Tuesday, February 2, 2010

v.a.-NOTRE DAME- vol.9 ½ (EE Tapes,Belgium,c60 -1997

This compilation was released on thee Belgian label: EE Tapes as a part ov thee Notre Dame series ov international compilations on the theme: "THE HUMAN BEING". It was released in a limited edition ov 100 copies..

kind ov an eclectic mix ov artists presented here.. personal favorites were: Nakasone, Collapse, & Tarkatak.. some fairly ineteresting material presented by all though..

Another great cassette donated here from {{F@R@W@Y}}!!

Track listing:

A1 Konstruktivists - Hear Know, See No
A2 Brainquake - Humane Contradiction, Humane?
A3 Big City Orchestra - Klangfarbe
A4 Nakasone - Monotone Delight
A5 De Fabriek - Radji Poniam
A6 Liquid Sound - True Stories (Live Berlin '93
B1 Collapse - In The Blinking Of An Eye
B2 Brandelli D'Odio - Aria Fredda (Cold Air)
B3 Psych Krist Kastrator - Thee Passing Ov Anubis
B4 Tarkatak - Untitled
B5 De Fabriek - On With It!
B6 Amy Love - Speak To Me (Extract)

({{F@R@W@Y}} & crepusculum)


  1. Hello,

    Thanks for all of the great releases posted on this blog! I am unable to get this zip file to open and I have tried more than one computer with 7zip and winRar with no luck.


  2. Thank you for thee heads up about this problem.. It has now been ammended.. hope that you may now be able to enjoy!!

    be(a)st wishes!!