Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Internal Fusion

as more continues to trickle forth from thee hallucinatorily honeyed hive- we are tremendously elated to be able to share these rare cassettes from thee French projekt Internal Fusion!! both cassettes were released upon thee astounding Désaccord Majeur label which was run by Jérôme Mauduit who also collaborated with Internal Fusion on the projekt Tlön Uqbar!! thee recordings betwixt these two cassettes present two very different approaches: with Evénements - Traverses - Contrariétés offering a much harder rhythmic experimental approach with anthemic industrial synth lines present at times; Et La Nuit Eclaira La Nuit... consists ov much more neo-classically inspired compositions.. both cassettes offer refined approaches to thee early 90's esoteric cassette culture ov France!!

Evénements - Traverses - Contrariétés - 1991

No track listing.

Et La Nuit Eclaira La Nuit...  - 1993

A1 Et La Nuit Eclaira La Nuit...
A2 La Bibliothèque De Babel
A3 Le Jardin Au Sentier Qui Bifurque
B1 Funes Ou La Mémoire
B2 Les Ruines Circulaire
B3 La Forme De L'Epée

(crepusculum - from thee honeyed hallucinations ov thee hive)

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