Monday, February 8, 2010

v.a.-NYARLATHOTEP-a tribute to H. P. Lovercraft(c60-Kadath label-portugal-1997)

Am incredibly honored to be making here our 50th post for this blog.. had no idea when this blog was begun that it would become something as amazing as it feels that it has.. for a person like myself who loves these sort ov amazing rare esoteric elektronikx releases, and who knows how incredibly rare & difficult [or near impossible] it is to obtain them: it is truely astonishing to be able to see how in such a short time we have been able to share so many ov these rare occult gems!! my part in thee contributions to this blog has been fairly minimal.. almost none ov this would have been possible were it not for thee hard work ov [[F@R@W@Y]] transferring these incredibly rare releases from his personal collection; as well as talking with Guglielmo (Biotope Art Organisation), and convincing him to contribute from his own astonishing collection as well!! cannot say how incredibly thankfull that it makes me feel to be able to do what minimal part that I can to try and help with posting these great releases!! thank you to everyone who has helped so far, and shall very much look forward to what may come in thee days ahead..

Here we have an effing great international compilation paying tribute to thee grand master ov wierd/fantastic/macabre horror-fiction: Howard Phillips Lovecraft (August 20, 1890 – March 15, 1937) released in 1997 by thee cassette label Kadath; which was run by Nuno Loureiro from Coimbra, Portugal!!

Thee cassette begins with thee legendary projekt Kirlian Camera who have been active in Italian industrial elektronikx since 1977!! Die Hochöfen Des Schmerzes (Organ Version) tis a brilliant piece ov gothik organ material, and creates an intense presence for thee introduction to this release!

Tombstone tis one ov many monikers utilised by thee Italian lo-hi horror music master Emanuele Lago!! Ritual Affliction tis a dark atmospheric piece with trancing minimal synth progression which holds one in a state ov suspense..

In Articulo Mortis tis thee projekt ov Portuguese artist Lino Villapouca, and with thee track The Perfect Solitude Of The Wolf (Song For Bernd Thies) we hear a stereo-panning presence ov wind into which appears a great minimal synth progression with Lino's dreary incantation ov Lovecraftian lyricism!!

Gerstein tis thee projekt ov Maurizio Pustianaz; an Italian experimental artist who has been active since 1984.. with thee track Dagon he presents us with forward and reversed synths which create a beatific ambiance over which he recites vocals in Italian.. towards thee middle ov thee track we hear slowed & reversed vocalisations & sounds; as ov beasts tearing though a wierd ethereal atmosphere..

Nigredo tis thee amazing ritual industrial/ ambient projekt ov Portugeuse artists Lucrecia Bosch & Paulo Maldoror!! for thee track De Tenebroso Lacu they collage brilliant layers ov flames crackling, haunting choral presences, and astounding ritual percussion!! Cthulian vocalisations snarl amidst thee powerfull atmosphere along with thee haunting sounds ov winds..

Emanuele Lago's projekt Tombstone provide more dark beatific synthesizer atmospheres with thee short piece Illusions?!!

T.A.C. [Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata] was formed in Parma, Italy, in 1981, with five members: Andrea Azzali, Simon Balestrazzi, Giorgio Barbuti, Fabio Cortesi and Giampaolo Terenziani. The name is Italian for the medical imaging device Computed Tomography (CT).. with thee track Deadly Nightshade they present an amazing piece ov ritual occult elektronikx with astounding synthesizer work; paying homage to thee poisonous plants which Lovecraft was quite often fond ov mentioning throughout his works..

M. Nomized tis thee projekt ov thee musician, composer, painter, puppeteer: Michel Madrange from Paris, France who has been active in thee contemporary music scene since 1975, and who also ran thee amazing label Fraction Studio!! for thee piece Tantra Music we hear processed vocal chanting amidst wondrous synthesizer ambiance!! processed vibraphone and organ make a unique presence as well for this terrific piece which lasts nearly twenty minutes!!

if anyone out there would be so kind to share thee booklet for this compilation we would be incredibly greatfull!! we apologise for not being able to find the booklet at this time..

Track listing:

A1 Kirlian Camera - Die Hochöfen Des Schmerzes (Organ Version)
A2 Tombstone - Ritual Affliction
A3 In Articulo Mortis - The Perfect Solitude Of The Wolf (Song For Bernd Thies)
A4 Gerstein - Dagon
A5 Nigredo - De Tenebroso Lacu
A6 Tombstone - Illusions?
B1 T.A.C. - Deadly Nightshade
B2 M.Nomized - Tantra Music

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

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