Friday, November 12, 2010

Ordo Catharis Templi

someone requested thee Ordo Catharis Templi - Hermetisches Rosencreutz: Templum Comparatio disk which was released on Unclean Production in 1993.. whilst we do not have that edition ov thee release; we do have here thee reissued version put out by Dark Vinyl Records in 1997, and as well thee Evolution: Templum Comparatio II disk released on thee German label Atmosphere in 1995..

Ordo Catharis Templi was thee projekt ov German artists Thorn Hoedh [deceased night ov May 15th-16th 2003.], Paul Hostia, Carsten H. Mahajanah, and perchance others??.. have shared quite an ammount ov other 23 Temple related releases here before, but this just about rounds out what tis left.. some astounding material ranging from dark-wave to dark atmospheric ambient to martial elektronikx with George Bush touting patriot missile defense during thee first gulf war era to ethnic psy-trance/ esoteric tekno.. enclosed within both disks are manifestos ov sorts explaining thee groups' efforts.. am certain some shall appreciate this.. hopefully at least thee person who requested [[even if this tis not thee exact version requested..]]

Ordo Catharis Templi - Templum Comparatio I.

Track listing:

1 Ordex Sacra - Phantasme
2 Werkcorps - Sothouliye
3 Hoedh - Dämmerung Am Pog
4 Hostia - Absoluthum W5/6
5 .7.7. Seth - Dogs Blessing
6 Die Wappen Des Thotß - Der Engel WD2
7 Etudes Dèxecution Transcendante / Hostia - Ode Für Ein Monument (Stunde Der Zeit)

Ordo Catharis Templi - Evolution: Templum Comparatio II

Track listing:

1 Mahajanah - Vood Sushai
2 Hostia - Absoluthum 02
3 Hostia - Absoluthum 07
4 Hoedh - Universum 23
5 Mahajanah - Dream Out
6 Hoedh - Love Spiritual Dream



  1. Thank you so much!!!!

    I was the one who made the request. Doesnt really matter that its not the same version. It has the same versions of the tracks i wanted

    Thank you again so much! You are amazing

  2. jesus christ, wher'd you get all that 23 Temple stuff from? been searching for it for a few years without any success

    You're a fucking hero!