Saturday, February 6, 2010

KARCERAL FLESH-Closed eyes on a bloody and shameful past-(c60Diy-France-1992)

Here we have an early self-released cassette from thee French projekt: Karceral Flesh [Franck Kervizic]!! Released in 1992; it tis an early one, and would be appear to be a solo endeavor.. most ov thee tracks are instrumentals.. if you like minimal-industrial elektronikx with restrained percussive attack; than you are in for a treat!! Tis a pleasure to be able to share this one that we owe thee thankx once more for to thee incredibly kind {{F@R@W@Y}}!!

Track listing:

Face Collaboration
A1 Morte Mienne
A2 Les Chiens De Dieu
A3 Rapists Dogs
A4 Death's Breath
A5 The Damned's Walk
A6 Death III
A7 Fear And Death
A8 Trois Pendus
A9 Après Le Grand Feu
Face Epuration
B1 Nightmare In Hell
B2 For Your Brain
B3 Les Trains De La Mort
B4 En Avant, Chiens!
B5 The Hunting
B6 The Hangeds Of Tulle
B7 Living With Death In Our Veins
B8 Tortured Flesh - Tortured Soul

({{F@R@W@Y}} & crepusculum)

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