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E.A. ghost collective -4 more cassettes

This is the last post about E.A. on this blog. Now all the E.A. productions are here. I spoke already on this blog about this kind of “ghost collective” active in the 90s in southern Italy. Ghost because its members were not even aware of the collective itself; in fact they never even had a meeting about their activities or ideas. Ghost because the name was always changing keeping only the initials. Ghost because the aims and the ideas were changing at all times. Ghost because everybody could have been part of it. Ghost because E.A. liked spirits, evils, weird creatures,non-sense souls…

Eiaculazione Amusicale- (tape work –diy-1990) [unreleased-untitled]

This is the very first cassette by E.A. Some of these recordings were done by a few friends in a couple of discharges back in 1989!! Some others were just experiments with a 4-track recorder with no ideas behind them. A non-sense creativity flow.

Nobody knows why this tape was never eventually released. Maybe it was because it was never meant to be a proper release, but just a fun experiment. Some of those songs were then used for other tape-works, or as re-works for other songs. Most were sent as contributions for compilation tapes later in the 90s. I included in this folder the last zine assembled by E.A. I translated the presentation of this fanzine into English. I assembled in this folder 2 unreleased or almost unreleased E.A. productions that came out at different times.. For this musical project E.A. means Non-musical Ejaculation. For the graphix project E.A. stands for Estasi Acida=Acid Ecstasy.

Track listing:

01. Nil nisi bonum
02. Finestre sulla pena - I
03. Inutile enigma
04. Abrasione
05. Tutti al macello - I
06. Automozione
07. A Piano Shred
08. Agonia
09. Vessazione vocale
10. Contorsioni
11. NRP - Nessuna Regola Prestabilita
12. Oasi del rantolare
13. Liquame
14. Esalazione mistica - I
15. Stralci di... (a)
16. Stralci di... (b)
17. Stralci di... (c)

Estasi Acida- pornohorrors (BV tapes-UK-c60-1994)

This tape was released in 1994 by BV tapes in England. It came out with a small booklet (A5 size) with copy art works inspired by the subject of the title. Most of them were copy-art works that were also used for a few mail art projects, or as contributions to a few graphix zines. Also the tape was wrapped in “blood red” medical gauze, closed with a pin. Pictures included here.

The inspirational themes for this tape were ”pornography” thought as a lustful pleasure and “horrors” thought as fear/pain/suffering.

The music is a weird attempt to put together sound-collage, field recordings, percussions, and more random noises. A strange trip into the realm of torture and pain and pleasure/orgasms. For this project E.A. means Acid Ecstasy.

Track listing:

Porno Side
A Untitled
Horror Side
B Untitled

Enjoy Anarchy-L.W.O.-split tape (c90 Destroy All Music label-1998)[unreleased]

This tape was supposed to be released on the Destroy All Music label in 1998 as a split with London Whore Orchestra. It is an experiment consisting of both jam sessions and cut-ups. At the time we just made a very basic cover sleeve because the real cover had to be done by the people from Destroy All Music. What we know is that Raff sent the master tape to this label, but he never got a reply. Most likely the master tape got lost in the mail, and due to the various trips of RAFF this tape was just forgotten. Here you`ll find the picture of the basic cover that LWO made for this tape. Also this is the only time during the 90s that the two initials were meant as an English name. For this project E.A. stands for Enjoy Anarchy.

No Track listing.

Etica Ascetica-10 years anniversay tape-the worst of(c90-1000+1 Tilt label-Greece-1999)

This tape is just a “best of”. In order to celebrate 10 years of activities RAFF asked his friend Jason of 1000+1 Tilt label in Athens to release a tape with some of the best songs and a little booklet. About this label: it is still active and you can check out online its webpage: The tracks are taken from the previous E.A. tapes released both on Contaminated Prods and on other tape labels as well. I have no idea how many copies Jason made of this tape. It is not available anymore. For this project E.A. means Ascetic Ethics.

Track listing:

a01- Tribal Conviction's End
a02-Silvia barsi recites a pablo Neruda `s song
a03-fragment taken from-Pestilentia Urit Urbem
a04-tesi circonstanziate
a05- Lenses Stained With Blood
a06-fragment taken from E.A.-Herb Mullin split tape
a07- A Waterfall of Emotions
a08-cielo ambrato-latte
a09-fragment taken from Pornohorrors
a10-finestre sulla pena
a11- Traüm
a12-cerchio di coscienza
b01- Your Voice by Mail (part I)
b02- Drops of Ashes
b03-fragment taken from Diskarika Screaming
b04- A Flight of Steps in Your Body
b05- Just Another Prey
b06- Haemorrage Yourself
b07-oasi finale del rantolare
b08-poncif(luogo comune)
b09-fragment taken from Culver-E.A. split tape
b10- Angry Voices, Happy Voices


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