Tuesday, February 23, 2010

KARCERAL FLESH-le sourire T.D.M.-(Biotope Art organization-UK C60-1994)

Another astounding cassette here from thee great French projekt: Karceral Flesh [Franck Kervizic]!! this one was released in 1994 on thee wondrous label Biotope Art Organization run by Lanzilli Guglielmo!! am elated to be able to post this wondrous sonorism here!!

Destination Pourriture [destination rot]- pulsating bass with brilliant ecstatic dance sequencing!! late in thee piece it becomes more restrained, and tis met with nice synthesizer lines..

Cold Breath - restrained esoteric body music with pleasant synthesizer melodies!! late in this piece tis beauteous warbling synth-work and twinkling vibraphone-like shimmering accompaniment!!

Le Sourire T.D.M. [the smile T.D.M.] - rhythmic clatter ov percussive sequencing with angsty masculine French vocals and minimal synth lines!!

Viandanimaux [animal flesh] - [appears on thee Carcan 65 cassette] minimal experimental soundscapes with wierd analog synth warbling, minimalised percussion with ghostly barely-present vocalisations, and what sounds like quiet xylophone accents ending in an increasing squall ov ambient feedback resonance and more minimal percussion..

Tondue A Vingt Ans [the shorn in twenty years] - this track also appeared on the Carcan 65 cassette [posted here earlier]; will repeat thee previous review: " a reference to the period twenty years after those who became known as les tondues (the shorn): the estimated 10.000 to 30.000 women accused of having collaborated with the Germans during the occupation of France during the second world war whose heads were shaved amidst the period immediately following the liberation when France was swept by a wave of executions, public humiliations, assaults, and detentions of suspected collaborators, known as the épuration sauvage (wild purge). Musically the track consists ov a martial elektronik cadence, delayed vocal bursts, and restrained organ progressions amidst lyrics which escape my capabilities ov translating at this point.. "

Nightmare In Hell (Short Version) - wierd elektroniks with collages ov screams and other war-oriented samples are interspersed amidst minimal synth lines and restrained percussions!!

Here Comes Your Death - beatific synths, glitching filtered sequencing, and restrained up-tempo drum machine programming which alternates between holding back thee cadence, and marching forth..

Dors... [?] - minimal piano twinkling transitions to more uptempo sequencing before returning to it's more restrained presence which tis met with great restrained percussions and beatific French feminine vocals!! more great danceable percussive sequencing and a slight return ov thee piano/synth before dissapearing..

Pour Le Rêve [for the dream] warbling synth lines, thee slow repetitive kick ov bass drum seuencing, thee shimmering ov a bell, and processed Francophone female vocals!! moves up half a step maybe in tempo with somber feminine vocalisations!! ends with crispy resonant filter-type static and distant reverberating minimal sequencing..

Track listing:

A1 Destination Pourriture
A2 Cold Breath
A3 Le Sourire T.D.M.
A4 Viandanimaux
B1 Tondue A Vingt Ans
B2 Nightmare In Hell (Short Version)
B3 Here Comes Your Death
B4 Dors...
B5 Pour Le Rêve

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

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  1. Thank you very much! These tapes of Karceral Flesh are really hard to find... the texts in French are very good. Really a great forgotten band.