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IMMORTAL AGONY-Orgasmic Act-(c60 Slaughter produstions-1994-Italy)

Immortal Agony was thee projekt ov Emanuele Lago [aka: Black Mountains Chronicles, Crisantemo Nero] who was also behind thee projekts: Ermeneuma, The Humanoid Army, Mikror, Musa, Red Desolation, Sulphureous Church, and as well operated thee astounding Psychotic Release label!! To quote thee purveyor ov sickness & dear friend Mauricio once more: "Emanuelle is one of the greatest masters of horror lo-fi music!"

This cassette which was transferred for us by {{F@R@W@Y}} from his astounding collection ov cassettes which continue to grace this blog; was released on the Slaughter Productions label ov Marco Corbelli, and was also released in a seperate edition on Emanuele's own label..

to quote thee insert: "recorded at the psycho.tic studio during May 94 without samplers or any kind of programmable equipment."

Great Death Time - begins with some pleasant Italo-pop overdubbed with emmanations ov lo-fi death atmospheres and agonised vocal utterances, and transfers at about two and a half minutes into abrasive percussions and power elektronik vibes di morte which hold us within their thrall for thee rest ov thee ensuing thirteen minute duration ov this opening piece.. really like the ending sektion ov thee piece for it's great atmospheric filter/phaser use which carrys over into:

Orgasmic Acts II-VIII - which for not having programmable equipment sounds to be graced with great restrained machinic rhythym interpsersed with lo-fidelity minimal feedback squall.. what must be thee third orgasmic act abandons the initial rhythmic elements for pure dark-ambient trance strewn with restrained eruptions ov effected clanging.. on to thee next orgasmic act with low-end throbbing punctuated with Emanuelle's great scathing technique ov well handled death atmosphere!!

Thee next piece tis an homage to thee late Victorian and Edwardian period British poet Renée Vivien (11 June 1877 - 18 November 1909) whose fascinating lived experiences were interwoven with thee ecstasies ov her numerous bi-sexual relationships, and devastating losses which effected her debauches ov drugs, alcohol, and sado-masochistic fantasies which would plunge her into suicidal depression with thee refusal ov adequate nutrition which brought about her death at thee age ov 32.. captivating subjekt matter for thee death-industrial presented here!!

Orgasmic Act X - begins and tis interwoven with a choral presence which is soon ladened with oppressive feedback and sparse delayed percussion.. into this mix tis brought some sort ov Asian-pop music alternatingly with thee choir; as if the chanels ov thee radio were changed indecisively as to which station to take in sonicly.. eventually much heavier emphasis tis given over to thee revelry ov thee choir.. never absent tis thee unceasing barrage ov trancing power elektronikx!!

Camouflage Heart - tis a reference to thee amasing Gordon Sharp projekt: Cindytalk's premier album ov thee same name.. sonicly this song tis very distant from the aesthetiks thus conveyed so far in this release.. it consists ov a very minimal slow throb and also minimalised synth twitter.. the track tis an interesting tribute to drear-beatific brilliance ov thee master ov these aesthetikx to whom it pays homage..

Gothic Vision - begins with great organ and quickly becomes a presence ov thee slow repetitive voice; as ov thee cold winds ov winter bleakness with distant background elektronik static.. there tis a uniquely fragile collaging ov strange sounds which weave through this disintegrating sonic tapestry..

Track listing:

First Act:
A1 Great Death Time
A2 Orgasmic Acts II/VII
A3 Dedicated To Renee Bivien
Second Act:
B1 Orgasmic Act X
B2 Camouflage Heart
B3 Gothic Vision

({{F@R@W@Y}} & crepusculum)

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