Friday, January 22, 2010

MLEHST-I jaundice in da crevice wagon(c60 -Fraction studio-france-1996)

Mlehst tis thee prolific projekt ov English artist All Brentnall.. having released constant streams ov experimental elektroniks releases since 91 [with thee exception ov a period ov hiatus from composition for what appears to be betwixt 2001-2005]; this artist's copious catolog ov what have been mostly incredibly rare releases tis a point ov marvel!!

Yet again here tis another astonishing cassette donated to our blog by Guglielmo ov Biotope Art Organisation, and transferred for us by {{F@R@W@Y}}!!

Released in 1996 on French artist M. Nomized's label: Fraction Studio, and featuring his cover artwork.. I Jaundice In Da Crevice Wagon was produced by Mlehst "using unreleased rare, deleted and available material 1994-1996. also featuring CHRIS TRIPTYCKON (guitar) one side two, and S.JOHNS (drumloop) on side one. MLEHST sound recorded by all MLEHST using microphones, effects, radio, guitars, electronics. mixed and production by all MLEHST"

Rancid Chutney Ferret - begins with what sounds to be thee whistled steaming ov a tea kettle, and fastly erupts into strange skittering sounds ov what sound to be tape deconstruction.. next low-end waves flutter and stereo-pan across thee sonic space presented.. crashing/ trickling/ breezing.. transition to haunting choral looping expanded in dense reverberations.. looping mono-syllable.. beatific atmospheres with piercing high-end shimmering, static waves, and short analog tones.. ticking.. ethereal droning!! silence/ splice/ silence.. hauntingly dark & beatific atmospheres holding one in a state ov tremendous suspense!! suddenly emerges excellent restrained beat programming amidst droning atmosphere, and densely reverbed guitar plucking.. all dissappears except thee effing great reverb-drenched percussive sequencing with warm bass tones warbling!! the sequencing becomes so enshrouded in effecting as to make itself scarcely discernable other than as heavilly-processed rhythm.. side ov tape ends..

Driven Dogshit - strange motorik sounds are met with waves ov semi-muted feedback gaining in intensity, yet avoiding escalation into shrillness.. indicpherable speed/ pitch accelerated monosyllable and droning minimalised progression.. effected metal percussion looping.. strange delayed sound collaging with indecipherable delaying vocalisations.. processed gargling amdist drones.. machinik sounds.. reversed tape looping.. frantic shifts!! delayed/reverbed choral utterances cut in & out melt into post-rock experimentalism ala This Heat with restrained drum programming.. tape pitches downwards.. buzzing and muted high-end static.. accoustic strings plucked and shimmering with reverb amidst piercing high end frequency.. frantic cuts ov vocal uterrances and sound collaging.. machinic sounds inducing paranoid state with thee feel ov waves ov reverberation over cold concrete factory floors. somehow beautifull..? scarce non-descript vocalisations.. transition../ distant post-rock improvisation with stuttering snare/high hat.. , "far away".. machinic grinding.. quiet indecipherable utterances.. ambiance.. distant shoe-gaze guitar.. reverb drenched choral presence amidst machine drones.. down-pitched vocal utterances.. vibraphone tones.. stabs ov broken-beat "amen" mashup amidst thee drones.. and field recordings ov streams.. all fades away..

Track listing:

a01-rancid chutney ferret
b01-driven dogshit


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