Sunday, December 5, 2010

AAVV - Carichi Sospesi (MC - 1993)

a rather pleasant gift ov thee compilation Carichi Sospesi [load suspended] with some great Italian industrial has been rather graciously shared with us here by F.C.N. ov thee Italian label Apathya!!

Italian medieval/folk band Ataraxia whose lineup has consisted ov: Francesca Nicoli, Francesco Banchini, Giovanni Pagliari, Riccardo Spaggiari, and Vittorio Vandelli provide thee piece Aigus Mortes [dead sharp in French?] an astounding neo-folk piece with excellent restrained percussions, slow plunking bass lines, operatic feminine vocals, and great looming synth/organ material!!

not finding much info for Putrefazione.. thee piece they provide tis some rather bombastic percussive sequencing with sparse nasty masculine vocals [some ov which sound to be reversed]!!

Dario Polvara provides thee piece Expecta Drum Redea which sounds like metronomic electronic ticking with expansive ambiance and slow synth bell progression as well as some also slow drum machine material

Runes Order tis thee excellent ritual industrial projekt ov Claudio Dondo!! thee piece he provides tis titled Guerriero In Fuga [Warrior In Escape], and consist ov beauteous synth atmospherics with flittering electronic sounds and rhythm synthesis..

In Vitro Test tis a projekt ov F.C.N. who kindly gifted this release to us!! thee piece consists ov slow synth plodding and twinkling progressions semi reminiscent to somehow ov maybe somewhat akin to John Carpenter [a compliment if thee truth must be said]!!

La Casa Rosa Confetto tis another projekt ov F.C.N., and thee piece provided here tis a bit more upbeat drum programming tempo-wise and has rather drear vocals about being too tired for anything.. sounds a bit humorous honestly..

no info for Baked Brains.. thee piece they provide feels a bit out ov place here from thee previous material thus far for thee compilation.. for one they use an actual drummer, and are more ov a psych-rock band..

again no info for Psicorami, and their piece tis another psych-rock-esque one with feminine vocals.. sounds a bit like material from thee Japanese Night Gallery series ov compilations put out by Alchemy Records!!

again my total incompetence as a music writer: no info for Majorana [other than that they have made a number ov compilation appearances].. some effing rad sci-fi synth material with radios tuning in and out betwixt various signals and programming transitions mid-way to slow kick drum and crash cymbal repetition before dissapearing and transitioning once more to some slow symphonic-type locked groove use with more awesome sci-fi synth material.. another transition to a slowly foreboding locked groove with metallic clanging presences, and one final short sektion ov another strange locked groove brings thee compilation to it's conclusion!!

Track listing:

A1 Ataraxia - Aigus Mortes
A2 Putrefazione - What A Nasty Person
A3 Dario Polvara - Expecta Drum Redea
A4 Runes Order - Guerriero In Fuga
A5 In Vitro Test - Contemplazione
B1 La Casa Rosa Confetto - Too Tired
B2 Baked Brains - Desert Song
B3 Psicorami - Deviante
B4 Majorana - Fulmen


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