Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sound Probe Records - 2 cassettes

DIAGRAM A-Compression and the process of turning red-(c30-1996-USA)

Special cassette package for this tape on the american Sound Probe tape label. The case is covered with a special acrylic paint making the sleeve very rough( pictures included). About the music: this is pure noise. For all the lovers of old noise industrial. This is pretty rare.

Not track listing.

SETH MISTERKA- Rock `n` Roll deconstruction structures-(c33-1996-USA)

Another tape with a very incredible special package-very unique I must say…the tape is packaged in a slice of vinyl that has been melted and folded, (pictures included)-The side A starts with satisfaction by The Rolling Stones only to turn into a pure deconstruction of R` n `R after few minutes, the tape goes on raging more deconstructed rock and roll to arrive to a pure evil noise. No idea how many copies were printed in this special package-I guess not thousands…enjoy the noise.

Track listing:

a01-structure 4A(satisfaction)
a02-structure 7A(truckin)
a03-structure1b(with DAn G.)
b01-structure 5A(patience)
b02-structure 6B(in utero)
b03-structure 7B(1-4b-5-6b)


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