Thursday, February 18, 2010

v.a.-EMBRYO-(Sépulkrales Katakombes-Belgium-C60)

A very interesting compilation here from thee Belgian label Sépulkrales Katakombes run by C-drík [Cedrik Fermont]!! thee music runs through a variety ov genres/ sonic approaches which shall be attempted at dealing with here.. many ov thee artists were completely unknown to me here, but C-drik very kindly filled me in on some ov thee missing info.. so here tis thee revised version ov this article thankx to him!! hopefully with thee proper corrections..

Didier Paris [Belgium] provides a nice piece ov untltled instrumental minimal-wave for thee opening track!!

Das Kombinat tis thee excellent minimal-elektro projekt ov Andrea Pritschow & Malte Steiner hailing from Hamburg, Germany!! they provide a banger with thee track Kopf KZ which features processed feminine vocalisations amidst thee throbbing elektro and what sounds like thee scratching ov a record ov pig squeals?? effing great projekt which i cannot say enough about!!

Crno Klank was a duo at thee time ov thee recording ov this track, and tis now a collective and occasionally solo project run by Cedrik Fermont.. angsty elektronik body music!!

Imminent Starvation [Olivier Moreau - Belgium] thee track provided here tis a semi-restrained piece ov danceable [almost marching-like] industrial..

A Place Apart [?/?} - wierd.. would almost say sounds kinda NDW [Neue Deutsche Welle] really do not know.. tis a quirkier one for sure..

Kriegbereit [Dominique Lallement (Cobalt60, K-BEREIT) & Jean François Comble - France] olde-school elektro with thickly Francophone accented English vocals..

Deleted [Christophe Petchanatz - France] Christophe was also in thee projekts: DeNTs, Françoise & Christophe Petchanatz, Klimperei, Los Paranos, Losp, and Totentanz.. none ov which tis anything known about here.. definitely makes for a change in thee cassette with some sort ov wierd dirgey piece reminiscent somehow ov Buzzoven & Butthole Surfers with tambourine [cringe..]

D.S.I.P. [Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide][Siegmar Fricke & Dieter Mauson - Germany] have been covered fairly extensively on this blog, and they provide us with more great somnolent altered dreamscape elektronikx to finish thee first side ov thee cassette!!

Sphinx [Jay Scott - South Africa] we have another cassette from this projekt which shall likely appear here which sounds somewhat like Popol Vuh, but thee track here sounds more reminiscent ov Jean Michel Jarre!!

Xona Xekhäl [Cedrik Fermont - Belgium] repetitious grating noises transition to reversed vocals amidst a lil elektro and straight-up wierdness.. do not know what else to say..

Globuleux [Agnès Gilson & Cedrik Fermont - Belgium] provide some kind ov somber casio-tone music here..

Coitus [Sweden] nice & slow minimal-wave elektronikx piece here!!

Cult Goes Culture/R.U.P. [Thomas Deppermann - Germany] wierd quirky elektro with vocals about Vietnam!! jeje.. do not know what to say about this one.. tis a bit poppy sounding for my tastes, yet somehow tis pleasing nonetheless..

M.E.3 [Cedrik Fermont - Belgium] great sequencing and pulsating atmospheric analog elektronikx!!

Axiome [Olivier Moreau & C-drík Fermont - Belgium] strange pulsasting elektronikx with wierd flangy alien-sounding vocals.. tis a bit angsty for sure, yet as said: strange!!

Collapse [Olivier Moreau and J. Sellekaers - Belgium] more great atmospheric pulsating elektroniks here!!

Ultra-Moderne [France] nice electronik body music with samples about robotic-replicant females..

Track listing:

A1 Didier Paris - Untitled
A2 Das Kombinat - Kopf KZ
A3 Crno Klank - Factorylife
A4 Imminent Starvation - Archive II
A5 A Place Apart - Restricted Area
A6 Kriegbereit - Fifty Years Ago
A7 Deleted - Sangles
A8 D.S.I.P. - Pelargonium (Remix)
B1 Sphinx - Flight Vortex 5
B2 Xona Xekhäl - Xona Xekhäl
B3 Globuleux - La Foret Sacrée
B4 Coitus - Break Out
B5 Cult Goes Culture/R.U.P. - Tour Of Duty
B6 M.E.3 - Die Darkside
B7 Axiome - Axiome 111 (Thalle)
B8 Collapse - Deepen
B9 Ultra-Moderne - My Electric Mistress (Part 1)

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)


  1. Hi,
    Wow, I'm surprise to see this tape here, but happy that some still remember it !
    I'm slowly ripping all the tapes I produced on Sépulkrales katakombes and will possibly put them on line one day or another (as flac files 48kHz/24bit).

    Regarding Didier Paris, I met him a few months ago in Belgium, he doesn't play any music anymore and never released any of the tracks he was producing.

    Crno klank was a duo by that time, now a collective and occasionally solo project I still run (but the music is really different now).

    A place apart came back to the music scene last year if I remember well, they have a MySpace page.

    Sphinx : please would you correct it, it is really the South African project, yes some of their tapes/tracks were in this style... Jay Scott is now into trance music.

    Xon. xêkhäl was another of my improv/industrial projects in the early 90's.

    Coitus was a Swedish band, so is not the one you mention here.

    Cult goes culture were from Germany if I remember well (see the label Culture tapes on Discogs). R.U.P. I guess too.

    Ultra-moderne was a French duo, kind of techno at a time.

    Collapse with a project of O. Moreau and J. Sellekaers.

    I will anyway double check all these informations once back home in May and scan the full cover and booklet.

    I see somebody added this tape on Discogs, maybe you ? I'll send a vote with some corrections to do.


  2. By the way A place apart was a French band, I forgot to mention.