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VA - Loud! In Your Ears - c70 - 1996

diabolical decibelic destruktion presented on this international compilation released on thee Italian artist Desion Cristiano 's Loud! as a cassette ov just over 70 minutes ov detrimental dynamic delerium!!

"noise: Loud, confused or disturbing sound that interferes with the hearing. All sounds louder than 90 decibel can bring about lesions; the louder noise, less time neccesary to produce lesions. A sudden noise that is very intense (above 130 decibel) can cause immediate damage, permanent, to the hearing. In normal conditions the muscles in the middle ear responds to an intense noise by increasing the rigidity of the middle ear bones that transmits the vibrations to the inner ear, thus reducing the efficiency. So, when the noise is sudden, these protective reflexes cannot react in time. The complete force of the vibrations is transferred to the internal ear, causing grave damage to the delicate hairlike sense organs contained in a fluid of the cochlea. Prolonged exposure or a loud noise initially causes the loss of hearing some high toned sounds, the deafness extends to high frequencies and reduces the perception of language.
pLAY tHis TApe At MAximUm VoLuMe!!!

Dead Body Love tis thee projekt ov Italian artist Gabriele Giuliani [Alzheimer T.V., Discordance, Drift, Gridlock, Oleoresin Capsicum, Rant]!! GG has produced copious cacophonous sonorism over a duration reaching back all ov thee way to at least 1995!! thee sonic abuse presented here tis titled: Body Jigsaw..

K.K. Null tis thee projekt ov Japanese guitar noize legend Kazuyuki Kishino [Zeni Geva, Jazz From Limbo, ZYBO, Absolut Null Punkt] who has pursued prodigious audio onslaught dating back into thee early 1980's!! thee trancing sonorism presented here tis titled: Intron Feedback..

Deison; as well as having a rather prolific solo output has also been a member ov Cinise with Gianfranco Santoro [L.S.D., Mangled, Discipline Produzioni, FinalMuzik], and thee projekt Meathead with artist Mauro Teho Teardo!! as well as was mentioned earlier: tis behind thee label which released this cassette.. thee track presented here tis a claustrophobic dark ambient piece entitled: Exhaled!!

Government Alpha tis thee projekt ov Japanese harsh noize artist Yasutoshi Yoshida [Carbonic Acid, Alpha Ailuros, Xerxes]!! thee sonorous maelstrom presented tis aptly titled: Malfeasance!!

Atrax Morgue was thee projekt ov Italian artist Marco Corbelli [ Mörder Machine, Kranivm, Necrofilia, Necrophonie, Pervas Nefandum, Progetto Morte..] who ran thee prolific death-industrial label Slaughter Productions!! sadly Marco died on thee 6th ov May 2007.. thee track presented tis a dark scathing piece titled: Beyond Time And Space!!

American queer noise artist Richard Ramirez has been involved with thee projekts: Bilek, The Blackmoor Strangler, Comme, Controlled Filter, Crash At Every Speed, Electro Anal Kink, Essential Viral Bliss, MRAT, One On Top Of The Other, Serpent Orange, Shit Organ, Werewolf Jerusalem, 12Yr Old Proud Parent, Adipocere, Adult Crash Unit, An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter, Anal Drill, Anatomy Of A Blackout, Are The Volcanoes Still Active?, Autopsy Experiment, Baptist Skin Communiti, Battery Suspects, Bill Skins Fifth, Black Leather Jesus, Carbomb Sideshow, Clinical Mishaps, Das Etat Museum, Dead Air Show, Death Carries A Cane, Death Laid An Egg, Demeulemeester, Devil Times Five, ERK64, Femme Under Plastic, Forthcoming Shadow, Four Flies, Future, Genny, Infant Erection, Last Rape, Lingula, Manplug, Massacre In Dinosaur Valley, Meat Shop Rapist, Medical Slab, Naked Girl Killed In The Park, Ninth Massacre, Nosklplakia, Nurse Unit, Oasis Of Fear, Occupied Riot Station, Opus Vito, Powdered Beatles, Priest In Shit, Private Mouthpiece, Release Helen Rytka, Rinne, S-21, S.S. Electronics, Sado-Mania, Siamese Model, The, Sick Tour, Slave Labor, Snuff Prom, Spasm Pill, Stefano Partners, Tafur, Threshold Of Sleep, Vice Wears Black Hose, Viking Movement, White Nurse Black Death, Deadline Recordings.. what can one begin to say after a list like that?? caustic abrasive extremity entitled: Non-Breeder!!

Macronympha tis thee projekt ov artists Joseph Roemer and Rodger Stella who have been active since thee early 90s.. [thee cassette appears to be a pinch crinkly at thee beginning..] plundering phobic phonics titled: Protuberance..

Devil G. tis a projekt ov Italian occult elektronikx master Devis Granziera [Abra Had Abra, Lvnvs, Necrofilia, Necrophonie, S. Biasin Trio, Teatro Satanico, ..]!! thee track presented here tis effing great pounding rhythmic noize titled: As Souls With An Hole Crash When Fall!!

Grunt tis a projekt ov Finnish artist Mikko Aspa [Alchemy Of The 20th Century, Clandestine Blaze, Clinic Of Torture, Creamface, Nicole 12, Stabat Mater, AM, Deathspell Omega, Fleshpress, Morbid Savouring, Nihilist Commando, Pain Nail, Freak Animal Records,..]!! thee track presented tis a cataclysmic barrage entitled: Bad Location!! thee liner notes are worthy ov quoting here: "...again one of those days I wake up because of the churchbells and heavy traffic junk sound. Bury the disturbing sounds under layers of frantic fiercing noise."

Baal tis thee projekt ov John Dixon [Baal Berith, Phonetic Hex Records, AVA/Live Bait, AVA/ES1,..]!! thee track here tis titled: I Can't Stop Myself, and features assistance from Arathor.. it tis an intriguing collage ov choral chants, fiery sermon, and power elektronikx harsh-scapes!!

Mangled for this recording consisted ov Devil G. and Gianfranco Santoro!! Onomatopoeia tis thee projekt ov Steve Fricker [Cheeses International label] thee collaboration piece these two projekts present consists ov beauteous droning synthesiser workx with trancing power elekronikx which are subtly present!! there tis a small drop out in thee sound towards thee end ov thee piece which tis followed by a brief conclusive sektion..

Track listing:

A1 Dead Body Love - Body Jigsaw
A2 K.K. Null - Intron Feedback
A3 Deison - Exhaled
A4 Government Alpha - Malfeasance
A5 Atrax Morgue - Beyond Time And Space
A6 Richard Ramirez - Non-Breeder

B1 Macronympha - Protuberance
B2 Devil G. - As Souls With An Hole Crash When Fall
B3 Grunt - Bad Location
B4 Baal - I Can't Stop Myself
B5 Mangled + Onomatopoeia - Shadows


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