Thursday, July 24, 2014

sun-scorched сквернословие!!

mat 004 - imago ignota

c62 ov obscure northwestern hardware driven dance floor oriented electronics! UWE 60D + Conniptor = Imago Ignota!!

ltd 80 hand-stamped copies

mat 005 - abandoned footwear & issyk-kul

cuss-fetish could not be more pleased about releasing this c62 - thee first physical release ov bay area based projekt: abandoned footwear = exillon + identity theft!! with sandals unadorned and feet treading upon subterranean soils/ одной ногой в рейв!! thee b side hears debut materials from issyk-kul = unruhen + uav εφιάλτης exploring ancient sub-aqueous ruins!

ltd 99 hand-stamped copies

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Identity Theft - The Future Hates The Past

Identity Theft has stolen the cake in the face. Drs. Buchanan and iterations don horse masks and conduct exploratory surgery on arrays of synthesizers and rhythm replicators. Monastic bliss ascetics fetishizing the slots in subwoofers. Gloom rave and autosedition. Maximal turtle hyperdrive. An astral projection restraint boot to keep your vehicle on the dance floor. I suspect what you are thinking. Enough everything! —We couldn’t agree more. 
The Future Hates the Past is six infinitesimal macrocosms of modern amanita chants and cyborg consciousness simulations. Climb into your local bouncy castle during a windstorm, set your GPS coordinates for Paranoia Celebration, and slice the guy ropes. These tracks are not for nobody everyone, but if you are somebody anyone, channel thy frenetic boredom hither.

[[[Review by Port of the Sun]]]

Saturday, May 10, 2014

katabatik kollektion 6!!!!!!

savor in thee supplications offered unto our most souciant ov sensorial sublimities as they are betokened towards thee sextuple satiated situatedness ov our sonorous lasciviousness! tarpaulining thee olde ones' tentacles as they are thriving in teknoid thralls ov tanz-tinnitus-tremens may tend towards cthonic traumas that these waywardly baywardly brethren have bequeathed ov bemusedly begotten cryptozoological bestialities burgeoning to thee point ov bursting blindingly benetherworldly!! deep, depthwardly: deep-deep; beneath begins and ends ouroborically again and again eternally thee katabasis!! dubious it tis after delving these depths ov deleterious deliriums that thee abhorrent abovewardly ascension may appeal nor appease appetites attained amidst abyss!!

01 - Mikronaut - Fantasy Boyfriend Team
02 - C.L.A.W.S. - Lindy Beat Round One
03 - Zanna Nera - Heretic's Oblation
04 - Cinkrillian Weight - Neurotoxin
05 - Silent Girlfriend - Invisible Physical
06 - Abandoned Footwear - 1070 Van Dyke
07 - Obsidian Blade - Paradam Genes
08 - Not Breathing - Yuha
09 - RPTN - Live from the Crypt
10 - Thee Source - White Light I Missed You
11 - Exillon - 131acid
12 - Identity Theft - Captive Audience
13 - The Vivid - Poly Mind
14 - aratKilo - Ion Effekt
15 - Blue Window - Dry Wind
16 - Seacrypt - Higher
17 - Nebuzaradan - Destruction of the Temple
18 - Zania Morgan - Black Jeweled Gloves
19 - Antlers Mulm - Palmtrees Wait
20 - Veil - The Left Hand Holding Against
21 - Ionophore - Helix-Loop-Helix
22 - Fluorescent Grey - Niles Horesman Ajar
23 - Sinew - Impermanence


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

cuss-fetish : трёхэтажным матом.

inceptive invectives!!

mat 001 - paints ov anima & uav εφιάλτης

c92 ov esoteric drones from paints ov anima aka Pær Svn [paintings for animals / thee source ov fawnation / hom] & necro-realist glitch from obscurantist cuss-fetishiste.

ltd 80 hand-stamped copies

mat 002 - cult of zir & sid redlin

double dobbs approved c92 ov esteemed portland, or based glitch par excellence & kalamazoo, mi located trans-dimensional experimentations. 
comes with additional insert by cult of zir!!

ltd 80 hand-stamped copies

mat 003 - devils g & fiends - even devils have a past

c92 ov rare esoteric electronikx recordings from veneto italia based devis granziera with various collaborative projekts spanning 1990-93!! fold out poster insert.

projekts include:

R. Biasin Acid Vampire, 
Jesus fucks Magdeleine, 
Laboratrio [previously unreleased!!], 
Teatro Satanico Charles Manson

unfathomably honored to be able to assist with thee release ov these recordings!!

ltd 80 hand-stamped copies

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Disumana Res - Deconstructed Fields 86-96

elated to be able to share this cassette from Italian / relocated to London experimental industrial projekt Disumana Res ov artist Guglielmo Lanzilli; whom we have gushed over amorously here previously [both for thee magnificent workx ov his label Biotope Art Organization as well as for thee ever so incredibly kindly gifted contributions he has offered towards us from his personal archives in thee past]!! this tis one ov thee missing pieces ov thee puzzle- released upon thee German label Trümmer Kassetten which was run by Lutz Pruditsch [aka Tarkatak!!]- thee cassette offers more ov Guglielmo's unique sound collage approaches; combining a vast diaspora ov sonic techniques; ranging from luscious ambient elektronikx to environmental sound treatments with traditional ritual music appropriations and dark sonorous experimentations- all juxtaposed via his distinctive labrynthine ideations ov thee mundus imaginalis!!

Track listing:

a01-huzdra(original version)
a02-paroxismus(skeletal remix 1996 version)
a03-the gorgon(hyper remix)
b02-shamanistic interludes-part 1-demoniacal mantra
b03-shamanistic interludes-part 2-forbidden pleasure
b04-shamanistic interludes-part 3-pollutant
b05-shamanistic interludes-part 4-confusion

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Katabatik Kollektion 5

Holy living cavernosum okay children it’s time for your Ketamine lesson. What happens when the Syrens contract a virulent mutagenic laryngitis? They pick up drum machines and sample their hacking from behind the rocks, they release insect tessellations to click over the surface of your face, they unleash incredible tectonic suctions as escapes from inhospitable atmospheres: children prepare for Katabatik’s holographic mandibles to gum you to goo and spew you out again imbrued with the unsightly blood of black holes on your hands. Ingest.
From laser-driven submarinescapes to ass-rumpling bunchnoise, from the disorganized digital ramble of synthetic organisms splashed with infectious nano-laced acid to the washed-out neurotoxins of geometric planopods and aractechnoidal gas bladders buoying cro-magnons pounding 808s with neon paddles and soundtracks to innocents dumped in pre-dawn hitchhiker limbo, Kollektion V sees an incredible breadth of molluskular offerings poured from the vats in which Terpsichore deposits her sonic mayhem. We see the resurgence of Septentrion with a fist held high over the wastes; UAV hotwiring his NASA-dumpstered swampgear via genetic interface; Lacedon’s spliced analogs rerouted with Semen Emulators; we have here the familiar faces of subterranean west coast evildoers manning their electroidals in flame-retardant underwear, plus the knob-twiddlings of the inhabitants of more distant climes (figures whose variant masks have included Sleeparchive, Thee Source, Cohosh, Dimentia, Exillon, Kanopic Descent, Psychotigen, Seacrypt, Sere, Group Rhoda, Brotman and Short, Notstandskomittee, etc.), as well as new and ungodly cross-pollinations (special mention to the mysterious collaboration between laces and sneaker which is Abandoned Footwear for their contribution to converting our still-boring 2-D world into anime robo-color). 
Yes twenty-six tracks of inedible rhythm sequences regurgitated from the depths of the Spazdik hives. A swooping journey on downward-spiraling winds via Jacob’s Chute from the Sea of Imbrium past undead corpses pole dancing streetlamps and clambering on into the San Andreas Fault down into the bizarro sewers of your brain where you are dumped amongst tactile homographs to make your way home. From the depths raise a toast of burning Ozone to Djynnxx and Barrett for another sumptuous undermining of electronic music mores! Free download directly into corpus callosum:

Track listing: 

1. Scott Arford - Do Bad
2. Ekman - No Escape From Planet Earth
3. Cinkrillian Weight - Black Lodge
4. Akustikkoppler - Anflug Von Bestuerzung
5. Identity Theft - IMU
6. The Vivid - Hidden Room
7. D-Syn - It Glows Without Saying
8. Yan Verse - Glass (HOM Remix)
9. Abandoned Footwear - 751 3rd Street
10. UWE 60D - Dancing in the Clouds
11. ASYD Barrett - We Wish You Weren't Here
12. Stacian - Spiral Stair
13. Less Ness - Rest In War
14. Lacedon - Secret Tribunal
15. POLAR - Twice Tempo
16. Veil - Lost Into
17. Father Murphy - It is Funny. It is Restful. Both Came Quickly
18. Thoabath - With Aweful Clarity
19. UAV εφιάλτης - Tableau Sans Vivant
20. Government Bookshops - Untitled
21. Kenophilia - Nullify
22. Bloody Snowman - Nasib Sial
23. I.N.R.I. - GhiZhGheTh Chant
24. Hypermapper - Change In Time
25. Septentrion - Evening of Light
26. Nommo Ogo - Dark Corridors 

[[review by Port of the Sun]]

Friday, December 21, 2012

Vita Ignes : Corpus Lignum - Final Winter Solstice Compilation 2012

were it not for thee friendships shared throughout thee projekt ov these writings and communications ov Vita Ignes : Corpus Lignum- things would have come to a halt long ago.. thee unbelievable amount ov support for a projekt focused on sharing obscure esoteric elektronikx has been staggering to this inept author..  as these words are being scribed thee sun illumines before it's disappearance into it's longest and darkest night; before it shall re-emerge to bring forth light and warmth once more to these dark & cold times..

 unbeknownst to most- this projekt began as an exercise at having writings to share with friends stolen away from life who had offered kindnesses and inspirations unspeakable.. with thee return ov some ov these same friends [whilst still awaiting thee release ov another] - other projekts feel to be more imminently ov importance.. following this Final Solstice Compilation this projekt shall share ten concluding articles for this year- bringing things to a total ov 200 articles posted.. Future efforts will see Vita Ignes pursuing energies towards physical releases in both audio as well textual formats in thee days ahead!!  you assuredly have not heard thee last from us!!

with this concluding introduction aside- it is with great honor that we are able to share this Final Solstice compilation with those ov you whose paths have followed you towards these illuminations from whence thee veil tis thin!! tremendous thankx goes to Kelly Porter whose incredible artwork is shared as thee cover to this final compilation!! when this projekt was abandoned by another; he graciously offered his masterful hands at creating this painting as a gift ov friendship to adorn as thee frontispiece for these sonorous offerings!!

01 - Port of the Sun & Cohosh - Sungazers

thee Cascadian bard & musician Ocean tis beknown to many for his incredible writings published in the book ov poems Black Hills Cabal as well as for numerous articles for various publications- including his reviews for this blog!! an engrossing epic novel consisting ov copious pages tis in thee processes ov editing which shall be birthed unto thee world in months ahead!! thee collaborations ov his projekt Port of the Sun with Cohosh saw thee release ov an album earlier this year under thee title ov Sungazers!! thee piece offered here may be considered as an out-take ov sorts from these sessions!!

02 - The Joy of Nature - Silent Night

The Joy Of Nature tis thee projekt ov Luís Couto [Teatro Grotesco!!] who hails from the island ov Azores, Portugal!! thee piece which he offers here tis a Mithraic rendition ov thee traditional holy-daze carol: Silent Night!!

03 - Escrementi Alieni - Sick-ness(out of body remix)

E.A. ghost collective tis thee projekt of London-based artist Raffaelle Gallucci who has worked amongst copious other collaborators throughout a period over 20 years ov acitivities- producing an incredible amount ov releases- many ov which have been featured throughout thee duration ov this blogs existence..

"recorded in north London on the end of October 2012-
personell :
 NKA=bass guitar,recording,equipment ,mixing,suggestions and loops.
 RAFF=noises,vocals,ideas,creation,manipulations,loops,guitar,effects and graphix

E.A. for this project stands for Escrementi Alieni
Escrementi Alieni means Alien Droppings"

04 - Archétypo 120 - Heart and Soul

Archétypo 120 is thee Portuguese based projekt ov António Macedo, Paulo Martins, and Pedro Fonte. Paulo has helped us in thee past with some excellent articles on projekts from way back in thee earlier days ov Portugal's industrial music scene!! the piece which they offer here is a live cover version of Joy Division's "Heart And Soul".

05 - VEIL - The Lepers Wife

thee incredible Oakland, CA based ritual ambient projekt VEIL consists ov members of SERE and Premortum Rigormortis who have been collaborating extensively with thee astonishing visual artist C3 who has received a great amount ov renown for his highly thought-provoking installations, drawings, paintings, and mixed media assemblages. we are honored to have their contribution & hope to be cognizant ov their continued activities!!

06 - War on Earth's Surface - The Footprints and Their Maker

"War on Earth's Surface is an ongoing series, which has thus far consisted of In Void of Reverence, Timothy Ende, The Sphere and the Other. “€The Footprints and Their Maker”€ is based on a story that was written independently by Scott Schroder (Spring Speaks Truth, Do Not Seek the Light), which he then adapted to the world in which the series takes place. War on Earth's Surface will continue as a sequence of radio dramas like the one that this track is excerpted from. “€The Footprints and Their Maker”€ describes the experience of a man who lives in a society where entering the forest is forbidden who decides, nonetheless, to do precisely that. Text and narration by Scott Schroder, soundscape, the source sounds of which are exclusively from nature, created by one of the same forces behind the rest of the War on Earth's Surface materials."   

more ov these radio-plays shall likely be announced in days ahead via Vita Ignes : Corpus Lignum as they are shared with us!!

07 - mtxy - mtxy 1
for her incredible self-built modular synthesizer composition mtxy aka: Oryx offered these words to accompany her contribution for this compilation:

"The function of sensory/information technology is to extend the senses and to create new ones.  These machines become an extension of the body.  To make a machine with the body in order to add to the body is a kind of meta-cyborgism, self-construction, self extension.  The body is acting for and through itself.  The synthesizer allows one to bring natural forces into the relatively limited realm of the audible spectrum.  The synthesizer’s power is to take the movement of electrons / the distribution of energy potentials in a physical system and bring it into a realm which we can perceive with our given senses.  As a builder I take that action of assembling and organizing materials around me and through me so that the perceptive power of my body might be deepened. 

I alter my body with hormones in order to enter a state of transformation; I set the dialectic motion into action, the process set into action by a desire that will not be fulfilled, that is to have a certain different body such that I was born into that body, to reinscribe my history; but this cannot be, so I enter into the dialectic interim, the mataxy; I am but also I am not; I am she but also I am not she. 

“We align ourselves with the chaos and blackness from which nature itself spills forth.”

To build a chaotic machine is to align myself with that blackness, that anarchic womb, I am it yet also I am not it, I am separate from it.  

The fractal blurs boundaries.  We find that the line separating You and I is infinitely complex. 

My monstrous self seeks to assemble monstrousness.  A self-creating self-reflecting monster.  I am created out of a desire and I create out of a desire.  This desire others me.  It is a never-ending othering.  But the body that is unnatural cannot be unnatural.  A form can only ever rise from the same infinite matrix of possibilities.  A form can only ever develop from the same set of universal laws." 

08 - Lunus - Hauntology

Devis DeViLs G. [Teatro Satanico / Abra Had Abra / S. Biasin Trio/ Necrophonie!!] has been an unrelenting presence in thee Italian occult post-industrial scene for many years now, and continues to offer forth exceedingly superb esoterik elektronikx from this aged projekt ov his which has resumed it's activities once more!!

it is a word suggested by French philosopher Jacques Derrida combining together the words "haunted" and "ontology"
so this word can be understood as refering to "the philosophical research about the beings of ghosts"

inside the track you can find also a track I field-recorded inside the Svevian castle of Trani, that, according to tradition, it is said to be haunted."

09 - Nommo Ogo - Flies

esoterik glitch legends hailing from Oakland, CA- yet  birthed formerly in Alaskan cold: Nommo Ogo continue to entrance thee tentacled mutant teknoid archetype ov an ancient Dogon mythos disembodied through ritual elektroniks ov an exceedingly magnificent caliber!! their most recent release Endless Dream has finely been offered in a stunningly packaged vinyl edition from Record Label Records!!  thee track offered here is a stereo mix derived from quadraphonic source materials dating back to 2009!!

10 - United Gods - Two entrances and a void /Live at R33, 2012

an astonishing trance-inducing piece ov elektronikx tis offered to us by thee Budapest, Hungary based industrial projekt United Gods  which was founded in thee early 90's by artist Peter Kecskés whose accompanying image is titled Totalis Soli Defectio No. 39.!!

11 - DBPIT & XXENA - Baci Rubati-live @ bigbang

thee incredible Italian sound and visual artists D.B.P.I.T. / Der Bekannte Post Industrielle Trompeter [Flavio Rivabella] & XXENA offer us a great collaborative piece ov their alien elektronikx with assistance from special guest f.o.b. on the guitar - live recording 1.12.12!!

12 - ANTIchildLEAGUE - Spiritual Warfare

ANTIchildLEAGUE tis thee projekt ov London based elektronikx artist and post-industrial promoter Gaya Donadio who offers us this scathing unreleased ritual ambient noise track!! it is an honor to be able to share her contribution!!

13 - Lacedon - Intracranial Stasis

Lacedon unleashes vicious aquatically ghoulish death-trance from beneath thee murky abysmal depths!!

14 - Vilfos - Atomic Winter

thee pieces from Vilfos still continue to emerge from a bleak past with cold sonorous visions evoking a nightmarish nuclear future!!

15 - Sinyoo - Akhilandeshvari- Offerings of the Broken Pt. I

taken from thee album Akhilandeshvari​:​: Offerings of the Broken is this entrancing industrial metal composition from Cascadian artist Si Matta [+ H A V E N +] who has long offered his greatly appreciated friendship!!

16 - AC Way - OE22EO

Andrew Christian Way has been active in many projekts including: Maleficia, Carrion, Riqis, & Sutekh Hexen.. this stunning elektronikx composition ov his tis tremendously appreciated!!

17 - Poison Ring - Swallow by the Light of the Moon

Poison Ring offers ritual sonorism ov an intensely rare type in which attention to thee minutiae ov repetitive moments is suspended through durations in which magnetic decay conjoins with thee degradation ov vinyls to form a suprasensorial awareness ov thee presences ov thee ethereal..

"recorded for Summer Solstice 2006. Destroyed under a waning moon on the Eve of the Solstice, the vinyl pieces of which have carried on through the seasons. Presented at long last under a waxing moon this Winter Solstice 2012."

18 - Cult of Zir - impolite ice tulpa - 12132012

"Cult of Zir is the reverend doktor zirroneous is also dj princess starbright crystal initiatrix is furthermore nolon ashley." we are honored to receive thee doktor's prescriptions ov audio delerium!!

19 - Paints of Anima - Watchers

it tis hard to continuously follow thee many-faceted projekts ov Pearson Wallace-Hoyt who is an organizer ov thee annual Seattle Occultural Music Festival, and tis behind thee projekts: Paintings for Animals, HOM, and is half ov Thee Source ov Fawnation!! here tis yet another face to his creative opus in thee guise ov thee cosmic esoterik elektroniks ov Paints of Anima!!

20 - PolaR - Gods High Hat

having consisted ov artists Barrett Clark (R.M.S. / Nuit Hadit / A.:S.:  & Garret LaFever: PolaR is part of Media Mind Structure.. thee date ov this great glitch worshipping tekno piece lays back near a dozen years ago around 2001!!

21 - Identity Theft - Melissa

Djynnxx- your it!! Identity Theft fukking rips to shreds any trace ov thee footprint schematics ov dancefloors with edgy elektro for erasing these personas ov end-times entropy!!

22 - Thee Source Ov Fawnation - Wind

Paer Svn [Paints of Anima ^] & Bryxan [Uwe 600] continue to effing usher forth primordially mutative tekno evolutions grasping upon kinetic space with quantized glitching flourishes and arpeggiations which apprehend thee abilities to comprehend thee physicality ov ecstatic orgiastic dance undulations!! translation: sick new mix ov Wind!! 

23 - Crown of Cerberus - Baptized In Her Voice

Crown of Cerberus tis thee werk ov miraculous magnetic minutiae maestro Mackenzie Chami [Crown Tapes!!] which pays reverence to thee human/divine influence ov thee feminine strength through cassette releases which are impressive tokens ov appreciation for her influence!!


01 - Sacrificial Totem - Alamut

this Sacrficial Totem video is for documentation purposes only. Footage was shot on super 8 film 2003. Used for a cycle of ritual performances to accompany the Alamut album. Audio recorded live in Ashland, OR 2003. released for Vita Ignes : Corpus Lignum Final Winter Solstice Compilation December 21, 2012. Look for physical editions ov unreleased materials forth-coming from Katabatik & Vita Ignes : Corpus Lignum in 2013!!

02 - DBPIT & XXENA - Baci Rubati-live @ bigbang

an intriguing video work to accompany thee great live elektronikx composition they so kindly bestow unto us!!

03 - Sinyoo - Origins

thee procreation ov wickedly powerfull Cascadian ambiance!!

04 - Various Artists remixed by Psychotigen - Death Trance Mix

spoken ov here in thee past- thee series ov Death-Trance compilations tis awaiting it's animal remixes release!! yet- whilst we wait-  Psychotigen allows us to partake once more more ov thee mummified mixings ov world-muzique remixes en death-trançaise!!

Track listing:

Vita Ignes - Corpus Lignum - Final Winter Solstice Compilation 2012 - Disk I

01 - Port of the Sun & Cohosh - Sungazers
02 - The Joy of Nature - Silent Night
03 - Escrementi Alieni - Sick-ness(out of body remix)
04 - Archétypo 120 - Heart and Soul
05 - VEIL - The Lepers Wife
06 - War on Earth's Surface - The Footprints and Their Maker
07 - mtxy - mtxy 1
08 - Lunus - Hauntology
09 - Nommo Ogo - Flies

Vita Ignes - Corpus Lignum - Final Winter Solstice Compilation 2012 - Disk II

10 - United Gods - Two entrances and a void /Live at R33, 2012
11 - DBPIT & XXENA - Baci Rubati-live @ bigbang
12 - ANTIchildLEAGUE - Spiritual Warfare
13 - Lacedon - Intracranial Stasis
14 - Vilfos - Atomic Winter
15 - Sinyoo - Akhilandeshvari- Offerings of the Broken Pt. I
16 - AC Way - OE22EO

Vita Ignes - Corpus Lignum - Final Winter Solstice Compilation 2012 - Disk III

17 - Poison Ring - Swallow by the Light of the Moon
18 - Cult of Zir - impolite ice tulpa - 12132012
19 - Paints of Anima - Watchers
20 - PolaR - Gods High Hat
21 - Identity Theft - Melissa
22 - Thee Source Ov Fawnation - Wind
23 - Crown of Cerberus - Baptized In Her Voice


01 - Sacrificial Totem - Alamut
02 - DBPIT & XXENA - Baci Rubati-live @ bigbang
03 - Sinyoo - Origins
04 - Various Artists remixed by Psychotigen - Death Trance Mix