Tuesday, June 14, 2016

лето сквернословие 2016!!

mat 018 - conniptor - contraindication

somewhere betwixt ghetto-bass concussiveness, inebriated Italo hallways ov mirrors, and effed up weird-core electronics - Conniptor continues to jak hard at thee cerebral and corporeal with auditory oddities which evade categorizations as would be expected from this liminal hardware provocateur / bisector ov Imago Ignota!!

mat 019 - imago ignota - expired deposition

this tremendously anticipated sophomore album from Imago Ignota exceeds any expectations which could have been leveled its way- crushing at nearly 90 minutes in duration- these two hardware aficionados prove that the chthonic chaos ov their collaborative energies far surpasses many ov their contemporaries tepid characterizations ov what exactly fucks up thee floors ov dark bars - as strange shadows solipsistically scintillate seclusionary specters..

mat 020 - ceremonial abyss - aliénation et magie noire

closing a trilogy ov cassettes associated with afflicted artist Antonin Artaud - this feral fucker bares fangs!! if these tracks fail to bring writhing ecstatic torments; then lividity may be a long erstwhile problematic ov a bygone bemusement..


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