Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cent Ans De Solitude - Les Enfants De L'Oubli - Les Nouvelles Propagandes - France - 1987

Reach past twin shards of glass entombed in twenty-five-year-old blood to retreive this cold, reflective gem encoded on magnetic tape. In it you find that it is not so much that you believe in your own insufficiency and enjoy being reprimanded; it is more that you have acclimated to a procedure of salvation, and so must fall and fall again, for the redemption addict must continually make cause to receive absolution. For to fall is to fly...

Les Enfants De L’Oubli: a filth-smudged window onto the human experience. Utilize at your own risk of pity deluge. Instead of his golden discus Sagan should have sent this out on the Voyager.

Track listing:

A1 Au Creux Du Monde
A2 Le Miroir Des Visages
A3 Eclat De Verre...Eclat De Vie
A4 Regrets De France
B1 Mi-Mort

(Port of the Sun)

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