquoise
14 - Paintings For Animals - Thee Antler Horn ov Halsealth
15 - Critical Theatre - The Seeds of Bones (before ascension)
16 - Elli Riehl - Das weiße Fräuli
17 - Elli Riehl - Grindewald
18 - Riqis - ruachoth
19 - Igniis - Tema52 Urutora Sebun

Disk III:

20 - Novemthree - A Supplication for Nature
21 - Cinkrillian Weight - As thee earth grows cold...
22 - Premortem Rigormortis - Earth Beneath The Water
23 - Nature Morte & Wermut - Two Faces
24 - Burgeon - Dreamless Slumberland
25 - RMS - The Others
26 - Adger Bacid - R is for Resonator
27 - An Exquisite Corpse - Keys Through Mirrors
28 - Lacedon - decapsulation process of particulate biomass
29 - Barbarossa Umtrunk - Winter's Reign (long version)


30 - Port Of The Sun & takedown UAV - Sankta Lucia [Yule MMIX]
31 - D.B.P.I.T. & XXENA - slow river at the solstice
32 - Elli Riehl & Ô Paradis - Initium Dolorum
33 - Elysium Obscura - A Prayer for the Solstice Sun

be(a)st wishes!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

TAM QUAM TABULA RASA- In Absentia (C46 tape, B.A.O. –Italy-1989)

I have already spoken about T.Q.T.R. in a previous post on this blog…a very old project from Italy and a very good one indeed.
This tape came out in 1989 on the amazing tape label Biotope Art Organization based in southern Italy and then relocated to London.
The music is a pretty amazing example of dronish-archaic-tribal ambient noise…
I personally love all their releases and I cannot say this is their best tape, but listen carefully to it and you`ll be blown away into another dimension: a fluid space, an inner flight, joyful mind-trips…
If you like other releases by this great Italian band you`ll love this one.
…and if you don`t like Tam Quam Tabula Rasa then you are definetly on the wrong blog.

Track listing:

A1 Mentula Mœcatur
A2 Miskompieni Vizagho
A3 Lyein
A4 Flatus Vocis
B1 Celebrazioni Di Spasmi Cerebrali
B2 Inanis Conatum
B3 Stati Destasi
B4 Construenda / Delenda Imago
B5 Algos E Lagneia


Sunday, December 5, 2010

AAVV - Carichi Sospesi (MC - 1993)

a rather pleasant gift ov thee compilation Carichi Sospesi [load suspended] with some great Italian industrial has been rather graciously shared with us here by F.C.N. ov thee Italian label Apathya!!

Italian medieval/folk band Ataraxia whose lineup has consisted ov: Francesca Nicoli, Francesco Banchini, Giovanni Pagliari, Riccardo Spaggiari, and Vittorio Vandelli provide thee piece Aigus Mortes [dead sharp in French?] an astounding neo-folk piece with excellent restrained percussions, slow plunking bass lines, operatic feminine vocals, and great looming synth/organ material!!

not finding much info for Putrefazione.. thee piece they provide tis some rather bombastic percussive sequencing with sparse nasty masculine vocals [some ov which sound to be reversed]!!

Dario Polvara provides thee piece Expecta Drum Redea which sounds like metronomic electronic ticking with expansive ambiance and slow synth bell progression as well as some also slow drum machine material

Runes Order tis thee excellent ritual industrial projekt ov Claudio Dondo!! thee piece he provides tis titled Guerriero In Fuga [Warrior In Escape], and consist ov beauteous synth atmospherics with flittering electronic sounds and rhythm synthesis..

In Vitro Test tis a projekt ov F.C.N. who kindly gifted this release to us!! thee piece consists ov slow synth plodding and twinkling progressions semi reminiscent to somehow ov maybe somewhat akin to John Carpenter [a compliment if thee truth must be said]!!

La Casa Rosa Confetto tis another projekt ov F.C.N., and thee piece provided here tis a bit more upbeat drum programming tempo-wise and has rather drear vocals about being too tired for anything.. sounds a bit humorous honestly..

no info for Baked Brains.. thee piece they provide feels a bit out ov place here from thee previous material thus far for thee compilation.. for one they use an actual drummer, and are more ov a psych-rock band..

again no info for Psicorami, and their piece tis another psych-rock-esque one with feminine vocals.. sounds a bit like material from thee Japanese Night Gallery series ov compilations put out by Alchemy Records!!

again my total incompetence as a music writer: no info for Majorana [other than that they have made a number ov compilation appearances].. some effing rad sci-fi synth material with radios tuning in and out betwixt various signals and programming transitions mid-way to slow kick drum and crash cymbal repetition before dissapearing and transitioning once more to some slow symphonic-type locked groove use with more awesome sci-fi synth material.. another transition to a slowly foreboding locked groove with metallic clanging presences, and one final short sektion ov another strange locked groove brings thee compilation to it's conclusion!!

Track listing:

A1 Ataraxia - Aigus Mortes
A2 Putrefazione - What A Nasty Person
A3 Dario Polvara - Expecta Drum Redea
A4 Runes Order - Guerriero In Fuga
A5 In Vitro Test - Contemplazione
B1 La Casa Rosa Confetto - Too Tired
B2 Baked Brains - Desert Song
B3 Psicorami - Deviante
B4 Majorana - Fulmen


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Forgotten Blood

Forgotten Blood was a Portuguese label (based in Penafiel) created during the auspices of 1993’s Samhein. Like the evocative ceremony in which the rituals of it's foundation were held, the evocation of such a sacred day intended to mean that a new epoch, the arduous walk through the darkness, would lead to the fruition of a new cycle of life and creativity while opening doors to other possibilities and perceptions of long forgotten realities.

Founded by Bruno Sousa (B. Ardo - ex-Fé de Sábio), Corinna Ardo (Ku Ku) and Rui Coutinho, it became the mainstay for the recovering of the traditions of Callaecia (North Portugal and present day Galicia), the resurrection of the cults and gods of yore and the promotion of the Catros Civilization and Indo-European identity. This was an idea that had been maturing since 1988, following the path of a radio show dedicated to the kind of music that they would release.

Consequently, the themes, symbols, languages and ambiences of its editions will reflect all this, syncretizing traditional music with industrial experiences and ritualistic ambiances, together with a dialectical dark folk approach, using, whenever possible, traditional instruments.

In order that all this could be possible, a strong friendship and cooperation between all the people involved was common ground, creating a coherent and united collective. This uniqueness was reflected also in their releases, always in limited editions and with handmade artwork and packaging.

Existing until 1998, the label would release only a restricted number of editions and a limited set of projects, not all strictly musical.

The first sacrifice would come out during 1994, in the shape of Zwickau’s cassette "Vincit Omni Veritas", a solo project of B. Ardo (with the help of Ku Ku). This release would be followed by "The Serpent's Law", in 1995 (through the Italian label Psychotic Release), revealing an evolution towards a more organic and natural sound. Afterwards, contacts were made regarding a vinyl edition but, unfortunately, they came to nothing... During 1998, a track by Zwickau was included in the compilation "Lunar Blood Rituals".

Forgotten Blood’s second release, "The Death of the Horseman," would see the light of day during 1995, being the first work by In Articulo Mortis, an alter ego of Lino Villapouca (ex-Fé de Sábio). 1998 found this project’s mentor recording a second effort, entitled "Fire and Ashes", which, however, was never to be released, as the label came to an end during that year.

The third release would be by Wolfskin, Johan Madju/Aernus’ brainchild which, later on, will be connected with the Reaping Host/Reaping Horde label. Having the collaboration of B. Ardo, "The Hidden Fortress" is also released 1995.

1996 saw the release of two more tapes. The first, a compilation that includes several groups related with the label, "Solis Rota", where new compositions by Zwickau, Wolfskin, In Articulo Mortis and Warriors of Nature were to be found, as well as tracks by Listen To Reapers and Forgers, Soluctu Mors, Draukrubna and Silence. The second, a recording by Warriors of Nature (a collective comprising B. Ardo and Johan Madju), entitled "The Roots of Blood", which came out through Forgotten Lair (an offshoot dedicated to more combative and warrior like music). This subsidiary will also release yet another Warriors of Nature’s work, "Serpent Wars of Callaecia", and Zwickau’s "Death's Triumphant Dignity", during 1998.

The label’s last spark of life came out in the form of the cassette "Alborada do Douro – Cantares da Terra Castreja", by Sangre Cavallum, a collective born out of Warriors of Nature’s ashes. This recording saw B. Ardo, Ku Ku, Coutinho and Paul Martins working together. Launched in 1998, it coincided with Blood Axis’ first performances in Portugal (in Sintra and Guimarães). However, and previous to Martins’ collaboration, the band released the semi-official tape “Nação Castrexa".

As for other releases parallel to the label’s input, and not yet mentioned above, Silence (B. Ardo and Ku Ku) contributed to the compilation "Cogito Mori" (by the Portuguese label Putrefactio) and were to contribute to a compilation by Ultra! They also recorded a cassette that, unfortunately, never had an official edition.

Another project involved in Putrefactio’s collection was Solucto Mors (Rui Coutinho’s solo outfit) who also had a release just about to come out but it never did, the same happening with Draukrubna (Ku Ku’s own project).

Another group linked with this label, Kar, which emerged as a parallel project to Warriors of Nature, released a one-off tape, "Words From Slashed Throats".

As mentioned earlier, Forgotten Blood published other stuff, besides musical releases, including the ethnographic newsletter Callaecia, which ended up being a solo issue, and the book by Paulo Vilela “Acto Quebrado", through the Ad Abcessus Temporis branch of the label.

Also, it should be mentioned the participation B. Ardo’s new outfit, Bigorna, in the 2004’s issue compilation of “Tyr: Myth-Culture-Tradition”, and the creation of a new label, Folcastro, which released, in 2007, Sangre Cavallum’s compilation "Troadouro: Retrospectiva 1997-2007".

Forgotten Blood’s output is very much sought after, but re-releases of its work are not foreseen, at least in a near future.

(Paulo Martins)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Oktober Black - Black Oktober

[[brief note: am elated to announce we have thee good fortune ov now receiving articles from Portuguese writer/ musician Paulo Martins!! Paulo has been writing articles for thee Portuguese language blog Under Review who are working at building a history of Portuguese urban music.. Paulo tis very graciously offering us English translations ov some ov his submissions to this projekt!! very much looking forward to his first-hand insights into thee Portuguese esoteric sound arts scene[s]!! without any further delays here tis thee first article he has kindly offered unto us here: an article for an olde projekt ov his: Oktober Black!!]]


Officially formed in Guimarães, during 1997, as a solo outfit, by Paulo Martins, Oktober Black had its profound roots in another likeminded project, Outubro Negro (which, in Portuguese, means basically the same).

Conceived during the summer of 1991, it included the afore mentioned Paulo Martins (acoustic, classic and electric guitars, texts/lyrics, vocals, bass, rababa and percussions - ex-Pop Trolha, Anomeos and Restos Mortais de Isabel) and João Madureira (acoustic and classic guitars, bass – ex-Os Sobrinhos do Tio Nelson), its music moving between dark folk, post punk, classical music and traditional folk.

During 1992, another musician is added, with the inclusion of Eduardo Silva (from the local band Alliallatas, where Paulo played drums at the time), also on guitars (acoustic, classic and electric) and bass, expanding the group’s musical possibilities and sound contours. Another step forward is taken the year after, with the summoning of Carla Ribeiro to perform the vocal duties.

Nevertheless, by that time Outubro Negro were more like a sort of an offshoot, as Paulo and Eduardo played in other projects such as As Flores da Náusea, Tenebre & Delirio and Complexus Narcisus, as well as studying in college. All this, as well as the loss of interest by the other members, led to the dissolution of the band by early ’94.

Meanwhile, Paulo kept playing in other projects such as Joana Dark and Dalila Noire, while forming his first solo outfit, The Death of Me. However, Dalila Noire’s abrupt end (due to the tragical death of its other element, Fred) and the dissolution of Joana Dark, by late 1995/early 1996, led to Paulo’s involvement with another band, Gods’ Last Wish, that was experiencing some problems too. The ending of it, led to the formation of two nucleuses, first Spiral Rain Dance and, afterwards, At Twilight. Feeling the lack of interest of the other elements of both projects, Paulo accepted the invitation, by late 1997, to play bass in yet another band, Uzi, whilst maintaining The Death of Me operational.

1998 saw yet another turning point, with Paulo accepting Sangre Cavallum’s invitation to play with them, collaborating in their first official release, Alborada do Douro, and in the first Blood Axis gigs in Portugal (in Sintra and Guimarães). It was only after leaving Sangre Cavallum, by the end of that year, that Paulo decided to form Oktober Black, which were to include all the compositions he created for Outubro Negro, Tenebre & Delirio, Dalila Noire, The Death of Me, Spiral Rain Dance and At Twilight, as well as several new songs he was working in at the time. The philosophy behind this decision was that if the others lost interest in playing and in the songs, that didn’t meant that they were no good or that they should be shelved. So, the project was to continue the reasons for creating art and to express Paulo’s personal feelings and views.

During the first half of the following year, the project assembled a sort of a compilation with homemade demos, resuming the multitude of projects above mentioned in a very limited edition of 6 copies. Entitled “The Myth of the 21st Century”, it included songs by Dalila Noire (“Homage”), Outubro Negro (“Hate Everyone Who’s Happy” and “Tired Eyes”), and The Death of Me (“And I Keep, “Take Me”, “Denying” and “Lover’s Art”), as well as brand new title, “Faraway (Take Me)”, all revealing the more dark folkish approach, except for “Hate Everyone Who’s Happy” that was more in the vein of the likes of Joy of Life. However, and due to the poor sound quality of the recordings, no further copies were issued.

Also, by late spring, the project welcomed two collaborators, Francisco (guitar, bass) and André Pontes (drums, percussion), both from the band Blasting Oil. Nevertheless, and during the fall of that same year, Paulo went on to record, on his own, the project’s second demo, “Black October”, in the Reaping Host’s (later to become Reaping Horde) studios.

Playing all instruments (with the help of recorder/producer Johan Aernus – from Karnnos and Wolfskin – in flute, effects and samplers), he recorded three new tracks (“Ritual Dusk”, “Vapour Trail of Your Dreams” and “Desert Wind”) and re-recorded two previously released songs [“Faraway (Take Me)” and “Homage”].

Released that same year, the tape continued the path presented in the previous work, though with a better and improved sound quality, while introducing some more experimental features. Printed in a larger quantity (at least 20 copies, officially), it had rave reviews in Spain, Italy, England and Germany, being re-released during 2000, in CD-R, with different artwork, and offered to whoever requested it.

In the meanwhile, two of Oktober Black’s songs (“Ritual Dusk” and “Homage”) were included in Reaping Horde’s sampler “The Nemeth: A Collection of Songs Forged by Ancient Shadows” (a release of only 50 copies), while the project gave it’s only live performance to date, in which Paulo had the collaboration of Johan Aernus (samplers, effects), Pedro Fonte (electric and acoustic guitars – ex-Defuntos, Ritual Profano…) and Nuno Cruz (keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars and bass – ex-Anguish, Long Lost Realm, Karnnos).

During 2000, the project came to a halt due to the formation of new projects such as Träume (with Nuno Cruz) and, later on (in 2004), Archétypo 120, though the idea of reactivating it has emerged a couple of times as well as a more professional re-release of the previous tapes, but only time will tell…

Oktober Black - Black Oktober

Track listing:

01 Ritual Dusk
02 Vapour Trail Of Your Dreams
03 Faraway (Take Me)
04 Homage
05 Desert Wind

(Paulo Martins)

Ordo Catharis Templi

someone requested thee Ordo Catharis Templi - Hermetisches Rosencreutz: Templum Comparatio disk which was released on Unclean Production in 1993.. whilst we do not have that edition ov thee release; we do have here thee reissued version put out by Dark Vinyl Records in 1997, and as well thee Evolution: Templum Comparatio II disk released on thee German label Atmosphere in 1995..

Ordo Catharis Templi was thee projekt ov German artists Thorn Hoedh [deceased night ov May 15th-16th 2003.], Paul Hostia, Carsten H. Mahajanah, and perchance others??.. have shared quite an ammount ov other 23 Temple related releases here before, but this just about rounds out what tis left.. some astounding material ranging from dark-wave to dark atmospheric ambient to martial elektronikx with George Bush touting patriot missile defense during thee first gulf war era to ethnic psy-trance/ esoteric tekno.. enclosed within both disks are manifestos ov sorts explaining thee groups' efforts.. am certain some shall appreciate this.. hopefully at least thee person who requested [[even if this tis not thee exact version requested..]]

Ordo Catharis Templi - Templum Comparatio I.

Track listing:

1 Ordex Sacra - Phantasme
2 Werkcorps - Sothouliye
3 Hoedh - Dämmerung Am Pog
4 Hostia - Absoluthum W5/6
5 .7.7. Seth - Dogs Blessing
6 Die Wappen Des Thotß - Der Engel WD2
7 Etudes Dèxecution Transcendante / Hostia - Ode Für Ein Monument (Stunde Der Zeit)

Ordo Catharis Templi - Evolution: Templum Comparatio II

Track listing:

1 Mahajanah - Vood Sushai
2 Hostia - Absoluthum 02
3 Hostia - Absoluthum 07
4 Hoedh - Universum 23
5 Mahajanah - Dream Out
6 Hoedh - Love Spiritual Dream


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Stefano Barban - Chiaro Scuro - c46 - Italy - Old Europa Cafe - 1991

Stefano Barban was a member ov both Lvnvs and Abra Had Abra [along with deviLs G ov Teatro Satanico!!] this 46 [2x23] minute cassette was released on thee astounding Italian label Old Europa Cafe which has been operated since thee late 80's by Frater Rodolfo Protti!! thee trackx which Stefano presents for these solo recordings are something rather enticing; ranging from minimal sequencer pulses with dissonant organ anti-progressions to minimal synth / neo-classical-esque / musique concrete with field recordings ov aqueous sources and thee calls ov avian creatures.. am rather enamored here with this one, hope that perchance you too shall find some pleasure during this time ov lived experience whilst partaking ov thee sonorism yourselves..

be(a)st wishes!!

Track listing:

A1 Ombre Riflesse
A2 Flebile
A3 Un Abbaglio
A4 Anime Afone
A5 (Audio) Visivo
B1 Impossibilita'
B2 Let Me Meet
B3 Una Zona Buia
B4 La Mani, Non Piu'
B5 Un Zona Chiara
B6 Chiaro - Scuro


MACRONYMPHA-naked denunciation of infrasonic exchange-(c60-1995 Noise-Taiwan)

How to introduce Macronympha??? This is in fact a rather old
noise project based in Pittsburgh(USA) which was founded by Joseph
Roemer and Rodger Stella. They have been collaborating
with lots of other artists over the years on different
productions under this name, releasing mostly
cassettes on different tape-labels. They've never played
outside the States; even so they are quite famous all over
the world. The music is a personal form of sound-collage
of metal-junk looped and remixed to create a wall of noise which is
quite interesting to me. This C-60 tape came out in 1994
released by the Taiwanese label called NOIZE in a very special
package of a photocopy on plastic paper, and one picture
that creates a strange layered collage of pseudo-porn macro
image(pictures included in this folder). It includes 6
tracks; 2 of them live recordings from 2 different gigs
back in the 1994. I have no idea how many copies were
printed by this label with this special package, but I know
that their own label Mother Savage Noise Production re-
released it as tape on 2009.

Track listing:

a01-live november 1994-Pittsburgh
a02-live at cocaine factory-INC
a03-burnt victim architect
b01-schadenfreud und verdrehung
b02-hog-tied and kneeling(rectal intercourse)
b03-Beijing gan U.S.A. radio


Friday, October 8, 2010

IGNE NATURA RENOVATUM INTEGRA-no title-(Anomaly Music-Russia-c46-1995)

Igne Natura Renovatum Integra was thee projekt ov Russian sound artists Leonid Savin [guitar , voices, harmonica, percussion] and Andrey Ivanov [bass, voices, percussion, noise].. Andrey "Atheist" Ivanov appears to currently be active with thee projekt Misery, and has also participated in thee projekts Off The Cuff, 2nd Off The Cuff, Медве На Мече.. thee sounds for this release are lo-fi sound collage techniques utilised in a fairly interesting manner.. great esoteric album art and Latin track titles.. sure some ov you out there will enjoy this one which tis another great rare olde cassette transferred by {{F@R@W@Y}} from Guglielmo's collection for us here!!

Track listing:

A1 Habitus Originale
A2 Dies Nefastus
A3 Peccatum Prima
A4 … In Terris
A5 Cum Grano Salis
A6 Famulus Sui Generis
A7 In Status Quo
A8 Genius Loci
A9 Vis Unita Agit!
B1 Vita Factitia
B2 Electus Amentia
B3 Amor Fati

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

m.o.a.t.a. omen-the rorschach garden-split tape(fich art -germany-c90-1993)

another great cassette from thee German industrial label Fich-Art transferred for us by [[F@R@W@Y]] from thee collection ov Gulglielmo Lanzili [Biotope Arts Organisation!!] [[note: due to thee duration ov thee cassette it was broken into two parts here and here..]]

M.O.A.T.A.-OMEN tis thee projekt ov Sven Pügge who was also a member ov thee great German elektronikx projekt Ars Moriendi!! thee tracks he provides here seem to be a mixture ov dark atmospherix with great minimal tekno/ elektro with interestingly processed vocals!! rather than attempting to draw comparisons with other industrial acts; will simply express my opinion that this tis a very effing worthily listenable projekt for fans ov these sort ov genres!! tis interestingly subdued at times; rather than just being a barrage ov tumultuous assaults..

The Rorschach Garden started in 1988 as a solo projekt ov Philipp Münch [Ars Moriendi, Cell Auto Mata, The Incredible Three, Mandelbrot, Monokrom, Rasputeen In Heavy Leather, Rasputin, Show Of Exaggeration, Synapscape, Templegarden's]and has gone through various lineup changes over thee years.. thee most recent lineup tis a duo consisiting ov Münch and Natascha Ruf.. thee material which thee projekt presents here consists ov brilliant elektro pieces which are very much complimentary to thee materials ov thee previous side ov this split cassette; though with a bit better fidelity in thee production values.. cannot knock either side honestly.. this tis some great effing elektro/ industrial.. hopefully some ov you may enjoy!!

Track listing:

A1 Moata Omen - Come And Gone
A2 Moata Omen - Crawl Inside
A3 Moata Omen - Sunny
A4 Moata Omen - Waldstrassen
A5 Moata Omen - Mindscapes
A6 Moata Omen - Wishes
Moving Stimulation
B1 The Rorschach Garden - Learning Stimulans
B2 The Rorschach Garden - Invagination Ritual
B3 The Rorschach Garden - Phagocytosis
B4 The Rorschach Garden - C-Tech Showdown
B5 The Rorschach Garden - Mitochondrion
B6 The Rorschach Garden - Onthogenesis PP01
B7 The Rorschach Garden - C-Tech Dreams
B8 The Rorschach Garden - Into The Green Fields
B9 The Rorschach Garden - Nightflight

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chöd !!!

Chöd was thee projekt ov French occult sound artist Dominique Maud!! have transferred all three ov thee releases which i have ov this astounding projekt!! would love to see if anyone out there who has thee very rare untitled 2xCass - C20 released on Art Concept, and tis willing to transfer and share.. cannot say enough how much these releases are loved here!! astounding usage ov droning ethereal atmospheres, ritual percussions, excellent sampling ov ethnic instrumentations/choral workx/wolves!! also great minimal sequencer usage at times!! can easily get lost in repetitiously taking in thee occult sonorous environs which Chöd engenders!!

[[notes: thee version ov Kala-Nath which was transferred was the c60 released on Harmonie in 1996; i did not break up thee tracks [as tis done on thee cdr which was released on Kokeshidisk in 2006..] also due to thee short durations ov both thee Psychotic Session cs and Ishtar Aux Enfers 7": it was decided to include them both in thee same folder.. enjoy these brilliant tribal ambient recordings!!]]

Chöd - Kala-Nath - c60 - Harmonie - France - 1996

No track listing..

Chöd - Psychotic Session - c30 - Psychotic Release - Italy - 1997 +

No track listing..

Chöd - Ishtar Aux Enfers - 7" ep - Athanor - France - 1999

Track listing:

a - Ishtar Aux Enfers
b - Le Déluge Babylonien

[[note: as stated previously: this ep tis included in thee above link..]]