Monday, February 15, 2010

v.a.-ELEGY N2-(EE tapes-Belgium-C60-1997)

Another astonishing international compilation here from thee Belgian cassette label EE tapes!! Have been listening to this repetitiously since it was received from thee collection ov {{=F@R@W@Y=}}!! now an attempt at description..

De Fabriek hails from thee Dutch City of Zwolle, and have been active since 1977 in varying manifestations centered arround thee artist Richard van Dellen [though with numerous collaborators over thee years..] thee track Doni I begins with thee stereo-panning ov oceanic sounds met by beauteous flute playing, minimal elektronikx, & thee disctinctive "pfft pfft" ov locked grooves.. towards thee end ov the piece thee flute makes a louder presence before thee scratching ov thee stylus across the vinyl surface brings the piece to an abrupt end..

Collapse [Leigh Hunt, United Kingdom] present astonishing droning ambiance with great low-end presence & quiet vinyl crackling with thee track An Ever Fading Memory, A Never Fading Memory..

Hybryds [Magthea & Yasnaïa - Belgium] this projekt likely needs no introduction to lovers ov occult ritual elektronikx!! this live version ov Wailing For The Fallen Angels was recorded on thee 27th ov April 1996 at OJC Kompas in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, and consists ov hard hitting minimal sequencing, excellent ritual atmospherics, reversed vocalisations, and trance inducing throat-singing for this astounding piece ov ritualised sonorism!!!

Alchemy Of The 20th Century tis one ov numerous projekts from Finnish artist Mikko Aspa [Clandestine Blaze, Clinic Of Torture, Creamface, Grunt, Nicole 12, Stabat Mater..] who is also the owner of thee Northern Heritage label; as well as thee publisher / editor of thee S/M magazine "Erotic Perversion" and "Nothern Heritage Zine".. Taken By Shining Sea tis a very fitting title for this piece ov shimmering ambiance accompanied by tidal sounds & great use ov guitar with e-bow and delay!!

TBC [Thomas Beck - Hamburg] & Scour [?/?] present excellent restrained dark ambiance which becomes more scathing as thee track progresses before dissipating into subtleness; for thee piece also very appropriately titled: Swelling Threat..

Hypnoskull [Patrick Stevens - Belgium] presents great throbbing industrial with harmonic metal clanging reverberations for the piece City At Night!!

De Fabriek provide a short and enjoyable self-explanatory piece Flamenco Dub to bring to an end thee first side ov thee cassette!!

Psych Krist Kastrator [Marc Ceulemans - Belgium] provide a great slow plodding piece ov ritual ambiance with distant vocals.. the piece seems to have very low-fidelity about it which does not detract from it's charm..

Disumana Res tis thee projekt ov Lanzilli Guglielmo who tis behind the astonishing label Biotope Art Organization; originally from Benevento, Italy but relocated to London, UK in the early 1990s.. Guglielmo has also kindly gifted rare cassettes from his personal collection to our blog in thee past, and hopefully may choose to again in thee future.. thee piece presented here: Dark Ceremony tis wondrous dark-ambiance with eerily distant sound collaging making a haunting presence!! late in the piece tis heard a strange sound; as ov the ratcheting ov some torture device, quiet groans, scraping, and other strange indecipherable sounds..

NKVD [Glenn Michael Wallis - Norfolk, England] present thee piece Are You Lonely which tis great minimal wave material from this artist who has also been involved with both Konstruktivist & Whitehouse!!

Meeuw Muzak [Jos Moers - Netherlands] excellent miminal drone work!!

Gaya tis a projekt ov Gaya Donadio ov ANTIchildLEAGUE & She:ACL!! Gaya has also appeared on thee amasing album Edelweiss by Allerseelen!! thee piece scared tongue tis excellent trancing rhythmic elektronikx which ends with tidal sounds!!

Sveen [?/?] present a brief sound collage ov field-recordings ov wind chimes & trickling fluid..

for thee final track ov the album Disumana Res present an excellent piece constructed ov various field-recorded sources: murmuring voices or swarming insects??, ticking clocks, tides, thundering, hissing elektronikx, wooden wind chimes, ratcheting noises, gun shots, banging metal, thee cawing ov birds, and powerfull dark ambient drones collaged into amazing rhythmic structures!!

this compilation was limited to 100 copies.. Enjoy!!!

Track listing:

A1 De Fabriek - Doni I
A2 Collapse - An Ever Fading Memory, A Never Fading Memory
A3 Hybryds - Wailing For The Fallen Angels (Live)
A4 Alchemy Of The 20th Century - Taken By Shining Sea
A5 TBC & Scour - Swelling Threat
A6 Hypnoskull - City At Night
A7 De Fabriek - Flamenco Dub
B1 Psych Krist Kastrator - Depths And How To Fall Them
B2 Disumana Res - Dark Ceremony
B3 NKVD - Are You Lonely
B4 Meeuw Muzak - Ranzig (Deel 3)
B5 Gaya - Scared Tongue
B6 Sveen - Walhallah
B7 Disumana Res - I Made You

({{F@R@W@Y}} & crepusculum)

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  1. Im really grateful for this contribution, Soulseek got through because the link does not work along time, however, this is the only rip copy that exists in the original network, thank you!