Saturday, October 6, 2012

va - Sanctus Defunctis (Maldoror Tapes - Portugal - 1993)

Portugese cassette released 2/22/93 in a limited edition of 70.

Where are we going? North, forever. To a land named Zero, where the Oresteia howl a singular note through the ice wastes like a sonic line stretching to infinity. Aion wresting time from Chronos’ cruel beak. To eat: into; to speak: forth. Schizophrenic self-language the color iceberg blue. Falling through the surface, like a bug forced down through surface tension of water. Cherubs swallowed in volcanic vorticies. Erogenous phantasms. The human beast in a diamond cloak, snug fit of lightning. A painting which is never finished, always changed. An unexpected thirteenth month. A series of leering faces over her true face, hinging so that they peel like the pages of a book.

“...the next time i kill you...i promise the labyrinth made of the single straight line which is invisible and everlasting.” –Borges, History of Eternity.
Track listing:
A1 Corvu Prettu – Sanctus Defunctis
A2 Corvu Prettu – Eco Defunctis
A3 Aphora – Christu
A4 Nigredo – Carmina Defunctorum 01
A5 Sol Niger – Lucce Tenebrae
A6 Luciano Dari – Night Of Djinn
A7 Corvu Prettu – Defunctis
B1 Alio Die – Echoes In The Fire
B2 Runes Order – The Word In Side
B3 David Mellor – Frenzy
B4 Abra Had Abra – Mala Aqua

(review by Port of the Sun / transferred by crepusculum)

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