Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice Compilation!!

whilst those ov us in thee north are at thee point ov our solar nadir, and those at our antipodes are at thee point ov their solar zenith; once more an offering ov wondrous sonorism and visuals are offered graciously unto us all to treasure as our lived experiences gradually transition towards either thee lengthening or disappearance ov our shadows.. presently residing here in this northerly clime; these gifts ov warmth and illumination are tremendously appreciated; as they have been bestowed during these coldest and darkest ov times!!

Barbarossa Umtrunk tis thee French esoteric martial-ambient projekt ov Baron Von S. who offer unto us here an unreleased track taken from thee forthcoming split with Dronerune for Ufa Muzak "Distant Shores of Hvetramannaland".. Thee song tis called "Emerald Crown", & tis a hymn to Lucifer's fall with a Cathar or Gnostic perspective.. Thee text tis taken from Miguel Serrano's book called "El-Ella", and thee reading vocals are from a French esoteric writer: Marc-Louis Questin.. thee accompanying photography tis ov thee MontSégur ruins...

United Gods tis a projekt from Budapest, Hungary ov thee artist Peter Kecskés which was founded in thee early 90's!! thee track provided tis titled: Burnt Out Heaven and recorded live on thee winter solstice 2009.. thee accompanying picture tis titled Uranographia XI..

Vilfos tis a mysterious projekt from due-East ov thee Cascades who provides us with an Outer Limits themed piece ov martial-ambient paranoia titled: Impulse which was featured on a rather rare demo from 05!!

Nezzy Idy tis thee projekt ov Oakland based artist Emit Idy.. whilst much ov his magnificent sonorism could be said to lay more within thee realms ov esoteric body music; thee peice provided here tis much more ov a wondrous piece ov ritual-ambiance!!

Archétypo 120 tis thee projekt from Gvimaranes, Callaecia consisting ov artists ANTÓNIO MACEDO and PAULO MARTINS [Oktober Black, Sangre Cavallum, and contributing writer to this blog..] thee piece provided here tis titled: Too Much, and features a traditional 12 stringed Guitarra Portuguesa!!

3Music tis thee projekt ov Russian artist Viktoriya Natoloka.. thee track provided here tis titled: Music Of The Law (part I)..

Italian sound and visual artists D.B.P.I.T. / Der Bekannte Post Industrielle Trompeter [Flavio Rivabella] & XXENA provide thee alien-sound piece: slow river at the solstice [which also has an accompanying video for this compilation!!]

Hamramr tis thee ritual projekt ov Cody Dickerson, Tyrsson Sinclair [Waldteufel] and Gandvaldr Bl'askikkja (vocals, poetia)!! thee piece which they provide here tis titled: Dead Dream!!

In Medias Res tis thee projekt ov Si Matta who has also been working on thee projekts Elysium Obscura [with Amber Darkwood], [Haven] , Gathering The Stories!! all ov these projekts are rooted in his connections to thee lands and peoples ov thee Columbia River Gorge!! thee track provided here tis a relaxed piece ov David Lynch - themed gloomy beauty titled: never wanted this [excerpt]!!

""Under the Same Shadow is an ongoing collaboration between artists Alexander DeMaria and Owen Rundquist . Our collaborative work explores the place of ritualism, the occult and cultural histories in a pop context. We create multi-media installations and performances in which ancient practices and contemporary sub-cultures inform and react to one another, giving birth to something that feels unknown and familiar at the same time.

For Sumu A.I.R. we will be exploring the continuing importance of cleansing rituals, from ancient saunas and sweat lodges through contemporary heavy metal performances. We will create a sonic sauna/sweat lodge in the gallery space that utilizes sound as its purifying element. Guests will have the opportunity to partake in a personal ritual whose fundamentals are illustrated through large-scale wall drawings. This ritual is intended as both a cleansing and a rite of passage. Like the heat of the sauna, the loud feedback from the amplifier will be uncomfortable at first, but with time it will become soothing, cleansing, and will hopefully provide the viewer with a profound spiritual experience."

thee piece which tis provided here: Black Steam and Ether tis an exerpt ov thee cassette which was mentioned in thee above Galleria Titanik press release for their performance earlier this summer in Finland!!

"Hailing from Greenfield Ohio, Psychotigen is infamous in the death trance scene for wearing a face-mask made out of living prawns. Influences cited have been: Chaos, Salvia, The Death Owl, Mescalito, Alchemy, Octavio, Drug Addiction, Nicolai Tesla, The King in Yellow, Joan Rivers, Santa Muerte, Doctor Jhon Dee, San Simon, Ashtar, Abdul al'Hazred, Osmet, Mugwort, Deadly Nightshade and other poisonous plants of the Genus solanacae, Yatase"

cannot speak highly enough ov thee Sigil Media projekt [[you all MUST read their News sektion!!]]!! further reviews ov these death trance projekts shall be coming in thee days ahead!!

A Minority Of One tis thee projekt ov Jason Hovatter Craban [Portland, OR] who tis also thee craftsman behind Laughingcrowe Leatherworks !! whilst often accompanied by kindred folk such as his wife Arrowyn [Hex Magazine!!], Markus Wolff [Crash Worship,Waldteufel!!], James Woodhead [At The Head Of The Woods/The Elemental Chrysalis/ Blood Of The Black Owl/ !!], Jason O'Neil-Butler; for thee piece provided here: a live recording ov thee piece Inertia recorded Oktober 24, 2010; he tis forging his astonishing ritual percussive workx solo!!

Cult Of Zir tis thee esoteric elektronikx projekt ov Portland, OR artist Nolon Ashley who concocted this healing tonic for his mutant family rather recently!!

Paintings For Animals tis thee projekt ov Pearson Wallace-Hoyt who tis also an organiser for thee annual Seattle Occultural Music Festival thee beauteous song provided tis called Thee Antler Horn ov Halsealth, and it's from thee album Thee Forrest ov Psalms.. it tis a piece which they performed at thee Seattle Occultural Music Festival this last Spiring!!

Critical Theatre tis thee great esoteric elektronikx projekt ov Maxwell CatLord Benedetti who hails from Portland, OR!! thee wondrous track which he provides here tis titled: The Seeds of Bones (before ascension)

Elli Riehl tis a rather mysterious Austrian projekt who have had releases on Punch Productions, Hau Ruck!, as well as their own Wirres Geäst label!! thee two consecutive trackx provided here: Das weiße Fräuli and Grindewald are perchance a bit more scathing than many ov thee other recordings which perchance many ov you may already be familiar with..

Riqis tis thee ritual/black/noise/doom band ov projekt ov Oakland, CA artist Andrew Christian Way [AC Way/ Maleficia/Carrion!!], Hana Lee [Eighth Evening], and Joshua Churchill.. thee piece which tis presented here tis entitled: ruachoth!!

Igniis tis thee Neo-volk-ish elektronikx projekt ov Argentinian artist GrM who provides a strange détournement ov thee "Ultra Seven Main Theme"..

Novemthree tis thee astonishing psychedelic forest folk projekt ov Pythagumus Olaf Marshall who also runs thee magnificent label: Little Somebody Records whose deeply inspiring hand-crafted releases are items to be tremendously cherished!! thee gentle beauteous piece ov sonorism which he has concocted for us here tis a solo work titled: A Supplication for Nature!!

Cinkrillian Weight tis thee cryptic death frequency==style-genre projekt ov Oakland artist Sean Dimentia [Dimentia, Kanopic Descent, Pansophia]!! thee chilly esoteric elektronikx piece which he provides here tis titled: As thee earth grows cold... !!

Premortem Rigormortis tis thee projekt ov Oakland artist Amber Amnesia [Susperium!!] thee piece Earth Beneath The Water which she has provided for us tis a sublimely beauteous manifestation ov sonority from thee other half ov Kanopic Descent!!

unspeakably elated about thee presence on this compilation ov thee collaboration betwixt French atmosperic elektronikx projekt Nature Morte & undefinable genre merging / obliterating elektro/neo-folk/ambient/prog projekt Wermut who consist ov thee couple Laszlo P.S. and Sofia E.R. who presently reside in Ratzeburg, Germany where they run their astonishing old-fashioned boutique label Treue Um Treue / Reue Um Reue!! further information into thee histories ov this projekts' members can be obtained via visiting thee link in this article to thee website which was designed by Jean Charles ov Nature Morte!!

Burgeon tis thee projekt ov Olympia, WA artist Inga Markstrom who often collaborates with partner Ash Fox ov thee projekt Mercury [who were featured on thee Summer Solstice Compilation here earlier this year!!] while both ov these projekts share their collective creative efforts; thee piece offered here: Dreamless Slumberland tis a soporificly deliriant solo creation!!

Repetitive Motion Syndrome tis thee incredible elektronikx projekt ov San Francisco, CA based artist Barrett Clark [A.:S.:.!!] thee piece which he has provided us tis a track "inspired by the other beings of which we share uncertain dimensions with...." entitled: The Others!!

Adger Bacid tis thee magnificent tekno/experimental projekt ov Olympia, WA based artist Duneul who has recently begun to provide thee R&B [rhythm and Badger!!] for thee three-way collaboration Badger Down the Sun [Adger Bacid/takedown UAV/Port of the Sun!!] thee deeply trance-effecting tekno piece which he offers us here tis titled: R is for Resonator [alt: S is for Solstice!!]

An Exquisite Corpse tis thee experimental sound projekt ov astonishing graphic artist, fashion designer, publisher, and promoter ov thee Cacophony and Psychopomp events: Ogo Eion!! Ogo has incredibly kindly provided thee cover art once more for this compilation!! thee piece which he offers us: Keys Through Mirrors was recorded during thee recent lunar eclipse!!

Lacedon tis thee superb death-trance projekt ov Olympia, WA based artist Benjamihn Pohle!! thee piece which he provides here tis entitled: decapsulation process of particulate biomass!!

thee concluding piece ov sonorism for this compilation comes again from French esoteric/martial/ambient projekt Barbarossa Umtrunk, and tis titled Winter's Reign (long version)!! it tis an alternative version ov a track from thee magnificent "Wehrwolf Dharma" cd released on Russian label Ufa Muzak which was only published on Castellum Sturmreif's Compilation.. it contains some ritual elements unreleased on thee official version ov thee album!!

Port of the Sun tis thee projekt ov Olympia, WA based Black Hills Cabal author and elektronikx artist Ocean!! this collaboration Sankta Lucia with takedown UAV was filmed by Si Matta at thee MMIX Yule Tide Festival at thee Hall Of The Woods!!

as mentioned previously in this article here tis thee video from Italian sound and visual artists D.B.P.I.T. / Der Bekannte Post Industrielle Trompeter [Flavio Rivabella] & XXENA entitled : slow river at the solstice!!

Austrian artist Elli Riehl offers us here a collaboration with Barcelona, Spain post-industrial artist Ô Paradis [absolutely in LOVE with just about all that Demian has created!!] Initium Dolorum deals with thee themeov solar solitude, and tis thee title piece for their collaborative album on Elli Riehl's Wirres Geäst label!!

Elysium Obscura tis thee astonishing projekt ov Si Matta and Amanda Darkwood!! seeing as information regarding Si's projekts tis mentioned earlier in this article regarding In Medias Res; will simply mention that thee video which he has contributed for this compilation was originally created for this years' summer solstice!!

Track listing:

Disk I:

01 - Barbarossa Umtrunk - Emerald Crown ( Feat. Marc-Louis Questin)
02 - United Gods - Burnt Out Heaven [LiveWinterSolstice2009]
03 - Vilfos - Impulse
04 - Nezzy Idy - Tantric Choir
05 - Archétypo 120 - Too Much
06 - 3Music - Music Of The Law (part I)
07 - D.B.P.I.T. & XXENA - slow river at the solstice
08 - Hamramr - Dead Dream
09 - In Medias Res - never wanted this [excerpt]
10 - Under The Same Shadow - Black Steam and Ether
11 - Psychotigen - Heroic Dose 2

Disk II:

12 - A Minority Of One - inertia [live oct 24 2010]
13 - Cult Of Zir - Turquoise
14 - Paintings For Animals - Thee Antler Horn ov Halsealth
15 - Critical Theatre - The Seeds of Bones (before ascension)
16 - Elli Riehl - Das weiße Fräuli
17 - Elli Riehl - Grindewald
18 - Riqis - ruachoth
19 - Igniis - Tema52 Urutora Sebun

Disk III:

20 - Novemthree - A Supplication for Nature
21 - Cinkrillian Weight - As thee earth grows cold...
22 - Premortem Rigormortis - Earth Beneath The Water
23 - Nature Morte & Wermut - Two Faces
24 - Burgeon - Dreamless Slumberland
25 - RMS - The Others
26 - Adger Bacid - R is for Resonator
27 - An Exquisite Corpse - Keys Through Mirrors
28 - Lacedon - decapsulation process of particulate biomass
29 - Barbarossa Umtrunk - Winter's Reign (long version)


30 - Port Of The Sun & takedown UAV - Sankta Lucia [Yule MMIX]
31 - D.B.P.I.T. & XXENA - slow river at the solstice
32 - Elli Riehl & Ô Paradis - Initium Dolorum
33 - Elysium Obscura - A Prayer for the Solstice Sun

be(a)st wishes!!


  1. Thank you for all that you do! This is amazing.

  2. Thank you once again for including us! It's flattering to be among such great company and exciting to see the new addition of video.

  3. Wish we were able to contribute for this one as well... Nice collection of artists and work. Seasons Greetings from casa de C.O.T.A.!

  4. thanx for letting us be part of it!
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