Monday, February 1, 2010

Solanaceae Tau - 4 releases!!!

do not know what to say other than that we are very fortunate to have been gifted these four releases by AXAXAXAS [sp?] ov Solanaceae Tau!! incredibly honored to be able share them, but must apologise for missing artwork, and due to my semi-incompetence: I do not know the name ov the woman who does vocals for thee newer ov these four releases.. seeing as this projekt has been written about previously in this blog; will simply share these great albums from this astonishing projekt which have been so kindly gifted.. please enjoy!!

solanaceae tau - voice of theatre 1987

Track listing:

A1 Nautilus Collection
A2 Slave Punk
A3 Tekno Pop
A4 Veitstanz Amplitude
A5 Disguise
A6 Rausch Der Leidenschaft
A7 Commercial Cherubim
A8 What's The Dada-Toys
A9 The Blow Up Moment
A10 Sense Of Chaos
B1 Amon Ra Ar Noma [Guitar - Jason]
B2 Psychedelic Toys
B3 Cosinus System
B4 Voice Of Theatre
B5 Mr. Important
B6 Air Land Battle
B7 Vatikano
B8 Europes Funeral Party
B9 Wir Wollen
B10 Pythagoras Evokation

solanaceae tau - teutonic dances and pagan rituals 1988

Track listing:

A1 Anticipation Of Art
A2 Klonentanz
A3 P.C.M.
A4 Terminal Two
A5 Teuton
A6 Töxid Placebö
A7 Kraut Mental Ataxie
A8 Jãããrne
A9 Machination Engine
B1 Paralysed Heart Of Dawn
B2 Pagan Exequies
B3 Kopernikus 23
B4 The Megamachine Part 1-4
B5 The S(e)oul Between Berlin And Rio

solanaceae tau - club des haschischins 1995

Track listing:

A1 Phalanx Der Pfälzer I
A2 Songs For Oma Und Vaterland
A3 Alienation Brainstorm
A4 Arena Of Anarchists
A5 The Equinox
A6 Exterminated Landscape
A7 What's The Lifetime Of You Lifestyle
A8 W.A.S.P. Visitors
B1 Phalanx Der Pfälzer II
B2 Club Des Haschischins
B3 Walpurgis
B4 Nocturne Ovations
B5 Native Intertalk
B6 Gentle Slope Alienation
B7 Keep Step Until Nausea
B8 Stigma Of Honour

solanaceae tau - voices from the ground behind 2002

Track listing:

01 encyclopedia of grey
02 the power of unnecessary kings
03 the bleak rocks of future
04 monks of discordia
05 66° north
06 legions of light
07 riots lullaby
08 the exotic surrogate
09 tupilak nunaat
10 genua e morte
11 the unacceptable face of zionism
12 1871 overdrive
13 l´internationale
14 orphaned altar of utopia



  1. OW MY dOG!
    btw, they recorded FILHOS DA REVOLUÇÃO by the brazilian band LEGIÃO URBANA (though theres no credits to & only the lyrics were kept somehow).

    i have that vinyl (Legião...) for sale, write me if u want at

    never saw this material altogether in one blog, i luv yrs.

  2. Hi, I have massive problems downloading

    solanaceae tau - teutonic dances and pagan rituals 1988

    solanaceae tau - club des haschischins 1995

    When I click the link the site gets reloaded over and over again, could you please look if everything is fine, thank you

  3. Gracias por esta mega rareza!, inmensamente agradecido por tu magnifico trabajo Crepusculum.

    Un gran saludo!