Friday, December 29, 2017

2017 winter cuss-fetish batch

mat 021 - squrm / conniptor - live katabatik summer solstice 2016

live dokument from two incredible mutoid PNW tekno akts recorded during the 2016 katabatik summer solstice!! squrm is thee projekt ov elm outcault [sere/ve il/gyre v] whilst this may be thee only physical dokumentation for the projekt- it tis deservedly overdue in seeing release here - mad praise for bringing it to thee materschina-fetish imprint for this split release from label stalwart cryptoid: conniptor who tis also in fine mutagenic form here!! those who may have bore witness to these acts are likely cognizant these two are laying down hardware jams worthy ov deeper inspection!!

mat 022 - frank hospiz - mutant taimori

cuss-fetish tis beyond honoured to be able to help co-release this audio dokument in collaboration with thee Drames imprint from Frank Hospiz - a soundtrack related project from one ov our absolute favorite Franco-Belgian sound artists: Dasz who is also behind numerous projects including: Dolina/Illustration Sonore/ Ame De Boue- amongst others!! this release stands out in it's uniqueness even amidst thee misfit roster ov miscreants who've thus far hurled their invectives across the magnetic spectral spools.. BECOME PRO-MUTANT!!!

mat 024 - ceremonial abyss, atlea, & identity theft / bore tide

materials for thee a-side to this release were borne initially ov thee collaborative efforts ov 3x prime katabatik hardware electronics masters for thee 2016 Cascadian Yule-tide festival, and were subsequently developed further for this audio dokumentation. thee b side brings forth inceptive invectives from Bore Tide- forged from thee collaborative efforts betwixt Atlea [Nommo Ogo!!] and D.A. Terrance [Hanford Acid]!! both sides bestow frigid boreal hardware teknoid electronics par excellence!!

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