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MLEHST-I jaundice in da crevice wagon(c60 -Fraction studio-france-1996)

Mlehst tis thee prolific projekt ov English artist All Brentnall.. having released constant streams ov experimental elektroniks releases since 91 [with thee exception ov a period ov hiatus from composition for what appears to be betwixt 2001-2005]; this artist's copious catolog ov what have been mostly incredibly rare releases tis a point ov marvel!!

Yet again here tis another astonishing cassette donated to our blog by Guglielmo ov Biotope Art Organisation, and transferred for us by {{F@R@W@Y}}!!

Released in 1996 on French artist M. Nomized's label: Fraction Studio, and featuring his cover artwork.. I Jaundice In Da Crevice Wagon was produced by Mlehst "using unreleased rare, deleted and available material 1994-1996. also featuring CHRIS TRIPTYCKON (guitar) one side two, and S.JOHNS (drumloop) on side one. MLEHST sound recorded by all MLEHST using microphones, effects, radio, guitars, electronics. mixed and production by all MLEHST"

Rancid Chutney Ferret - begins with what sounds to be thee whistled steaming ov a tea kettle, and fastly erupts into strange skittering sounds ov what sound to be tape deconstruction.. next low-end waves flutter and stereo-pan across thee sonic space presented.. crashing/ trickling/ breezing.. transition to haunting choral looping expanded in dense reverberations.. looping mono-syllable.. beatific atmospheres with piercing high-end shimmering, static waves, and short analog tones.. ticking.. ethereal droning!! silence/ splice/ silence.. hauntingly dark & beatific atmospheres holding one in a state ov tremendous suspense!! suddenly emerges excellent restrained beat programming amidst droning atmosphere, and densely reverbed guitar plucking.. all dissappears except thee effing great reverb-drenched percussive sequencing with warm bass tones warbling!! the sequencing becomes so enshrouded in effecting as to make itself scarcely discernable other than as heavilly-processed rhythm.. side ov tape ends..

Driven Dogshit - strange motorik sounds are met with waves ov semi-muted feedback gaining in intensity, yet avoiding escalation into shrillness.. indicpherable speed/ pitch accelerated monosyllable and droning minimalised progression.. effected metal percussion looping.. strange delayed sound collaging with indecipherable delaying vocalisations.. processed gargling amdist drones.. machinik sounds.. reversed tape looping.. frantic shifts!! delayed/reverbed choral utterances cut in & out melt into post-rock experimentalism ala This Heat with restrained drum programming.. tape pitches downwards.. buzzing and muted high-end static.. accoustic strings plucked and shimmering with reverb amidst piercing high end frequency.. frantic cuts ov vocal uterrances and sound collaging.. machinic sounds inducing paranoid state with thee feel ov waves ov reverberation over cold concrete factory floors. somehow beautifull..? scarce non-descript vocalisations.. transition../ distant post-rock improvisation with stuttering snare/high hat.. , "far away".. machinic grinding.. quiet indecipherable utterances.. ambiance.. distant shoe-gaze guitar.. reverb drenched choral presence amidst machine drones.. down-pitched vocal utterances.. vibraphone tones.. stabs ov broken-beat "amen" mashup amidst thee drones.. and field recordings ov streams.. all fades away..

Track listing:

a01-rancid chutney ferret
b01-driven dogshit


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

C.O.36 A.S.-GERL-split tape(c60-DIY-90s)

Another great tape has been loaned here to thee blog by Guglielmo from Biotope Art Organisation and transferred by {{F@R@W@Y}}!!

Minimal information on either ov these artists; other than that they were both from Brescia in northern-Italy..

C.O.36 - Amnesia State [Michele Marpicati]. notes for this cassette: "RECORDED 4 TRACK, NO SAMPLES, KEYBOARDS USED IN THE MAKING OF THIS RECORDINGS" jeje.. effing love this sort ov ascetic abandonment ov thee use ov such technologies, and thee need ov notifying us.. wonder what gear they did use..??

MY NUMBER IS 96201200 - tis strange pulsating elektroniks with wierdly alien flanging fluidity.. ending in what sounds like screamy feedback ala Masonna / Prurient..

RETURN VALVE S16BF - wierd power-elektronik type static with fast/slow locked groove type repetitions ending in washes ov Marsona 1200 type white noise ambiance.. jeje.. Masonna & Marsona in thee same review..

S.S.S. - alien-invasion style sonic experimentation with almost harmonic filter type progressions.. sounds like thee phaser has made it's presence felt here..

REMOTE - dystopic police-state type siren with barely audible wierd backing sounds like someone vaccuuming in the next room during recording..

N.B.C. ALARM - thundrous rumbling akin maybe to having a panic attack [or maybe am hung over here..], but with interesting collaging shattered shards ov power elektroniks..

VOYAGER-1 - relaxing ethereal elektronikx akin to thee subleties ov bowed-strings going out ov tune [if washes ov feedback can be said to do this..] also kind ov like an attempt tis being made with playing at just-stopping the signal before it is about to go into thee red..

Gerl [Alessandro Burri]. Not any other info.. unless you think that writing to his olde address may yield some sort ov fortuitous results..

viral core - sounds like sampling may have been used for this due to thee repetitive nature ov thee sounds.. definitely delay.. great restrained subtlety to thee beatific synth type warmth brought into the piece with high pitch signal use kept at just below thee point ov annoyance.. definitely delay.. jeje

frameshift - warm rumbling low-end ambiance with thee "pfft.. pfft.." akin to locked-groove technique, but shifted & stretched in tempo variance with crunchy eruptive repetition joining, and use ov other unique wierd elektronik minimalism.. really like this piece!! reminds me ov childhood use ov rotary phones, but am uncertain what tis thee point being confessed to with that statement.. anyways..

LTR 5' - more delicately beatific ambient somnolence here!! minimal use ov thee sounds ov stylus obfuscated by dust or paper, and as well ov thee quiet short crash ov thunder..

LTR 3' - again thee great delicate sounds ov thee most beloved ov inventions: thee phonographic stylus!! this variation on thee LTR theme also utilises thee short crashes ov reverbed thunder minimally interspersed, but this time with thee repetitious use ov analog-type synth warbling.. sadly, this beauty like all things comes to an end..

Track listing:

a01-C.O. 36 A.S.-my number is 96201200
a02-C.O. 36 A.S.-return valve S16BF
a03-C.O. 36 A.S.-S.S.S.
a04-C.O. 36 A.S.-Remote
a05-C.O. 36 A.S.-N.B.C. Alarm
a06-C.O. 36 A.S.-voyager-1
b01-GERL-viral core
b03-GERL-L T R 5`
b04-GERL-L T R 3`


Saturday, January 16, 2010

KARCERAL FLESH-Carcan 65-(diy-c60 -1993)

Karceral Flesh were thee French Electro/Industriel/Expérimental projekt ov Franck Kervizic which was active from 1990-2000. Am uncertain ov thee lineup for this cassette released on Gorkon Recordings; though at times other collaborators for this projekt included: Nick [guitar & bass], Federico Iovino [percussions], & C.C. La Mouette [voix feminine].

Must confess I do not speak French very well [Je ne parle pas français, très bien], but please bear with this non-francophone as an attempt tis made with minimal understanding, and thee help ov translating software at referencing some ov thee information related to this cassette..

ok.. with thee disclaimer already made about being inept at understanding much ov thee language ov these artists; must also confide that many ov thee references also elude my grasping.. For example: thee title Carcan 65.. Know that a carcan was an iron ring used for a form of public humiliation by exposition at a pole, but it was also thee last name ov thee Belgian engraver and sculptor René Carcan (May 25, 1925—1993).. Which ov these the cassette title is a reference to tis not known here..

Thee first side ov this cassette tis titled: Il Nous Faut Offrir À Leurs Cris ... [We do offer to their Cree...]

Thee first track tis: Tondue À 20 Ans - a reference to the period twenty years after those who became known as les tondues (the shorn): the estimated 10.000 to 30.000 women accused of having collaborated with the Germans during the occupation of France during the second world war whose heads were shaved amidst the period immediately following the liberation when France was swept by a wave of executions, public humiliations, assaults, and detentions of suspected collaborators, known as the épuration sauvage (wild purge). Musically the track consists ov a martial elektronik cadence, delayed vocal bursts, and restrained organ progressions amidst lyrics which escape my capabilities ov translating at this point..

Les Putains De L' Occident [the whores from the west] - tis great slow elektro with sparse electrik guitar and thickly-accented angry reverbed vocals..

Fin [end] - begins with stuttering machinic sounds and restrained drum programming, and tis a darkly aloof piece ov magnificent elektro industrial ending in delayed sounds ov drum machine and gasping breaths..

En silence [in silence] - features very amazingly vocoded voice amidst restrained industrial with alternatingly chunky guitar riffs and dissonant feedback..

Fatalite [fate] - begins as a semi-dissonant instrumental industrial piece with layered percussions, and ends with atmospheric synths with feminine vocalisations..

Goodbye fucking Fatherland - sonicly consists ov almost ambient beatific synth progressions with restrained elektronik percussions, and ends with strange sequencing and a pitched-down sample ov a masculine French voice..

the second side is titled: ... Le Scalpel De Notre Folie [... The scalpel from our madness].

Sur Un Fleuve [on a river] - tis more restrained industrial drum programming, minimal synthesizer progressions, great electrik guitar accompaniment, and more masculine French vocals [which quite sadly i fail miserably at comprehending]..

Entre La Viande Et Le Métal [between the meat and the metal] - consists ov a pulsating synthesizer line with restrained percussion that builds in intensity into a very tribal like accompaniment to this great piece!!

Planter Une Aiguille [planting a needle] - melds an amazingly driving elektronik beat with excellent restrained percussion, a beautifully cold synthesizer progression, and somber processed vocals..

Viandanimaux [animal flesh (i believe..?)] - tis thee final piece ov this cassette, and tis by far thee most sparse.. it begins with wierd analog synth warbling, and goes into what is by far thee most minimal percussive section ov thee recording; with strange experimental elektronik soundscapes with ghostly barely-present vocalisations, and with what sounds like quiet xylophone accents ending in an increasing squall ov ambient feedback resonance and minimal percussion..

Track listing:

Il Nous Faut Offrir À Leurs Cris ...
A1 Tondue À 20 Ans
A2 Les Putains De L' Occident
A3 Fin
A4 En Silence
A5 Fatalité
A6 Goodbye Fucking Fatherland
... Le Scalpel De Notre Folie
B1 Sur Un Fleuve
B2 Entre La Viande Et Le Métal
B3 Planter Une Aiguille
B4 Viandanimaux

Wished to thank Guglielmo of Biotope Art Organization who has very graciously loaned this great cassette for {{F@R@W@Y}} to kindly transfer and share with us here!! shall look forward to more ov thee great cassettes he has shared with us to be posted in thee days ahead!!


v.a.-All that your life needs-international compilation tape –c90-1996

This compilation was a co-production between H.S.S.G Glittoride and Contaminated Productions. In 1995 Giulo from Glittoride invited Raff of Contaminated Productions to work on a special compilation tape of industrial music. His idea was to fuse poetry and music. He wanted to combine one poem with one song from each industrial act. After attempting this: he did not manage to reach this result, but Giulo and Salvatore managed to assemble a nice booklet with poetry in Italian, and translated in English mixed up with graphix of the bands involved. The cover sleeve was a colour copy with art-work by Giulio. All the booklet was in b/w photocopies(everything is included here as pdf copies).

About the music: this tape is filled with unknown acts from the 90s exploring industrial/esoteric eletronix and experimental music. Very good tracks included here. The whole project was compiled and assembled by Giulio with the help of Salvatore. Contaminated prods eventually took part in the distribution of this tape, printing no more than 50 copies. I have no idea how many copies were printed by Glittoride label. This is for the lovers of unknown bands from the 90s-Enjoy it.-

Track listing:

a01-SOLANACEAE TAU-phalanx der pfalzer
a02-SOLANACEAE TAU-what`s the lifetime of your lifestyle
a04-A.U.V.A.-headmovie III
a05-A.U.V.A.-headmovie V
a06-BLASTFUL SILENCE-this is mine
a07-FEAR MOVEMENT-energieverlust
a08-M. NOMIZED-whales industry
a09-DAS CELLAR LOOH-das movenlied(live version-Oct. 93)
a10-DAS CELLAR LOOH-das movenlied (remix II)
b02-PREMATURE BIRTH-violent children
b03-LUNUS-inter faces at urinam
b04-DE VERMIS MYSTERIS-violentia ex nihilo
b05-BRANDELLI D`ODIO-esalazione mistica I
b06-BRANDELLI D`ODIO-esalazione mistica II
b07-OKINIWA FUMIHIRO-extract from 20% perform
b08-M. NOMIZED-leukaemia
b09-WESTLAND-sous le pont mirabeu
b10-ETAT DES STOCK-one day
b11-PERVAS NEFANDUM-liberaci dal male


Thursday, January 14, 2010

VA - Cerimonial - c90 - 1987

This compilation was taken as a live recording from an experimental rock festival in Prato(Tuscany)in 1988. It was released by the Brain Of The Monster, a radical fanzine about music and anti-art conceived by a famous mail artist: Alessandro Ceccotto in Adria. He was running a big mail art archive, and this fanzine as well. I have no idea how many copies he printed of it. It was packaged with a red plasticized cover.
About the bands: there`s not much need for introduction as many are very famous nowdays. The recording is not bad if you consider that it`s all live.

Track listing:

a01-CURRENT 93-oh,coal black smith
a02-CURRENT 93-black flowers ,please
a03-LEGENGARY PINK DOTS-intro-true love
a04-LEGENDARY PINK DOTS-vigil anti
a05-LEGENDARY PINK DOTS-a lost for powder
a06-LEGENDARY PINK DOTS-intro-the echo police
a07-PAOLO GIARO-insulti programmatici
b01-PAOLO GIARO-orchestrion
b02-T.A.G.C.-music n1
b06-EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN-zeichnungen des patienten e. t


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body without organs-i isis and thoth(c60 audiofile tapes-1985-usa)

Body Without Organs- 1 Isis and Thoth(c60 Audiofile Tapes-1985-usa)

"When you will have made him a body without organs,
then you will have delivered him from all his automatic reactions
and restored him to his true freedom"

- excerpt from the radio play by Antonin Artaud: "To Have Done with the Judgment of God" (1947)

Body Without Organs appear to have been: Carl Howard [Nomuzic/ Audiofile Tapes], Amaury Perez [Amor Fati/ Will To Live], and Richard Behrens.. Thee sonorism they created for this cassette seems to pay homage to Isis: thee protectress ov thee dead whose mournfull tears for her husband/brother Osiris [thee god ov thee dead who was murdered by his brother Set] were said to flood thee Nile annually, and unto thee ibis or baboon headed Thoth: thee heart [intelligence] and tongue [voice] ov thee sun god Ra.. Their sonorism was a very unique creation steeped in many esoteric references which shall be attempted at being dealt with here..

She-Women of the SS - begins and continues through it's entirety with beauteous analog sequencing ala early Tangerine Dream which is met with recordings of accounts ov thee brutalising actions ov female SS officers towards prisoners of war during thee second world war..

Vanishing Pentagram - tis composed from elements ov minimal elektronik beats, swirling and undulating analog synthesis, and esoteric vocal chanting which carry for over eight minutes with few references decipherable aside from mentioning ov thee left hand/ right hand, and ov flames, the pentgram, and the six-rayed star .. ending with a repetitive delayed shifting "amen"..

I am in hell - begins with fast pulsating synthesis which pitches down in speed, and drops out momentarily to reappear with thee restrained elektronik thump ov a beat and sparse dissonant elektronik guitar.. all ov this tis amidst vocalisations calling out: "daddy.. who's calling me? it is my child.. i will come back, but i am not alive.. I am dead .. I am in hell, but i did not understand why.. when i found out it was too late.. my dearly friend one day you will see me again.. listen to me because it may be too late.. you will die like me.. i implore you to go back away from here.. please go back.." there follow strange samples ov a child's voice and barely decipherable speech sounding like radio transmissions from dead soldiers.. the piece continues for a total duration over ten minutes with thee looping phrases "we are not sure what is happening" and "I am in hell" to be met with sounds ov explosions and a fading away..

Dada Kabalah - begins with a discussion about magickal thinking [versus diagnosis ov paranoid schizophrenia], and Artaud and Rimbaud's theory of the seer.. through reading ov incantations capabale ov producing magickal results capable ov changing life through obtaining supernatural vision ov altered prophesy.. it continues to speak ov thee effects of premature aging upon Artaud with his death at thee age ov 52.. following this un-cited discussion the twanging ov strings play over the unspooling/ reversing/ speed-shifting sounds ov tape manipulation amid reverb soaked vocals: "Dada Kabalah / chanting Hebrew numbers in darkened closets / touching copies of time magazine and weeping over Marilyn Monroe / seeping sex / Dada Kabalah / through subway cars / an unholy group of figures / laughing at naked baboons sucking on bananas / Dada Kabalah / being burned at the stake / walking planks / a labrynth of the americas / labrynth trains railing across night / flocks of angels and sacrificial ash / Dada Kabalah / scribbling deranged graffiti on glass houses / trapped in homemade statues and wicker waste baskets / Dada Kabalah / [undecipherable] and frozen objects [undecipherable] chinese torment / horrible dreams / questions and answers / Dada Kabalah / [undecipherable] ancient manuscripts and trying to draw down this powerless pre-packaged spiritus omni interuptus in hellenistic solitude / dada kabalah / will the dream never end? / left to crawl through tenaments, bathrooms, and crumbling royal cabinets / Dada Kabalah / hermetic monks leading [undecipherable] to take the [undecipherable] / registers on time belt as yet [undecipherable] breach of law / Dada Kabalah / down through the celestial spirits who truely believe this in awe.. " more unspooling/ reversing/ speed-shifting sounds ov tape manipulated vocalisations end this piece..

Alchemy I - sonicly tis composed ov trancing repetitious low-end synth droning over which is spoken: "we are now in a position to understand what alchemy is. we might even go further to say even if we had not heard of it we must know what it must be. let me summarise by saying that alchemy includes as many possible operations as there are conventional [undecipherable] inherent in nature. think ov substance as symoblic of the whole course of nature. make it god and consume it. the highest form of the eucharyst is that in which the element consecrated is one. it is one substance and not two, not living and not dead, neither liquid nor solid, neither hot nor cold, neither male nor female. the highest sacrament is that of one element. it is universal in it's operation according to the declared purpose of the work. so will the result be. it is the universal key of all magick. think ov substance as symoblic of the whole course of nature. make it god and consume it. it is one substance and not two, not living and not dead, neither liquid nor solid, neither hot nor cold, neither male nor female..

Alchemy II - follows in a similar instrumental form ov sonorously droning synth over which there is a minimal percussive sequencing and strange tremelo like undulations ov elektronikx with a very decayed and restrained feel about it ending with an ouroboros ov tailing delay..

Osiris Rises begins with a sample voicing thee words: "let the divine light descend!!" what follows is amasing esoteric body music with elektro sequencing ala Peter Baumann.. spoken through vocoder: "in the beach in distant lands held aloft your godly hands in the beach in distant seas Osiris rises upon thee. carrying the greater one held up high for all to see. Osiris rises upon thee.. he sent your corpse upon the seas. wrestling deep in foreign lands. on the beach in the sand he severed off your godly hands. on the beach in distant lands cutting off your godly hands.. on the beach in distant seas Osiris rises upon thee.." much ov thee remaining vocals are difficult to decipher due to thee use ov vocoding.. towards thee end the sequencing shifts; going through various speed manipulations becoming cacophonous, and ending in the clattering ov bells..

the final piece of thee cassette tis: The Market, and it is composed ov danceable droning synth syncopated with sparse percussive accents, and tis layered through with undecipherable glitching vocal utterances and minimal synth lines.. towards the end much ov the sound begins to slow and decay with strange analog synth twittering and shifting until fading away..

Track listing:
a1- She-Women of the SS
a2- Vanishing Pentagram
a3- I am in hell
a4- Dada Kabalah
b1- Osiris Rises
b2- Alchemy I
b3- Alchemy II
b4- The Market

[cassette rip from ----[\\\F@R@W@Y///]---- & review by crepusculum]

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E.A. 8 tape-works.

I have spoken already about E.A. ghost project on this blog. It was a kind of open collective aiming to mix different forms of art: joining the idea of art destruction. The idea was to mix mail art, recycling objects, poetry, and music or anti music. This “ghostly” project was born in southern Italy, and included individuals from different towns who were collaborating whenever it was possible without any ties, and the name was always changing keeping only the initials E.A.

I included in this folder a presentation that at the time this collective was distributing to let people know about their activities. A big thanks go to PUPPY BARF who converted into digital format almost all those tapes back in 2006.

Emanazione Afona- De-composizioni sonore-(c 46-1992-Contaminated Prods, Italy)

In 1990 E.A. released a small zine with ready-mades, recycling objects, copy art, and poetry. It was printed in 100 numbered copies, and distributed by Contaminated Prods.

In 1992 they worked on the same idea, but on tape. It was a project that wanted to unite poetry and music. More than 10 people took part in this project, and it is definitely the project where E.A. managed to work as a proper collective even if the people involved didn’t` even know. The tape was recorded in the practice room of B.D.O. [the band in which RAFF was playing at the time]in Caserta: using different instruments. The tape evolves into areas such as weird pop, sound-collage, sonic poetries, dark ambient, and pure experimental music using: microphones, pedals, effects, guitar, bass, drum machine, flutes, vocals, loops, tapes, radio, and more. It is the tape-work that includes more music genres; although never very well defined. The poetry was written by different people involved in this project. Contaminated Prods printed 150 copies of this tape. It came in a plasticized cover-sleeve(included here). Also this is the only tape that was later in the 2006 printed on cd. You will find here the cover art for the cd. Thanx to Puppybarf for the work for the cd conversion, and the graphix conversion to cd size. This cd was only distributed as gift for friends anyway.

For this project E.A. means Aphonic Emanation.

Track listing:

02-cerchio di coscienza
03-tesi circonstanziate
07-nil nisi bonum
08-cielo ambrato-latte
10-poncif(luogo comune)
11-di nuovo al freddo
12-oasi finale del rantolare
13-sons indistinct...
14-remote vene di vita
17-finestre sulla pena
19-fuori programma

Embolia Assassina - Diskarika Screaming(c 60, Contaminated Prods-1992)

The idea behind this project was to use the sounds from the video tapes from the 1st squat in Foggia, called Diskarika (as it was an old discharge), Raff and Mario with Megawatt extracted the sounds from different video tapes of this squat. There are then sounds of demonstrations, gigs, debates, and daily life of this squat mixed with additional sounds created by E.A. It is a full experiment of sound collage and field recordings.

The tape came in a very special package made of hard cardboard where on the front: the tape hard cover was glued on the cardboard, and then on the top was glued a photocopy treated with an acid to make a blurred graphic work. On the back there was glued a presentation of this project both in Italian and English. You will find the pictures of the cover included in this folder although they don`t really give the same perception of the box you would have on the original package. For this project E.A. means killing embolism.

Lato A
Lato B

Emblema Angelico-Mudmilklove (c60 Red neon tapes-Belgium-1993)

This was the first tape that was not released on Contaminated Prods. Red Neon Tapes was a small tape label in Belgium that was only exchanging tapes(no selling involved) Patrick Parent the mind behind this label invited E.A. to release a tape. Raff worked with a few friends to collect noises and sonic expression, and they created those songs with a 4 track recorder. The inspirational points were tribalism, esoteric magick, and pure deconstruction of the music idea. We don`t know how many copies Patrick made of this tape. The cover sleeve is a collage made by Patrick using copy art copies made by RAFF

For this project E.A. means Angelic Emblem.

Track listing:

01. War
02. Electric Tie
03. Just Another Prey
04. Tribal Conviction's End
05. Horror's Miracles
06. Another Side of My sensability
07. A Strange Kind of Love
08. Shadows of Naked Feelings
09. Slaughtered Angels
10. Bullshits Heart
11. Nervous Breakdown

Eiaculazione Amusicale-your VOICE remixing project-(c46-1990-Contaminated prods?-

note: It was never stated that Cont. Prods released this tape, but in fact this label exchanged it with other active tape labels at the time.

This was actually the documentation for a mail art project launched by E.A. in 1989, and finished in 1990. The idea was to collect different vocals (whatever a mail artist wanted to express with his voice: singing, shouting, talking , wheezing…) and then to create with those vocals a tape with additional sounds. Different mail artists took part in this project, and once the tape was finished they received it as documentation for it. In fact this tape has never been for sale, but only used to make exchange. The art on the cover was made with wall paper covering the plastic folder with a little window on the front. On the back there was a glued photocopy with additional info. There was also a cover sleeve including the contacts for the mail artists involved and the song-titles. This is pure sound-collage with lots of vocals. For this project E.A. means (no-musical ejaculation)

Track listing:

01. Your Voice by Mail (part I)
02. Break
03. Your Voice by Mail (part II)
04. Voices in Envelopes
05. Voices in Love From...
06. Angry Voices, Happy Voices
07. Noise Without Voices

Elfo Atomico-pestilentia urit urbem-(Cat Killer –Germany 1994-c60)

Carsten From Cat Killer released this tape-work in 1994. There were only 2 long tracks running pure noise death industrial. Only two people worked on this project. The art work on the cover was made by RAFF, and then re-elaborated by Carsten who printed a limited edition of 93 copies. Each came with a slightly different cover; depending on how he was cutting the two colour copies to set up the cover sleeve. For this project E.A. means Atomic Elf.

Track listing:

Sickness Side
A Untitled
Death Side
B Untitled

Enigma Analogico / Culver split tape(cadenced noise-1997-Italy-c60)

This tape was released on Cadenced Noize in 1997. It was one of the last tapes by E.A. Six people worked on it, and it was recorded in the practice room of the Ex CIM squat in Foggia during a jam session improvised by different members of Brandelli d`Odio using different instruments such as keyboard, drum machine, percussion, effects, and vocals. The music is a no-sense of percussion like industrial de-constructivism. E.A. passed the recordings to Cadenced Noize label, but also made few copies just to trade it with other tape productions. E.A. used a different cover sleeve (not included in this folder-here you will find the cover sleeve made by Cadenced Noise tape label). I think Culver made his own copies so I have no idea of how many copies were printed by the 3 people involved in the distribution. For this project E.A. means Analog Enigma.

Track listing:

Belated X
A1 Culver - Belated X. Pt.1
A2 Culver - Belated X. Pt.3
A3 Culver - Belated X. Pt.4
Un Salto
B1 Enigma Analogico - Fragment 1
B2 Enigma Analogico - Fragment 2
B3 Enigma Analogico - A Jump In The Dark

Entrata Aperta-the mirror shed tears(Anapeste label autoproduzioni 1995,Italy-c60)

This tape was recorded in the room of Raff in Ex Cim squat in Foggia. Davide and Raff worked on it as a project exploring the dark side of the psyche. It came out as a good example of ritual-esoteric electronix. The main instruments were keyboards and samples. It was released in 1995 by Anapeste tape label. I don`t know how many copies Anapeste printed. By the way E.A. printed some other copies just to trade them with some tape labels. It came with an info sheet about E.A. The cover sleeve is an art work by Raff-printed on some zines as well. For this project E.A. means Open Entry.

Track listing:

A1 Traum
A2 Drops Of Ashes
A3 Lenses Stained With Blood
A4 Cancer Lachrymatory And Grey Mouths
A5 Photos Of Mass-Murders
B1 Porno-Landscapes
B2 Unhuman Trobs
B3 Anguish Inorganic Eyes
B4 Final Oasis Of Wheezing
B5 Haemorrage Yourself

Essere Amore/Herb Mullin-split tape(c60 Matching Head tape label-UK-1996)

This tape is a split with English noise artist Herb Mullin. E.A. just did a “cut & paste” of old recordings to create a non-fluid improvisation using just a tape deck and an occasional 4 track recorder. I have no idea how many copies Matching Head label printed. The graphix of this tape were created by Matching Head tape label, and they came with a copy art cover sleeve (included here), and were wrapped into those photocopies inside a small plastic bag. For this project E.A. means To Be Love.

Track listing:

A Herb Müllin - Free (Jail Break Mix)
B Essere Amore - cutting our past recordings with a bloody knife

Well here is the end of this presentation. A big thanx goes to Suzy for helping me with this writing and to Vita Ignes : Corpus Lignum for publishing these tapes. I just want to mention that there are 3 tapes missing here, and I will post them in February. I am happy to donate these tapes to this blog. If other bloggers want to use them (if some people will ever be interested in this crap) then please contact this blog before. It will be nice to know that you are interested to know more and publish these tapes. All the graphix were made by Raff, and I tried to include them here in the different folders as much as possible. Also I added to each folder some additional graphics and writings as special gifts for this nice blog.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Review ov : Nommo Ogo - Across Time And Space - cd / Space Cross 12"

Imbibe ov thee waters ov thee celestial divinities..

Nommo Ogo have been purveyors ov their own forms ov unique kvlt elektronik sonorism since 96 when they formed from amongst other projekts active in thee mid-90's Alaskan psychedlic noise underground.. Their projekt name is a reference to thee Dogon mythology where the Nommo are ancestral spirits (sometimes referred to as deities) worshipped by the tribe from the central plateau region of Mali. The Nommos are usually described as amphibious, hermaphroditic, fish-like creatures. It is believed the Nommos descended from the sky in a vessel accompanied by fire and thunder. After arriving, the Nommos created a reservoir of water and subsequently dove into the water..

Nommo Ogo are now primarily an Oakland based projekt who are also behind thee amazing Katabatik sound-system and recording label [who have released recordings from astonishing artists such as: Sacrificial Totem, Poison Ring, Psimurgh, R.M.S., A:S:, Kanopic Descent, Dimentia, Susperium, Psychotigen, Lacedon, T.O.P.A.A.P.O.B.W.A.I.I., Nezzy Idy, Pucca Pangenitor, I.N.R.I., Amorphous Ossiferrous, and numerous others from amongst thee genres ov wierdcore / death-trance / abandoned house / funeral lounge / satanik disko / astral dub / zombient / transyuggothian throat singing / u.b.m. (uncontrollable body movement) / queasy listening / tentacle funk / slime wave / battle ambient / drone and beat / kosmicheterrorismus..

Nommo Ogo have had numerous self-released titles on cassette,cd, and cdr as well as having the releases H.A.A.R.P. Musick - CD, Meat and Red Triangles / The Blood Red Game - 12", and The Sea Finally Surfaces - CD on thee Isolate label which was run by the late Wai Cheng [Optic].

Across Time And Space - cd & Space Cross - 12" were both released on thee Pleasanton , CA based Record Label Records who have also released recordings from Scorn and Contagious Orgasm amongst others..

Thee sounds ov these two most recent releases delve deeply into thee suprasensorial; with sounds which are at times ethereal trances melding into glitched eruptions ov tripped-out sequencing and filtering which evoke thee transcendant sensations ov thee cosmic voyaging ov thee galaxies or ov thee deep psychonautic space within.. At times there are string progressions which evoke some sort ov psychedelic-blues or space-metal reminiscent ov both Hawkwind & Coil fused via some sort ov strange alchemical processes..

Thee packaging for A.T.A.S. unfolds into a unique space cross design featuring artwork by Kelly Porter!!

Have been listening to the Across Time And Space - cd & thee Space Cross 12" [which contains variations ov tracks present on thee cd] both an extreme ammount since picking them up from the group after witnessing thee ecstatic dancefloor revelry they induced at thee 13th annual Autonomous Mutant Festival this last summer, and wished to take thee time to praise what for me were a couple ov thee best releases ov this last year!!
Do not miss these great releases!!

shall be posting here soon some ov thee mid-90's Alaskan elektronikx submitted to this blog by Djynnx ov Nommo Ogo!!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Vatican's Children - Satan, Secrets, & Over The Bridges Of Time

As with many occult electronikx projekts: thee roots ov this projekt are rather obscure, but thankx to thee kindness ov thee dear friend Mauricio [who also provided the rip here ov his copy ov Secrets] we have some ammount ov info to share..

"From the roots of Kriessern Austria,everything started with a band named L.A.A formed by Alzbeth, Andy, and Albin Julius in 1991. They played 2 concerts and recorded some tracks in studio. After too many understanding problems,Alzbeth and Albin formed THE MOON LAY HIDDEN BENEATH A CLOUD, and Andy departed to form Vatican's Children with some members of the very first Alzbeth band E.Win and Female Singer Nihal."

For myself personally Vatican's Children were one ov very few projekts that seem to fuse genres ranging from extremely depressive gothic-rock to minimal-occult industrial to abrasive late 90's tekno, and pull it off astonishingly.. Tis hard to do justice to thee uniqueness ov thee sounds they were creating.. Hope that these releases [which were self-released on Vatican's Children's own private label] provide inspiration for the readers ov this blog as they have here..

Satan 1994

Track listing:

2.Rigor Mortis
4.The End Of The Road
6.The Shadow
7.The Way
8.A Fragment
9.We Have Nothing To Do With...
10.Try It
11.Das 7. Siegel

Secrets 1997

Track listing:

1 Millennium
2 Purity
3 Isolation
4 Deadly Arrow
5 Meditation
6 Eternal Life
7 Lost Reality
8 Torture Garden
9 The Playground
10 Jihad

Over The Bridges Of Time... 1998

Track listing:

Side A from The Vatican's Archive chapter I 1987-1993.
A1 Der Frierende Organismus
A2 Machine
A3 Time
A4 Pilotheus
A5 Cavespiders
A6 Angst (Live)
Side B from the Secret's Recording Sessions 1997.
B1 Isolation-Part 1
B2 Black Floyd [Inspired by Pink Floyd]
B3 Chamber #9


Solanaceae Tau - 4 Cassettes

I have spoken already on this blog about this amazing band: Solanaceae Tau-they were an anti-fascist band from Germany active throughout the middle 80s until the middle 90s. They released lots of good tapes both d.i.y. and on different tape labels. Their music is a good mix of cold/dark wave and experimental-electronics made with samples, keyboards, female vocals, drum machine, and sometimes guitar. Some of their productions come with full lyrics inserts while some others come with less info(I did scan + add all the cover sleeves in these folders). I am not sure if they re-formed back in 2000 when they released a cdr. In 2007 they realeased a new cdr called "Novus Ordum Seclorum” which is available on as a free download. Here I am posting 4 more tapes by this band. I think I should have one more still to convert into digital. That one is called “Club Des Haschischins” which is quite an old one as well, but it has been re-relased on cdr back in 1995. Enjoy these tapes, and please if you have more info about this band drop us a comment. We`d love to know more.

SOLANACEAE TAU-transgerman mind configuration(diy tapework,c60-june 1990)

Track listing:

Side A
1 Nigthmares By A Reunited Country
a The Thousand Years Dancers
b German Kakophonics - Commend By Tucholsky
c Universal Eurospot Muzak
2 Reunion Rapture
a Shades Of Collective Mind
b Transitzeit
c The Saxon Invasion
3 Age Of Sabot
a Minotaur
b Individual Robotron
Side B
1 Daily Massacre
a Traumgesang Der Läuse
b The Wolf Song
c Tanks Of Xiao Ping
Guitar - Jason Fretz
2 Ethnological Hazard
a Part One
b Part Two
3 Terrestial Language Quiet
a Haunted Depression
b Mysterious Dialoge

SOLANACEAE TAU-Outdoor Expressions-Irre Tapes-c46-1990-

Track listing:

A1 The Wolf Song
A2 Ozonik Hunter
A3 Ethnological Hazard II
A4 Muzak Transmission Line
A5 The Algorhythm Dream
B1 Saxon Invasion
B2 Individual Robotron
B3 Tanks Of Xiao Ping
B4 Education Of Anarchy
B5 Teuton
B6 Submissioned By Machine

[note: seems to me to be too much bass, or a bit overdubbed - anyway it doesn`t sound so bad to me... if anyone has a better copy we would love to hear/share it!]

SOLANACEAE TAU-destruction is not negative...(diy c60 tape 1991)

Track listing:

A1 Europes Funeral Party
A2 Machination Engine
A3 The Riak
A4 Kopernikus 23
A5 Toxid Broadcast
A6 Rausch Der Leidenschaft
A7 Terminal Vivisektion
A8 Gates Of Well
B1 Psycho Teuton
B2 Paralysed Heart Of Dawn
B3 SX 5186 SFX
B4 Jääärne
B5 Tangens Code
B6 No Cherubim Wave

SOLANACEAE TAU-a chemical in debris(c60- diy-Germany--1989)

Track listing:

A1 Ozonic Hunter
A2 Amplitude Overload Desaster
A3 Replikant
A4 Ozonik Hunter
A5 Koenig Kreon
A6 The Anti-Immune Factory
A7 Catholic Mindfuck
A8 Diagnostic Kontrazeptiva
B1 Fashions Of Human Insanity
B2 Climatic Catastrophy
B3 Filhos Da Revolucao
B4 Tau P.
B5 DNA Desaster
B6 Le Technicien Opaque
B7 Education Through Anarchy
B8 Exlibris S.T.
B9 Pestilential In Promised Land
B10 Thermonuclear Wardance

[note: the first track on a side of "a chemical in debris",it sounds like my tape is a bit damaged on that track, but then on the second track the sound becomes much better]