Monday, February 8, 2010

va - ARS OBSCURA-(Putrefactio label,Portugal-c60)

Absolutely elated to be sharing here this magnificent international compilation ov occult sonorism released by thee Portuguese label Purefactio!!

Gerstein [Maurizio Pustianaz - Italy] provides a brilliant piano piece with beauteously haunting atmospheric elektronik accompaniment as well!!

Die Sonne Satan [Paolo Beltrame - Italy] provide a piece ov unique occult elektronikx utilising great textures ov ambient synths, delayed looping ov indecipherable vocal utterances, thee repetitious cawing ov crows , organ, processed chanting vocalisations, and the ringing ov bells!! Thee piece tis titled Pleurotomaria after thee distinctive type ov jurasic spiralled sea-shells..

Atararaxia [Francesca Nicoli, Vittorio Vandelli, Giovanni Pagliari - Italy] provide thee track Fountains which features a wondrous organ progression with intense feminine occult incantations as well as haunting operatic vocals and very strange elektronikx throughout!!

Nigredo [Lucrecia Bosch, Paulo Maldoror - Portugal] their track consists ov indecipherable feminine vocal incantations repetitiously looping amidst a murmur ov astounding dark-atmospheric occult elektronikx!! the piece comes to a sudden cessation with a feminine scream..

Emanazione Afona tis another manifestation ov thee Italian projekt E.A.[ghostly collective]. they provide great tribalesque percussion amidst ghostly atmospheres and twittering elektronikx!!

Alio Die [Stefano Musso - Italy] presents somnolent atmospheric drones with thee reverberated clanging ov bells and haunting choral loops layered throughout!!

Was unable to unearth any more info about Project Ars Moriendi; other than that their contact info lists them as being responsible for thee label who have released this wondrous compilation.. thee piece provided by this proejkt tis a magnificent harpsichord composition with a very medieval feeling to it..

continuing thee medieval aesthetic tis thee track: Tu Es La Force Du Silence [you are the force of silence] by Ataraxia.. the piece begins with beatific female operatic vocals amidst great gothik organs, and develops further with excellent restrained percussion!!

Rosengracht [Norbert Payer - Austria] thee track consists ov hauntingly beautifull layers ov operatic female vocalisations, drear masculine groans, a restrained dirge ov percussion, and a plodding bass line!!

Allerseelen [Gerhard Petak - Austria] provides great effected martial percussion with an anthemic minimal piano line and droning elektronikx which make their presence off and on!!

Mangled [Gianfranco Santoro - Italy] provides strange lo-fi sound collage with thee processed sounds ov organs, an infant crying, and droning esoteric elektronikx..

Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata [Simon Balestrazzi, Monica Serra, Corrado Loi - Italy] - this piece consists ov aqueous sounds, vocal chanting, and insidious elektronikx!!

Track listing:

A1 Gerstein - If God Wants
A2 Die Sonne Satan - Pleurotomaria
A3 Ataraxia - Fountains
A4 Nigredo - Obscurari Sidera - Cantione Profana
A5 Emanazione Afona - Liquame
A6 Alio Die - Mazes And Labyrinths
B1 Project Ars Moriendi - Vanitas Vanitatum Et Omnia Vanitas
B2 Ataraxia - Tu Es La Force Du Silence
B3 Rosengracht - Bleeding Darkness
B4 Allerseelen - Santa Sangre
B5 Mangled - Last Deadly Moments (Death Of Hate)
B6 Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata - Spirits Of The Dead

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

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  1. If possible, could you re-upload this compilation? Seems the only real way to get it, Thanks in advance.