Saturday, October 6, 2012

VA - Homo Sexpiens Project - 3Rio Tapes - Belgium

     You’ve been awake seventy hours straight blasted on Prolute at a Lynchian orgy in an abandoned mausoleum. Then a pantsless man in a suitcoat whose fabric is printed in dildoes puts on this soundtrack. Crackling spliced porn backing tracks mounted over unnerving loops of splintered blood with the auditory subtlety of a subcutaneous laser.
     Troubled image addicts spraying pearl in sigils over the surface of their television screens; women feeding women peaches and cream inside geometric castles of thermoluminescent fluorite; women bleating under the whip; women transmutating into black swans copulating in pools of ink amongst roiling seas of insects glistening like animate leatherette scraps. Swoon onward into your preferred erotic nightmare, for here shame yields to lust’s overpowering might and all lie supine beneath the banners to new religions of come and sorrow.
     Baptise me in fleshfluid and call me saved.
     At turns hilarious in its contrasting superimpositions and disturbing in its degraded strangeness, turn your tape player into a sex machine and blast this over the moans at your next swinger’s hoedown. Worms writhing in the peaches.

Track listing:

A1 Janice Peshke + Absolute Controlled Clinical Maniacs – Nymph
A2 Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl – Cherry Sized Nipples Are Classic
A3 Experdo Credo Roberto – 20000 Geile Maagden
A4 Rudi Wilderjans + Haters, The – Sexmix + The Whipping
A5 Misz – Don't Do That Doing Doggy
A6 Mask – Decay
A7 Psyclones & Schlafengarten – Tenderloin
A8 Soft Joke – Fast Love
A9 Zanonym – Lilith
A10 Dennis Carlton – Could She Love Me?
A11 Merzbow – Corruption (Exerpt)
A12 De Fabriek + Weltschmerz – Interviews + Nein (Exerpts)
A13 Barry Edgar Pilcher + Weltschmerz – Sexophonesounds
A14 37 Pink – Klub Pussy
A15 Robert English – Bulge
B1 Pan-Pan – Toskan
B2 Unovidual + Absent – My Lesbian Girlfriends
B3 P231 – Sexual Ritual + Inmix Emanuele
B4 Sigmund Und Sein Freund – Eat My Pussy
B5 Pleasure Girls – Dirty Words
B6 Man's Hate – Flash Of Flesh
B7 DDAA – Amour Amour
B8 Het Zweet + Koffie Verkeerd – Dante's Second Circle + Excerpt From Doornroosje Interview
B9 Viscera – Mons Vernis
B10 Merzbow – Corruption (Exerpt)
B11 Red Rat – Untitled Sounds + Inmix
B12 BGF – Untitled Sounds
B13 Weltschmerz + Pleasure Girls + Kibbo Kift + De Fabriek + Barry Edgar Pilcher – Kneel And Kiss + Interviews + Saxsounds

(Port of the Sun - from thee honeyed hallucinations ov thee hive)

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