Wednesday, March 3, 2010

v.a.-SCULPTURES-(C60-Sépulkrales Katakombes-Belgium)

Another interesting compilation here from thee Belgian label Sépulkrales Katakombes which was run by Cedrik Fermont who now runs thee label Syrphe.. tis a bit ov a mix ov various styles which we shall go into here..

M. NOMIZED tis the projekt ov Michel Madrange thee musician, composer, painter, and puppeteer from Paris, France.. Michel has been active in his artistic pursuits since 1975.. with thee piece Tristesse Oblige [sadness obliges] Michel provides some nice piano work, and with Peinture [paint] he applies his talented hands to some great organ works!!

cannot find much for Ultra Moderne; aside from that they were a French duo.. thee two tracks that they provide here are both fairly interesting minimal elektro pieces!!

Črno Klank tis thee projekt ov Cedrik Fermont, and has had numerous collaborators since it's inception in 1989.. zek insekt and el virus de la muerte [the virus of death] are both fairly angsty elektro pieces.. with thee first being a bit more restrained, and thee second being quite a bit more visceral and noizy!!

[note: thee fidelity for most ov thee early part ov thee second side ov this tape tis fairly poor..]

De Fabriek [the factory]are from the Dutch City of Zwolle, and started in Decmember 1977 as a collective project.. Their goal was to do minimal experimental music.. Richard van Dellen has been thee core member ov this projekt, but has had many collaborators over thee years.. thee first untitled track provided here tis a sort ov fairly interesting elektro piece with dissonant guitar work, and masculine vocals.. thee second untitled piece begins with some Dutch conversation which i am unable to translate.. after about three minutes ov this comes in nice dancey minimal elektro with gruff masculine vocal utterances!! [after about five minutes thee fidelity ov thee recording improves tremendously!!] there tis a lil bit ov wanky guitar work overlayed on this piece, but none which tis entirely too objectionable.. not a bad piece all in all..

United Gods are from Budapest, Hungary.. the group consists of BOLVÁRI CSABA, JAKAB ÁRPÁD, JÁSZBERÉNYI JÓZSEF & KECSKÉS PÉTER with PÁLFI GÁBOR lending a hand.. they present here a nice piece ov dark atmospheric elektronikx titled: 11. Daath!! thee track was taken from their first release which was similarly titled Daath which was released in Germany at thee time.. this projekt tis still active and tis working on a new album!!

Trach listing:

a01-M.NOMIZED-tristesse oblige
a04-ULTRA MODERNE-small stone
a05-ČRNO KLANK-zek insekt
a06-ČRNO KLANK-el virus de la muerte
b01-DE FABRIEK-untitled
b02-DE FABRIEK-untitled excerpt
b03-UNITED GODS-11 daath

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

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  1. Hi thanks again for posting this.
    I don't know what happened to Ultra-Moderne but regarding United Gods, they are still active :